Cemeteries of Sullivan County

These cemeteries are located within Sullivan County, Tennessee. Please also visit the TNGenWeb Cemetery Database for additional information on Sullivan County Cemeteries. Special thanks to Charles Ford, Donna Briggs, Donna Brummett, and Coordinator Jerry Butler for their dedication. A map of all Sullivan cemeteries is available on TNGenWeb.

Most of our Sullivan County cemeteries were originally annotated by S. Kathryn McKown. We are deeply indebted to the dozens of volunteers who so generously shared their family information to this site. Special thanks to the members of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee for their invaluable assistance in providing current photographs and transcriptions.

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Cemeteries listed below in green have been converted to a new standard format. All cemeteries will be eventually converted to this format.

RECENT UPDATES/ADDITIONS:  removed Liberty Church of the Brethren (Washington County)