New Salem Baptist Church Cemetery 2005

New Salem Baptist Church Cemetery

Located at the intersection of Lester Snapp Rd. and Snapp Bridge Rd., Limestone, TN.

There is evidence of unmarked graves in the cemetery and across Lester Snapp Rd. under a cedar tree along a fence line. Some residents have reported that there are graves under Lester Snapp Rd. beside Section B of the cemetery. Rows B1-B7 are very uneven and were hard to survey. Section A is beside the church. Section B, the oldest part, is behind the church.

GPS Location: 36° 11.05 N  082°34.35W;   Elevation: 1600 ft.

Humphreys, Josephine Foster18811924A1/1[Shares marker with William Fred Humphreys.]
Humphreys, William Fred18781942A1/2[Shares maker with Josephine Foster Humphreys.][Son of Dave and Marcine Anderson Humphreys]
Schmermund, Pearl Baines18971984A1/3
Chase, Lake C. [Clark]18961983A1/4[Shares marker with Grover C. Chase.][Dau. of George & Mollie Bailey Clark]
Chase, Grover C.18841983A1/5[Shares marker with Lake C. Chase.][Son of Preacher John & ? Presley Chase, 1st wife]
May, Dora19081983A1/6[Shares marker with Dick May.]
May, Dick19001975A1/7[Shares marker with Dora May.]
Chase, Mary Jane26 Jun 189815 Aug 1981A1/8
Chase, [Roy] Bynum18801960A1/9Husband [Son of John and ? Presley Chase]
Chase, Orren Dean01 Dec 189108 Jun 1935A1/10[Son of John and ? Norton Chase, 2nd wife]
Bayless, W.L.18761944A1/11[Shares maker with Ethel Chase Bayless.]
Bayless, Ethel Chase18761956A1/12[Shares marker with W.L. Bayless.]
Chase, Anna Mary Poindexter18581944A1/13Wife of Rev. John B. Chase.[From MN, 3rd wife]
Humphreys, Lola C.08 Aug 191215 Jan 1995A1/14[Shares marker with Jessie L. Humphreys.][Son of Hubert & Bertha F. Hylton Humphreys]
Humphreys, Jessie L. [Henley]07 May 1914[No date]A1/15[Shares marker with Lola C. Humphreys.]
Humphreys, Ricky L.15 Jan 195812 Jun 1969A1/16[Son of Kyle & Jean Humphreys.]
Humphreys, Kyle12 Mar 1934[No date]A1/17[Son of L.C. & Jessie Humphreys.]
[Shares marker with Jean Humphreys
Humphreys, Jean [Taylor]16 Jun 193529 Nov 1963A1/18[Shares marker with Kyle Humphreys.]
Broyles, I. Swanay18881980A2/1Father [Shares marker with Mae Nelson Broyles][Son of Bob & Florence Click Broyles]
Broyles, Mae Nelson18941937A2/2Mother [Shares marker with I. Swanay Broyles.]
Hollidge, Helen Broyles20 Jun 191805 Mar 1991A2/3
Unknown[No date][No date]A2/4[Unreadable]
Humphreys, Viola R.27 Aug 1911[No date]A2/5Daughter [Shares stone with Albert T. and Dadie F.]
Humphreys, Albert T.20 Mar 187124 Apr 1924A2/6Father [Shares stone with Viola R. and Dadie F.]
Humphreys, Dadie F.22 May 189011 Mar 1985A2/7Mother [Shares stone with Viola R. and Albert T.]
Humphreys, Charley M.17 Oct 191127 Sep 1912A2/8Son of Dr. J.E. & Bessie Humphreys.
Unknown[No date][No date]A2/9-10Unmarked graves
Humphreys, Bessie L. Brooks21 Oct 188228 Dec 1953A2/11[Wife of Dr. J.E. Humphreys.]
Humphreys, J.E. "Dr."27 Nov 186721 Apr 1924A2/12[Son of John & Matilda Humphreys]
Broyles, A. Hobart18961983A3/1[Shares marker with Ollie W. Broyles.]
Broyles, Ollie W.18941969A3/2[Shares marker with A. Hobart Broyles.]
Humphreys, Clyde Bruce19212001[Funeral home marker- Dillow-Taylor]
Humphreys, Anna Mary [Patton]06 Sep 188009 Jun 1964A3/3[Shares marker with Joseph Humphreys.]
Humphreys, Joseph31 Jul 188326 Nov 1946A3/4[Shares marker with Anna Mary Patton Humphreys.]
McCurry, J.E.1872194?A3/5[Stone broken.]
McCurry, Mary[No date]1936A3/6
Humphrey, Frank18741946A3/7[Shares marker with Fannie McCurry Humphrey.]
Humphrey, Fannie M.[McCurry]18791962A3/8[Shares marker with Frank Humphrey.]
Humphreys, Willie V. McKee22 Nov 188110 Dec 1934A3/9Wife of C.C. Humphreys.
Humphreys, Charlie C.29 Nov 187121 Dec 1954A3/10[Son of James C. & Dicy A. Humphreys]
Hylton, Ben Allen24 Jun 1934[No date]A4/1[Same marker as Gloria Mae Hylton][Son of Jasper W. & Lydia E. Hylton]
Hylton, Gloria08 Feb 1934[No date]A4/2[Same marker as Ben Allen Hylton] ]
Unknown[No date][No date]A4/1[Unmarked grave. ]
Unknown[No date][No date]A4/2[Unmarked grave.]
Hylton, Polly R. 02/17/2912/17/02A4/3
Hylton, Jasper W.[12 Aug] 1891[10 Jan] 1967A4/4Tennessee Cpl. Co. D 158, Infantry World War I. [Son of Robert L. and Sarah Elizabeth Broyles Hylton.]
Hylton, Lydia E.19071973A4/5[Wife of Jasper W. Hylton.]
Hylton, Emily Ellen17 Apr 185319 Jan 1944A4/6[Dau. of James Elijah and Martha Jane Gill Hylton.]
Hylton, Robert L.22 Oct 185712 Feb 1937A4/7[Shares marker with Elizabeth Broyles Hylton]
[Son of James Elijah and Martha Jane Gill Hylton]
Hylton, Elizabeth Broyles30 Jan 186510 Nov 1937A4/8[Shares marker with Robert L. Hylton. Wife of Robert L. Hylton. Dau. of James and Margaret Presnell Broyles.]
Wright, Samuel Vestal Jr.19252001A4[Funeral home marker]
Wright, Samuel V. Sr.15 May 190411 May 1982A4/9Father [Shares marker with Mary H. Wright.]
Wright, Mary H. [Humphreys]12 Sep 190511 Jul 1993A4/10Mother [Shares marker with Samuel V. Wright, Sr.]
Wright, Bessy Cathryn12 Apr 192907 Nov 1933A4/11Dau. of Samuel & Mary Wright.
Payne, Michelle D.18 Nov 196322 Nov 1963A4/12Inf. Dau. of Charles & Peggy Payne.
Milhorn, Frank W.19 Feb 191521 Oct 1982A4/13[Shares marker with Gladys H. Milhorn.]
Milhorn, Gladys H.10 Mar 1920[No date]A4/14[Shares marker with Frank W. Milhorn.]
Humphreys, Claude10 Sep 192322 Jul 1955A4/15[Son of Samuel & Blanche Ball Hummphreys]
Humphreys, Samuel D.18801950A4/16[Son of Wm. & M.E. Humphreys]
Humphreys, Blanch [Ball]06 May 189808 Aug 1966A4/17
Whitson, George L.07 Feb 191407 Sep 1976A5/1
Whitson, Clayton18791950A5/2[Shares marker with Anna Mae Whitson.]
Whitson, Anna Mae18821980A5/3[Shares marker with Clayton Whitson.]
Snapp, Rhea M.18801947A5/4[Shares marker with Dora Rowe Snapp.][Son of Wendell Daniels Snapp and Cynthia Lodeville Snapp Snapp.]
Snapp, Dora Rowe18811946A5/5[Shares marker with Rhea M. Snapp.]
Snapp, Orell R.28 Apr 190531 Aug 1941A5/6[Son of Rhea M. and Dora Rowe Snapp.]
Sinks, Juanita Snapp16 Jun 192514 Mar 1975A5/7[Daughter of Orell R. and Mary S. Snapp.]
Daniel, Mary S. [Humphreys][No date]01 Sep 1993A5/8[Wife of Orell R. Daniel..]
Snapp, Harold [Eugene]10 Oct 193313 Feb 1999A5/9Sp. 4 U.S. Army [Son of Orell R. and Mary S. Snapp.]
Snapp, Hal Wendell20 Jun 190329 Dec 1962A5/10[Same marker as Richard W. Snapp][Son of Hawkins Wendell and Lura B. Snapp.]
Snapp, Richard W.26 Apr 195520 Aug 1968A5/11[Same marker as Hal Wendell Snapp]
Snapp, Hawkins Wendell30 Jan 187516 Sep 1955A5/12[Son of Wendell Daniels Snapp and Cyunthia Lodeville Snapp Snapp.]
Snapp, Lura Bailey06 Apr 187501 Dec 1940A5/13[Wife of Hawkins Wendall Snapp][Dau. of Jacob & Mary Bailey]
McCurry, Rex E.10 Jun 190227 Aug 1987A6/1
McCurry, Stella G.29 Mar 190428 Aug 1985A6/2[Wife of Rex E. McCurry][Daughter of Eugene and Nannie Myrtle Usary Keplinger.]
McCurry, I. Ernest12 May 187120 Sep 1962A6/3
McCurry, M. Parlee19 Oct 187802 Feb 1952A6/4Mother [Wife of Ernest McCurry]
Edwards, Esther P.06 May 189712 Mar 1990A6/5[Shares marker as William A. Edwards]
Edwards, William A.29 Apr 186912 Jan 1951A6/6[Shares marker was Esther P. Edwards]
Trivett, Fred Dolan02 Feb 1908[No date]A6/7[Shares marker with Wanda Snapp Trivett]
Trivett, Wanda Snapp27 Apr 191011 Apr 1966A6/8Wife [Shares marker with Fred Dolan Trivett][Dau. of Hawkins Wendell & Lura Bailey Snapp]
Snapp, Elmer18981946A6/9
Snapp, Ona18991952A6/10Wife of Elmer Snapp
Hensley, Ernest B.18961965A6/11
Hensley, Birdie M.18991996A6/12Wife of Ernest B. Hensley
Humphreys, Hubert F.15 Apr 188515 Feb 1960A6/13[Son of David and Macenia Anderson Cole Humphreys]
Humphreys, Sarah C.02 Sep 189310 Oct 1974A6/14[2nd wife of Hubert F. Humphreys]
Humphreys, David J.28 Jun 193430 Jan 1973A6/15
Fox, Arthur E.19071978A6/16[Son of Charles Jackson & Emma Tempa Mauk Fox]
Fox, Delia H.21 Mar 190509 Feb 2007A6/17Wife of Arthur E. Fox. [Dau. of Hubert F and Bertha Florence Hylton Humphreys]
Wright, John C.05 Jul 189106 Jun 1953A7/1
Wright, Eveline L.23 Dec 189225 Oct 1969A7/2Wife of John C. Wright
Wright, Pearl19151971A7/3Sister [Dua. Of Jim and Kate Greenlee Wright]
Wright, Charles Crawford22 Nov 191801 Apr 1997A7/4US Army World War II
Wright, Georgia S.05 Mar 1930[No date]A7/5Wife of C. Crawford Wright. Wed 29 Apr 1949
Mashburn, Billy D.17 Dec 194201 Jan 1985A7/6[Shares marker with Louise Mashburn]
Married 4 Feb 1964
Mashburn, Louise02 Dec 1944[No date]A7/7[Shares marker with Billy D. Mashburn]
Married 4 Feb 1964.
Wright, Herbert Cecil21 Sep 191208 Dec 1962A7/8"Father" [Shares marker with Dorothy Opal Wright]
Wright, Dorothy Opal21 Aug 1913[No date]A7/9"Mother" [Shares marker with Herbert Cecil Wright]
Gillis, Elmer B. "Doolie"28 Nov 191220 Jul 1998A7/10[Shares marker with M. Pearl Gillis]
Married 7 Aug 1940
Gillis, M. Pearl Humphreys14 May 192227 Dec 1999A7/11[Shares marker with Elmer B. "Doolie" Gillis,] Married 7 Aug 1940
Dewald, D. Hubert18811952A7/12Dad [Shares marker with Mary D. Dewald]
Dewald, Mary K.18941970A7/13Mom [Shares marker with D. Hubert Dewald]
Hensley, Sidney Grant10 Jan 1924[No date]A7/14Husband [Shares marker with Rena Snapp Hensley]
Hensley, Rena Snapp06 Oct 1929[No date]A7/15Wife [Shares marker with Sidney Grant Hensley][Daughter of Orell R. and mary S. Snapp.]
Snapp, James Robert06 Jul 193123 Jan 1996A7/16[Shares stone with Joann Welch Snapp and Gary Philip Snapp][Son of Orell R. and Mary S. Snapp.]
Snapp, Joann Welch17 Nov 1933[No date]A7/17Shares stone with James Robert Snapp and Gary Philip Snapp
Snapp, Gary Philip07 Jan 1960[No date]A7/18[Shares stone with James Robert Snapp and Joann Welch Snapp.]
Henson, S. Dale18 Feb 1929[No date]A8/1
Henson, D. Lois08 Dec 193017 Aug 1995A8/2Wife of S. Dale Henson
Henson, Alpha V.18981984A8/3
Henson, Roe C.18981982A8/4
Gillis, Sara Dawn[No date]28 Oct 1975A8/5Infant Daughter of Roy & Nancy Gillis
Chandler, Emerson F.16 May 190418 May 1981A8/6
Chandler, Bertha A.27 Jun 1904[No date]A8/7Wife of Emerson F. Chandler
Jones, Arnold R.19211995A8/8Dad
Jones, Sylvia P.1925[No date]A8/9Wife of Arnold R. Jones
Snapp[No date][No date]A8/10[Large flat stone with no other inscription]
Evans, Gordon B.14 Jun 191503 Apr 1997A8/11Dad
Evans, Pauline I.27 Jun 191203 Jan 1995A8/12Mom Wife of Gordon B. Evans.
Mitchell, Kathryn04 Dec 192730 Mar 1996A8/13
Jones, Howard R. 23 May 195413 Aug 2002A9/1
Snapp, Isaac Ernest04 Sep 190514 Sep 1984A9/2[Son of Hawkins Wendell and Lura B. Snapp.]
Snapp, Lula Laws29 Aug 191012 Jan 1981A9/3[Wife of Isaac E. Snapp.]
Gillis, Bobby G.30 Apr 1944[No date]A9/4Married 20 Jul 1961
Gillis, Rita J. Kilby05 Mar 194315 Aug 2000A9/5Wife of Bobby G. Gillis
Snapp, Rev. Lee Roy19 Jun 193113 Jan 1993A9/6United Methodist Clergy. [Son of Isaac E. and Ula L. Snapp.]
Snapp, Joyce Love15 Mar 1931[No date]A9/7Wife of Rev. Lee Roy Snapp
Unknown[No date][No date]B1/1[No marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]B1/2[Fieldstone]
Luttrell, Emma C. White14 May 185828 Dec 1937B1/3Mother
Unknown[No date][No date]B1/4[Fieldstone]
Perkins, Jacob F.28 Aug 182708 May 1894B1/51861-1865 Co. G. Tenn. Volunteer Calvary
White, A.C.06 Aug 185010 Jan 1909B1/6[Shares marker with Laura S. Perkins White]
White, Laura S. Perkins04 Nov 185204 Jun 1888B1/7Wife of A.C. White
[Shares marker with A. C. White]
Bailey, Ivan Lewis04 May 193705 Aug 1946B2/1Sonny
Son of Jacob & Hazel Bailey
McCray, John D.11 Mar 183821 Feb 1909B2/2[Shares marker with Mary McCray]
McCray, Mary E.30 Sep 184506 Mar 1876B2/3Wife of John D. McCray
[Shares marker with John D. McCray]
Broyles, W.F.13 Jul 186012 Jun 1894B2/4
Broyles, Bewlie09 Oct 188701 Nov 1887B2/5Dau. of W.M.F. & F.V. Broyles
Stone badly worn
Bayles, Infant Daughter12 Jul 185612 Jul 1856B2/6Dau. of James H. & Elizabeth Bayles
Wright, Mary A.24 Apr 190014 Sep 1900B2/7Dau. of J.A. & Caroline Wright
White, Cecil Edwin07 Apr 190525 Jun 1905B2/8[Funeral home marker- Dillow/Taylor]
White, Alexander M.27 Nov 189324 Sep 1963B2/9TN PVT US Army WW I. Husband
Wed Sept. 19, 1917 [Shares marker with Arvetta H. White]
White, Arvetta H.19 Nov 189127 Dec 1977B2/10Wife of Alexander M. White
Wed 19 Sep 1917
[Shares marker with Alexander M. White]
White, James Oscar24 Mar 192026 Mar 1920B2/11Son
Wright, Mary15 May 184210 Jul 1920B3/1Mother Wife of G.W. Wright
Wright, Geo. W.28 Dec 184317 May 1924B3/2Father
Williams, Robert Henry04 Jul 191709 Aug 1920B3/3Son of Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Williams
Williams, Rue Clinton12 Jan 192014 Feb 1921B3/4Son of Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Williams
Williams, Mary J.02 May 189302 Sep 1984B3/5Wife of Oscar Williams
Unknown[No date][No date]B4/1-2[Fieldstones]
Unknown[No date][No date]B4/3[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]B4/4[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B4/5[Unmarked]
Haris, Rich.[No date]11 Feb 1855B4/6A Revolutionary soldier 3 years under Gen. Washington. Was 48 ys. A member of the Baptist Church died a Christian Feb 11th 1855. Aged 106 years.
Freeman, Sarah Susan13 Oct 182820 Jul 1872B4/8
Freeman, Josiah12 Jun 182005 Dec 1877B4/9
Williams, Margaret J. Greenway22 May 186103 Jan 1930B4/10Daughter of Eldridge & Sarah Ann Henry Greenway
[Same marker as Absalom Williams]
Williams, Absalom (Abner)11 Jan 185423 Aug 1917B4/11Son of Nancy & William Williams
[Same marker was Margaret Williams][Single marker found next to the back of the church.]
UnknownB4/12[Stone base only] [According to old records, this is probably E. H. Greenway 1822 – 1896]
Greenway, Sarah01 Apr 182313 Nov 1897B4/13Wife of E. H. Greenway
Wright, James A.11 Apr 187101 Oct 1937B4/16Father
Wright, Sarah Catharine16 Oct 186110 Aug 1920B4/17Mother. Wife of J. A. Wright
Cooper, Amalia E. 27 Sep 186902 Feb 1893B4/18Wife of Charles H. Cooper. [Stone broken]
O’Dell, Earl M. 18961968B5/1[Same marker as Flora B. O’Dell][Son of Bill & Mag O’Dell]
Odell, Flora B. 18961960B5/2[Same marker as Earl M. O’Dell]
Bayless, Margaret Murray02 May 182509 Nov 1890B5/3Wife of L. S. Bayless [Wife of L.S. Bayless, 1844-1862, wife of Jonathan Morelock, 1874-1876.]
Collett, Henry Benoni15 Mar 186907 Apr 1870B5/4Son of W. M. & M. J. Collett [In 1959 and 1977, this stone was between the Greenways on row 3. It is now leaning against Margaret Bayless’s stone]
Bayless, Luke S. 18 Oct 181802 Jul 1862B5/5
Webb, Mary A.02 Oct 184527 Feb 1889B5/7Wife of A. J. Webb
Unknown[No date][No date]B5/8-9
Unknown[No date][No date]B5/10Broken marker
Bayless, John13 Dec 178002 May 1862B6/1
Unknown[No date][No date]B6/2[No marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]B6/3Age 19 yrs. 7 mo. 12 day
[Broken marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]B6/4[Unreadable head and shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]B6/5[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B7/1[Fieldstone]
Humphreys, Sarah A.20 Oct 187424 May 1875B7/2Daughter of W. H. and Matilda Humphreys
Unknown[No date][No date]B7/3[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]B7/4[Fieldstone]
Bayless, Eliza Ann07 Feb 180821 Aug 1867B7/5Wife of Wm. M. Bayless
Unknown[No date][No date]B7/6-7
Unknown8 Apr15 Jan 1894B7/8
Unknown[No date][No date]B7/9[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B7/10[Broken marker, made by H. G. Remine, Limestone, TN]
Bayless, Elizabeth S.[No date]20 Sep 1888B7/11Wife of James M. Bayless
Aged about 80 years
Unknown[No date][No date]B7/12[Fieldstones]
Unknown[No date][No date]B7/13-14[Unmarked graves]
Williams, Robert S.18931928B7/15[Same marker as Catherine Williams]
Williams, Catherine B.18911954B7/16[Same marker as Robert S. Williams]
Brown, Ephraim19071928B7/17
Brown, Robert M.18631940B7/18
Brown, Ellen B. [Broyles]18661943B7/19
O'Dell, Infant[No date]09/03/57B8/1Son of Mr. & Mrs. Walter O'Dell
Unknown[No date][No date]B8/2J.M.P. [Footstone]
Poindexter, Rebecca J.10 Apr 183720 Mar 1906B8/3
Unknown[No date][No date]B8/4[Broken head and shoulders marker]
Hunter, Unknown26 Nov 190427 Apr 1850B8/5[Marker is broken and much is missing][John Hunter, 1 May 1792 – 1 Apr 1850]
Hunter, Dorcas G.[No date]02 Jul 1860B8/626 yrs. 10 months 4 days [Dau. of John & Mary B. Hunter]
[Hunter, W. B. ][1820][1866]B8/7[Much of the marker is missing. Information taken from old transcriptions]
Unknown[No date][No date]B8/8[No marker]
Good, Catherine I.11 Aug 18--28 Jul 1850B8/9Mother [Stone Worn]
Broyles, James10 Feb 183521 May 1920B8/10[Son of Simeon and Mary Longmire Broyles]
Unknown[No date][No date]B8/11[Broken marker, not in original location]
Moore, Moses09 Jan 184815 Feb 1885B8/12
Deaton, Mary M.E.13 Apr 185030 Jun 1880B8/12Wife of J.B. Deaton
Tucker, Dora15 Feb 186215 Dec 1881B8/13Wife of I.N. Tucker
Smith, [Sarah]28 Jun 183425 Aug 1884B8/14Wife of Dr. Wm. Smith [Top of stone is broken off]
Smith, William01 Jan 182806 Dec 1905B8/15Age 77 yrs. 11 mo. 5 days
Cooper, Amelia Bayless 18691893B8/16Wife of Charles H. Cooper
Unknown[No date][No date]B8/17[Fieldstone]
Clark, Karen E.[No date]26 Apr 1954B9/1[Only date on stone]
Clark, Carroll22 Aug 1927[No date]B9/2Dad
Clark, Elizabeth04 May 1927[No date]B9/3Mom, Wife of Carroll Clark
Hunter, Samuel Lyle[No date]01 Feb 1858B9/42 yrs. 6 months, 21 days
Hunter, Infant[No date][No date]B9/5Son of W.B. & E. Hunter
Kelley, Sarah J.19 Sep 182205 Oct 1850B9/6Born in Jefferson Co. Ten. Died in Jonesboro
Unknown[No date][No date]B9/7[Fieldstone]
Broyles, Simeon16 May 181223 Mar 1897B9/8[m.1. Mary Longmire 10 Mar 1834; m.2. Sarah Borden 13 Sep 1855; m.3. Marietta Hacker 8 Oct 1872. Father of 16 children. Son of James and Ellender Broyles.]
Unknown[No date][No date]B9/9[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B9/10[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B9/11[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B9/12[Unmarked]
Broyles, Margaret03 Nov 183620 Dec 1882B9/13Wife of James Broyles. [Daughter of John and Jane Frances Presnell.]
Unknown[No date][No date]B9/14[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B9/15[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B9/16[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B9/17[Fieldstone]
Austen, JamesJan 1842Feb 1928B9/18Co. D. 29 North Carolina Inf CSA
Austen, Sarah A.26 Mar 184020 Jun 1915B9/19Wife of James Austen
Austin, M.J.18 Sep 192405 Jan 1927B9/20Son of N.R. & Lizzie Austin
Austin, Guy Ray02 May 191011 Oct 1933B9/21[Son of Clem & Mary Hylton Austin]
Austin, Altha D. Hensley21 Apr 1912[No date]B9/22Wife of Guy Ray Austin. Mother
Austen, Bobie Ray01 Aug 193306 Jun 1934B9/23Son of G.R. & Altha Austen
Austin, Irene19181937B9/24[Shares marker with Blanche Austin]
Austin, Blanche19161939B9/25[Shares marker with Irene Austin]
Hunter, Henry H.11 Apr 183817 Nov 1864B10/1[Broken stone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B10/2[Fieldstone]
Thrasher, Geo. C., Rev25 Oct 182205 Aug 1873B10/3[He died at his post of cholera]
Unknown[No date][No date]B10/4[Broken marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]B10/5[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B10/6[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B10/7[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B10/8[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B10/9[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B10/10[Fieldstone]
Austin, Jim01 Sep 190930 May 1929B10/11[Son of Henry & Ina E. Austin]
Austin, Nerm05 Dec 191205 Feb 1913B10/12Son of H.L. & L.E. Austin
Austin, Infant 15 Nov 191715 Nov 1917B10/13Son of H.L. & L.E. Austin
Austin, Willie19151918B10/14Son of H.L. & L.E. Austin
Unknown[No date][No date]B10/15[Fieldstone]
Austin, Katherine R.19211940B10/16
Chase, Buford R.12 Aug 189322 May 1894B11/1Son of John & Mary A. Chase
Chase, Wade H.22 Dec 188227 Jul 1883B11/2Son of John & Mary A. Chase
R.E.B. [Footstone][Illegible][Illegible]B11/3Stone broken, unable to read. [In 1977, Brown, Rhoda E. 28 Nov 1851 - 25 Jul 1876, dau. of Nathaniel B.]
L.E.B. [Footstone][Illegible][Illegible]B11/4Stone broken. Unable to read. [In 1977, Laura E. Brown, 12 Dec 1849 - 30 Jan 1877, dau. of Nathaniel B.]
G.T.B [Footstone][Illegible][Illegible]B11/5Stone broken. Unable to read. [In 1977, Geo. T. Brown, 30 Dec 1856 - 28 Mar 1875, son of Nathaniel B.]
Smith, Infant23 Aug 187423 Aug 1874B11/6Daughter of J.W.B. & R.A. Smith
Unknown[No date][No date]B11/7[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B11/8[No marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]B11/9[Fieldstone]
Gray, Robert H.13 Jun 183919 Jan 1905B11/10
Unknown[No date][No date]B11/11[Fieldstone]
Ensor, Louise25 Feb 184405 May 1902B11/12Wife of W.T. Ensor
Unknown[No date][No date]B11/13[Unmarked]
Chase, Mary A.15 Jul 181923 Mar 1888B12/1Wife of Rufus M. Chase
Chase, Martha A. [Northington]22 Dec 185310 Jul 1885B12/2Wife of John B. Chase [Dau. of Peter & Rebecca Cloyd Northington]
Chase, Mary E. [Presley]23 Mar 185220 Jun 1894B12/3Wife of John B. Chase
Chase, Rev. John B.28 Jan 185428 Aug 1923B12/4[Son of Rufus & Mary A.. Chase]
Unknown[No date][No date]B12/5[Broken marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]B12/6[Fieldstone]
Smith, [Unknown]22 Aug 187522 Aug 1875B12/7? & R. A. Smith [Top of stone is broken and missing]
Unknown[No date][No date]B12/8[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date]11 Jun 1829B12/9Aged 64Y 8 M 28D
Unknown[No date][No date]B12/10[Top broken off]
Unknown[No date][No date]B 12/11-12[Fieldstones]
Unknown[No date][No date]B12/13[Fieldstone] [A.L. ?]
Anderson, Horace Maynard3 Jan25 Mar 1878B12/ 14Son of I.F. & S.F. Anderson
Unknown[No date][No date]B12/15Fieldstone
Chapell, Frances23 Feb 185715 Jan 1915B12/16Wife of J.L. Chapell
Unknown[No date][No date]B12/17[Unreadable]
Freeman, Amanda18501918B12/18
Austin, Donald Ray19591961B12/19[Kiser FHM]
Austion, Ina Evelin18771945B12/20[Kiser FHM][Wife of henry Austin]
Austin, Luther19021985B12/21[Dillow-Taylor FHM]
Dewald, Lola26 Sep 186923 Mar 1925B13/1Sister
Pence, Julia A. Northington03 Mar 185019 Jul 1900B13/2Wife G.F. Pence formerly wife of P.Witt [Dau. of Peter & Rebecca Cloyd Northington]
Witt, Pleasant08 Nov 183711 Mar 1896B13/3
Unknown[No date]25 Apr 1887B13/4[R.W. on footstone. Headstone broken.][Witt, Rosa ? Feb 1869 – 25 Apr 1887]
Northington, David24 Feb 178302 Feb 1869B13/585 years 11 months 8 days
Unknown[No date][No date]B13/6[Fieldstone][This could be Martha the wife of David Northington]
Smith, Willey29 Jun 187623 Jun 1886B13/7Son of J.H.W. & Roena Smith
Smith, S. Nettie30 Sep 188217 Jun 1882B13/8Daughter of J.W.H. & Roena Smith
Brown, Nathaniel T.01 Oct 181529 May 1880B13/9Age 64 yrs. 2 months & 25 days
[Shares marker with Phenetta Brown.][Son of John C. and Jane McNabb Born. Married (1) Melissa Humphreys 3 Sep 1844; (2) Phenetta Duncan 7 Dec 1853]
Brown, Phenetta08 Sep 182204 Dec 1895B/13/10[Shares marker with Nathaniel Q. Brown][On back of marker] Wife of N.T. Brown
[Unknown][No date][No date]B13/11[Fieldstone]
Brown, W.N., Rev.22 Jan 186007 Jun 1884B13/12Husband [Son of Nathaniel Brown]
Unknown[No date][No date]B13/13-14[Unmarked]
Broyles, Sarah M.24 Sep 184317 Oct 1907B13/15Mother [Shares marker with James O. Broyles]
Broyles, James O.27 Aug 182813 Jun 1890B13/16Father [Shares marker with Sarah M. Broyles][Married Sarah Beard 22 Sep 1859]
Bayles, Wm. R. Rev.16 Mar 181620 Nov 1892B13/17
Bayless, Mary E.M.J.20 Nov 181616 Sep 1889B13/18Wife of Rev. Wm. R. Bayless
62 yrs 9 months 26 days
Bayless, Estelle E.24 Nov 187203 Oct 1883B13/19Daughter of R.A. & S.C. Bayless
Bayless, Jessie Ruth13 Nov 190529 Oct 1910B13/20Daughter W.L. & E.R. Bayless
Unknown[No date][No date]B13/21[Snapp ?]
Snapp, Infant18 Apr 190318 Apr 1903B13/22Daughter of A.L. & F.C. Snapp
Snapp, Flora Martin11 Sep 187020 Aug 1935B13/23Mother Wife [Shares marker with A.L. Snapp]
Snapp, A. L.20 Jun 187018 Mar 1941B13/24Father [Shares marker with Flora Martin Snapp][Abraham Lawrence Snapp, son of Wendell Daniels Snapp and Cynthia Lodeville Snapp Snapp.]
Snapp, Willie H.18991972B13/25Mother [Shares marker with Hawkins S. Snapp]
Snapp, Hawkins S.18951961B13/26Father [Shares marker with Willie H. Snapp]
Snapp, Abe L.21 Nov 192405 Nov 1978B13/27Sgt. US Army
Booker, Tilda E.19191924B13/28[Stone was moved from original location. The body is under the road]
Humphreys, Matilda Glaze18321921B14/1
Unknown[No date][No date]B14/2[Broken marker]
Unknown06 Jun 181009 Jul 1891B14/3Aged 51 yrs. 27 D [Stone is broken and the top is missing]
Humphreys, Zulah V. Bair10 May 187128 Jan 1900B14/4Wife of C.G. Humphreys
Humphreys, Little Rex20 Aug 189611 Jan 1898B14/5Son of G.G. & Z.V. Humphreys
Humphreys, Edgar Lee05 May 189419 Jan 1898B14/6Son of G.G. & Z.V. Humphreys
Unknown[No date][No date]B14/7[No marker][Stone, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. N.M. Stone 3 Sep 1893]
Stone, N.M.04 Jun 185905 Jun 1907B14/8
Smith, R.A.06 Feb 185618 May 1896B14/9Wife of J.W. Smith
Unknown[No date][No date]B14/10[Broken marker][Smith, Infant daughter of J.W. & R.A. Smith, 17 May 1896-7 Jun 1896]
Smith, Charles H.27 May 190918 Jul 1909B14/11Son of J.W.H. & Allie Smith
Smith, J.W.H.14 Feb 185313 Dec 1940B14/12[James W. Smith married Roena A. Brown 13 Nov 1873]
Smith, Otho C.15 Oct 187902 Jul 1911B14/13Age 32 Son of J.W.H. & Roena Smith
Humphreys, William H.30 Jul 184224 Apr 1925B14/14Father [Shares maker with Martha E. Humphreys][Married Martha E. Turnbull 6 Sep 1877; m 3 times
Humphreys, Martha E. [Turnbull]02 Jul 185604 Sep 1897B14/15Mother [Shares maker with William H. Humphreys]
Unknown[No date][No date]B14/16[Fieldstone]
Payne, Dewey Lee26 Jun 190206 Jul 1929B14/17
Unknown[No date][No date]B14/18[Fieldstone]
Payne, Lucy May03 Dec 190619 Jun 1908B14/19Daughter of O.M. & L.M. Payne
Payne, Rebecca26 Jun 185021 Jan 1909B14/20Wife of Z.T. Payne
Erected to the memory of Mother by her children.
Unknown[No date][No date]B14/21[No marker]
Payne, Taylor05 Sep 184309 Mar 1919B14/22
Payne, Loshie Mildred16 Feb 192403 Mar 1926B14/23Dau. of R.D. & Sara M. Payne
Payne, Henry Mack07 May 192613 Oct 1930B14/24Son of Roy D. & Sarah M. Payne
Payne, Sara Mae26 Dec 190004 Nov 1955B14/25[Shares marker with Roy D. Payne]
Payne, Roy D.25 Mar 189930 Jan 1989B14/26[Shares marker with Sara Mae Payne]
Bailey, Mamie Kate21 Jul 188507 Dec 1899B14/27Daughter of T.H. & Nannie Bailey
Payne, Mack [Coon] 20 Nov 187317 Jun 1947B14/28[Shares marker with Losha Payne]
Payne, Losha30 Oct 187809 Nov 1958B14/29[Shares marker with Mack Payne]
Payne, Ray H.12 Dec 192926 Dec 1960B14/27[Shares marker with Eula Mae Payne]
Payne, Eula Mae23 Sep 1931[No date]B14/28[Shares marker with Ray H. Payne]
Unknown[No date][No date]B15/1[Fieldstone]
Hyder, Mary E.19061908B15/22 yrs. Daughter of S.P. & Julia Hyder
[Shares marker with Emma Hyder]
Hyder, Emma19031903B15/32 mos. Daughter of S.P. & Julia Hyder
[Shares marker with Mary E. Hyder]
Hyder, J.H.18991902B15/43 Yrs. Son of S.P. & Julia Hyder
[Shares marker with S. B. Hyder]
Hyder, S.B.19011901B15/5Age 6 months Son of S.P. & Julia Hyder
[Shares marker with J. H. Hyder]
Hyder, Francis18931898B15/65 yrs. Daughter of S.P. & Julia Hyder
[Shares marker with Patsy J. Hyder]
Hyder, Patsy J.18971899B15/72 yrs. Daughter of S.P. & Julia Hyder
[Shares marker with Francis Hyder]
Chase, Rufus M.21 Apr 182130 Aug 1898B15/8
Moore, Zula11 Jul 190314 Sep 1937B15/9Wife of Clyde Moore
Moore, Chas. Donald 29 Feb 192818 Jun 1929B15/10Son of Clyde & Zula Moore
Peterson, D. M. Frank30 Oct 191619 Nov 1916B15/11Son of D.M. & Bettie Peterson
Broyles, J. Florence Click26 Jul 186202 Sep 1940B15/12Mother [Shares marker with J. Robert Broyles]
Broyles, J. Robert09 Sep 185820 Aug 1926B15/13Father [Shares maker with J. Florence Click Broyles]
Broyles, Infant son30 Jun 189930 Jun 1899B15/14Son of J.R. & Florence Broyles
Broyles, Infant daughter28 Feb 190328 Feb 1903B15/15Daughter of J.R. & Florence Broyles
O'Dell, William M.18541930B15/16Father [Son of Stephen & Mary O’Dell]
O'Dell, Margaret M.18601910B15/17Mother
O'Dell, Annie E.19001900B15/18
O'Dell, Katie19081928B15/19[Dau. of Willialm M. & Margaret M. O’Dell]
Unknown[No date][No date]B15/20[Fieldstone]
Hylton, Baby[no date]1927B15/21[Infant of Nellie E.G. and B. Hylton]
Hylton, Maggie Martin10 Mar 185710 Jun 1938B15/22[Shares marker with John F. Hylton][Dau. of Joe & Rachel Mitchell Martin]
Hylton, John F.07 Apr 185025 Nov 1927B15/23[Shares marker with Maggie Martin Hylton. Son of James Elijah and Martha Jane Gill Hylton]
Unknown[No date][No date]B15/24-27[No markers]
Shields, Mary Alice Clark12 Oct 185330 Jul 1911B15/28Mother [Shares marker with David Henry Shields]
Shields, David Henry28 Sep 184828 Mar 1900B15/29Father [Shares marker with Mary Alice Clark Shields][Son of John C. & Nancy Shields]
Snapp, Infant daughter22 Sep 189929 Sep 1899B15/30Daughter of J.P. & Ada Snapp
Snapp, Everett07 Feb 190908 Jun 1909B15/31Son of J.P. & Ada Snapp
Marshall, Lectra Snapp13 Oct 190112 Jan 1933B15/32[Dau. of John Penberton & Julia Adelle Sheilds Snapp]
Snapp, Ada Shields30 Oct 187507 Aug 1941B15/33Wife of J.P. Snapp [Dau. of David Henry & Mary A. Shields]
Snapp, John Pemberton17 Mar 187207 Mar 1966B15/34[Son of Wendell Daniels Snapp and Cynthia Lodeville Snapp Snapp.]
Stewart, Tony Frank[No date]22 Jun 1952B15/35Son of Frank & Minnie Stewart
Elkins, Newell B.18 Nov 192509 May 1964B15/36
Stewart, Frank W.10 Jun 190425 Sep 1972B15/37
Stewart, Minnie Payne22 Jul 190930 Mar 1973B15/38[Dau. of Mack “Coon” & Losha Payne]
Stewart, Infant Daughter19 Nov 195819 Nov 1958B15/39Daughter of Marvin & Wanda Stewart
Unknown[No date][No date]B16/1[Fieldstone]
DeWald, James M.16 Oct 183930 Oct 1899B16/2
DeWald, Nancy E. Northington30 Jun 184711 Mar 1920B16/3Wife of J.M. DeWald [Dau. of Peter & Rebecca Cloyd Northington]
Humphreys, Kyle D.09 Oct 191220 Nov 1914B16/4Son of C.F. & Willie Humphreys
Humphreys, John Edgar02 Apr 190608 Oct 1910B16/5Son of C.G. & Willie Humphreys
Humphreys, Henry E.04 Jul 189815 Aug 1911B16/6
Humphreys, Jennie03 Nov 187429 Sep 1912B16/7Wife of F.E. Humphreys [Dau. of Jacob & Mary Mauk Bailey]
Humphreys, Hugh18 Feb 190104 Mar 1919B16/8[Son of Frank & Jennie Bailey Humphreys]
Upchurch, Frank15 Apr 188423 Apr 1907B16/9Son of Rev. M.B. & Fannie Upchurch
Peterson, Mary E.17 Jun 188007 Dec 1914B16/10Wife of D.M. Peterson
Broyles, S.M.12 Aug 186028 Jun 1915B16/11[Son of James & Margaret Presnell Broyles]
Swanay, Isaac M.20 Nov 184119 Feb 1907B16/12Sergt. 1st TN Cav. Vol. Co. K [Shares marker with Margaret Swanay]
Swanay, Margaret05 Jul 184914 Sep 1921B16/13[Shares marker with Isaac M. Swanay]
Humphreys, Bertha H.[Florence]30 Mar 188524 Mar 1917B16/14[Daughter of Robert L. & Sarah Elizabeth Broyles Hylton. Wife of H.F. Humphreys.]
Humphreys, Myrtle L.07 Apr 191923 Oct 1920B16/15Daughter of H.F. & Sarah Humphreys
Hylton, Hannah Kate[16 Jun 1898][23 Jan 1919]B16/16[ Daughter of Robert L. and Sarah Elizabeth Broyles Hylton.]
Hylton, Florence Bailey27 Dec 186901 Aug 1911B16/17Wife of W.A. Hylton [Daughter of Jack and Elizabeth Bailey.]
Hylton, James Elijah21 Dec 190401 Apr 1905B16/18Son of Elijah and Eve Smith Hylton, Floyd Co., VA. Shares marker with Martha Jane Gill Hylton]
Hylton, Martha Jane Gill01 Jan 182023 Jun 1907B16/19Married 10 Oct 1844, Floyd Co., VA. [Shares marker with James Elijah Hylton]
Vine, Nancy21 Mar 183001 Jun 1905B16/20
Bunten, Sarah E.01 Apr 187911 Dec 1905B16/21
Unknowns[No date][No date]B 16/22-23[Fieldstones]
Lockner, John F.06 Jan 186507 Aug 1913B16/24[Shares marker with Sarah Greenwell Lockner]
Lockner, Sarah Greenwell08 Apr 186910 Jul 1938B16/25[Shares marker with John F. Lockner her 1st husband. Married 2nd, U.S. Grant Bunton]
Faulkner, Carl C.06 Nov 191118 Nov 1935B16/26
Faulkner, Watts24 Feb 188712 Oct 1965B16/27
Payne, Frank William28 Sep 190315 Apr 1966B16/28[Son of Mack “Coon” & Losha P. Payne]
Payne, Lura B.10 May 190028 Feb 1976B16/29[Dau. of Bob & Lura Broyles Brown]
Payne, Roy Donnie04 Oct 193108 Feb 2003B16/30
DeWald, Elizabeth28 Nov 188027 Aug 1902B17/1
Thomas, Mary J.25 Mar 184918 Jun 1911B17/2
Thomas, David A.10 Jul 185317 May 1919B17/3
Kitzmiller, Daniel J.21 Jan 182920 Jul 1905B17/4Aged 78 y 5 mos 29 Das.
Kitzmiller, Mary A.30 Oct 184004 Dec 1925B17/5
Upchurch, Stella J.06 Oct 188202 Oct 1907B17/6Wife of E.H. Upchurch
Stout, Eliza C. Anderson18 Jun 188607 Jul 1911B17/7Wife of Geo. W. Stout
Kimery, M.[Martha] E. Stout Minton[No date]10 Oct 1926B17/8His wife [Shares marker with John B. Kimery]
Kimery, John B.25 Feb 186411 Nov 1936B17/9[Shares marker with M.[Martha]E. Stout Minton Kimery]
Duncan, Joseph G.18 Dec 184506 Feb 1935B17/10Age 90 Yrs. 1 mo. 18d
Duncan, Elizabeth05 Jun 184519 Sep 1922B17/11Wife of J.G. Duncan
Unknown[No date][No date]B17/12-13[Fieldstones]
Pate, Boyd[No date][No date]B17/14[Flat concrete marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]B17/15[Fieldstone]
Vines, John C.24 Dec 185924 Mar 1918B17/16
Vines, James L.20 Mar 190511 Apr 1906B17/17
Vines, Sarah E.09 Mar 186314 Feb 1943B17/18
Unknown[No date][No date]B17/19[Fieldstone]
Humphreys, Mariah19 Jan 184510 May 1921B17/20Aged 76 yrs. 3 mos, 21 D. Wife of W.M. Humphreys
Humphreys, W.M.18601926B17/21[Married Mariah Hoss 17 Oct 1890]
Unknown[No date][No date]B17/22[Fieldstone]
Buckner, John A.18931983B17/23[Shares marker with Myrtle Payne Buckner]
Buckner, Myrtle Payne1914[No date]B17/24[Shares marker with John A. Buckner]
Laws, Albert W. Jr.16 Dec 193702 Apr 1994B17/25[Shares marker with Jennie S. Laws]
Laws, Jennie S.30 Apr 1943[No date]B17/26[Shares marker with Albert W. Laws, Jr.]
Hylton, Guss B.08 Oct 189728 Jan 1963B18/1Father [Son of William A. and Florence Bailey Hylton.]
Hylton, William A.17 Jun 186126 Jan 1937B18/2Father [Son of James Elijah and Martha Jane Gill Hylton][Married Florence Bailey
McCurry, Minnie E.15 Jan 186706 Aug 1946B18/3[Shares marker with Benjamin F. McCurry]
McCurry, Benjamin F.30 Apr 184523 Apr 1921B18/4[Shares marker with Minnie E. McCurry]
Barnes, J.M.01 Nov 185311 Jul 1912B18/5Father
Jackson, W.M.16 Mar 186125 Aug 1923B18/6
Humpreys, M.C.18461940B18/7[Shares marker with D.J. Humpreys]
Humpreys, D.J.18461921B18/8[Shares marker with M.C. Humpreys]
Duncan, Joseph C., Jr.27 Jun 188828 Oct 1908B18/9Son of J.C. & Elizabeth Duncan
Duncan, Infant19121916B18/10Son of Mr. & Mrs. J.D. Duncan
Duncan, Mary Elizabeth27 Jun 190304 Oct 1907B18/11Daughter of J.D. & M.A. Duncan
Chase, Edeth L.16 Dec 184326 Jan 1912B18/12Wife of R.M. Chase
Snapp, Wendell, Sr.24 Nov 192806 May 1993B18/13
Snapp, Charlotte E.04 Jul 190006 Apr 1978B18/14Mother [Shares marker with Hod B. Snapp]
Snapp, Hod B.04 Aug 190029 Dec 1962B18/15Father [Shares marker with Charlotte E. Snapp. Son of Hawkins Wendell and Lura B. Snapp.]
Snapp, Hazel F.22 Jan 192419 Feb 1924B18/16
Snapp, Earnest C.16 Jan 192220 Sep 1985B18/17Married 8 Apr 1944 [Shares marker with Edith B. Snapp. Son of Hod B. and Charlotte E. Snapp.]
Snapp, Edith B.06 Nov 1922[No date]B18/18[Shares marker with Earnest C. Snapp]
Click, William 08 May 185714 Jan 1909B18/19
Clark, Jessie A.19001929B18/20[Son of George E. and Mollie B. Clark]
Clark, George Eula04 Feb 189911 Mar 1918B18/21[Son of George E. and Mollie B. Clark]
Clark, George E.12 Nov 185813 Jan 1919B18/22Father [Son of Edward and Susan P. Crouch Clark]
Clark, Mollie Bailey14 Mar 186319 Apr 1945B18/23Mother [Married George E. Clark 24 Apr 1884 Washington Co. TN]
Briscoe, Roxie Clark17 Feb 189523 Dec 1952B18/24
Clark, Rose Mae02 Feb 188916 Feb 1969B18/25Dau. of George & Mollie Bailey Clark]
Booker, Mike02 Jan 187421 Jan 1959B18/26Father [Shares marker with Usley Booker]
Booker, Usley [Watts]30 Mar 1901[No date]B1827Mother [Shares marker with Mike Booker]
Unknown[No date][No date]B18/28[No marker]
Booker, Renna Faye10 Oct 194902 Oct 1980B18/29[Shares marker with Charlie V. Booker and Rosie M. Booker]
Booker, Charlie V.19 Nov 192111 Jun 2001B18/30[Shares marker with Rena Faye and Roxie M. Booker]
Booker, Roxie M.13 Sep 192226 May 1999B18/31[Shares marker with Rena Faye Booker and Charlie V. Booker]
Williams, Louella[No date][No date]B18/32
Gann, Nathan[No date]18 Jul 1839B18/33Rev. War VA, Lt. Millikin's Co. NC Mil. [Body not here. Buried in the field across the road]
Hylton, John Oscar15 Jul 188717 Mar 1926B19/1Father [Shares marker with Callie Green Hylton. Son of Robert L. and Sarah Elizabeth Broyles Hylton.]]
Hylton, Callie Green17 May 189028 Aug 1964B19/2Mother [Shares marker with John Oscar Hylton. Daughter of John and Laura Grubbs Green.]
Humphreys, Wade12 Feb 191325 Nov 1921B19/3Son of Mr. & Mrs. A.T. Humphreys
McCurry, Nellie Leona12 Dec 192117 Jan 1922B19/4
McCurry, Ada Rebecca12 Apr 192010 Sep 1921B19/5
Humphreys, Charlie Bean07 Jun 187825 Jun 1957B19/6[Son of Bill Humphreys]
Humphreys, Sarah Edna18 Jul 190814 Nov 1908B19/7Daughter of C.B. & Ellen Humphreys
Rice, William H.06 Dec 187709 Jun 1919B19/8
Campbell, Jacob R.184727 Mar 1908B19/9
Campbell, H. Clay20 Feb 189617 Mar 1927B19/10[Son of Jacob Campbell]
Crowder, Carrie Myrtle18991988B19/11[FHM]
Bailey, Carmon25 Feb 191219 Oct 1992B20/1Husband [Shares marker with Anna F. Bailey]
Bailey, Anna F.08 Nov 190724 Jul 1988B20/2Wife [Shares marker with Carmon Bailey]
Upchurch, Isaac Luther22 Jun 187819 Jun 1955B20/3Husband [Shares marker with Ola A. Kimery]
Upchurch, Ola A. Kimery09 Apr 187427 May 1968B20/4Wife [Shares marker with Isaac Luther Upchurch][Dau. of Wm. & Mary A. Kimery]
Kimery, Abe29 Dec 186102 Dec 1936B20/5[Son of Wm. & Mary A. Kimery]
Boone, Wade N.10 Feb 190616 May 1986B20/6Father [Shares marker with Nora Viola Boone]
Boone, Nora Viola17 Oct 190915 Apr 1942B20/7Mother [Shares marker with Wade N. Boone]
Boone, Pauline19281966B20/8
Smith, Orley P.26 Jun 188106 Apr 1966B20/9[Shares marker with Hattie Barnes Smith]
Smith, Hattie Barnes26 Jun 188405 Feb 1949B20/10Wife of Orley P. Smith [Shares marker with Orley P. Smith][Dau. of Joe & Mary Greenway Barnes]
Bailey, Billy D.[Only one date]06 Mar 1943B20/11Son of Mr. & Mrs. Avery Bailey
Unknown[No date][No date]B20/12-13[Unmarked graves.]
Holtsinger, Harry D.16 Sep 189025 Jul 1973B20/14TENN PVT US ARMY WW I [Son of James Buchanan and Ida Eugenia Martin Holtsinger.]
Holtsinger, Stella M. [McCurry]18991954B20/15[Daughter of Carl & Amanda McCurry]
Holtsinger, James C, Cpl.11 Mar 192312 Dec 1944B20/16[Killed in World War II. Son of Harry & Stella McCurry Holtsinger. Body interred in France.]
McCurry, Carl M.08 Sep 186724 Oct 1958B20/17Father [Shares marker with Amanda K. McCurry]
McCurry, Amanda K.12 Oct 187224 Jun 1951B20/18Mother [Shares marker with Carl M. McCurry]
McCurry, Rush A.18 Dec 188210 Feb 1973B20/19Father [Shares marker with Carrie A. [Kyker] McCurry]
McCurry, Carrie A. [Kyker]28 Apr 189425 Sep 1979B20/20Mother [Shares marker with Rush A. McCurry]
McCurry, Frank A.09 Oct 191827 Jun 1975B20/21[Son of Rush & Carrie McCurry]
Price, Mary L.19 Sep 191617 Oct 1916B20/22Daughter of U.H. & Rebecca Price
Campbell, Clara Belle17 Jun 190224 Jun 1902B20/23Daughter of Jacob N & S.L. Campbell.
Patton, John R.26 Nov 192223 Mar 1993B21/1
Patton, Alva Bricker24 Jan 189624 Mar 1983B21/2Mother [Shares marker with Roy Patton]
Patton, Roy06 Jan 188218 May 1968B21/3Father [Shares marker with Alva Bricker Patton]
Patton, Virgil Frank01 Nov 193122 Nov 1946B21/4
Deakins, Eugene01 Aug 188220 Oct 1955B21/5[Shares marker with Jennie Hoss Deakins]
Deakins, Jennie Hoss25 Dec 188207 Jan 1965B21/6Wife of Eugene Deakins [Shares marker with Eugene Deakins]
Deakins, Charles Garst19161976B21/7
Deakins, James W.18 Feb 191407 Feb 1987B21/8
Bailey, Dan C.18841970B21/9Father [Shares marker with Martha J. Bailey]
Bailey, Martha J.18901979B21/10Mother [Shares marker with Dan C. Bailey]
Unknown[No date][No date]B21/11[FHM]
Unknown[No date][No date]B21/12[Fieldstone]
Shelton, Woodrow W.19131987B21/13Father [Shares marker with Clio B. Shelton]
Shelton, Clio B.19181975B21/14Mother [Shares marker with Woodrow W. Shelton][Dau. of Vestal & Louie Hammer Broyles]
Unknown[No date][No date]B21/15[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]B21/16[Fieldstone]
Hayes, Monroe18561933B21/17
Hayes, Alice18641944B21/18
Hayes, Oscar Guy19101972B21/19[FHM Dillow-Taylor]
Hayes, Wilma Kate19331976B21/20[FHM Dillow-Taylor]
Hayes, Martha A.19051977B21/21[Shares marker with James A. Hayes]
Hayes, James A.19011987B21/22[Shares marker with Martha A. Hayes]
Hayes, Robert L.01 Jun 1897[No date]B21/23[Shares marker with Mary Nancy Moulton
Hayes, Mary Nancy Marlton01 Jun 190826 Feb 1984B21/24[Shares marker with Robert L. Hayes]
Hayes, Willie M.19321992B21/25[FHM Ledford, Erwin, TN]
Hayes, Carl Vestal18 Jun 192413 May 1997B21/26M Sgt. US Army
Loudy, Hilda Williams22 Jun 192412 Nov 1954B21/27
Williams, Roger A.19481981B21/28
Loudy, Charles E.19381981B21/29
Williams, Maynard E.09 Feb 192208 Apr 1989B21/30Husband [Shares marker with Norma J. Williams]
Williams, Norma J.17 May 1931[No date]B21/31Wife [Shares marker with Maynard E. Williams]
Shephard, Walter V.18 Jun 190814 Aug 1963B21/32[Shares marker with Tafada W. Williams]
Shephard, Tafada W.21 Jan 191405 May 1985B21/33[Shares marker with Walter V. Shephard]
Austin, George19161990B21/34
Austin, Walter Lee19211995B21/35[FHM Dillow-Taylor]
Austin, Roland19361995B21/36
Shepherd, Allie Ray14 Apr 191129 Jun 1968B22/1Father [Shares marker with Bonnie Seaton Shepherd]
Shepherd, Bonnie Seaton25 Nov 191303 Mar 2002B22/2Mother [Shares marker with Allie Ray Shepherd]
Foster, Donna D.19641965B22/3
Shelton, Joahna S.18811957B22/4Mother [Shares marker with Christopher C. Shelton]
Shelton, Christopher C.18731956B22/5Father [Shares marker with Joahna S. Shelton]
Bailey, Estel L.17 Aug 192525 Oct 1998B23/1Dad [Shares marker with Jackie L. Bailey]
Bailey, Jackie L.13 Nov 1932[No date]B23/2Mom [Shares marker with Estel L. Bailey]
Bailey, Floyd C.25 May 191423 Nov 1995B23/3Husband [Shares marker with Viola P. Bailey]
Bailey, Viola P.12 Sep 1922[No date]B23/4Wife [Shares marker with Floyd C. Bailey]
Laws, Earl Dee08 Apr 192221 Sep 1963B23/5Father [Shares marker with Ella Kate Laws]
Laws, Ella Kate[No date][No date]B23/6Mother [Shares marker with Earl Dee Laws]
Smith, Banner Ray19432000B23/7[FHM Dillow-Taylor]
Smith, Tony19672001B23/8[FHM Dillow-Taylor]
Kegley, Shirley J. "Joy"26 Aug 194629 Jan 1998B24/1Mother [Picture on marker]
Williams, Sam Taylor10 Oct 189625 May 1988B24/2Father Born Limestone, Tenn. [Shares marker with Ada Rickard Williams]
Williams, Ada Rickard26 May 190115 May 1984B24/3Mother Born Dandridge, Tenn. [Shares marker with Sam Taylor Williams]
Leblanc, Doris Faye Williams Dyke Erskine01 Mar 193725 May 1999B24/4Mom
White, Russell T.19151977B24/5[Shares marker with Evelyn L. White]
White, Evelyn L.19191983B24/6[Shares marker with Russell T. White]
Spear, Donna Ann31 Aug 194618 Jan 2001B24/7---
Tyree, Lynette Hope29 Feb 1956[No date]B24/8[Shares marker with Jerry Lane Tyree]
Tyree, Jerry Lane07 Dec 195219 Jun 1998B24/9[Shares marker with Lynette Hope Tyree]
Spear, Homer D.23 Sep 192805 Nov 1992B24/10Father [Shares marker with Thelma M. Spear]
Spear, Thelma M.28 Feb 192225 Mar 1994B24/11Mother [Shares marker with Homer D. Spear]
Testa, Micheal A.27 Jun 198101 Mar 1982B24/12
Hammit, Arthur[No date][No date]B24/13[FHM Erwin]
Hammit, Margie[No date][No date]B24/14[FHM Erwin]
Hollifield, Robert James08 Sep 197206 Mar 1997B25/1Son & Brother
Hollifield, Charles Lynn, Jr.27 Aug 196220 Jan 1996B25/2Son & Brother
Melchor, Antonia13 Jul 191706 Jan 2000B25/3Mother & Grandma

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The following markers were found in 1977, according to the Washington County Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions by Charles M. Bennett and the Watauga Association of Genealogists, V. III, p.127-129, used with permission by Loraine B. Rae.

Bailey, Mamie Payne, Dau. of O.M. & L.M. Payne, 31 Oct 1915 – 6 Jan 1935. She was next to Frank William Payne.

Barns, Stephen, died 29 Mar 1875, aged 64y 5m. Next to Rebecca Humphreys, wife of W.H. Humphreys.

Bayless, Infant Daughter, 2 Jul 1860 – 2 Jul 1860/ Dau. of J.M. & E.S. Bayless. Next to Eliza Ann Bayless.

Bayless, James M., 17 Jun 1830 – 12 Sep 1884. Next to Elizabeth S. Bayless.

Booker, Marsha Lynn, 1958 Next to Tilda E. Booker.

Clark, Edward, born about 1866, son of Henderson & Ann West Clark.

Clark, Susan Penelope Crouch, 17 Jun 1825 – 29 Mar 1900, wife of Edward Clark, dau. of George & Susannah Gresham Crouch. Married Edward Clark 6 Feb 1950.

Douglas, Willard, 12 Aug 1932 – 12 Aug 1932, son of J.T. & Edna Douglas. Next to Louisa Ensor.

Douglas, Winie, 22 Jun 1922 – 22 June 1922, dau. of J.. & Edna Douglas. Next to Louisa Ensor

Good, Lodilies, 12 Nov 1867 – 5 Jun 1884. [Son of David & Nancy Good.] Next to Catherine P. Good.

Good, Mary ?, 21 Dec 1844 – 26 Jun 1885 Next to Karen Elizabeth Clark.

Henley, Alzenie L. 21 Sep 1851 – 1 Oct 1851. Dau. of ? & M.M. Henley. Next to Simeon Broyles.

Humphreys, John, 18 Feb 1838 – 25 Oct 1907, age 69y 8m 7d. Next to Zulah V. Bair Humphreys.

Humphreys, Matilda, wife of John Humphreys, 6 Jun 1840 – 3 July 1891, age 51y 27d. Next to Zulah V. Bair Humphreys

Humphreys, Matilda A., 3 Jun 1845 – [balance of stone is gone][Wm. H. Humphreys married Matilda Bashor 12 Dec 1869] Next to Mary Good.

Humphreys, Wm. H., 15 Jun 1811 – 9 Jul 1888, aged 77y 24 d. Next to Mary Wright.

Humphreys, Rebecca, wife of W.H. Humphreys, 21 Sep 1814 – 11 jun 1879, age 64y 8m 22d. Next to Mary Wright.

Hunter, Charles M. 19 Jun 1878 – 23 Dec 1882. Next to Rhoda E. Brown.

Hunter, Mary, 5 Nov 1796 – 2 May 1867, wife of john Hunter. [Dau. of Jacob and Elizabeth Bird Brown]. Nex to John Hunter.

Hayes, Matt Richard [No dates][Next to William H. Rice in 1977]

Lady, Amanda R., 25 Jan 1825 – 28 Jul 1888. Next to Robert H. Gray.

Lee, Robert Nelson, 11 Mar 1820 – 15 Sep 1874, born in Buckingham Co. VA. Next to Rev. Geo. C. Thrasher.

Loudy, Catherine B., 1893 – 1954 Next to Amelia E. Cooper.

McCurry, William L., 1873 – 1951 [Was next to Ada Rebecca McCurry in 1977.]

Maples, Jas. O. ? 1860 – 15 Jan 1884. Next to J.C. H. Harris.

Moore, Mary A. 3 Jun 1878 – 12 Dec 1879. Next to Moses Moore.

Northington, ? A. 13 Apr 1822 – 15 Nov 186?, age _5y 7m 12d [stone badly aged]. Next to Hunter, Infant son of W.B. & E. Hunter.

Unknown, died 15 Jan 1865, aged 19y 7 m 12 d Next to Luke Bayless.

Wolford, ?, died 1852. Next to Bewlie B. Broyles.

Genealogical information from the files of Charles M. Bennett, Tate Hylton, Janette Foster Guinn, Washington County, TN marriage records and census records.

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