Poor Farm Residents, 1850–1930

Residents of the Washington County Poor Farm

U.S. Federal Census, 1850–1930

The following names were abstracted from the U.S. Federal Census Records for Washington County, Tennessee found online at Heritage Quest. More names are found in the Minutes of the County Court. The commissioners ordered the county clerks to pay for coffins, burial clothes, medical expenses, etc. for the residents. Many individuals were housed in private homes and the county paid for their keep.

Robert T. Nave, who has studied these records for many years, states:

Paupers able to care for themselves were given money directly by the county court. Paupers unable to care for themselves were put up for bids, and if there were no bids, they were sent to the poor house/farm. The poor house/farm was awarded to the lowest bidder each year. If there were no bids, the court would hire someone to manage the facilities.

1850 16 Dec 1850, #2060-2103

Eutsler, John, 40, b. VA, Job Keeping the Poor House
Eutsler, Elizabeth, 47 b. VA
Eutsler, Moah, 18 b. VA
Eutsler, Nancy, 20 b. VA

Residents of Poor House

Brown, Catherine A., 1, b. TN
Brown, Sarah A., 23, b. TN
Brown, William J. 7
Edwards Nancy, 14 b. TN
Edwards, Delia, 98, b. NC
Edwards, Reny, 50 b. NC
Harrison, Henry, 7 b. TN
Mitchell, Ann, 40 b. TN
Nelson, William, 60 b. TN
Roberts, James H. 10, b. TN
Scott, Caty, 4, b. NC
Scott, Virginia, 14, b. TN
Watts, Adam, 80, b. NC
Watts, Eve, 58, b. NC
Watts, Margaret, 90, b. NC
Wisenhunt, Nancy, 14, b. TN

1860 23 Jun 1860, Dist. 4, #500
Residents of Poor House

[Edwards] Rainy, 60, b. TN
Cannon, Mary, 18, b. TN
Deckard, Lethe, 50 (female), b. VA
Floyd, Samuel, 46, b. NC
Inman, Eve, 65, b. NC
Kenedy, Rachel 70 (B)
Moore, James, 16, TN
Ridley, Randolph, 55, b.

1870     17 Aug 1870, Dist 17, #57–59
Residents of Poor House

Casaday, Sarah, 50 b. TN
Chandler, Malinda, 25, b. TN
Deckard, Litha, 45 b. TN
Dowins, Eliza, 40 b. TN,
Floyd, Samuel, 40, b. TN
Gorley, Elizabeth, 20, b. TN
Hipps, Nancy, 55, b. TN
Hussey, Jane, 64, b. TN
Riddle, Randolph, 62, b. NC
Sager, Conrad, 57, b. VA
Sager, Sarah, 50 b. VA
Summons, Margaret, 28 b. TN
Willis, Mary, 70, b. TN

1880     19 Jun 1880, Dist. 17, #938–245
Residents of Poor House

Brown, David, 70, b. TN
Deakard, Litha F., 70 b. TN
Feagler, Aaron, 64, b. PA
Floyd, Samuel, 62, b. TN
Garely, Elizabeth, 30, b. TN
Hale, Joshua, 36, b. TN
Laws, John, 70, b. TN
Pritchett, Sarah, 26, b. TN

1900     6 Jun 1900, Dist 15, #65–67

Farnham, George, 58, b. NY, Supt.
Farnham, Margaret, 51, b. NY
Farnham, Maud M., 22, b. NY
Farnham, Truman E., 15, b. TN
Farnham, Lynn T., 13, b. TN
Farnham, George M., 5, b. TN

Residents of Poor House

Bolton, Bertha, 20, b. TN
Brown, Eliza, 39, b. TN
Brummit, Nancy M. 79, b. TN
Caffie, Thomas, 60 b. TN
Canady/Castaway [?], Roxie, 3, b. TN
Fagans, Alfred, 77 b. NC
Fagans,Sallie, 48 b. TN
Fulkerson, William, 28 b. TN
Gray, Melisa, 64, b. TN
Gray, William, 25, b. TN
Greene, Ethel, 30 b. TN
Hale, Joshua, 60, b. TN
Huff, Elizabeth, 40, b. TN
Humphries, Angeline, 63, b. TN
Jervis, Mary, 31, b. TN
Longmire, Joseph, 2, b. TN
Longmire, Martha, 5, b. TN
Longmire, Mollie, 30, b. TN
Longmire, Montgomery, 57, b. TN
Murray, Frank, 24, b. NC
Painter, Ettie, 50, b. TN
Phillips, Eli, 91, b. TN
Pritchett, Richard, 55, b. TN
Rinehart, Susan, 34, b. TN
Salts, Elmira, 35, b. TN
Salts, Melissa, 22, b TN
Salts, Nancy, 60, b. TN
Salts, Thomas, 7/12 b. TN
Tittle, Catherine, 50, b. TN

1910     27 Apr 1910, Dist 15, #226–230

Bacon, John C. Supt. 29, b. TN

Residents of Poor House

Bacon, Madeline, 10/12, b. TN
Bacon, Marzelli G., 31, b. TN
Booth, Ira, 26, b. TN
Cloyd, Bart, 72, b. TN
Fagens, Sallie, 58, b. TN
Grey, Lissie, 73, b. TN
Hale, Retta, 75, b. TN
Harris, Bessie, 5, b. TN
Harris, Rachel, 45, b. TN
Harris, Susan, 17, b. TN
Huff, Lizzie, 49 b. TN
Humphreys, Ellen, 25, b. TN
Jervis, Mary, 38, b. TN
Johnson, Kerman, 9 (B), b. TN
Johnson, Matilda, 81, b. TN
Johnson, William, 17 (B), b. VA
Kelly, Lora, 12, b. TN
Kinkade, Ada, 29, (B) b. TN
Letter [?], Isabel, 46, b. TN
Lyons David, 34, b. TN
McClain, Mitchell, 42, b. TN
Murray, Frank, 40, b. TN
Painter, Etta, 51, b. TN
Phillips, Laura, 33, b. TN
Phipps, Elijah, 86, b. TN
Reedy, Janie, 69, b. TN
Rhinehart, Susan, 50 b. TN
Salts, Sis, 45, b. TN
Watkins, Isaac, 89, b. TN
White, Willis, 40, b. TN
Williams, Arny, 37 (B), b. TN

1920     12 Jan 1920, Dist. 15, #276–282

Treadway, George, 35, b. TN, Manager
Treadway, Mola, 28, b. TN
Treadway, Gladys, 4, b. TN
Treadway, Earl, 7/12, b. TN

Residents of Poor House

Branch, Oscar, 56, b. TN
Brumett, Earl, 25, b. TN
Collins, Julia, 78, b. TN
Dockery, Eliza, 76, b. TN
Dockery, Liza, 71, b. TN
Ensor, Laura, 49, b. TN
Ensor, Nora Bell, 9, b. TN
Gray, Lizie, 78, b. TN
Hale, Hannah, 53, b. Unknown
Hale, Mark, 58 b. TN
Hale, Retta, 38, b. TN
Jarvis, Mary, 49, b. TN
Linville, Renie, 53, b. TN
Longmire, Will, 27 b. TN
Lyons, Nora, 35 (B), b. TN
Matheson, John, 68, b. TN
Mauk, Decatur, 38 b. TN
Orr, George 48, b. TN
Orr, Kathleen, 23, b. TN
Orr, Mary, 22, b. TN
Painter, Etta, 73, b. TN
Rhinehart, Susan, 64, b. TN
Shairr, James, 63, b. TN
Spede, Eliza 76, b. TN
Tedder, Isabel, 56, b. TN
White, Willie, 57, b. TN

1930     12 Apr 1930, Dist. 15, #155–165

Reed, W.L., Manager, 45, b. TN

Residents of Poor House

Barlow, Sue, 52, b. TN
Bishop, Wiklins, 68, b. VA
Bishop, William, 64, b. TN
Bunch, Oscar, 65, b. TN
Collins, Julia, 70, b. TN
Furgnson, Minnie, 55, b. TN
Grant, John, 72, b. TN
Griffin, William, 60, b. NC
Hale, Retta, 40, b. TN
Insley, Lora, 65, b. TN
Jarvis, Mary, 62, b. TN
Lawson, Lucy, 40, b. TN
Leuffue, Anna, 59, b. TN
Mathes, H.B. 60, b. NC
O’Brien, Lina, 70, TN
Orr, Katherine, 28, b. TN
Sauls, Henry, 85, b. TN
Smith, Anna, 100, b. TN
Smith, Berl, 74, b. NC

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