Baptismal Records

The Baptist Church of Philadelphia


Organized 29 Jan. 1870, in Bowmantown community of Washington Co. TN, the Baptist Church of Philadelphia underwent a name change to Bowmantown Baptist Church in Oct. 1960. These baptismal records are extracted from The History of the Philadelphia/ Bowmantown Baptist Church, 1870-1983, contributed by Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Ward and Elaine Cantrell.

W.F. Fleenor, Pastor
June 25, 1870  Cynthia, Louisa, and Mary Jane Knight, and Mary Serena Reed
July 24, 1870  Catherine Range, Martha Good, and Christopher Good.
February 8,1871  Isaac N. Range, B. F. Range, F. Rupe, Levi Moore, and R. H. Ferguson.
March 19, 1871 Elizabeth Barkley

Samuel H. Harold, Pastor
January 11, 1880 Sarah L. Miller, Tennessee Chase, Corda Aston, James Range, and James Aston.
June, 1880  Martha Ferguson
February 12, 1881  James M. Armentrout, Isaac L. Calloway, Daniel A. Chase, John Ensminger, Addison Tredway, William Treadway, Jacob Broyles, Sarah L. Range, Effie L. Miller, Margaret Barkley, Emma Mathes, Cross (no other name given), Mary A. Depue, and Martha Ensminger
March 19, 1881  Ora Bell Depue and David Treadway.

Eli Ratliff, Pastor
February 25, 1883 James Hensley
December, 1883 Sarah Austen, and Jane Porch
May 16, 1885  Emma Miller

Spencer Tunnel, Pastor
March 21, 1886 Alfred Range

T.H. Crouch, Pastor
March 6, 1887  Kitty Range
April 2, 1887  Ellen Range
June 5, 1887  Margaret Shields

February 19,1888  W. C. Southerland, W. A. Hensley, John H. Armstrong
March 18, 1888 D. N. Good, John Smith, Upton (?) Campbell, Wiley Armstrong, Lizzie Carson, Isabel Bowman, J. F. Smith, Lewis Tapp
January 25, 1890  Lula Campbell, Lola Armentrout, Bunley (?) Campbell, Gertrude Miller, Bell Gregg, Nancy Gregg, Eliza Range, Noah Range, John M. Bowman, Julia Armstrong, Gilden Gregg, George Slagle, H. D. Armentrout
February 9, 1890 Thomas Williams, Stephen Williams, Elberta Bowman.
May, 1890 William Barlow
September 13, 1890 J. L. Smith, Mary M. Smith, Lucy F. Smith, J. W. Smith.

M.A. Adams, Evangelist from Jonesboro
December 18,1892 William B. Barkley, W. E. L. Austin, T. W. Range, R. B. Taylor

J.E. Smith, Pastor
September 7, 1893 Walter Beard

D.J. Hunt, Pastor
October, 1895 George Smith
November 2, 1895  William Bowman, Eugene Smith, James Taylor, Willie Armentrout, Sarah Southerland, William Deakins
June 2, 1897  Julia Range, Lizzie Tipton
June 19,1897 Stella Austin

A.L. Davis, Pastor
November, 1899 Taylor Campbell, Nelia Campbell, Thomas Taylor, Aury Taylor, Effie Austin, Clara Armstrong, Bettie Arnold, Willie Arnold, Nona Smith
March 30, 1901 Rachel Chase, Anna Bowman, Nellie Bowman, Dona (?) Campbell

J.H. Sharpe, Pastor
November 15, 1901 William Campbell, Russell Campbell, Charles Austin, Connie Armstrong, Calvin Ball, Charles Taylor, Cindy Southerland, Lena Arnold, Mollie Rector
November 9, 1902 Lula Shipley

O.C. Peyton, Pastor
April 8, 1905 Celia Barlow

J.B. Chiles, Pastor
November 23, 1906  Lena Campbell, Mattie Rowles, Leora Bowman, Hattie Ward, Mattie Barlow
June 9, 1907  B.M. Bowman
December 14, 1907  Lola Austin, Ollie Ward, Olive Fulkerson, Essie Taylor Bowman, Cleo Campbell, Nola Campbell
June 13, 1908  Emma Bowman, Bessie Campbell, Mac Campbell
December 18, 1908  Coy Hastings
July 31, 1909  Bro. Cartwright (no other name given)

C.A. Ladd, Pastor
(no date)  Russell Austin, Glenn Austin, Ben Austin, Billy Taylor, Carl Fulkerson, Lula Taylor, Louise Campbell, Mary Bowman
July 9, 1910  Emma Austin
January 1, 1912  Bernie Southerland, Ella Austin
April 13, 1912   Willard Lewis, Clifford Graybeal

H.F. Templeton, Pastor
September 23, 1917  Charlie Arnold, Holt Hastings, Ralph Southerland, Rollie Southerland, Paul Barr, Joda Arnold
July 9, 1921  Flora Taylor, Vertie Campbell, Addie Mae Mitchell, Hubert Ball
Dec. 19, 1921  Mrs. Hiram Armentrout, Mrs. Ezra Hastings, Mrs. Vertie Chase, Mrs. Arthur Lovegrove, Mrs. Bernie Southerland, Daisy Wright, Lucy Austin Campbell, Rocie(?) Buck, Azer Townsend, Ben Bowman, Joe Bowman, Dave Bowman, Clemmer Campbell, Paul Deakins
Nov. 18, 1922  Will Plesant, Bonnie Plesant, Cleo Plesant, Robert Plesant, Roe Plesant, Mrs. Will Plesant, Frank Crawford, Mrs. Frank Crawford, Bethalone Crawford

The record may not be complete, but it is as complete as available records reveal.