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Cemeteries of Washington County, Tennessee

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Tennessee Cemetery Laws and Rules


Participating in burial ground preservation can be a rewarding endeavor, however, it must be done thoughtfully and carefully. Proper preservation measures can help stabilize or at least slow down an object’s rate of deterioration, thus extending the life of the object. In addition to the obvious, preservation of an artifact may include such things as documentation, photography, data collection, and interpretation.
With a bit of knowledge most anyone can participate in such a project, whether it be simply standing a marker back up, or more major clearing, cleaning, and repairs. Perhaps being a tour guide or participating in re-enactments may suit one’s interest.
The Cemetery Survey Team recommends beginning with a very important preservation rule – Do No Harm. The second rule is to – Get Permissions. Then, participate to the extent that your experience and knowledge permits.
When in doubt, do not do anything until researching or talking with someone with appropriate knowledge.
There are numerous online resources that are available for no expense. It is suggested that an interested party consult several such sites, gathering various data as well as talking with others who have done similar work. Assist someone who has done such work before, asking questions and observing.
Enjoy the opportunity to jump in and assist.
For additional help or information, contact the Cemetery Survey Team using the e-mail connection at this site, or contact the Heritage Alliance at (423) 753-9580 or at http://www.heritageall.org/

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