Dekalb County, Tennessee

Submitted by Lenny Green.

Wiseman Green Land Document
Know all now by these presances that I, Isaac Cantrall of the County of DeKalb and state of Tennessee of the first part and Wisman Green of the County of DeKalb and state aforesaid of the Second part Witnesith that I Isaac Cantrall for and in consideration of six hundred and fifty dollars to me in hand paid have this day bargained and sold and do hereby transfer all my wrights title and claim to said lands to Wisman Green a certain tract of land containing by Estimation one hundred acres & 154 pole. Beginning on a red Oak standing ahead of the Rock Spring on B.R.Womack line Running thence North 128 ? to a post Oak thence East 98 ? to a ? oak thence south 5 ? west 185 ? to a double black Oak Thence south 26 ? to a ? ? standing on the bank of said spring branch Thence west 42 deg. North 118 ? to the beginning. Including the Dewling and farm Whare our said Wisman Green now lives situated and lying in the County of DeKalb and Warren and District No 6.
I, the said Isaac Cantrall am lawfully seized and proprietor of said land and have a good Wright to convey the same aquaintance the lawful claims of all persons unto the said Wisman Green and his heirs and assigns forever in witness whereof I have here unto set my hand and seal this the 24th day of March One thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Nine.

Isaac Cantrall (Seal)
C.A. Cantrall

Watson Potter
E. Morgan

Note:(Transcription is as appears on the document, including spelling. I have inserted some punctuation in an effort to prevent misreading by the viewer. LG)

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