J. N. Roy & wife


H. G. Roy

We Jams N Roy & Susan Roy have this day bargained & sold & do hereby transfer & convey to H G Roy & his heirs forever for the consideration of Twenty six hundred & Twenty five dollars $2625 to us paid a certain tract or parcel of land lying in the State of Tennessee Dekalb County Dist no 13 containing by estimation seventy five acres be the _____more or less. Bounded as follows: Beginning on Peyton S Berry SE corner 14 P southwest of F H Hayes yard fence thence S 85 W with the Murfreesboro Pike 56 P to a stake thence S 70 W 42 P with the Pike to a stake near a bridge thence S60 W 51 1/3 P to rock Will Sellars corner thence N 30 W 13 P to a rock with a ____ ___ thence N 80 W 40 P to a rock thence North 92 P to a hickory thence S 4 E 152 P to a rock thence S 27 E 64 P to the beginning to have & to hold the same to H.G. Roy his heirs assigns & representatives forever. We covenant with the said H G Roy that we are lawfully seized of the said land ___ ___ right to convey it & that the same is unencumbered. We further covenant with & bind ourselves our heirs & representatives to the said H G Roy his heirs assigns & representatives to ___ & forever defend the title to said land & every part thereof against the lawful claims of all persons whatever. This Feb 22 -1872.

Signed & delivered in our

Presence This Feb 22-1872      James N Roy

W. D. G.C____& W.H. Whaley      Susan Roy

State of Tennessee

Dekalb County By virture of the authority in me invested I have this day examined Susan Roy the _____ in the foregoing deed privately & apart from her husband James N. Roy & find she signed the same freely voluntarily without compulsion constraint or coersion by her husband the same is therefore duly certified ___at office Feby 22 1872.

W. H. Whaley NP

Notary Public Dekalb County

Submitted by Marie Wingate
on 05/08/2009