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Union Cemetery @ Austin Springs

Union Church of Christ Cemetery

Union Grove Cemetery

Unnamed Cemetery off 4th Ave., Jonesborough, Tennessee , also known as the James Madison Walker Cemetery

Unnamed Cemetery off Dry Creek Road

Unnamed Cemetery off Potter Road

Unnamed Cemetery off Rockingham Road

Unnamed Cemetery on State Hwy. 81N

Unnamed Cemetery on Millercrest Riding Stables

Unnamed Cemetery on Tom Lewis Road

Unnamed (SR81 at Frank Lowe)

Urbana Cemetery

Uriel Cemetery


 Vaughn-Vaughan Cemetery

Vaught (Isaac) Cemetery

Vernon Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Vincent-Mayberry  see  Mayberry Vincent Cemetery

Vines (A.J.) Cemetery

Vines-Bell  and Leach-Vines  see  Bell (T.J.) Cemetery


Waddell (Jonathan) Cemetery

Walker (Henry Martin) Cemetery

Walker (James Madison) Cemetery   see  Unnamed Cemetery off 4th Ave., Jonesborough, Tennessee

Walters (George) Cemetery

Washington College Station Cemetery

Washington County Memory Gardens

Washington County Poor Farms Cemeteries

Wayland Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery

Weems (Martin D.) Cemetery

West (Joseph) Cemetery

West Lawn Cemetery

Whisler-Propst Cemetery

White Family Cemetery

White (Isaac) Cemetery

White (John) Cemetery

White (Thomas) Cemetery

Wilcox Hollow Cemetery

Wiley (Abel) Grave

Williams (George Alec) Grave

Willard (Nancy Jane Klepper) Grave

Wine Family Cemetery

Woolf (J.S.) Cemetery


Young (Robert)Cemetery

Young (William Hyter) Cemetery

Young Strickland Cemetery

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