Near 176 Moulton Road (Oak Glen Community) Fall Branch, Tennessee.

Oak Glenn Union Cemetery

There are several obvious unmarked graves and graves marked by concrete caps. The cemetery is well maintained.

GPS Location:  36°25.320N 082°39.628W; Elevation:  1447 feet

Hickman, Minnie PearlNo date194401/01
Hamilton, Dalton J. 27 Nov 200625 Feb 200701/02
Morrison, Carl R.1920197901 Jun 1905TEC 5 US Army World War 1102/01
Crawford, Junior Bruce11 Jul 194602 Sep 2009US Army Vietnam03/01
Dykes, Delores Eva Compton06 Dec 192320 Nov 201403/02
Dykes, Harold L.19 Oct 191912 Sep 2006US Army World War II03/03
Morrison, Rose Pierce18921976[Same stone as Johnnie R. Morrision]03/04
Morrison, Johnnie R.18881938[Same stone as Rose Pierce Morrison]03/05
Layne, Martha Margaret22 Feb 1924[No date][Same stone as William John Layne]03/06
Layne, William John06 Oct 191204 Oct 1995[Same stone as Martha Margaret Layne]03/07
Gardner, Carol15 Jul 194803 Aug 194804/01
Crawford, Barbara1934200205/01
Dykes, John Luke31 Aug 195520 Oct 1997US ARMY05/02
Compton, Cora18901972[Same stone as John Compton; Death date from F/H Mkr05/03
Compton, John, Rev.18881944[Same stone as Cora Compton]05/04
Unknown[No date][No date]Fieldstone06/01
Unknown[No date][No date]Fieldstone06/02
Ryans, James Elbert02 Nov 188808 Nov 1947Plus pieces of old marker06/03
Unknown[No date][No date]Fieldstone06/04
Ryans, James Dana15 Jan 192805 Mar 195506/05
Mosley, Nicy05 Mar 184020 Apr 1926Wife of W. M. Mosley07/01
Mosley, William M.18 Mar 183820 Dec 1914Tennessee Co. B 4 Regt. Inf Civil War07/02
Morrison, Hannah1861194608/01
Unknown[No date][No date]Concrete marker08/02
Unknown[No date][No date]Concrete marker08/03
Unknown[No date][No date]Concrete marker08/04
Morrison, Dessie M.10 Dec 190512 Nov 191708/05
Morrison, Katie H.05 Mar 186916 Apr 1912[Same stone as Jessee J. Morrison]08/06
Morrison, Jessee J.10 Sep 186318 Mar 1959[Same stone as Katie H. Morrison]08/07
Morrison, Tessie R.10 Dec 190512 Apr 198808/08
Morrison, Rosa B.01 Sep 190120 Jun 1905[Death date from funeral home marker]08/09
Morrison, Joyce19342015Funeral Home Marker08/10
Morrison, James E.13 Oct 193401 Mar 2011SP4 US Army08/11
Morrison, Twin #119601960Shared Funeral Home Marker08/12
Morrison, Twin #219601960Shared Funeral Home Marker08/13
Roberts, Samuel1850194809/01
Hensley, Henry[No date][No date]09/02
Hensley, Louise[No date][No date]09/03
Hensley, Sam[No date][No date]09/04
Hensley, Johnson[No date][No date]09/05
Hensley, Fannie[No date][No date]09/06
Crawford, Ellen19621962Homemade Concrete Marker09/07
Morrison, Roy Buford1917191709/08
Morrison, Ella Dillow1894193109/09
Unknown[No date][No date]Concrete marker10/01
Hensley, Herbert E.13 May 193523 Feb 198410/02
Hensley, Annie1912[No date][Same stone as Bruce Hensley]10/03
Hensley, Bruce19111982[Same stone as Annie Hensley]10/04
Hensley, Kyle Bruce19 Nov 194610 Jun 199910/05
Morrison, Betty C.18861964[Same stone as Willie R. Morrison]10/06
Morrison, Willie R.18851974[Same stone as Betty C. Morrison]10/07
Morrison, Wanda29 Sep 19301999[Same stone as Waldon Morrison; Death from F/H Mkr10/08
Morrison, Waldon10 Aug 192618 Oct 1975[Same stone as Wanda Morrison]10/09
Hensley, Hattie Sue29 Oct 194207 Mar 201511/01
Hensley, Ethel [Lizzie]19 Feb 189325 May 1988[Same stone as Isom Hensley] Lizzie on F/H Mkr11/02
Hensley, Isom13 Jun 188408 Jul 1977[Same stone as Ethel Hensley]11/03
Bragg, Mollie22 Feb 1919[No date][Same stone as George Sam Bragg]12/01
Bragg, George Sam04 Oct 191208 Oct 1983[Same stone as Mollie Bragg]12/02
Arwood, Amanda Bragg19802014Funeral Home Marker12/03
Roberts, Mary L.24 May 191702 May 200513/01
Roberts, Mittie Mae C.26 Feb 189731 Dec 1989[Same stone as Sambo Roberts]13/02
Roberts, Sambo11 Oct 189327 Dec 1989[Same stone as Mittie Mae Roberts]13/03
Roberts, Willie Reba07 Apr 192316 Aug 201513/04
Crenshaw, John F.20 Dec 192008 Nov 1999[Same stone as Belle R. Crenshaw]14/01
Crenshaw, Belle R.15 Sep 192421 Sep 1990[Same stone as John F. Crenshaw]14/02
Crenshaw, Amos1963196314/03
Crenshaw, Franklin1958195814/04
Ryans, Ell12 Apr 192905 Sep 201015/01
Ryans, John A.15 Jun 188907 Nov 1958Tennessee PVT 2 Co. B Development BN World War I15/02
Ryans, Ada16 Oct 189724 Sep 196515/03
Ryans, Elbert22 Apr 193310 Jan 199815/04
Roberts, Edna1935Shares marker with Jessie N.15/05
Roberts, Jessie N.1932Shares marker with Edna15/06
Williams, Joyce Ann19472018Funeral Home Marker15/07

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Additional information

Bennett, Charles M., and Watauga Association of Genealogists . Washington County Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions. 1st ed. : Loraine Bennett Rae, 1979; with permission from Loraine B. Rae.

Found in 1977, but not in 2002:

Bragg, Tom J. 1867-1941. It is possible that either grave 12/ 3 or 12/ 4 (illegible marker) is this stone.

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