Dekalb County, Tennessee

Submitted by Athol Foster of
Crestview, FL.

A.L. Foster & Wife deed to E.T. Foster

Pursuant to an agreement heretofore made betweenE.T. Foster, A.L. Foster & Prudence Cameron relative to a devide of the partnership land owned by E.T. Foster & A.L. Foster lying South West of Smithville leading from Smithville to the Short Mountain. We A.L. Foster & wife, Mary E. Foster and Prudence Cameron do hereby sell, transfer and convey unto E.T. Foster all our right, title,claim & intrest in and to the following lots or parcels of daid land. Lot No. 1 containing 4 acres & 60 poles and bounded begining on the South West corner of the Cameron lot No. 1 of said lands it being a rock just outside the field runing East with the Cameron line of lot No. 1 to a road 35 poles thence South with said road to W.H. Tyreescorner in the Mountain road, thence with his line & Smith wades North 88 degrees West 33 1/2 poles to a stake at Smith Wades fence thence North 25 1/3 poles to the begining. The second lot beginning on W.H.Tyrees South West corner runing Aouth 29 degrees West 27 poles to a stake thence East 16 1/3 poles to the begining containing 2 1/4 acres. The third lot begining on a South East corner of the Camrons part of 18 acres in a 32 acre tract running South 29 Degrees West 23 poles to the South West corner of the secont lot herin named, thence West 62 poles to a postoak stump thence North 22 poles to the Cameron South West corner, thence East 62 1/2 poles to the begining containing 9 acres & 44 poles. The fourth tract known as the Fite tract which is fully described in a deed to be made by the C & M to E.T. Foster which A.L. Foster and wife hereby order done by the C & M of the Chancery Court at Smithville Tennessee, said tract is said to contain 21 acres and 72 poles and it is all conveyed to E.T. Foster to have & to hold said land to the said E.T. Foster, his heirs forever, we covenant with said E.T. Foster that we are lawfully seized of said land and have a good right ot convey it as and in the manner herein set fourth and it is unincumbered and we bind ourselves heirs to forever warrent and defend the title to said E.T. Foster his heirs & assignes against the lawful claims of all other persons. Witness our hands April 25, 1881.

1. A.L. Foster
2. Mary E. Foster
3. Prudence X Cameron

Test Z.P. Lee

State of Tennessee
DeKalb County

Personally appeared before me, Z.P. Lee Clerk of the County Court for DeKalb County Tennessee, A.L. Foster & Mary E. Foster bargains to the foregoing instrument with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledges the execution of said instrument to be his act and deed for the purposes therin expressed and Mary E. Foster wife of said A.L. Foster appeared before and was examined by me privately and apart from her said husband that it is in her act and deed for the purposes therein expressed. Witness my hand the 25th day of April 1881. Z.P. Lee Clerk.

Received in my office for registration, the following Deed of conveyance from A.L. Foster & wife and Prudence Cameron to E.T. Foster with the Clerks Certificates therein was duly noted in Note Book C page 364 at 8 O'Clock A.M. April the 26th, 1881 and recorded in book B pages 294,295 & 296. Witness my hand at office in Smithville, April the 26th, 1881. John Harrison, Register by G. R. Bauman Dept. Register.

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