Washington County Divorces, 1812–1833

Divorce petitions were brought to the Tennessee General Assembly. Other petitions were brought before the Superior Courts between 1799-1809, then from 1809-1835 in the Circuit Courts, and since 1835, either in the Circuit or Chancery Courts.

Petition sources were found at the Tennessee State Library and Archives, Nashville, Tennessee: Microfilm, Legislative Petitions, Reels #1 through #20.

The following entries were from Washington County, TN or mentioned people from Washington County, TN:

p. 15 Cardwell, Elizabeth 26 July 1822 Marion Co.

Elizabeth Ferguson, otherwise Elizabeth Cardwell, was married to William E. Cardwell on 25 March 1819. Statement by John Rice of Washington [Co.?] that Elizabeth Ferguson is the daughter of Alexander Ferguson, Esq. Roswell Hall and Easter Hall were acquainted with William E. Cardwell while living in Washington. #113-1822

p. 40 Guthery, Alley 1 June 1820 Sullivan Co.

Alley was married 13 September 1814 to William Guthery of Sullivan County. Statements by Elihu Embree and William Smith, acknowledged in Washington Co., TN. #40-1820

p. 46 Hendry, Chloe 2 September 1813 Washington County

Chloe was married in early life to William Hendry. #28-1813

p. 55 Kelly, Rebecca 27 August 1833

Rebecca Hamilton was married in 1806 to Jessee Kelly. Petition is accompanied by the signatures of 14 persons. #121-1833 Acts of TN, 1833, p.65

p. 59 Loudermilk, Jacob 22 September 1831 Washington County

Jacob was married in September 1825 to Darias Borim. She returned to her father, Joshua Borin. Petition is accompanied by the signatures of 40 person, including Adam Loudermilk. #63-1831

p. 82 Sandlin, Elizabeth 10 November 1821 Washington County

Elizabeth was married ca 1811 to Randolph Sandlin. Letter mentions Randolph’s brother John Sandlin. #103-1822

p. 93 Tilley, Dianna November 1833 Washington County

Dianna Tilley, formerly Dianna Sellars was married ca 1826 to Westly Telley. #194-1833

 p. 103 Woods, Elizabeth Carson 1812 Sullivan County/Washington County

Elizabeth was married 8 January 1807 to John Woods. Agness Tarbut is mentioned. #36-1-1812

Acts of TN, 1812, p.21

Source: Tennessee Divorces 1797-1858: Taken from 750 Legislative Petitions and Acts by Gale W. Bamman, C.G. and Debbie W. Spero, c1985 by Gale W. Bamman, Nashville, Tennessee. Reprinted by Van Volumes, Ltd., Thorndike, Massachusetts, 1990. The introduction explains early Tennessee divorce laws. Used with permission from Gale W. Bamman.