Dekalb County, Tennessee

Submitted by Lenny Green.

H.L.W. Capshaw
Deed To E.A.Green
Know all men by these presance that I, H.L.W.Capshaw, have this day bargained and Sold transferred and conveyed unto E.A.Green & his heirs forever for the consideration of Two hundred and fifty five Dollars to my hand paid, and the said E.A.Green have this day Executed to the said H.L.W. Capshaw a note under seal for one hundred and Thirty Dollars due the Twenty fifth of November 1870 a certain tract or parcel of Land lying & being in DeKalb County Tennessee & Civil District No 6 and contained by Estimation fiftyfour acres be the saim ? and ? and boundred as follows (To Will)
Beginning at mulbarry tree standing at or nearer a branch running south 75 degrees East 12 poles to the poplar thence South 78 degrees East 95 poles to a lilac ? the south Weste corner of a 50 acre tract, thence North 68 poles to a stake in the center of the road leading from Smithville to Frankees fearry(?) B.H.(?) corners thence North to his line and the rodd, Thence North 40 poles to a stake in said road thence northe 86 degrees west 18 poles to a red Oak and ? ? the south side of said road south 78 poles to the beginning. To have and? Said E.A. Green his heirs and assigns ? covenant with the said E.A.Green, his heirs and representatives that I am lawfully seized ? lands and have a good rights to Covey it and that the saim is unencumbered. I further ? self any heirs and representatives to forever Warrant defend the title to said land and ever thereof to the said E.A.Green his heirs and the lawful claims of all persons whatever.

29 day of December 1869 H.L.W. Capshaw (Seal)
(Further: Having appeared before me, etc P.J. Magness Clerk

Note: This document has been transcribed in the exact spelling and punctuation, or lack of, that appears on the document. Some comma's and periods have been added to prevent sentences from running together.

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