Jefferson H. Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson,

And Sampson Williams deed

150 acres land on Smith's Fork

To James Roy

We Jefferson H Johnson Elizabeth Johnson and Sampson Williams have this day bargained and -----and sold to and do hereby transfer and convey to James Roy and his heirs forever for the consideration of two thousand dollars to us paid a tract of land laying on Smith's Fork in Dekalb County Tennessee containing by estimations two hundred and fifty acres more or less and bounded viz. Beginning with a dead white oak the original beginning to said tract the ---lying being destroyed by time or otherwise standing on the west side and near the road leading from Liberty __Richmond's old mill running thence north to the corner of Samuel Bailey's field and ___his field to the North East corner thereof including about three acres belonging to Thomas W. Duncan and for which no deed is given thence north along an old marked line about 380 poles to a ___and a dead hickory on the south side of an old road being Samuel G____corner thence along his line about 180 poles to the __________Road thence with said road 186 poles to Moses Fite's western boundry thence south with said______the creek with its ___ winding to a big spring known as the Bluff Spring at which place a ____is made giving said Roy the whole width of the creek and enough of the opposing bank to enable him to build a mill dam thence to the nearest point on the north boundry of a tract if land sold C A Williams to Williams thence with said boundry to __the same to said Roy his heirs and assigns forever. J H Johnson E J Johnson S Williams do covenant with the said Roy that we are lawfully sized of said land have have a good right to convey it and the same is unencumbered. We do further covenant and bind ourselves our heirs and representatives to warrant and forever defend the title of said land and in every ___of the said land and part there of to the said Roy his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims of all persons whatsoever. This the 8th day of October 1840.

J.H. Johnson

Elizabeth Johnson

S Williams


A H Fitzgerald
F B Fitzgerald

State of Tennessee Jackson County personally appeared before me Alex Montgomery Clerk of the County Court of Jackson County A H Fitzgerald and F B Fitzgerald subscribing witnesses to the within named deed and who being first sworn depose and say that they are acquainted with J H Johnson, Elizabeth Johnson and Sampson Williams the bargainors and that they acknowledge the same in their presence to be _______and deed upon the day it bears date writing my hand at office the 25 Oct 1840

Alex Montgomery Clerk

State of Tennessee Jackson County To George C Darwin Esq you are hereby authorized and empowered to take the examination of Elizabeth T. Johnson the _____convent privately and apart from her husband relation Relative to be free execution to the annexed deed and the same so taken certify under your hand and seal witness Alex Montgomery Clerk of the County Court of Jackson County at office this the 14th day of October 1840.

Alex Montgomery Clerk

In pursuance of the above commission to me directed I George C. Darwin Justice of the Peace in and for the said county have this day examined Elizabeth T Johnson separate and apart from her husband relations Relative her free _______of the annexed deed and she says that she does it freely of her own accord without fear of her said husband This 15th Oct 1840.

George C Darwin Seal

Noted in Book A page 5th at 6 o’clock pm on the 5th day of August 1842.

Registered in this office the 4th day of August 1842.

W. T. Isbell Registar

Submitted by Marie Wingate
on 05/08/2009