Old Jonesborough Cemetery 2014

Old Jonesborough Cemetery

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Located next to 233 Main Street, at the top of the hill from the First Baptist Church. It has recently been cleared of brush, tombstones cleaned and reset. The cemetery is owned by the town of Jonesborough and the historical aspect, including the current record keeping of the cemetery is overseen by the Heritage Alliance. Anyone wishing further information regarding this cemetery should contact Heritage Alliance, 212 East Sabin Drive, Jonesborough, Tennessee (423-753-9580).

The cemetery on the property east of Cemetery Lane is know as Evergreen Cemetery/College Hill. It will be posted on a separate web page when the survey is completed.

GPS Location:

D51AikenAmanda M.20 Apr 181809 Sep 1857Wife of Mathew Aiken
D51AikenBlanche B.24 Oct 178928 Nov 1862[Shares marker with Col. Mathew Aiken]
D51AikenCaroline J.03 Nov 182805 May 1861[Shares marker with Blanche Aiken Cecil]
D51AikenMargaretta H.20 Sep 183104 Sep 1867[Shares marker with Robert S. Aiken]
D51AikenMathew, Col. 27 Mar 177506 Oct 1860[Shares marker with Blanche B. Aiken]
D51AikenRobert S.15 May 181801 Dec 1891[Shares marker with Margaretta H. Aiken]
D24AllisonGeorge W.13 Sep 184911 Jan 1929[d. 11 Feb 1929] [TDR 5382]
D62AllisonMalvina Mathews30 Apr 185427 Dec 1915[b. 30 Apr 1851] [TDR 535]
D22AllisonMary Chester18101887
D25AllisonRobert Guy20 Jun 187008 Aug 1937
D13Allison-Greer[Family Main Marker]
H42AndersonEliza Ryland18351869
E25AndersonFannie Deaderick, Mrs. 09 Jan 184011 Jan 1909[TDR 92962]
E24AndersonFrank Deaderick14 Jan 187601 May 1901
E26AndersonRoy Alexander25 Jun 187427 Feb 1897
F51ArmstrongE.[dward]P.[ackingham]Dr26 Feb 181217 Feb 1894[Shares marker with Margaret C. Armstrong]
F41ArmstrongJohn A.08 May 1916Beloved husband of Marie Armstrong
F44ArmstrongJohn N[ichols]13 Mar 188109 May 1950[TDR 50-12176]
F51ArmstrongMargaret C.[ordelia Price]15 Jun 183221 Dec 1892[See family monument][Shares marker with Dr. E.P. Armstrong]
F42ArmstrongMarie19 May 1917Beloved wife of John A. Armstrong
F52ArmstrongWm. E. S. Pvt 1st ClCO. K 3 U.S.V. ENGRS SP. AM WAR
H31AtkinsonJas. J. LieutCO. E. 1 TENN. L.A.
H32AtkinsonMargaret Elizabeth Williams09 Jun 184102 Mar 1921Wife of James J. Atkinson
A110BachmanSarah Jane [Cunningham]14 Jun 183626 Jul 1864Wife of Rev. N. Bachman
L23BaxterElbridge J.[acob]02 Sep 186026 Feb 1937[TDR 3550]
L24BaxterEleanor L.[ampson]18 Jul 186418 Jul 1957[TDR 57-18232]
L25BaxterMartha Lampson22 Apr 189430 Aug 1990
K11BiersElizabeth [Conway Sevier]24 Jul 181219 Oct 1845Wife of Charles P. Biers and daughter of John Sevier
I52BlairJohn13 Sep 179022 Mar 1863[Shares marker with Mary H. Chester Blair]
I12BlairMartha Roe [Cunningham]181021 Dec 1889Aged 79 Years
I63BlairMary E.[lder Yearsley]11 Mar 1853Consort of William K. Blair
I52BlairMary H. Chester12 May 179711 Nov 1872Wife of John Blair [Shares marker with John Blair]
I41BlairNathan Gammon01 Jan 185906 May 1859Born at Warm Springs N.C.
I11BlairRobert L.[aird]180212 May 1885Aged 83 Years
I51BlairSarah Ellen Polk11 Apr 184414 Mar 1849Aged 4 Years 11 Months and 3 days
K63BreazealeMaria L.183002 Sep 1839Aged about 9 yrs
H24BrittonBelle10 Feb 187503 Dec 1879Daughter of T.D. and Moly E. Britton
C32BrownAnn Rebecca [McMahon]07 Jan 179906 Feb 1855Wife of Enoch Brown. Born in Baltimore, Md.
C84BrownCaroline M.31 Jun 1850Dauhter of James and Margaret Brown Aged 3 yr 3 mo
C91BrownEllen13 Dec 184926 Mar 1870Dau. Of James and Margaret Brown
C31BrownEnoch180615 Sep 1878
C85BrownGeo L.18 Aug 185625 Dec 1897
C86BrownJamesMar 180223 Feb 1863Masonic emblem
M81BrownJames Floyd04 Sep 185010 Mar 1859Son of J.M. And S.W. Brown
C83BrownJoseph N.18591896
C82BrownLoue17 Dec 185610 Nov 1902Wife of G.E. Brown
C81BrownMargaret R.10 Jun 190122 Dec 1901Daughter of G.E. And Loue Brown
K111BrownRachel G.[eorge]180822 Apr 1835Wife of James Brown
K91BrownSarah Ellen184307 Nov 1843Daughter of J and M Brown
D51BrownShepherd26 Jan 180102 Feb 1883[Shares marker with Fannie E. Mathews]
K101BrownThomas C.04 Jun 183326 Oct 1892Masonic emblem
A36BroylesAndrew C.18311927[Shares marker with Louesa A. E. Hunt]
A44BroylesBettie M.[alinda]18 Feb 185027 Sep 1868
H71BroylesJacob F.[ranklin]10 Dec 180402 Nov 1896Father and Mother married 13 Dec 1827. [Shares marker with Lucinda A. Broyles]
A38BroylesJames Henry18 May 186115 Aug 1865Son of Andrew and Louiesa A.E. Broyles
A45BroylesJas. V.[an Buren]08 Apr 183721 Dec 1864
A36BroylesLouesa A.E. Hunt18381906Wife of Andrew C. Broyles
H71BroylesLucinda14 Sep 180404 Oct 1891[Shares marker with Jacob F. Broyles]
M115BursonCharlie Thomas21 Feb 185805 Aug 1859Son of Z.L. And Nannie J. Burson
M38Bursoninfant son07 May 187308 May 1873Son of Z.L. And Nannie J. Burson
M117BursonLittle Eddie24 Jan 186320 Feb 1864Son of Z.L. and Nannie E. Burson
M116BursonMary Lyle02 Oct 185927 Mar 1862Daughter of Z.L. And Nannie J. Burson
M113BursonReason E.12 Jul 185219 Jul 1852Infant son of Z.L. And Susan Burson. Aged 7 days
M36BursonRobert Sidney22 Aug 186812 May 1870Son of Z.L. And Nannie J. Burson
B72BursonRoscoe28 Nov 189010 Jul 1891Son of E.A. And M.R. Burson
M34BursonSarah A.[lice]W.[hitfield]178712 Oct 1854Died in 67th yr
M37BursonSue Dungan02 Jun 187202 Jun 1872Infant daughter of Z.L. And Nannie J. Burson
M112BursonSusanna [Hale]04 Feb 182617 Jan 1856Wife of Z.L. Burson
M118BursonWalter Murray18 Jan 186718 May 1869Son of Z.L. And Nannie J. Burson
M35BursonWilliam Cate20 Jun 185520 May 1869Son of Z.L. And Susan Burson
M111BursonZ.L. [Zachariah Lyle]05 Dec 181711 Sep 1894
M119BursonZ.L.B. (initials only)[Foot Marker - Moved]
M114BursonZachariah Whitfield04 Jan 185112 Jul 1851Son of Z.L. And Susan Burson
G51BurtonMinerva Jane [Boyd]10 Dec 183130 Mar 1910
G52BurtonThomas11 May 181021 Feb 1886Born in Albemarle Co. Va.
B29C.A.L.[Foot Marker for B-2-5]
B21C.S.E.[Foot Marker for B-2-2]
B28C.W.H.[Foot Marker for B-2-7]
M22Campbellinfant daughter02 Sep 1876Buried with mother, Mittie J. Campbell
M22CampbellMittie J. [Martha Burson]21 May 184802 Sep 1876Also Her Infant Daughter sleeps by her side.
I31CarrDavid Jobe08 Jan 181613 Feb 1890[Shares marker with Eliza Fain Carr]
I31CarrEliza Fain [Anderson]07 Mar 182612 Sep 1890[Shares marker with David Jobe Carr]
I15ACarrIda08 Oct 185830 Oct 1858Daughter of D.J. And E.F. Carr
I16CarrIsaac A.28 Feb 185228 Nov 1854Son of D.J. And E.F. Carr
A32CateMary C. [Thornburgh]20 Jun 180920 Dec 1872Wife of Rev. William Cate
A31CateWilliam, Rev17 Jun 180702 Feb 1860
D51CecilBlanche Aiken04 Feb 182013 Dec 1862[Shares marker with Caroline J. Aiken]
D21ChesterMary Greer17741860
G410ChesterWm. Patterson01 Jul 182509 Oct 1855
M11CookeEthel Panhorst30 Jul 188504 Dec 1984
J71CorrellSarah N.18531937
J72CorrellWilliam H.18521913
B25CoxAdelaide Louisa18 Dec 185625 Mar 1857
B24CoxHugh Aiken20 Apr 185401 Oct 1855
B26CoxJames C.27 Mar 182424 Jul 1866
B23CoxSophia E. (infant)
B22CoxSophia Eliza [Biers] Mrs15 Jan 183316 Nov 1858Wife of James C. Cox. Daughter of Charles R. Byers
B27CoxWm H. Cox, Cadet 25 Oct 185514 Apr 1875Midshipment U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. Accidentally Drowed enar Annapolis. Son of James C. and Sophia E. Cox.
F64CrouchElizabeth J. [Reeves]19 Jan 184502 Nov 1891Sister of T.H. Reeves
C87CunninghamAlice Nelson[6 Jun] 1840[11 Aug] 1916[TDR 763]
B102CunninghamAnn A.[llison]D.[avis] Mrs06 Nov 181021 Oct 1894
C812CunninghamLizzie Alice[1865][1882]Daughter of Sam'l A. and Alice N. Cunningham
C810CunninghamMartha Ellen18631931
B112CunninghamMary Lyon26 Dec 185319 Jan 1856Daughhter of S.B. And Ann A.D. Cunningham
B111CunninghamNathaniel D.26 Oct 184623 Apr 1849Son of Samuel B. and Ann A.D. Cunningham
B113CunninghamRobert B.[lair]24 May 185108 Jan 1856Son of S.B. And Ann A.D. Cunningham
C811CunninghamS.[amuel] B.18701870
C88CunninghamSamuel A.[lexander]18341905
B101CunninghamSamuel B.[lair] Dr19 Oct 179704 Sep 1867
C89CunninghamThomas N.[elson]18661900
B84D.F.A.[Marker for B-9-2]
B62D.J.A.[Foot Marker for B-4-6]
B83D.J.H.[Marker for B-9-2]
B77D.M.A.[Foot Marker for B-4-7]
F47D.N.F.[Bad Loc - Foot for F-2-3]
B91DavisJane H.[1806]1863Aged 57 yrs
H23DavisonInfant daughter03 Apr 1846Daughter of Sam'l and Eliza Davison
H22DavisonJames K. Polk01 May 1845Son of Sam'l and Eliza Davison Ǽ 6 months and 21 days
H21DavisonWilliam Jefferson06 Nov 1845Son of Sam'l and Eliza Davison Ǽ 5 years
J15DeaderickAdelaide Eliza [Jackson]31 Dec 179609 Dec 1817Wife of D.A. Deaderick
E211DeaderickAdeline [C.] McDowell08 Nov 181401 Feb 1904
E27DeaderickAdelyn McDowell26 Sep 188117 Apr 1967
E29DeaderickAlfred S.[helby]16 Sep 184521 May 1907
B13DeaderickAnnie G.[Main Marker] 15 yrs
B34DeaderickAnnie Rebecca19 Sep 187203 May 1876
E28DeaderickCarter Luster19 Jan 185202 Apr 1932
B45DeaderickCatherine R.[ebecca]17 Sep 1895
B48DeaderickDavid[May be foot marker for David 1754]
B75DeaderickDavid10 Oct 175420 Oct 1823Born at Winchester Va.
E22DeaderickDavid12 Feb 183525 Jan 1906
B13DeaderickE.[ugene] L.[Main Marker] 73 yrs
E23DeaderickEva Clarkson18551920
B11DeaderickEva Jackson03 Mar 183609 Oct 1874
B13DeaderickFannie R.[Main Marker] Aged 3 years
B34DeaderickFannie Rebecca19 Sep 187203 May 1876[Individual Marker]
E21DeaderickIna Elsie22 Jun 187808 May 1905
B79DeaderickJ.[ohn] Franklin21 Oct 180612 Sep 1884
E210DeaderickJ.[ames] W.[illiam]25 Nov 181207 Oct 1890
E35DeaderickJames William04 Sep 188204 Mar 1885Son of A.S. and C.L. Deaderick
B46DeaderickJoseph A.[nderson]12 May 180418 Oct 1835Son of David and Margaret Deaderick
B13DeaderickJoseph W.[Main Marker] Aged 1 year
B33DeaderickJoseph William23 May 187507 Jun 1876Son of E.L. and R.W. Deaderick [Individual Marker]
B74DeaderickJoseph William15 Oct 183305 Aug 1861
B51DeaderickLittle Lewis11 Nov 184103 Oct 1843
B76DeaderickLittle Margaret23 Jul 183211 Jan 1833
B35DeakerickLittle May26 Dec 187307 Apr 1874Daughter of E.L. and R.W. Deaderick [Individual Marker]
B13DeaderickLula W.[Main Marker] 22 yrs.
B47DeaderickMargaret Anderson25 May 177521 Oct 1857Wife of David Deaderick
B13DeaderickMary L.[Main Marker] Aged 5 years
B213DeaderickMary Lanier16 Mar 187907 Dec 1882[Individual Marker] Daughter of E.L. and C.R.W. Deaderick
B35DeaderickMay26 Dec 187307 Apr 1874[Individual Marker]
B13DeaderickMay E.[Main Marker] Aged 3 mos.
B13DeaderickR.[ebecca] W.[illiams][Main Marker]
B78DeaderickRebecca L.[anier] Williams01 Aug 181207 Sep 1857
B13DeaderickRosa[Main Marker] Aged 3 years
B212DeaderickRosa23 Dec 188015 Dec 1883[Individual Marker]
B73DeaderickSusan L.01 Jan 183804 Jan 1923
B12DeaderickW.[illiam]V.[anDyke]26 Aug 182627 Sep 1883
F21ADeareThomas14 Jun 183111 May 1895
D92DillworthJames A.07 Nov 179709 May 1877Born in Petersburg, Va
D93DillworthMary Charlotte02 Jun 180219 Nov 1881Born in Hagerstown, Md.
B82DosserCaroline [Wilhoit]20 Aug 182610 Oct 1853Wife of James H. Dosser
B116DosserFannie187404 Apr 1875Daughter of Jas. H. and F.A. Dosser 8 mo 4 d
B92DosserFannie A.[manda Wilhoit]02 Nov 183004 Jul 1896[Shares marker with James H. Dosser]
F26DosserInfant06 Nov 1890Daughter of R.N. and N.F. Dosser
F25DosserInfant son01 Mar 190801 Mar 1908With Laura
B92DosserJames H.[arrison]02 Jun 182326 May 1891[Main Marker] [Shares marker with Fannie A. Dosser]
B116DosserJas. Horace[1867]16 Feb 1869Son of Jas. H. and F.A. Dosser Aged 1 yr. 2m. 3D
B115DosserJuliette16 Apr 188828 Jul 1890Daughter of A.T. And Antoinette Dosser
F25DosserLaura B. Brunner07 Jul 186801 Mar 1908Wife of R.N. Dosser Also infant son
D43DosserLilian M[ay]26 May 187415 Apr 1953[b. 23 May 1874] [TDR 53-09872]
D42DosserMary Wilds07 Dec 185115 Mar 1896
F23DosserNellie [Martha E.] Fain19 Oct 186004 Jul 1901Wife of R.N. Dosser
F24DosserRobert N.[ewton]01 Jun 185622 Mar 1927
D32DosserVirginia Carter16 Mar 185902 Jun 1860Daughter of Thomas E. and Mary A.A. Dosser
D52DosserVirginia E. Squibb13 Aug 185526 Feb 1875Wife of James E. Dosser
D41DosserWilliam30 Aug 184901 Oct 1883
B104DuncanRhea C.06 Mar 188318 May 1884Son of Rev. C.A. And Sophie C. Duncan
B103DuncanSophie Cunningham29 Oct 184831 Jan 1884Wife of Rev. C.A. Duncan
G42ElamFlorence C. Bowers13 Dec 185425 Aug 1875Only child of Geo. F. and Lizzie Russel Bowers; wife of G.P. Bowers
K64EmmersonCatharine [Jones]19 Nov 178910 Dec 1858Relict of Thomas Emmerson; born in Wilkes CO. N.C.; Aged 69 years 21 days
K41EmmersonEliza C.01 May 181618 Jun 1844Wife of T.B. Emmerson; Aged 28 Years 1 Month 18 days
K62EmmersonThomas[23 Jun 1773][22 Jul 1837][Tree grown around marker. Death information from earlier survey.]
K66EmmersonThomas[Foot Marker for K-6-2]
L62FainFanny A.[nderson] Rhea06 Mar 183426 Aug 1903Wife of John H. Fain [Shares marker with John H. Fain]
L43FainFather (see L-6-2)[Foot Marker]
L31FainInfant23 Feb 1866Daughter of J.H. and F A. Fain
L41FainJames Rhea26 May 186309 Jun 1927
L62FainJohn H.27 Nov 182505 Jul 1873[Shares marker with Fanny A. Rhea Fain]
L42FainLillian Mary Luikart26 Nov 188022 May 1966
L44FainMother (see L-6-2)[Foot Marker]
A11FrenchAnna Maria29 Sep 187601 Jul 1878Daughter of Rev. G.D. and H.S. French
I71FrostMary A.18381899[On Willett family marker]
J36FullerFrederick Jackson18 Mar 187521 Aug 1959
J37FullerSammie [Theodocia] Ward17 Jan 187912 Nov 1969
J52Fuller[Main Head Marker]
B114GibsonDavid J., Dr. 17 Apr 182220 Apr 1889[Shares marker with Sarah A. Gibson]
B81GibsonHarriet E. [Johnston]27 Jan 183111 Jul 1852Wife of David J. Gibson and daughter of Wim. Johnston born in Waynesvillle, NC; Aged 21 Y. 5 Mo. And 11 Days
B114GibsonJeremiah23 Feb 178617 Jul 1868[Shares marker with Phoebe Gibson]
B114GibsonPhoebe [Jobe]16 Jun 178204 May 1864[Shares marker with Jeremiah B. Gibson]
B114GibsonSarah A. [Kelly]24 May 183216 Feb 1919[Shares marker with Dr. David J. Gibson]
D11GiffordFrancisMar 181813 Jan 1855
F22GoffL.B.24 Oct 187507 Aug 1898[Tree grown around marker, information from earlier survey]
G49GreshamLaura B.[elle]18761882[Shares marker of Kennedy family;]granddaughter of Thomas R. and Harriet E. Kennedy]]
C61GrishamEvalina06 Dec 188105 Sep 1882Infant daughter of J.A. and S.C. Grisham
B210H.A.M. (initials only)[Foot Marker for A-1-2]
F63HallEllen C.03 Oct 182616 Nov 1888Mother of J.A. Peirce born in Wythe Co. Va.
G22HashbargerAmanda Virginia25 Nov 184723 Jul 1849[Daughter of E. and H. A. Hashbarger]
H82HaworthDavid Riley14 Jul 187203 Jul 1942[Shares marker with his wife Jess Vernon Patton Haworth] [TDR 15754]
H82HaworthJess Vernon Patton02 Aug 187814 Jul 1956[Shares marker with David Riley Haworth] [TDR 56-18143]
H41HeyerPhilip J.18071872[Shares Archibald C. Mason family marker]
E34HolmesAchsah Evelyn25 Feb 1942
A12HossAnna M.[ary Sevier] Mrs04 Feb 182524 Jul 1891Daughter of John and Sophia Sevier and wife of Henry Hoss.
C64HossCarrie L.31 Aug 185910 May 1927[b. 31 Aug 1859] [TDR 9494]
A13HossHenry29 Oct 181806 Aug 1885
A15HossHenry Sevier20 Apr 185723 Feb 1861Son of Henry and Ann Maria Hoss
C54HossInfant son10 Apr 1850Son of L.C. And L.P. Hoss
C52HossL.C. [Landon Carter]17 Jan 181716 Feb 1891Son of L.C. And L.P. Hoss Masonic emblem
C53HossL.P. [Lauretta P. Boren]12 Apr 182529 Nov 1893
A14HossMinerva E.[lizabeth]05 Dec 185909 Jul 1863Daughter of Henry and Ann M. Hoss
C71HossRowena P.13 Nov 186404 Oct 1918
D31HossWalter Taylor04 Nov 186106 Sep 1865Son of J.M. and Priscilla Hoss
F32HuffChas. A.O.[1830]11 May 1912[Shares marker with Mary E. Huff]
F32HuffMary E. Mrs.05 Dec 183212 Mar 1901[Shares Marker with Chas. A.O. Huff]
A37AHuntMary C[atherine]30 Jan 181015 Feb 1895
A37HuntWarrington C.02 Nov 180905 Dec 1826
A43HunterFannie R.[osanna Broyles]02 Sep 184119 Oct 1888
A42HunterLaura J.02 Jan 186313 Oct 1881Daughter of J.L. And F.R. Hunter
H61IrvinMontgomery14 Mar 180217 Apr 1857
H62IrvinFrances R., Mrs. 01 Feb 180725 Jun 1854Wife of Capt. Montgomery Irvin; Aged 47 years 4 mos. 22 days
K71IrvinSamuel23 Dec 180001 May 1801Infant son of John and Elizabeth Irvin
J31JacksonA.[lfred] E.[ugene], General 11 Jan 180730 Oct 1889C.S.A.
J33JacksonAlfred E.[ugene], Captain 06 Mar 1862Son of A.E. and S.C. Jackson 18Y 9M 22D died in Millershurgh, Tenn. He left Va. Milltary Institute under Col T.J. Jackson and entered the CSA at Richmond, Va.... 18th Tenn Regt.
J14JacksonCordelia Maria30 Sep 185714 Nov 1858Daughter of N.S. and Eliza J. Jackson
J35JacksonHenry C.[lay][02 Feb] 1847[30 Mar] 1914[TDR 83]
J34JacksonNathaniel T.[aylor] Major[1830]27 Oct 186232Y 5M 22D Son of A.E. and S.C. Jackson
J32JacksonSeraphina C. [Taylor]180827 Oct 1880Wife of Gen. A.E. Jackson72Y 4M 4D
J41JacksonSeraphina Cordelia18451858
J21Jackson[Main Marker]
G23JohnsonElizabeth C.09 Jul 179022 Sep 1861
H42JohnsonElizabeth R.18301864[On Ryland Marker]
D71JohnsonMary Etter15 Sep 185613 Jan 1857Infant Daughter of Jackson S. and Martha J. Johnson. Aged 3 mos 28 ds.
G49KennedyCharles A.18461889
G49KennedyHarriet E.[mack]18091872[Shares marker with Thomas R Kennedy] Their Children: William E. 1835-1838, Mary D. 1837-1843, Charles A. 1846-1889; granddaughter Laura B. Gresham 1876-1882
G48KennedyJudge John17661856[Shares marker with Katherine Greet Kennedy]
G48KennedyKatherine Greer17601840
G49KennedyMary D.18371843
G49KennedyThomas R.[uston]18051847[Shares marker with Harriet E. Kennedy]
G49KennedyWilliam E.18351838
G21KenneyMinerva Grainer Sevier26 Sep 1861Daughter of Jas. and Nancy Sevier and wife of D.D. Kenney Died of Consumption in Jonesboro
F71KeysGeorge W.10 Jun 1858Son of W.M. and V.E. Keys Aged 13y 1mo 20 das
E212KitzmillerEleanor Bachman11 Nov 184413 Dec 1921[Shares marker with Richard Carr Kitzmiller] [TDR 511]
E212KitzmillerRichard Carr02 Mar 183122 Jan 1920[Shares marker with Eleanor Bachman Kitzmiller] [TDR 164]
M12LairdDaisy Panhorst24 Feb 188019 Mar 1970Wife of Samuel B. Laird
L64LampsonInfant24 Jun 18690/22/1869Child of J.L. And M.F. Lampson
L71LampsonInfant (see L-6-4)[Foot Marker]
L51LampsonJohn L.[eonard]13 Aug 182420 Apr 1877
L45LampsonJohn Lynn07 Feb 185829 Nov 1900
L72LampsonL. (see L-6-4)[Foot Marker]
L64LampsonLucy L.27 Oct 186203 Mar 1866Childs of J.L. and M.F. Lampson
L51LampsonMartha F.[lemimg Lynn]23 Feb 182712 Apr 1882Wife of John L. Lampson
L73LampsonN.R. (see L-6-4)Foot Marker
L64LampsonNannie Rhea19 Mar 186728 Jul 1873Childs of J.L. and M.F. Lampson
M39LloydElizabeth[1841]19 Sep 1868Wife of John D. Lloyd; Aged 27 Years
H74LockeArvin V.13 Dec 187922 Feb 1885Son of L.C. And Mary Locke
K72LuckyFrances Ann1834Daughter of S.J.W. And ? Lucky Died 1834 Æ 1 YRS ???? 10 Das
L11LuckyMary [Logan] Mrs.27 Aug 181728 Feb 1903
L13LuckySarah [Rhea]180609 Sep 1862Wife of S.J.W. Lucky; Aged 56 yrs and 6 mos.
L12LuckySeth J.W.07 Dec 179916 Apr 1869
L22Lucky[Foot Marker for L-1-2]
L61LucyJohn Tho.[mas] Ballentine19091974[Shares marker with Marjorie Luikart Fain Lucy]
L61LucyMarjorie Luikart Fain19051994[Shares marker with John Tho. Ballentine Lucy]
B41MahoneyM.[atthew] S.[evier] Dr.18321883[Shares marker with his ]wife Margaret Mahoney
B41MahoneyMargaret [Ellen Campbell]18321920[27 Jan 1832 – 16 Oct 1919 Marguerite Guinn Mahoney] [TDR 490]
F43MarcouxAmos J.[ames]14 Apr 186519 Jul 1944[TDR 16068]
K21MartinIndia Birch07/?/185202 Jul 1853Infant daughter of U.H. and Rebecca J. Martin
H41MasonAngelina Cosson Ryland1829[17 Oct] 1909Wife of Archibald G. ]
H41MasonAnna R.18461873[On Mason Family marker]
H41MasonArchibald G.18131895[On Mason Family marker]
H41MasonInfantInfant of John Mason [on Mason Family marker]
H41MasonLena D. [Orleana D.]18611915[On Mason Family marker]
H41MasonLucinda18541874[On Mason Family marker]
H41MasonLucinda Ryland18201854Wife of Archibald G. [Mason on Mason Family marker]
H41MasonMarietta18481866[On Mason Family marker]
H41MasonMartha Ellen18441853[On Mason Family marker
H81MasonSue Tyler10 Jun 184314 Feb 1875[Also her twin babies sleep in her arms. Herald-Trbune]
M72MathesAnnis A. Bovell10 Aug 184612 Mar 1888Wife of John S. Mathes
M64MathesFlorence06 May 187118 Sep 1873Daughter of J.S. and A.A. Mathes
M65MathesGeo[rge]Edgar[1877]02 Aug 1877Son of W.E. and Fannie Mathes 7M
D61MathesJohn P.[osey][10/30/1813]07 Aug 187056Y 9M 9D
M63MathesLittle Johnnie Bovell24 Nov 187430 Dec 1874Son of J.S. and A.A. Mathes
K112MathesMargaret18491853[Dates from survey in 1927]
M91MathesW.[illiam]E.[benezer]13 Feb 183614 Oct 1890Hequiescat at pace
M41MathesInfant07 Jul 187608 Jul 1876Daughter of J.S. and A.A. Mathes
D51MathewsFannie E.26 Aug 182124 Jul 1891[Shares marker with Shepherd Brown]
C51MaxwellHanna17451811[Marker is broken and eroded]
G12McAnallyJulia Reeves09 Aug 183329 Aug 1878Daughter of W.P. and M.C. Reeves and wife of Rev. B.R. McAnally D.D.; died in St. Louis
E18McCallAnna H.[oss]18631962
E16McCallRobert M.[adison]28 Oct 189017 Jul 1948Ohio SGT 1CL Camp Sup Off World War I
E19McCallWilliam Printup18931978
E17McCallWm. P.[rintup]18631901
M33McClureFrances Ewing27 Nov 185809 Aug 1860Son of J.F. and Jane Letitia McClure
M31McClureJane Letitia [Simpson]13 Dec 183919 Mar 1862Wife of J.F. McClure
F46McClureJohn F.14 Feb 183426 Jun 1895
F45McClureSara G.10 Apr 186801 Feb 1901
M32McClureWillie Graham29 Sep 186023 Oct 1861Son of J.F. and Jane Letitia McClure
I14McLinC.[atherine] J.[ane]08 May 182517 Jan 1855Consort of J.B. McLinn and Daughter of Peter and Ruth Earnest
I13McLinLittle Katie07 Feb 188112 Jul 1881Daughter of Ben. E. and Linnie P. McLin
M82MeekCharles W.12 Jan 181910 Dec 1876Masonic emblem
F16MetzgerCarrie C. Smith18901949Wife of Paul Metzger
F15MetzgerPaul T.22 May 189105 Jul 1962Tennessee SFC 33 CO 20 Engineers World War I
I61MunseyVirginia A. Blair06 Jul 183908 Apr 1915Wife of William E. Munsey D.D.
I61MunseyWilliam E.[lbert], D.D. 13 Jul 183323 Oct 1877[Shares marker with Virginia A. Blair Munsey]
J11MurphyEliza C.[atherine31 Jan 183127 Aug 1914[TDR 347]
J12MurphyEugenia10 Jul 185103 Dec 1900
J13MurphyWm. Alfred30 Aug 18545/?/1895JAS E and Eliza C. Murphey
L26N.D.[Foot Marker for L-1-4]
J61NaffCatharine15 Feb 184326 Jul 1852Daughter of John H. and Nancy M. Naff
J62NaffGeorge Eakin[1849]14 Mar 1899Aged 50 Years
L15NelsonA.E.N.09 Nov 181625 May 1850
L27NelsonAlexander W.18411874Shares marker with David M. and Helen
L28NelsonAnn E.[See family monument]
L14NelsonDavid11 Feb 178002 Sep 1850
L27NelsonDavid M.18451881[Shares marker with Alexander W. and Helen]
L27NelsonHelen18491897[Shares marker with Alexander W and David]
L27NelsonAnn E[lizabeth Stuart] Mrs09 Nov 181625 May 1850Daughter of Montgomery and Hester Stuart and wife of Thoms. A.R. Nelson
E213OsborneHowell Bachmann03 Oct 189030 Nov 1890
H11OsborneO.[liver] H.17 Mar 185510 Mar 1879
A35OutlawFrances Mackey21 Jan 1846[Shares marker with Wm. David Outlaw]
A35OutlawMargaret E.H., Mrs.181824 Jul 1851Ǽ 33Y 5M 26D, Constort of W.T.M. Outlaw
A35OutlawTwin infants[Shares marker with Wm. David Outlaw] ]children of W.T.M. And M.E.H. Outlaw
A35OutlawWm. David184430 Nov 1847Ǽ 3Y 8M 7D [Shares marker with Frances Mackey and two Infants.] Children of W.T.M. and M.E.H. Outlaw
M14PanhorstKatherine Simpson26 Aug 184913 Jun 1946
M13PanhorstMari Hendrik Philip, Dr. 27 Dec 184723 Apr 1932Born in Amsterdam Holland Died in Jonesboro, Tenn [TDR 9003]
B211PattersonJ.[ohn] W.25 May 185429 Jun 1895
B31PattersonWinfield Scott[24] Jul 18[18][3] Jul 1852
M71PattonAllie May26 Nov 189103 Aug 1892Dautr [sic] of C.A. and N.M. Patton
I54PattonRobert01 May 1754Feb 1824Revolutionary War Soldier Private of Penna.
H82PattonDelcenia Ann Brunner12 Jul 185901 Jan 1930[Shares marker with Landon Hale Patton] [TDR 2255]
H82PattonLandon Hale29 Apr 184713 Jan 1924[Shares marker with Delcenia Ann Brunner Patton] [TDR 7]
F14PattonLula Smith Mrs.15 Nov 187304 Jan 1928[TDR 4993]
F17Patton IIHenry W.[ilds]20 May 192623 Jul 2003
F61PeirceAnna Dosser10 Jan 185912 Jul 1946
F62PeirceJames A.[lex]01 Aug 186017 Nov 1896
C11PeoplesLandon C.03 Oct 185013 Mar 1887
C12PeoplesNathan B.03 Nov 186214 Aug 1888
M15PerkinsElla Simpson31 Oct 185516 Oct 1927
M17PiperNellie S.06 Nov 188412 Jul 1886
F67PowellHarriet E. Blackmore07 Feb 182715 Jun 1890Wife of William Powell
F68PowellWilliam04 Apr 181818 Jan 1902Aged 88 yrs 9 mos 14 das
C21PriceJames M.08 May 185028 Dec 1855Son of E. and C. Price Aged 5 yrs 7 mos 20 das
D12PrichettJames L.12 Jan 1885Married Julia E. Welborn 1879 65Y
G43R.C.E. (initials only)[Foot Marker for G-3-2]
K114RayJennie30 Sep 183010 Sep 1882The Beloved Mother of A.M. and J.L. Ray Aged 55 Yrs. and 20 Ds
F31ReevesAnna Claire18811976
E15ReevesBlannie I.[ris]18471928Daughter of W.P. Reeves
F31ReevesIsaac Edward10 May 184221 Jan 1899
G11ReevesMary [Catherine] DeVault07 Feb 180812 Nov 1894Wife of W.P. Reeves
F31ReevesMary [Malinda] Dosser06 Oct 184912 Sep 1931[TDR 20028]
F31ReevesMary Lois22 Mar 188616 Oct 1911[TDR 92093]
E13ReevesMary Murphy14 Mar 185715 Oct 1905Wife of W.R. Reeves
E11ReevesMary Rosabelle [Hall]27 Jun 185420 Jun 1941[TDR 17155
E12ReevesWilliam Rollin20 Jun 185019 May 1930Husband of Mary Murphy Reeves [TDR 12948]
G11ReevesWm. P.[ounder]15 Dec 180320 Aug 1885
H63RheaJohn31 May 181024 Aug 1862Aged 52 Years
I21RheaMargaret Carr13 Jan 189313 Jan 1893Infant of W.R. and Maggie C. Rhea
I17RheaWilliam R.20 Oct 184001 Jun 1903
M16RiddickEdward E.21 Oct 188005 Jan 1906
F65RinehartEliza J.29 Aug 182220 Jan 1889Mother of W. H. Reeves
B43RoganCarrie Lanier[30 Oct 1874]22 Sep 1921[TDR 257]
B32RoganEdward03 Sep 184306 Apr 1910[Shares marker with Isadore D. Rogan] [TDR 92356]
B44RoganEliza R.Deaderick03 Aug 184524 Oct 1897Wife of E. Rogan
B32RoganIsadore [Deaderick]06 Jun 184730 Nov 1883[Shares marker with Edward Rogan]
B42RoganSue Deaderick16 Aug 1931[abt. 50 yrs.] [TDR 17419]
E31RoganSusan T.27 Apr 183825 May 1920[TDR 288]
K83RossChildrenParents - Oliver and Harriet
G32RussellCaroline E.13 Apr 181810 Jul 1898
G46RussellCharles E.24 Feb 185624 Sep 1916[TDR 617]
G33RussellJames G.14 Nov 1852[Marker eroded, can not read death date]
G45RussellLauretta12 Oct 184004 Jan 1910
G41RussellLizzie04 Apr 183605 Jan 1911
G31RussellMary V.18451933
G47RussellRomeo J.25 Jan 187514 Nov 1912
G35RussellWilliam A.20 Oct 183809 Aug 1920[24 Oct 1838 – 08 Aug 1920] [TDR 416]
H42RylandAnna [Mary]1863[Shares Ryland marker]
H42RylandFanny [Frances R.][No date][No date][Shares Ryland marker]
H42RylandJohn17951857[Shares Ryland marker]
H42RylandMatilda J.1870[Shares Ryland marker]
H42RylandRebecca Likens17971866[Shares Ryland marker]
A111SabinGuy E.[llis]12 Oct 185305 Sep 1888
D23SehrwaldApphia [Phia] Allison10 Dec 185413 Dec 1935
G16SensabaughL.[eonidas] P.16 Jul 183627 May 1869Masonic emblem
G13SensabaughMary Leon19 Aug 186807 Nov 1902
E14SensabaughSue. D. Reeves18351918Wife of Dr. Leon Sensabaugh
C41SevierEva M. [Brewer]18291890[Shares marker with James Sevier]
C41SevierJames181404 Jun 1888Aged 73Y 3M 17D
A16SevierLucy [Louisiana] Evans11 Feb 184001 Jan 1903Wife of Dr. W.R. Sevier
A18SevierMartha Ellen03 Aug 182515 Apr 1862Wife of Dr. W.R. Sevier
A19SevierSamuel Dayton31 Mar 184617 Apr 1862Son of Dr. W.R. and M.E. Sevier
A17SevierW.[illiam] R.[obertson] Dr07 Sep 182222 Aug 1882Masonic emblem
H91SherfyJessee J.[oshua]11 Oct 1848Aged 36Y 8M 21D
B71ShipleyCarrie [McCloud]03 Dec 185607 Nov 1882Wife of S.T. Shipley
D91ShipleyJames Edward24 Jul 185218 Apr 1872Son of S.T. and F.E. Shipley Aged 19 yrs. 8 mos. 25 days
M18SimpsonCaroline S.[1817]15 Dec 1892Age 75 years [Wife of John W. Simpson]
I82SimpsonJames22 Aug 1???[Marker badly eroded]
M19SimpsonJohn W.[hite]23 Feb 180026 Jun 1887
M110SimpsonMary C.[hester Blair]22 Jun 181325 Feb 1860[Wife of John W. Simpson}
F21SlaterAda Maie TruslerDec 1885Mar 1905Wife of E.C. Slater [Twin daughters in casket. Herald-Tribune]
H87SlemonsAlice Graham[15 Dec] 1850[05 Nov] 1939[TDR 25259]
C63SlemonsLillie29 Aug 188326 Jul 1884Daughter of J.D. and E.M Slemons
H86SlemonsMaria Dosser11 Jul 182512 Jun 1912Wife of W.C. Slemons
H84SlemonsR.[obert] M.[McClure]18641911
H85SlemonsWilliam C.[hester]15 Jul 181522 Feb 1887
F11SmithBertha Hafkemeyer18841935Wife of Leon C. Smith
F12SmithCaroline Rebecca Wilds13 Jul 185311 Dec 1937Wife of G.L. Smith
F13SmithGeorge L.[eonidas]07 Sep 185123 May 1920
G34SmithRichard M.01 Feb 181821 Jun 1857
F66SmithTommie Lee29 Jun 189430 Jul 1895Son of _____ and E. Lee Smith [Marker eroded]
M25SparksAugustus R. (M.D.)[1820]10 Dec 1870Aged 50 Yrs
M24SparksGus L.14 Apr 187513 Dec 1903
J81SparksHorace H.01 Feb 185907 Jun 1859
H72SparksMary Broyles16 May 184428 Mar 1922[TDR 280]
H73SparksWilliam A.04 Apr 184926 Oct 1877
D34SquibbMary E.27 Jun 186106 Nov 1877
KStuartLucy18191911[Not Numbered Yet]
L21StuartMary Fain11 May 186821 Jun 1894Wife of Samuel D. Stuart
L21StuartSamuel D.[ecatur]10 Aug 189322 Jun 1894
L21StuartSamuel Decatur29 Mar 186603 Nov 1893Infant son of M.F. and S.D. Stuart
I15TadlockLittle Bettie09 Sep 186130 Aug 18??[Bottom part of marker is broken off]
M62ThomasAngeline S.[usan] Burson02 Feb 182229 Aug 1885Wife of J.B. Thomas. Born in Bedford Co. Va.
M61ThomasJoel B.11 Jul 182505 Nov 1890Born in Smith Co. Va. Died in Jonesboro, Tenn.
F21TruslerAndrew [J.][27] Aug 1861[23] Oct 1939[TDR 22879]
F21TruslerLaura Barnes[28] Dec 1862[20] Jan 1946[TDR 1965]
F21TruslerRobert F.[ranklin]Jan 1888Apr 1965
D85Unknown[Socket base only]
G22AUnknown[Base Only]
K31Unknown[Stub Only]
K65Unknown[Foot Marker for K-6-1]
K68Unknown[2" X 12" Mkr Only]
K75Unknown[2" X 11" w/base]
L63Unknown[Foot Marker for L-4-5]
F33WardInfant09 Oct 1917Daughter of Oran P. and Margaret Dosser Ward TDR 526
G36WatsonJessey Harriett30 Oct 1883Beloved wife of Thomas Watson, CE Yorkshire, England 30th Year of her age
D81WellsInfant[29 Nov] 185729 Nov 1857Daughter of Rev. R.P. and C.B. Wells Aged 8 Hrs.
D83WellsSarah Ann[23 Aug] 184728 Aug 1853Daughter of Rev. R.P. and Chloe Wells Aged 6Y 5D
D84WellsThomas Belden184606 Nov 1846Son of Rev. Rufus and Chloe Wells 4M 15D
D82WellsTwin sons[23 Sep]185623 Sep 1856Sons of Rev. R.P. and C.B. Wells 11 Hrs.
K81WestLeah M. [Crouch]181311 Aug 1835Aged 22 years 7months
I64WhiteMary Blair185124 Jun 1852Daughter of J.W. and N.M. White of Chattanooga, Tenn. Died at Embreeville. Aged 1 yr. 3 ms. And 13 days
A33WhitlockJohn Wesley18 Jan 184713 Feb 1886
C92WildsJohn A.06 Nov 180106 Jul 1883
I71WillettEliza M.[Crookshanks]18151886[Shares Willett family marker]
I71WillettGeorge W.18081856[Shares Willett family marker]
I71WillettSam A.18441863[Shares Willett family marker]
I71WillettWilliam F.18351848[Shares Willett family marker]
I81WillettWilliam F.13 Jul 183526 Nov 1848[Separate Marker]
I71WillettZed T.18381862[Shares Willett family marker]
E32WilliamsJoseph16 Nov 181014 Feb 1898
B14WilliamsLina [Salina]20 Jun 184730 Nov 1873Daughter of Joseph and S.L. Williams
E33WilliamsSarah L.181422 Mar 1888Wife of Joseph Williams
K67YanceyHester[1831]16 Sep 1837Died in Burnsville Yancey Co NC

Surveyed, transcribed by Hertiage Alliance volunteer, Gordon Edwards with additional information added by Betty Jane Hylton and Elaine Scott Cantrell. members of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.  Donated to the Washington County TNGen Web  May 2013.

Copyrighted 2013 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part of this work may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team or Heritage Alliance.

Old Jonesborough Cemetery Map Click on map to enlarge

Old Jonesborough Cemetery Map
Click on map to enlarge


TDR = Tennessee Death Record which can be found at the Tennessee State Library and Archives and viewed on Ancestry.com.

Information in [ ] was not on the tombstone but found in other sources.

This survey was based on some earlier surveys. The Inventory of the Old Jonesborough Cemetery, 1995 was initiated and designed by Dr. Gary Burkett and conducted by high school students who were participating in the Governor’s School for Tennessee Heritage at ETSU’s Center for Appalachian Studies and Services. The group of students who did this work were those participating in the “Historic Preservation” module of this program and were under the direction of Mr. Joe Spence, a high school teacher in Lenior City.

Information from some earlier surveys are the Washington County Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions by Charles M. Bennett and the Watauga Association of Genealogists, used with permission by Loraine B. Rae. The WPA cemetery survey record and an 1927 survey were also used.

Original research:  by Jenny Parker and Gene Cox (copied from an undated file)

The Old Jonesborough Cemetery as it currently exists is the result of several transactions that occurred throughout the 1800s.  In all, the deeds on record in the Washington County Courthouse account for 2.71 acres of land.

The original tract, known as the Old Grave Yard, was deeded to the Commissioners of the Town of Jonesborough from Patrick Long and totaled approximately 0.35 acres.  The deed is recorded in Deed Book 9, Page 191 and was recorded on February 11th of 1803.

On the 25th of July 1849 the first addition to the cemetery was deeded to Seth J.W. Lucky, James Brown, and William G. Gammon, Trustees from John Blair, William K. Blair, and Robert L. Blair.  This addition surrounded the original tract on three sides and included approximately 2.12 acres.  This deed is recorded in Deed Book 31, Page 351 (through page 356).

This first 1849 addition to the cemetery was bounded at one point by the corner of a house (which no longer stands) belonging to Milton (Wilton) Atkinson.  On August 30th of 1849, William G. Gammon, James Brown, and Seth J.W. Lucky, Trustees of the Jonesborough Cemetery granted to Atkinson a parcel of land 15 feet wide and “extending the whole length of the ground purchased of the Mssrs. Blairs from opposite the end of the house now occupied by Pritchet and recently purchased by Atkinson and along the said lot as far as the lot of the said Pritchet extends and which is now enclosed by a plank fence.”  Based on the current configuration of the cemetery fence, I have estimated this length to be approximately 130 feet translating to a loss of a negligible 0.04 acres.  This transaction is recorded in Deed Book 32, Page 46 (though 48).  (GME note – actually 1950 sq ft or about 0.40 acres.)

The final addition to the Old Jonesborough Cemetery was made on February 1st of 1899.  This included a group of defined lots numbered 45 to 71, arranged in three rows of nine, each measuring 18 feet by 25 feet according to a diagram recorded with the deed.  Assuming the diagram is accurate, this translates to an additional 0.28 acres.  My supposition is that this 1899 addition is the current northwestern most corner of the cemetery.  The 1899 addition can be found in Deed Book 76 Page 320 (and 321). (GME note – this deed “set(s) a part and dedicate(s) an addition to the……..” AND does not convey title – this will become important as evidenced in Deed Book 95, Page 192).

Please see the accompanying sketch for the locations of the original tract and subsequent additions. (GME note – sketch has not been found, several other maps exist).

Additional research done and compiled by Gordon M. Edwards (July 2014):

The prior research was reviewed and some additional information was found.

With respect to Deed 31 Pages 351-356, several of the plots shown on the plat described within the body of the deed were presold, the proceeds of which went to pay off this acquisition.  The plots that were paid for in full, were so designated within this deed, by plot number and purchaser’s name upon conveyance in 1849.  The acquisition was bound by the first and second parties in 1847, however, conveyance did not occur until 1849. Only one deed has been found which records a specific plot payment in full and designates a name.  That is Deed Book 59 Page 190 and is noted as “Receipt for square 39 in graveyard”.   Lucky, Brown, and Gammon to J.M. Brown – May 17th 1859.  It is unknown as of this writing how or if additional plot sales were receipted.

The “Colored and Strangers Section”

Within the body of Deed Book 31, Pages 351 to 356, the following was noted.  The following was written in the last paragraph of a several page long deed.  This deed was the conveyance for the large addition to the original graveyard.  Most of the land conveyed was the area now found with the garden styled plots and the larger marble markers.  A small strip of land on the east side of the old graveyard was part of this conveyance, as well.

..“The said Trustees are furthermore empowered to set apart such portion of the land herein conveyed and not otherwise disposed of as they may deem proper for the burial of colored persons and strangers.”…..

Colored Section 29 Feb 2016

Colored Section
29 Feb 2016

From Railroad Journal and Family Visitor, dated January 7, 1854.  An article on the Jonesboro Cemetery (sic) appeared on the front page.  Within this article, a paragraph was dedicated to describing the area set aside for the colored population.

..”In the eastern portion of the graveyard is the portion appropriated to the colored population.  It is comprised in a narrow strip extending the full length of the old graveyard and located on a steep declivity which extends nearly to the eastern onclosure (sic).”…..

This strip of land is the hillside on the immediate western edge of the present Cemetery Lane road.  For many decades this area was overgrown.  In 2014, it was cleared of briars, brush, trees, and debris.  One can now clearly see the depressions of several dozen graves, however, no markers of any kind have been found.  The names of those buried here remain unknown.

College Hill Cemetery (see separate entry) was not deeded until 1890.  That cemetery was deeded for the benefit of the colored population.

No confirmation of a “strangers” section has been found.

The “Deaderick Corner”

Three deeds have been found that cover property in the “Deaderick corner”.  These three deeds were all executed by A.S. Deaderick, then owner of the property to the west of the 1849 addition.  These three deeds affect property just to the north of the 15 foot section noted in Deed Book 32, Pages 46-48.  It appears to this researcher, that Alfred S. Deaderick unofficially dedicated a small area for his family burials, and sold off three smaller parcels within that small section.  The three deeds are recorded in Deed Book 50, Page 403-404; Deed Book 76, Page 315; and Deed Book 93, Page 490.  Current placement of grave markers substantiate this as well.  A.S. Deaderick did retain some of that rectangular parcel for his own use, as evidenced by markers, as well.

The “Dosser Terrace”

In the 1899 addition, Deed Book 76 Pages 320 & 321, the right to the property, although designated as an addition to the cemetery, remained in R.N. Dosser, et al.  It appears that the eastern plots were used and the western ones were not. In 1907, R.N. Dosser et al, conveyed a parcel to George L. Smith, reference Deed Book 95, Page 192, which included part of the 1899 tract.  By dimensional calculations, plots 49 & 58 of this 1899 addition were to remain with the graveyard and owned by Smith.  The other 12 plots were unconditionally conveyed to Smith.  No deed has been found undesignating those 12 plots, however, wording in DB95P192 implies as much.  Smith later conveyed to Patton, reference Deed Book 99 Page 254.  That deed does not include the graveyard portion.  This would indicate that ownership of those two plots (49 & 58) remained in George L. Smith.  Markers for Smiths and Pattons fill those two plots. (Note – Smith’s daughter married Patton).        

From Association to the City

The final deed found is recorded at Roll 607, Image 2122.  This 2008 QD transaction conveys from the cemetery trustees to the mayor and aldermen.  A complete land survey was done at that time. 

Also refer to the separate entry for the College Hill/Evergreen Cemetery.

Researched and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web July 2014 by Gordon M. Edwards, member of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

Copyrighted 2014 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part of this work may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.


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