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TNGenWeb Legacy Websites

“Legacy, something handed down from an ancestor or a predecessor or from the past.”

The following is a list of county websites given* to TNGenNet, TNGenWeb Project, Inc.

Note: All TNGenWeb Special Projects are Legacy Websites

Benton Betty Brooks 2006
Bledsoe Nancy Cole 2000
Blount Kay Snow 2006
Bradley Cathy Hall 2000
Cannon Jane Colmenares 2012
Carroll Fred Smoot 2005
Chester Nickey McKay 2011
Claiborne Darlene Anderson 2011
Cocke Fred Smoot 2004
Decatur Connie Burkett 2007
DeKalb Athol Foster 2006
Fayette Taneya Koonce 2013
Gibson Fred Smoot 2005
Giles Carole Hammett 2000
Greene Fred Smoot 2004
Grundy David Johnson 2012
Hancock Jane Colmenares 2012
Hardeman Taneya Koonce 2012
Hardin Robert D.H. Grimes 2007
Haywood Betty Brooks 2006
Henderson Jerry Butler 2013
Henry Jeff Kemp 2007
Humphreys Taneya Koonce 2013
Johnson Taneya Koonce 2016
Lauderdale Connie Burkett 2007
Macon Taneya Koonce 2013
Madison Melissa McNair 2006
Marshall Paulette Carpenter 2006
Maury Paulette Carpenter 2006
McNairy Fred Smoot 2006
Meigs Kay Snow 2006
Montgomery Frances Osburn 2014
Morgan Julie Cromwell 2006
Obion Betty Brooks 2006
Perry Connie Burkett 2007
Polk Cathy Hall 2000
Rhea Nancy Cole 2000
Rutherford Mary Byers 2006
Sequatchie Sarah Goins 2005
Shelby Taneya Koonce 2012
Sullivan Sharon Steele-Smith 2012
Tipton Tammy Hamilton 2005
Trousdale Ladye Jane Hunter 2008
Union Thomas Cooke 2013
Van Buren Ladye Jane Hunter 2008
Warren Fred Smoot, Carole Hammett 2000
Williamson Noel Matthews 2007
Wilson Richard Hightower 2007


TNGenWeb Project Legacy Websites 

* Given, gifted, and assigned in perpetuity, to TNGenNet, TNGenWeb Project Inc.

From our County Guidelines ::

Our County Coordinators may give (gift) their personal TNGenNet (TNGenWeb) county websites to TNGenNet, Inc. The TNGenNet webmaster shall have the option of keeping the website on the TNGenNet ( domain; if the website is on an outside server, move the website contents to TNGenNet ( domain; or move the county data to the Tennessee Records Repository. Once the county website is given and is online at or the data is placed in the Tennessee Records Repository, that website or data shall remain on and not be moved to another ISP, server, or domain. (Paragraph added 8 Oct 2006 by direction of TNGenNet Inc Executive Board.)