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Pactolus, Lone Star, and Horse Creek schools

Special thanks to Patty Dronfield, a former resident of Sullivan County, TN with deep roots in that county, for this information. Below are four early photos of schools that were in the west section of Sullivan County, with Patty’s notes above each one.
“The first photo (with American flag in background) is from Pactolus School (in the Pactolus Community near Rock Springs). My grandmother’s name is on the back (Gladys Elizabeth Light Conkin) but I cannot identify her in the photo. She was born in 1902 but I do not have a date for the picture.
“The second photo is taken in front of Lone Star School on Lone Star Road near the Hawkins County line. As you can see I have identified my mother Jean Conkin Dean and her brother, O.M. Conkin. I estimate this photo was taken around 1935 based on their ages. The teacher of that school was J. Paul Lady who later became principal of Sullivan Elementary School in the Sullivan Gardens community.  In 1922 my gg grandfather, John Conkin and wife (2nd) Hattie Boyer Conkin gave the school board 1.53 acres of land for $1.00 on which to erect a new two-room school. This new school was  built near the property on which a previous school stood but that burned.
“The third photo is not mine (it was posted by Jill Riggs of Sullivan Gardens) and indicates it is Lone Star School in 1917 and the teacher was Lucille Duncan.
“The fourth photo is probably Horse Creek School between Sullivan Gardens and Fall Branch, TN (on present day Highway 93). My Grandfather, Onnie McKinley Conkin is on the back row, in a suit. He was born in 1902 so I estimate that this photo was taken between 1916-1919 time frame.
“Information on these schools can be found in the book ‘Adventures in Education Sullivan County, 1773-1983’ by Thelma Gray Barnes in collaboration with the Sullivan County Teachers Association.”

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  1. Robert Morris says:

    My grandmother was born in 1900 in a community or area called Sugarville in Sullivan County, but she is known to have attended school in Goodson VA. Her name was Lillian A HALL daughter of Nancy A and Ellis Hall. She also had half siblings born in Sugarville: John, Sarah, Willie HORTON. If anyone sees anything on them, I’d love to know.

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