Dekalb County, Tennessee

Submitted by Joe Estes Davis

Jef Estes etals
To Deed
The School Directors of the
School District of Dekalb County Tenn.

We the heirs of Rebeck Estes, For the consideration of ten dollars to us paid have this day bargained and sold to the School Directors of the school directors of Dekalb County Tennessee, D.P. Mosier, J.M Braswell, George Byford and to their successors in office a certain tract or parcel of land lying in the 4th civil district of Dekalb County Tennessee and bounded as follows. Beginning on a buckeye thence northward with the creek to a hickory stump thence westward to the bluff thence southward to the cool spring including the cool spring thence eastward with the cool spring branch to the beginning containing by estimation one half acre more or less. We covenant with the said school directors that we are lawfully seized of said land and have a good right to convey the same and will forever warrant and defend the title to the same against the lawful claims of all persons whatever.

Witness my hand at office this Aug 7th 1894

Jef (x) Estes
Pat (x) Estes
Henry Estes
Signed by Jef Estes

(Note: This land was located on Dry Creek in Dekalb Co near the George Cemetery. The land was originally owned by James George(1796-1893) and was left to the children of his deceased daughter Rebecca George Estes in his will that was signed July 1892.)

Submitted by:

Joe Estes Davis
Huntsville Alabama

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