Newspapers in Washington County

Current Newspapers

Johnson City Press
204 W. Main St.
P.O. Box 1717
Johnson City, TN 37601
(423) 929-3111
(423) 929-7484 FAX
General newspaper founded in 1910 and published daily and Sunday
Will publish queries in the “Letters to the Editor” section.

Herald and Tribune
P.O. Box 277
Jonesborough, TN 37659
(423) 753-3136
(423) 753-6528
Weekly newspaper, founded 1869. Publishes a genealogical column for the Jonesborough Genealogical Society. Also will publish queries for members of the society.

Newspapers No Longer Published in Johnson City

The Advance, 1889-?
Comet (Daily Comet), March 15, 1884-May 1918
The Commoner, 1886-?
Enterprise, 1883-1891
Johnson City Press-Chronicle, 1921-1985 (now the Johnson City Press)
Press Staff-News, Jan. 22, 1935-June 6, 1943
Staff, 1892-1919 (frequency varies: semi-weekly, 1901-1911)
Staff, 1910-1924 (continued by Staff-News)
Staff-News, 1924-Jan. 21, 1935 (continued by Press Staff-News)
Star, 1986-1988
Sunday Chronicle, 1921-?
Tennessee Twinklings, 1891-1892

Newspapers No Longer Published in Jonesboro/Jonesborough

Advance, 1911-1928
Daily Telegraph, 1864-?
East Tennessee Patriot
Emancipator, April – October, 1820 (now on microfilm and in book form at ETSU Library)
Farmer’s Journal, Nov. 25, 1825-July 1832 (merged with Washington Republican to form Washington Republican and Farmer’s Journal)
Hickory State Herald, July 1846-?
Jonesboro Journal, 1875-1884 (various spellings: Jonesborough Journal) Jonesborough Express, 1860-1863
Jonesborough Tennessee Whig (see Jonesborough Whig, sometimes refered to as Brownlow’s Tennessee and Jonesborough Whig. On microfilm in ETSU Library.)
Jonesborough Times, 1877-1878 (independent journal, title varies) Jonesborough Tennessee Whig
Jonesborough Union, 1859-1862
Jonesborough Whig and Independent Journal, May 18, 1842-April 19, 1849 (continued as Jonesborough Whig, continued by Brownlow’s Knoxville Whig and Independent Journal, Knoxville)
Limestone Enterprise, ?
Manumission Intelligencer, April – November 1819
Newspaper and Washington Advertiser, 1803-1804
Old Hickory, June 1 – July 1846 (continued as Hickory State Herald)
Press-News, 1928-1933
Rail-Road Journal and Family Visitor, April 6, 1850-1854
Rural Searchlight, 1906-1907
Tennessee Patriot, 1872
Tennessee Reformer, 1848
Tennessee Sentinel, 1835-1845
Tennessee Vindicator, 1857-?
Union Flag, May 19, 1865-1871 (continued as Union Flag and Commercial Advertiser)
Union Flag and Advertiser (see Union Flag and Commercial Advertiser)
Union Flag and Commercial Advertiser, 1871-1873 (continued as Union Flag, title varies: Union Flag and Advertiser)
Washington County Democrat
Washington County News
Washington Republican, July 1832 (merged with Farmer’s Journal to form Washington Republican and Farmer’s Journal)
Washington Republican and Farmer’s Journal, Aug. 4, 1832 – 1836 (continued by Washington Republican and Jonesborough Advertiser)
Washington Republican and Jonesborough Advertiser, 1836-1837 (continued as Washington Republican and Farmer’s Journal)
Whig, May 6, 1840-November 3, 1841 (continued numbering of Tennessee Whig, Elizabethton; continued by Jonesborough Whig)
Woman’s Appeal, 1887-?


     A map to locate digitized versions of historical Tennessee newspapers. Clicking on a place marker will provide you with a link to where you can access the paper online.  Some papers are freely available; some papers require a subscription (indicated by $).

     This is a great tool for investigating what paper may have covered your town or city of interest!