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Haire Cemetery

Hale Cemetery on Buffalo Ridge

Hale (George) Cemetery

Hale (Henry) Cemetery

Hale (Landon Carter) Cemetery, also known as Shadrack Hale Cemetery

Hale (Smith H.) Cemetery

Hale (Thomas) Cemetery

Hale (William Chamberlain) Cemetery

Hales Chapel Cemetery

Hales Community Cemetery

Hall (James Nathaniel) Cemetery

Hamilton (Isaac H.) Cemetery

Hammer Cemetery

Hampton Cemetery

Harmony Baptist Cemetery

Harmony Community Cemetery (also known as Sherfey-Boyer Cemetery)

Harrington Cemetery

Harris (Benjamin) Cemetery

Harrison Family Cemetery

Harrison Christian Church Cemetery

Hartman Cemetery

Hartsell (Isaac) Property Cemetery

Harvey Family Cemetery

Haws Crossroads Cemetery

Haynes (Ernest and Bobbie) Cemetery

Helton Cemetery see Mt. Zion Baptist Church Cemetery

Hendley (Marion) Cemetery

Henley (Isaac) Cemetery

Henley (Joshua) Cemetery

Herrin (Scott) Memorial

Hicks Family Cemetery

Highland Church of Christ Cemetery

Hilbert-McIntyre Cemetery

Hise Cemetery

Hodge (A.R.) Cemetery

Hodge (James) Cemetery

Hodge (Josiah) Cemetery

Hodge (Mary) Cemetery

Hodges Cemetery

Hodges (Micajah) Cemetery

Hooper Cemetery  see  Old Fall Branch Cemetery

Hoss (Jacob) Cemetery

Hoss (John) Cemetery

Houston Cemetery

Houston (Mary) Cemetery

Howard Cemetery

Howard (Abner) Cemetery

Howard (Homer) Cemetery

Huffine Cemetery

Huffine (Daniel) Cemetery

Huffine (Byrd) Cemetery see McDaniel (Joseph)/Byrd Huffine Cemetery

Huffman (David) Cemetery

Humphreys Cemetery

Hunt (David P.) Cemetery

Hunt (Elijah K.) Cemetery

Hunt (Henson) Cemetery

Hunt (Samuel) Cemetery

Hunt (Uriah) Cemetery

Immanuel Lutheran Church Cemetery see Old Dutch Meeting House Cemetery

Indian Ridge Railroad Tunnel Burials

Isenburg (Nicholas) Cemetery


Jackson (George and Elizabeth) Cemetery

Jackson Family Cemetery

Jackson (Samuel) Cemetery

Jenkins (George) Cemetery

Jobe Cemetery

Jobe (Tipton) Cemetery

Johnson (Houston) Cemetery

Jones (Darling) Cemetery

Jones (Jesse) Cemetery

Jonesborough Cemetery  see  Old Jonesborough Cemetery (Rocky Hill)


 Keebler (Jacob) Cemetery

Keebler (Jake and Alphius) Cemetery

Keebler (James) Cemetery

Keefauver (Nicholus) Cemetery

Keen Cemetery

Keen-Markland Cemetery

Kennedy Cemetery

Keys (John) Cemetery

Keys (William H.) Cemetery

Killey (Kinchen) Cemetery

Kincheloe-Cox Cemetery

Kincheloe (E.F.) Cemetery

King-Little Cemetery

Kinnick-Longmire Cemetery

Kitzmiller-Hall Cemetery

Knob Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Krous Cemetery



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