Grace Brethren Church



3337 US Highway 11E, Telford, TN


Progressive Brethren Church

The Progressive Brethren Church of Limestone, Tennessee, was organized on December 14, 1910. The person responsible for the organization of the church was Mr. S. D. Arnold; and the headquarters of the Progressive Brethren Church was in Ashland, Ohio.

Vernon Church of the Brethren

Limestone, Tennessee

Vernon Church of the Brethren

Vernon Brethren Church in the early 1940s
Picture courtesy of Mary Edith Broyles

The first church was built and dedicated in the summer of 1913 and was given the name Vernon, meaning “evergreen, ever living.”

In 1938-1939 the National Fellowship of Brethren Churches, with headquarters in Winona Lake, Indiana, developed from struggles within the Progressive Brethren Churches during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

By the mid 1950’s, the Limestone church building had become inadequate, and a building program was launched. Four acres of land on Highway 11 -E were purchased, and there was a groundbreaking for the new church on April 4, 1960. The church was completed, and dedication services were held April 30, 1961.

Data from the cemetery may be found in the Vernon Church of the Brethren Cemetery

Grace Brethren Church

On October 18, 1978, the Limestone church voted to change the name from Vernon Brethren to Grace Brethren. The address of the new location was Telford rather than Limestone. Thus, the Vernon Brethren Church of Limestone, Tennessee, became the Grace Brethren Church of Telford, Tennessee.

In 1992, due to doctrinal disagreements among the Grace Brethren Churches, a new fellowship was formed. The Telford church is a charter member of this fellowship which is known as Conservative Grace Brethren Churches International with headquarters in Mansfield, Ohio.

At the present time the Telford church has some 100 active members. In addition to the church building, there is an annex containing offices, library, and Sunday school rooms; and an education and recreation building is in the final stages of completion.


The seventeen charter members were the Rev. Elkanah Gray, Mr. and Mrs. T. M. Smith, Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Arnold, Mr. Dobson Arnold, Miss Lelia Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Cartwright, Mr. Buford Smith, Miss Ellen Skinnell, Mrs. Julia Mongold, Mrs. Ellen Yeager, Miss Edith Cartwright, Miss Mary Pence, Miss Molly Farris, and Miss Lula Mongold.


Pastors of the church include:

Thomas Allen1912–1912Randall L. Rossman1951–1953
D. C. Moomaw1914–1915A. Harold Arrington1954–1957
Willis E. Ronk1915–1917Clarence Lackey1957–1961
Miss Mary Pence1919–1928Lester W. Kennedy1961–1966
Rev. Hill Maconaghy1931–1935Quentin L. Matthes1966–1969
Raymond Blood1935–1937David W. Farrier1969–1977
Walter J. Lewis1937–1942A. David Mitchell1977–1984
Henry Rempel1942–1943D. Michael Wingfield1984–1997
Raymond H. Kettell1943–1947Rev. Robert Skeen1997–
Earle E. Peer1947–1951

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