Dekalb County, Tennessee

Submitted by Lenny Green.

Deed of Conveyance
H.L.Capshaw to E.A. Green
Know all men by these presents that we H.L.Capshaw and Elizabeth Capshaw do hereby sell transfer and convey to E.A.Green for the consideration of Two hundred and fifty five dollars, one hundred thirty dollars of which is paid, and one hundred twenty five dollars now due ever since the 25th Dec 1870 for which last amount said Green executed his Promisary Note which is A lien on the land hereby conveyed a certain tract or parcel of land containing about fifty acres more or less lying in the District No 6 DeKalb County Tennessee and bounded as follows

Beginning on a Mulbarry corner made by Alexander Walker and Wm. B. Robinson Runnin g East or near East with Alexander Walker line (as used to be) Eighty five poles to a red Oak thence North to the Smithville road to the Stake thence with said road to the North boundary line thence West with said line to a red Oak thence south to the beginning. Also Ten acres more or less all under fense adjoining the tract above described said Ten acres in cluding the house but we do not sell any land in this tract of Ten acres more or less than is now enclosed by fense

Said tract of fifty acres more or less is described by a deed from Samuel L. Walker to Elizabeth Capshaw dated 5th Sept 1850 & by entry No2316 dated 2nd Jan 1831 and by Deed from H.L.W. Capshaw to said E.A.Green dated 29 Dec 1869 by Agreement of parties in lien of which this Deed is made to have and to hold said land to the said E.A.Green his heirs representatives etc forever. We covenant with said E.A.Green that we have a good right to convey said land and that it is unemcumbered and we bind ourselves our heirs and representatives to warrant and defend the title to said land to said E.A.Green his heirs or assigns against the lawful claims of all other persons forever.

In witness to whereof we hereto sign our names this December 29 1871
H.L.W.Capshaw, Elizabeth Capshaw, Lucinda Capshaw
Witnesses G.A.Bing, J.H.Cantrell

Personally appeared before me P.G.Magness Jr. Clerk of the County Court of said county, the within named bargainers with whom I am personally acquainted and who acknowledged that they executed the within instrument for the purposes therein contained and Lucinda Capshaw wife of the said H.L.W.Capshaw having appeared before me privately and apart from her husband the said Lucinda Capshaw acknowledged without compulsion or constraint from her said husband and for the purposes therein expressed witness P.G.Magness Jr. Clerk of said Court at office in Smithville this 20th day of February 1872.
P.G.Magness Jr, Clerk, by B.M. Cantrell, Deputy Clerk

Received in my office for registration the foregoing Deed of Conveyance from H.L.W.Capshaw and others to E.A.Green with the Clerk Certificate thereon was duly Noted in the Notebook G Page 354 at 4 O'clock PM Feby 3 th 1881 and recorded in the book O pages 147 -148 and 149 witness my hand at office in Smithville Feby the 4th 1881
John Harrison Register for DeKalb County Tenn.

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