Dekalb County, Tennessee

The following Deeds are from DeKalb, Smith, White, Warren, and Cannon Counties. Those Deeds from the other Counties were of people in the area that later became DeKalb County in 1938. If anyone has Deeds that they would like to see on these pages, please contact Me and let me know what you have and we will make arrangements to get them to me.

A.L. Foster and Wife to E.T. Foster

Taylor Land Grants

Taylor Deeds

E.A. Green to J.H. Green

H.L.W. Capshaw to E.A. Green

Isaac Cantrall to Wisman Green

H.L. Capshaw to E.A. Green

Jef Estes etals to DeKalb County School Directors

Jefferson and Elizabeth Johnson, Sampson Williams to James Roy

J N Roy and wife to H G Roy

James N Roy to George Measles

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