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Rader-Hise/Hice Cemetery

Range (Peter) Cemetery

Range (Peter) Cemetery #2

Reasoner Cemetery

Reed Cemetery

Riffey Cemetery

Riley (Peter) Cemetery

Roadman Cemetery

Roan Hill Cemetery

Rogers Cemetery

Rowe Cemetery  See Barnes-Rowe Cemetery

Ryan African-American Cemetery


 Salem Cemetery

Sanders Cemetery

Saylor (George) Cemetery

Saylor (Henry Madison) Cemetery

Saylor (Jobe and Tobe) Cemetery

Scalf (William) Cemetery

Seaton (John A.) Cemetery

Sell Family Cemetery

Sevier (James) Cemetery

Seviers Cemetery

Shiloe Meeting House and Cemetery

Shipley-Campbell Cemetery

Shipley (J.M.) Cemetery

Shipley (Peter Elkanah) Cemetery

Shipley (Tobe) – Johnson (Hiram) Cemetery

Sifford Cemetery

Silvers (James) Cemetery

Simmons Cemetery

Slagle (David) Cemetery

Slagle (Henry) Cemetery

Slagle (Jesse) Cemetery

Slaty Grove Cemetery and Church

Sliger Cemetery

Slonaker Cemetery

Smith-Babb Cemetery

Snow Memorial Baptist Church Cemetery

Snyder (John W.) Cemeteries

Snyder’s Memorial Gardens

Speedwell Cemetery

St. John-Dungan Cemetery

Stafford Cemetery

Stallings Cemetery

Star Miller Cemetery  see  Saylor (Henry Madison) Cemetery

Stout (John) Cemetery

Stout (Milton) Cemetery  see Saylor (Henry Madison) Cemetery

Stuart Cemetery

Sulphur Springs Cemetery


Taylor (Christopher) Cemetery

Taylor (William) Cemetery

Telford Cemetery

Tipton Cemetery  see Vaught (Isaac) Cemetery

Tipton-Haynes Cemetery

Tucker Cemetery   see also  Slagle (Harry) Cemetery

Tucker Cemetery (Embreeville Community)

Tyler Cemetery

Tyner Hill Cemetery




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