Washington County Revolutionary War Veterans

The following Revolutionary War soldiers either enlisted in, lived in, died in or is buried in Washington County..


Acre (Acor), Jacob; CT Continental LineHale, Amon; MD MilitiaRange, Peter; 8th VA Regt.
Adair, James; SC lineHale, Nicholas, Jr.; enlisted in Washington Co.Reagan, Jeremiah; VA
Adams, JohnHale, Nicholas; State Troops, MDRobertson, Charles; MAJ, NC
Handley, Samuel; VARock, John
BHannah, Andrew; NCRoss, Edward; VA (Point Pleasant)
Bacon, Isaac; PAHarmon, Adam; VA LineRyland, John**; wagonmaster
Banks, Edward; VA LineHarris, Benjamin; MD or VA
Barron, Joseph; VAHarris, Hugh; CPL, NC MilitiaS
Barton, Isaac; PAHarris, J.C.; served under Gen. WashingtonSalts, John
Bayles, John; 10th Reg. Continental TroopsHenry, Robert; VA LineScott, John; SC Line
Bean, John; in company of Dragoons to patrolHoss, Jacob**Sevier, James; enlisted NC Troops
Bean, William; CPT, Watauga RiflemenHowell, Charles; VA LineSevier, John; COL, NC
Beard, Robert; VA LineHunt, Esli**; NCSevier, Robert; died Kings Mountain
Bell, Thomas; VA LineHunt, Moses**; NCShealds (Shields), William; NC
Bell, Thomas; CPT, VAHunt, Thomas**Sherrill, George Davidson; served under John Sevier
Biddle, Thomas; CPTHunter, Jacob; NCSherrill, Samuel; NC
Blackburn, Robert; VA MilitiaHyder, Michael; 1 SGT to defend Watauga FortSlaughter, William; NC
Blair, John, Sr.; PA MilitiaHyder, William; NCSliger, Henry; Company of Rangers, Washington Co.
Blair, John; Battle of Kings MountainSmith, Laton (Leighton); enlisted Washington Co.
Blair, John, Jr.; CT LineISmith, William; PA Line
Boyd, Henry; 4th VA Regt.Ingle, Adam; PA LineSmith, Zebulon**; NC
Boydston, William; NCIngle, John; VA LineSmithpeter, John Michael; Kings Mountain
Brashears, Samuel; CPT, Kings MtnIngle, Joseph; VA LineSnapp, John; ENS, VA
Brooks, Giles**; VAIngle, Michael; VA LineStinson (Stevenson), William, Sr.
Brown, George; NCIsbell, Godfrey; NC MilitiaStrain, John; Pension Jonesborough agency
Brown, Jacob Sr.; CPT, Kings MountainIsbell, Zachary**; NC Militia (Kings Mountain)
Brown, Jacob; NCT
Brown, Jacob; SC Militia, (Kings Mountain)JTaylor, Andrew, Jr; NC under John Sevier
Brown, Jacob; patriotic service (wagonmaking)Jackson, Jonathan; VA Continental LineTaylor Andrew, Sr; 9th VA Regt.
Brown, Peter**; MD (Kings Mountain)Jackson, Samuel Dorsey; LT, GATaylor, Christopher; CPT, VA
Brown, Thomas**, SCJones, Darling; NCTaylor, Isaac; LT, under John Sevier
Broyles, Michael; VA LineTaylor, Leeroy; NC
Buchanan, Andrew; Kings MountainKThacker, William; VA Line
Burleson, Aaron; NCKeebler, Jacob, Jr.; PAThomas, John; VA
Byerly, Michael; VA LineKelsey, William; 8th VA Regt.Tipton, John; VA
Kennedy, Daniel; CPT, Kings MountainTipton, Joseph; VA
CKing, Henry; NCTyler, William**; VA
Campbell, David; MAJ, VA MilitiaKite, John
Campbell, Hugh; VA (?)V
Campbell, John; VALVance, Samuel; Kings Mountain
Cannon, William; SCLackey, Thomas; VA LineVaughn, Richard; NC
Carr, John **; SCLane, Isaac**; LT, VA and NC
Clark, Barnes**Lane, John Fuller; patriot, no military serviceW
Clark, George **Lane, Tidence**; NCWaddell, John; NC
Clark, John; LT, NC MilitiaLittle, Jonas**; VAWalton, Jessee**; NC
Clark, William II**White, Isaac; Lt, NC Militia
Cloyd, William; PA LineMWilliams, Edmond; non-military service
Crouch, John; VAMartin, Joseph M.Wilson, Joseph; John Sevier's Regiment
Crouch, Joseph; CPT, VA MilitaMathes, Alexander; CPT, VA LineWood, Samuel; NC
Matlock, Zachariah,**; VA
DMay, Cassimore; PVT, Battle of BrandywineY
Deaderick, David; Adjutant and Paymaster, VAMcAdoo, John, Sr.; Kings MountainYork, William CPT, NC
Dillard, Thomas**, VAMcCray, Daniel**; NCYoung, John; PA Line
Doak, Samuel; chaplain and recruiterMcEwen, Alexander; defended Houston Station, Blount Co.Young, Robert; NC, Kings Mountian
Douglas, John ; NC MilitiaMcNabb, David; raised company of militia, Washington Co.
Duncan, Charles; PVT, VAMcNabb, John; CPT under John Sevier
Duncan, James; VA MilitiaMcNabb, William
Duncan Joseph; VA Line and Kings MountainMiller, Peter; VA
Mitchell, Adam
EMontgomery, Richard
Eldridge, Simon; NC LineMoore, William
Epperson, Thomas; NCMorton, Thomas; pension Jonesborough agency
Mulkey, Thomas; service against Cherokees
Fain, John; PVT, Kings MountainN
Fain, Nicholas; VA, Kings MountainNelson, William, Sr.; SC
Fitzgerald, George; VA LineNelson, William; served in Tipton's Company
Fletcher, Richard; Washington Co. Soldier
Floyd, Perry; VA LineP
Fulkinson, John; VA LinePainter, Adam; VA
Painter, Edom; VA Line
GPatton, Robert; PA
Gann, Nathan; NCPearce, James **
Gibson, Billingsley; VA LinePersinger, Jacob, Jr.**
Gilleland, John; NCPierce, Joshua; MD Line
Gillespie, Allan; NCPorter, Charles; MD Line
Gillespie, Thomas; NC
Gist, Benjamin; Kings Mountain
Gist, Thomas; VA Line
Green, Jesse; Kings Mountain
Greene, Samuel; PA Line
Greenway, William; VA
Greer, Andrew, Sr.; Kings Mountain
Greer, Joseph; NC
Greer, Samuel; PA
Gresham, Thomas; NC


Abstracted with permission from History of Washington County Tennessee 1988 by The Watauga Association of Genealogists, PO Box 117, Johnson City, TN 37605-0117.

Excerpted from Roster of Soldiers and Patriots of the American Revolution buried in Tennessee, published in 1974 as the Bicentennial Project of the Tennessee DAR; State Regent, Mattie Wardlow Mettel.
[** – indicates name obtained from source other than the above named book.]

If you have proof that someone participated in the American Revolution and lived, died, or received their pension from an office in Washington County, please let us know. Send a photocopy of the document along with a brief note supporting your application. Betty Jane Hylton, 1610 Seward Drive, Johnson City, TN 37604-7144.