Dekalb County, Tennessee

Submitted by Lenny Green.

Deed of Conveyance
I, E.A. Green, have this day bargained and sold and do hereby transfer and convey to J.H. Green a certain tract or parcer of land lying in the 6th Civil District of DeKalb Co, Tennessee, for the consideration of Two hundred dollars to me in hand paid, bounded as follows; Beginning on a Mulberry running East with A.Walker's line, 85 poles to a Red Oak, thence north to the Smithville Road to a stake. Thence with said road to the North boundary line, thence West with said line to a Red Oak, thence South to the beginning. Also ten acres more or less _? under fence adjoining the tract above mentioned and described said ten acres including the house, but I do not sell any lands in this tract of ten acres more or less than is now enclosed by fence. The first tract contains fifty acres more or less is described in a deed from Samuel S.Walker to Elizabeth Capshaw _? covenant with the said J.H.Green that I am lawfully seized of said land and have a good right to convey the same, and the same is unemcumbered this 14th day of February, 1891.


State of Arkansas, County of Garland. On this day, 14th February, 1891, before me, County Clerk acting duly commissioned County Clerk within and for the County of Garland, in the State of Arkansas, appeared in person whose name appears upon the within and foregoing deed of Conveyance as the party Grantor and stated that he had executed the same for the consideration and purpose therein mentioned and set forth, and that he is a widower for the last two years. E.A.Green, in witness whereof I have hereunto to my hand and the seal of the County Court of Garland County, Arkansas this 14th day of February, 1891.
Frank C. Place, County Clerk (seal)

*Illegible notes about registration book...1891...was noted in my office..?o'clock pm, E.A.Green to J.D.Green...Mar 16, 1891..recorded, etc.
H.M. Lockhart, Register

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