In Embreeville, turn on Bumpus Cove Road off of Hwy. 81-S. At the fork of the road bear right onto Graveyard Hill Road, Erwin, Tennessee.

GPS location: 36º10.4N 82º28.32W

Watch over this valley, dear friend of of mine

Kiss each dawn with sweet morning dew

Breath on the tree, that I may hear the joy in your laughter

Brush the clouds from the sun, that I may see the sparkle in your eyes

Fill the sky with shooting stars, that I may know you’re near.

[Author unknown. On the back of a tombstone]


Bumpus Cove Cemetery 2014

Bumpus Cove Cemetery

Miller, Mary Ann06 Aug 197007 Aug 197001/01Infant
Miller, James E.18 Apr 194615 Dec 194601/02
Miller, Roxie V.29 Dec 192421 Nov 200301/03Shares marker with Rev. John B. “JB”
Wed 50 years
Miller, John B. “JB” Rev.27 Jul 192331 Aug 199501/04US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Shares marker with Roxie V. Miller
Broyles, Stella J.12 May 194727 Jul 200001/05Grandmaw
Miller, James B.28 Jan 192826 Aug 199802/01
Miller, Frank14 Jan 192019 Oct 198602/02US ARMY WORLD WAR II KOREA
Miller, Myrtle27 Sep 189528 Apr 194502/03
Miller, Grover11 Oct 192521 Jun 200602/04CPL US ARMY WORLD WAR II GERMANY
Shares marker with Iris Mae Miller
Miller, Iris Mae24 Oct 192822 Feb 198302/05Shares marker with Grover Miller
Married 06 Mar 1948
Casey, Clint M.09 Sep 190808 Jun 198903/01Shares marker with Gladys T. Casey
Casey, Gladys T.06 May 191429 Nov 200203/02Shares marker with Clint M. Casey
Casey, John04 Jan 188513 Mar 194903/03Shares marker with Lillie Casey
Casey, Illie27 Jan 189917 Dec 198703/04Shares marker with John Casey
Casey, Grace04 Feb 192020 Sep 194003/05
Tolley, Gerald W.12 Oct 194711 Feb 199504/01SGT. US ARMY VIETNAM
Shares marker with Linda C. Tolley
Tolley, Linda C.12 Apr 1949[No date]04/02Shares marker with Gerald W. Tolley
Mathis, Opal June1934201104/03Ledford Funeral Home Marker
Foster, Wanda Sue26 Jul 194724 Jun 201305/01Valley Funeral Home Marker
Foster, Mary G08 Jan 197104 Jan 201105/02Valley Funeral Home Marker
Foster, Lisa Gail1968196805/03
Hensley, Alford Lee26 Jul 196929 Nov 196905/04
Casey, Reta Faye04 Nov 196025 Jan 196105/05
Casey, Trula Belle27 Apr 1939[No date]05/06Shares marker with Alvin Lester Casey
Casey, Alvin Lester16 Sep 193519 Nov 199705/07Shares marker with Trula Bell Casey
Huskins, Dorothy K.08 Mar 192825 Mar 201306/01Shares marker with James E. Huskins
Huskins, James E.06 Apr 1924[No date]06/02WW II Veteran
Shares marker with Dorothy K. Huskins
Lockner, Sarah C.08 Apr 190707 Jan 197806/03Shares marker with Daniel C. Lockner
Lockner, Daniel C.28 Jan 190002 Oct 198506/04Shares marker with Sarah C. Lockner
Thompson, Lawrence Edward24 Jan 191816 Mar 191806/05
Lockner, Siddie02 Mar 1915[No date]06/06Sister
Ammons, Edna25 Feb 192325 Jun 192306/07
Ammons, Miles30 Jul 191425 Sep 191506/08
Ammons, Clarence F.1893194206/09Shares marker with Lucy H. Ammons
Ammons, Lucy K.1887196606/10Shares marker with Clarence F. Ammons
Ammons, Lawrence Q.07 Jun 192102 Apr 195806/11TENNESSEE M SGT 321 AIR BASE GP AF WORLD WAR II
Ammons, Kenneth O.10 Dec 192419 Feb 200506/12ARMY
1944 Enlised – WWII France
Dec 21, 1951 – Korean Conflict Rank Staff Sgt.
Apr 14, 1967-Apr 13, 1968 – Vietnam War
May 6, 1970 – Fort Hood Texas
Apr 30 1873 – Retired Honorable Discharge
Active Service 29 years, 1 month, 22 days
Tucker, George1880196307/01Son of Christopher and Cordelia Boone Tucker
Tucker, Christopher C.27 Jun 185507 Mar 193007/02Shares marker with his wife Cordelia Tucker
Tucker, CordeliaJun 186113 Feb 193507/03Shares marker with Christopher C. Tucker
Tucker, Winnie Mae10 Sep 189129 Jul 191807/04
Stevens, Conner25 Oct 200525 Oct 200508/01Shares marker with Kadin Stevens
Stevens, Kadin26 Oct 200526 Oct 200508/02Shares marker with Connor Stevens
Helton, Neda Florence04 Jun 195008 Jan 201308/03Valley Funeral Home Marker
Lockner, Lillie19 Sep 190117 Apr 199808/04Aunt Lil
Hammitt, Lura Bell14 Jun 190725 Dec 196408/05
Hammett, William I.22 Mar 191105 May 197208/06TENNESSEE PVT CO I 144 INFANTRY WORLD WAR II
Smith, Emerson26 Feb 192511 Jul 199108/07US ARMY KOREA
Shares marker with Myrtle Smith
Smith, Myrtle11 Mar 1931[No date]08/08
Rogers, Tom21 Dec 188622 Feb 195509/01
Rogers, Peggy14 Aug 192817 Aug 193709/02
Rogers, Ed Lee08 Oct 193024 Mar 193709/03
Hughes, William C.02 Feb 195926 Dec 200809/04Shares marker with Tereasa A. Hughes
Hughes, Tereasa A.07 Oct 1963[No date]09/05Shares marker with William C. Hughes
Hughes, Dalton, Sr.02 Apr 193614 Jul 200109/06
Hughes, Jackie08 Feb 193707 Jul 199809/07
Lockner, Ruby Mae21 May 191417 Feb 199209/08
Lockner, William Howard02 Mar 190911 Feb 198409/09
Lockner, James C.24 Nov 187429 Aug 193509/10Shares marker with Mary Jane Lockner
Lockner, Mary Jane01 Jun 187301 Apr 195109/11Shares marker with James C. Lockner
Love, Jackie1939195209/12
Love, Lola1905196709/13Shares marker with Sam A. Love
Love, Sam A.1897196309/14Shares marker with Lola Love
Unknown[No date][No date]09/15[Illedgible]
Unknown[No date][No date]09/16[Illedgible]
Shorter, Cecil E.12 Nov 190309 Sep 196509/17
Shorter, Dora L.02 Mar 190326 Apr 197409/18
McNabb, Lester D.14 Jul 193729 Dec 195509/19TENNESSEE PFC 504 Abn Inf 82 ABN DIVISION
Smith, Anthony Craig28 Jul 197225 May 201209/20
Melton, Willard1896195109/21
Unknown[No date][No date]10/01[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]10/02[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]10/03[Unmarked]
Wilson, Edd D.08 Aug 193704 Jul 200110/04US ARMY, US AIR FORCE KOREA
Wilson, Isham27 Jun 191421 Dec 199910/05US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Jenkins, Jo Ann16 Feb 194016 Feb 194010/06Infant Daughter of Robert and Claudia Jenkins
Wilson, Della M.1907192910/07Sister
Wilson, Ned[Only one date]17 Jan 193710/08NORTH CAROLINA WAGONER 1 AM TN 1 DIV
Wilson, John L.1869194010/09
Yates, Clarence S.30 Jun 191828 Dec 192110/10Son of Clifton and Rosa Yates
Unknown[No date][No date]10/11[Unmarked]
Peterson, Abraham N.1885195710/12Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home marker.
Love, Alice H.29 Mar 186324 Apr 195810/13
Graham, Regena Kay[Only one date]28 Jul 195810/14
Love, Johnny Haskel25 Dec 193519 Dec 199310/15
Yates, Mary Ada1945200610/16Erwin Memorial Funeral Home marker
Smith, Bobby Leonard20 Sep 195809 Sep 199610/17
Smith, Mary Ellen06 Mar 1927[No date]10/18Shares marker with Emory Smith
Smith, Emory26 Feb 192515 Mar 200710/19PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Shares marker with Mary Ellen Smith
Francis, Betty S.1869195510/20[Unmarked]
Francis, Daniel E.1875196410/21[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/01[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/02[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/03[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/04[Unmarked]
Wilson, Sherman Lee07 Apr 194422 Apr 201411/05
Unknown[No date][No date]11/06[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/07[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/08[Unmarked]
Yates, Sallie Huskins21 Jun 186813 Dec 193511/09Wife of P.S. Yates
Yates, Helen R.29 Nov 193424 Jun 193511/10
Yates, Phillip S.14 Mar 186805 Oct 195011/11
Unknown[No date][No date]11/12[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/13[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/14[Unmarked][Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/15[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/16[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/17[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/18[Red cinder block]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/19[Red cinder block]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/20[Red cinder block]
Unknown[No date][No date]11/21[Red cinder block]
Frazier, Paul Gene22 Feb 1888/83[Only one date]11/22[Hand lettered, hard to read]
Miller, Emma Marie21 Jan 193527 Aug 193511/23Daughter of Roberta (Miller) Keck
Unknown[No date][No date]11/24[Unmarked}
Richardson, Elsie Miller25 Nov 192708 Mar 195211/25
Miller, Fred H.16 Jul 190109 Sep 198211/26
Miller, Marty1967200411/27Erwin Memorial Funeral Home marker
Rodefer, Alma S.13 Sep 192725 Jun 201012/01Wed 25 Oct 1957
Shares marker with Ted P. Rodefer
Rodefer, Ted P.11 Jun 193612 Aug 201312/02Shares marker with Alma S. Rodefer
Rodefer, Jeffery P.12 Jun 196202 Jan 201412/03
Rodefer, William R.09 Sep 190507 Jan 194312/04
Unknown[No date][No date]12/05[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]12/06[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]12/07[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]12/08[Fieldstone]
Unknkown[No date][No date]12/09[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]12/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]12/11[Unmarked]
Treadway, E.M.07 Apr 183022 Jun 189112/12[Marker broken]
Treadway, Harriet L.15 Dec 183731 Mar 187712/13
Unknown[No date][No date]12/14
Bradford, Timothy Lee18 Jul 196102 Dec 201012/15U.S. Air Force Emblem
Unknown[No date][No date]12/16[Row of artificial flowers on top of grave]
Unknown[No date][No date]12/17[Row of artificial flowers on top of grave]
Unknown[No date][No date]12/18[Row of articial flowers on top of grave
Unknown[No date][No date]13/01[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/02[Marked with concrete block]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/03[Marked with concrete block]
Johnson, James B.07 May 198108 Nov 196313/04Shares marker with Ada S. Johnson
Johnson, Ada S.04 Jan 198610 May 195413/05Shares marker with James B. Johnson
Unknown[No date][No date]13/06[Marked with concrete block]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/07[Marked with concrete block]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/08[Marked with concrete block]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/09[Marked with concrete block]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/10[Marked with concrete block]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/11[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/12[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/13[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/14[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/15[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/16[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/17[Unmarked]
Starnes, Florance[No date]10/06/2913/18
Unknown[No date][No date]13/19[Unmarked]
Willis, Louise1932201213/20Ledford Funeral Home Marker
Unknown[No date][No date]13/21[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/22[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/23[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/24[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]13/25[Unmarked]
Miller, Ida StarnesMar 1891Dec 193613/26
Blevins James E.30 May 192706 Jan 201313/27James Emery Blevins
Shares marker with Frances Miller Blevins
Blevins, Frances Miller05 May 193011 Sep 201013/28Wed 18 Feb 1950
Shares marker with James E. Blevins
Unknown[No date][No date]14/01[Unmarked]
Riddle, Lucinda10 Sep 190229 Jul 197314/02
Fowler, Pansy R.1926196814/03
Riddle, Ethel1922195214/04
Riddle, Loss1899194914/05
Riddle, Bearth1920192014/06
Unknown[No date][No date]14/07[Fieldstone marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]14/08[Fieldstone marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]14/09[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]14/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]14/11[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]14/12[Unmarked]
McNabb, Joe1877195414/13
McNabb, Elizabeth07 Oct 185519 Sep 195414/14
Unknown[No date][No date]14/15Wooden Cross
Unknown[No date][No date]14/16[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]14/17[Unmarked]
Starnes, Ed Mack189510 Jan 199314/18US ARMY WORLD WAR I
Unknown[No date][No date]14/19[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]14/20[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]14/21[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]15/01[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]15/02[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]15/03[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]15/04[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]15/05[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]15/06[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]15/07[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]15/08[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]15/09[Large stone with blasting groves]
Unknown[No date][No date]15/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/01[Unmarked]
Love, Roy Ted26 Apr 193827 Jun 199016/02
Unknown Baby[No date][No date]16/03
Unknown Baby[No date][No date]16/04
Love, Robert Arthur1919191816/05
Unknown[No date][No date]16/06[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/07[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/08[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/09[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/11[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/12[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/13[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/14[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/15[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/16[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/17[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/18[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]16/19[Unmarked]
White, John I.14 Jul 185212 Apr 193816/20Shares marker with his wife Rebecca Starnes White [Married 21 Oct 1883 Unicoi Co. TN]
Starnes, Rebecca03 Nov 1864[No date]16/21Shares marker with John I. White
[TDR 51-24321 d. 06 Oct 1951. Pts. Benjamine Starnes and Sarah Ridd
Unknown[No date][No date]16/22[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/01[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/02[Unmarked]
Tipton, Eva L.20 Feb 192002 Jun 199817/03
Tipton, Albert F.14 Sep 191404 Jul 197317/04
Love, Mattie None1891196117/05
Love, Robert R.1892196717/06
Unknown[No date][No date]17/07[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/08[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/09[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/11[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/12[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/13[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/14[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/15[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/16[Unmarked]
White, Robert L.20 Aug 185711 Mar 193717/17
Unknown[No date][No date]17/18[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/19[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/20[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]17/21[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/01[Unmarked] In F. Riggs Plot
Unknown[No date][No date]18/02[Unmarked] In F. Riggs Plot
Unknown[No date][No date]18/03[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/04[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/05[Unmarked]
CLICK[No date][No date]18/06[Flat Iron Marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/07[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/08[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/09[Unmarked] Graves 9-16 are in a sunken “trench type” grave
Unknown[No date][No date]18/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/11[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/12[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/13[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/14[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/15[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/16[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/17[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/18[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/19[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/20[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/21[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/22[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/23[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/24[Concrete block]
Morrow, Pearl25 Mar 194201 Apr 200018/25Shares marker with Hoza J. Morrow
Morrow, Hoza J.15 Feb 194117 Jul 197518/26Shares marker with Pearl Morrow
Unknown[No date][No date]18/27[Decorative concrete marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/01[Unmarked] In Briggs Plot
Unknown[No date][No date]19/02[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/03[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/04[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/05[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/06[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/07[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/08[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/09[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/11[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/12[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/13[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/14[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/15[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/16[Unmarked]
Saltz, John[No date]05 Sep 191820/01PVT. 1CL 3 U.S. INF.
[TDR 417, born 7 Apr 1892, Pts. Billie Salts and Maggie Starnes]
Unknown[No date][No date]21/01[Fieldstone]
Nelson, Howard19 Aug 193120 Feb 200921/02US ARMY KOREA
Nelson, Gloria Lee11 May 193212 May 201221/03
Love, Kate W.23 Jan 189015 Sep 197121/04
Love, Lem02 Feb 189130 Jul 196821/05
Miller, Winnie02 May 191924 Jan 197021/06
Miller, Jess Lee27 Jun 191206 Jun 200321/07PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Silvers, Kenneth L.17 Nov 1949[No date]21/08Shares marker with Norma J. Silvers
Silvers, Norma J.06 Dec 194722 Jan 200921/09Shares marker with Kenneth L. Silvers
Lewis, Teresa[No date][No date]21/10
Lewis, Terry[No date][No date]21/11
Unknown[No date][No date]21/12[Concrete block]
Casey, Ryan Charles23 Jun 199818 Apr 201021/13
Casey, Marcia27 Jul 195816 Jun 200521/14Valley Funeral Home marker
Unknown[No date][No date]21/15[Concrete block]
Unknown[No date][No date]21/16[Rock]
Unknown[No date][No date]21/17[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]21/18[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]21/19[Unmarked]
Casey, Flo Phillips16 Apr 189710 Dec 198221/20
Hartsell, Ivory Jane24 Jun 192030 Jun 197321/21
Casey, Walter04 Jul 188704 Mar 195421/22TENNESSEE PFC CO E 306 AMMO TN WORLD WAR I
Casey, John1968196821/23
Unknown[No date][No date]21/24[Unmarked]
Casey, Pauline1933200121/25Shares marker with Shell Casey
Casey, Shell1924199121/26Shares marker with Pauline Casey
Casey, Baby Boy1995199521/27Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home marker
Unknown[No date][No date]22/01[Unmarked]
Ammons, Theossie Earl01 Jun 190110 Jul 198122/02PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR I
Ammons, Rachel E. Johnson21 Sep 187008 Jun 194322/03Wife of Lee Ammons
Ammons, Lee07 Nov 186113 May 193822/04
Unknown[No date][No date]22/05[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]22/06[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]22/07[Unmarked]
Morrow, Everett Herbert1936200322/08Dillow Taylor Funeral Home marker
Casey, Mark Dewayne01 Jan 197101 Jul 201122/09
Casey, Linda G.05 Jan 194725 Jan 200022/10
Roberts, Gary Lynn21 Jul 195116 Feb 201122/11
Roberts, Ollie12 Mar 192917 Dec 200922/1212/14/46
Roberts, Jeff15 Jun 192312 Feb 200722/13TEC 5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Casey, Jack E.24 Feb 192201 Jun 195922/14
Casey. Lonnie24 Feb 192201 Jun 195922/15TENNESSEE PFC US ARMY
Casey, Lonnie1956195622/16Baby
Hand lettered]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/01[Unmarked]
Yates, Patsy Sandra23 Jul 195111 Mar 195623/02
Unknown[No date][No date]23/03[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/04[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/05[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/06[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/07[Fieldstone]
Broyles, Morris R.23 Mar 194609 Jul 200423/08Shares marker with Ida V. Broyles
Broyles, Ida V.23 Feb 1949[No date]23/09Shares marker with Morris R. Broyles
Unknown[No date][No date]23/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/11[Unmarked]
Casey, Linda[No date][No date]23/12OUR FATHER
Unknown[No date][No date]23/13[Unmarked]
Casey, Will[No date][No date]23/14[Hand lettered concrete]
Casey, Magg[No date][No date]23/15[Hand lettered concrete]
Huskins, Beulah12 Jul 188329 May 195023/16Shares marker with Judge Huskins
Huskins, Judge14 Mar 187331 Oct 194923/17Shares marker with Beulah Huskins
Huskins, Clyde[No date][No date]23/18[Hand lettered concrete]
Huskins, William E.1907198223/19
Unknown[No date][No date]24/01[Unmarked]
Yates, Bernie Dale1942195224/02
Unknown[No date][No date]24/03[Unmarked]
Yates, Florence Ellen Hensley15 Jun 187008 Jan 195324/04
Yates, Addie L.23 Aug 190612 May 198324/05Shares marker with J. Arthur Yates
Yates, J. Arthur27 Feb 189521 Apr 195924/06Shares marker with Addie L. Yates
Unknown[No date][No date]24/07[Unmarked]
Phillips, Edna D.12 Mar 1936[No date]24/08Shares marker with Virgil S. Phillips
Phillips, Virgil S.21 Jun 193427 Feb 201124/09Shares marker with Edna D. Phillips
Unknown[No date][No date]24/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]24/11[Concete block]
Unknown[No date][No date]24/12[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]24/13[Unmarked]
Dunbar, Myrtle “Dude”1912198824/14
Dunbar, James F.1910197624/15
Freeman, James “Roy”23 Aug 193026 Sep 200924/16Wed 19 Sep 1954
Shares marker with Florine Freeman
Freeman, Florine29 Jun 1936[No date]24/16Shares marker with James “Roy” Freeman
Unknown[No date][No date]25/01[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/02[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/03[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/04[Unmarked]
Howren, Robert G. 20 Feb 200530 Dec 200525/05Son of D.H. and Bell Howren
Unknown[No date][No date]25/06[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/07[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/08[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/09[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/11[Cinder block]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/12[Cinder block and fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/13[Cinder block and fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/14[Cinder block and fieldstone]
Blevins, Eva RogersMay 1873Aug 195425/15
Blevins, CharlieMay 1870May 193925/16
Blevins, Hazel C.28 Sep 190202 Aug 199025/17
Blevins, Clay27 Sep 189304 Mar 195725/18
Tarlton, Randy Howard03 Jun 196425 Oct 197925/19
Bailey, Katie18 Feb 191119 Mar 198725/20
Tarlton, Rita Jo Bailey02 Nov 194519 Jan 201225/21Valley Funeral Home marker
Unknown[No date][No date]26/01[Unmarked]
Yates, Kathrine Ora17 Feb 1938[No date]26/02TDR 16268 d. 04 Jul 1938, Pts. Arthur and Addie Hensley Yates.
Unknown[No date][No date]26/03[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/04[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/05[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/06[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/07[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/08[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/09[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/10[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/11[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/12[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/13[Fieldstone]
Blevins, James N.25 Nov 187425 Oct 191126/14Husband
Blevins, Martha1854191626/15Mother
Unknown[No date][No date]26/16[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/17[Unmarked]
Jenkins, Martha29 Apr 190806 Oct 193626/18
Blevins, Lenis01 Aug 187622 May 195826/19
Blevins, Frank1878196626/20
Unknown[No date][No date]26/21[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/22[Old funeral home marker, no information]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/01[Unmarked]
Phillips, Julia Marie30 Mar 193804 Nov 194027/02
Unknown[No date][No date]27/03[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/04[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/05[Broken bottom half of stone]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/06[Blank stone]
Yates, Geroge Mead06 Dec 186904 Nov 193627/07
Unknown[No date][No date]27/08[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/09[Unmarked]
Corbet, James24 May 189520 Oct 191427/10Shares marker with Cassie D. Rogers. Her Son
Rogers, Cassie D.12 Apr 187802 Mar 189927/11Shares marker with James Corbet
Riddle, Eugene “Ike”27 Sep 1934[No date]27/12Shares marker with Willia Faye Riddle
Riddle, Willa Faye28 Dec 193621 Sep 201027/13
Blevins, Worley27 Dec 189128 Aug 190827/14Son of Walter and Malissie Blevins
Unknown[No date][No date]27/15[Unmarked]
McNabb, Maud1911191827/16
Unknown[No date][No date]27/17Footstone with J.N.B.
Unknown[No date][No date]27/18[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/19[Unmarked]
McNabb, Clarence31 Jul 201404 Jun 197227/20Shares marker with Pansy McNabb]
McNabb, Pansy08 May 191727 Mar 200127/21Shares marker with Clarence McNabb]
“McNabb,” Baby Margaret[No date][No date]27/22
Unknown[No date][No date]27/23[Unmarked]
“Henley,” Baby Barbara[No date][No date]27/24
Unknown[No date][No date]27/25[Fieldstone]
Blevins, Willie1905198727/26Share marker with Geneva Blevins
Blevins, Geneva1915196827/27Shares marker with Willie Blevins
Unknown[No date][No date]28/01[Unmarked]
Furches, Welda Mae06 Apr 191810 Dec 192528/02
Furches, Wesley M.[26 Mar 1894]26 Oct 191828/03TENNESSEE CORPL. 524 INF. 81 DIV
[Participated in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive Unit Campaign.
Unknown[No date][No date]28/04[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/05[Unmarked]
Starnes, Edmona Huckins1879190828/06
Starnes, Samuel1871190428/07
Unknown[No date][No date]28/08[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/09[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/11[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/12[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/13[Unmarked]
Tursks, Dorothy M. “Toots”15 Mar 193424 Feb 200128/14
Miller, Nora26 Jul 190518 Aug 197328/15
Miller, Thomas E.Feb 1906Nov 196328/16
Unknown[No date][No date]28/17[Wooden cross]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/18[Wooden cross]
Henley, Maude19 Jan 191207 Jan 200428/19Wed 20 Oct 1930
Shares marker with Bob Henley
Henley, Bob16 Aug 190624 May 197228/20Shares marker with Maude Henley.
Henley, Peggy A.08 Aug 1941[No date]28/21Shares marker with Kenneth R. Henley
Henley, Kenneth B.17 Jul 194110 Mar 200528/22Shares marker with Peggy A. Henley
Unknown[No date][No date]29/01[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/02[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/03[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/04[Unmarked]
Cody, Charlie25 Apr 191826 Oct 191829/05
Cody, Harry1895191829/06
Unknown[No date][No date]29/07[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/08[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/09[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/10[Unmarked]
Rogers, Elijah18 Jun 183410 Mar 192229/11
Unknown[No date][No date]29/12[Unmarked]
Furches, Vergie Rogers10 Jan 187702 Aug 191729/13
Unknown[No date][No date]29/14[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/15[Unmarked]
Frazier, Paul Edward1910199229/16
Frazier, Claude E.1931197029/17
Frazier, Mary1908198529/18Erwin Memorial Funeral Home Marker
Unknown[No date][No date]29/19[Unmarked]
McNabb, Nellie17 Apr 190927 Feb 198729/20
McNabb, Fred D.02 Feb 190720 Oct 196629/21
Unknown[No date][No date]30/01[Unmarked]
Huskins, [?][No date][No date]30/02Old funeral home marker with only the last name.
Unknown[No date][No date]30/03[Unmarked]
Edwards, Betty Ruth03 Jun 194308 May 198330/04
Williams, Angela M.24 Aug 1968[No date]30/05Wed 23 Jun 1985
Shares marker with Timmy M. Williams
Williams, Timmy M.25 Mar 196809 Aug 199330/06Shares marker with Angela M. Williams
Williams, Shirley Marie17 Jun 193607 Apr 200730/07Valley Funeral Home Marker
Unknown[No date][No date]30/08[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]30/09[Unmarked]
Rogers, Children of Joe and Stella[No date][No date]30/10Seven little lambs across the bottom of the tombstone
Rogers, Earnest1923192730/11
Rogers, Daniel1921192130/12
Rogers, Pat1927192730/13
Rogers, Violet1929192930/14
Rogers, Peggy1933193330/15
Rogers, Lena1935193530/16
Rogers, Donald1937193730/17
Unknown[No date][No date]30/18[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date30/19[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]30/20[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]30/21[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]30/22[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]30/23[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]30/24[Unmarked]
Miller, Robert E.05 Jul 201004 Oct 198530/25SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
McNabb, David1966196630/26Old funeral home marker
McNabb, Jack O., Rev.1935200330/27
Woodfin, Larry Junior06 Apr 194806 Apr 1948
Woodfin, Beatrice E.11 Apr 192023 Mar 199431/02
Unknown[No date][No date]31/03[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]31/04[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]31/05[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]31/06Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]31/07[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]31/08[Unmarked]
Rogers, Lula B. Blevins[No date]27 Oct 191831/09Wife of Thos. Rogers
Age 20 years
Unknown[No date][No date]31/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]31/11Feildstone
Richardson, Robert R.28 Feb 199217 Apr 195931/12Shares marker with Rosa M. Richardson
Richardson, Rosa M.27 Nov 199013 Oct 198231/13Shares marker with Robert R. Richardson
Richardson, WoodrowNov 1916Nov 191631/14Funeral Home Marker
Richardson, JohnnyMay 1915Nov 191631/15Funeral Home Marker
Unknown[No date][No date]31/16Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]31/17[Unmarked]
? Pat D.12 Feb 192506 Dec 192831/18Old funeral home marker. Surname missing.
Unknown[No date][No date]31/19Concrete slab
Unknown[No date][No date]31/20Concrete slab
Unknown[No date][No date]31/21Concrete slab
Casey, Milburn “Will”27 Oct 190104 Sep 196431/22
McClellan, Wanda Sue Casey06 Dec 195004 Jul 197031/23
Casey, James William “Jay”03 Nov 196101 Sep 197231/24
Unknown[No date][No date]31/25[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]31/26[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]32/01[Unmarked]
Tipton, Lillie1912200232/02Erwin Memorial Funeral Home Marker
Rogers, Bonnie[No date][No date]32/03Hand lettered concrete marker
Rogers, Johnie[No date][No date]32/04“Son” Hand lettered concrete marker
Rogers, Alice[No date][No date]32/05“Mother” Hand lettered concrete marker
Rogers, James D.[No date][No date]32/06“Father” Hand lettered concrete marker
Rogers, Susie[No date][No date]32/07“Daughter” Hand lettered concrete marker
Unknown[No date][No date]32/08Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]32/09[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]32/10[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]32/11[Unmarked]
Unknown[No date][No date]32/12Cinder block
Unknown[No date][No date]32/13Fieldstone
Richardson, Luna06 Sep 192230 Apr 193632/14
Richardson, Margaret1939193932/15
Richardson, Fine B.1891196232/16Shares marker with J.S. Richardson
Richardson, J.S.1872195432/17Shares marker with Fine B. Richarson
Unknown[No date][No date]32/18Concrete block
Casey, Lucy1902192732/19
Unknown[No date][No date]32/20Concrete block
Unknown[No date][No date]32/21Concrete block covered in moss
Casey, Johnny E.1950198732/22
Unknown[No date][No date]33/01Unmarked
Unknown[No date][No date]33/02Unmarked
Miller, Dewey25 Jun 194824 Jun 199133/03
Unknown[No date][No date]33/04Unmarked
Hilton, David Oscar27 Sep 191717 Dec 197333/05GEORGIA
[Son of William Carson & Bessie Starnes Hilton]
Hilton, Jody Lee16 Dec 197127 Jan 198433/06Son
Hilton, Bessie S.25 Apr 188506 Apr 196333/07[Wife of William Carson Hilton]
Hilton, W.C.02 Feb 188407 Dec 195133/08[Son of John and Sarah Cooper Hilton]
Hilton, Joseph M.19111832 [1932]33/09Concrete marker with wrong death date
[Son of William Carson & Bessie Starnes Hilton]
Lockner, Rosie P.1933193333/10Age 1 MO 1 DAY
Unknown[No date][No date]33/11Unmarked
Richardson, Harold04 Oct 194121 Sep 201333/12Shares marker with Judie Richardson
Wed 10 Oct 1964
Richardson, Judie03 Jun 1946[No date]33/13Shares marker with Harold Richardson
Richardson, Carolyn20 Jan 194909 Sep 198733/14
Richardson, Alvin20 Apr 190215 Aug 196933/15Shares marker with Ida L. Richardson
Married 24 Apr 1926
Richardson, Ida L.08 Mar 190418 Apr 198333/16Shares marker with Alvin Richardson
Richardson, Loss16 Jun 189919 Sep 196633/17
Richardson, Norma[No date][No date]33/18Old funeral home market
Unknown[No date][No date]34/01
Tipton, Reber1924[Unreadable]34/02Marker very eroded
Unknown[No date][No date]34/03Concrete block
Unknown[No date][No date]34/04Concrete block
Unknown[No date][No date]34/05Concrete block
Unknown[No date][No date]34/06Concrete block
Smith, Kate Shorter02 Jun 201106 Feb 195934/07
Shorter, Eleen28 Aug 186328 Apr 194634/08
Shorter, Chas. Edward24 Sep 190103 Apr 193834/09
Shorter, Donal Ray23 Feb 193203 Jan 193334/10
Smith, Baby1946194634/11Infant son of Levia and Kate Smith
Casey, Henry Lee, Jr.07 Oct 194415 Sep 199934/12Wed 03 Sep 1965
Shares marker with Linda Kay Casey
Casey, Linda Kay11 Mar 1947[No date]34/13Shares marker with Henry Lee Casey, Jr.
Children, Teresa and Cindy; Grandchildren, Amber, Jessica
Casey, Alma J.20 Jun 191118 Nov 198234/14
Casey, Howard1931196934/15
Casey, Baby17 Apr 196018 Apr 196034/16
Unknown[No date][No date]35/01
Casey, Mamie21 Mar 190906 Mar 199635/02
Casey, Roscoe14 Aug 190631 Dec 198135/03
Peter, Madison Kaylee23 Feb 2004[Only one date]35/04Infant daughter of Rhonda and Danny Peter
Casey, Pat07 Nov 191111 Oct 197535/05Shares marker with Pearl Casey
Casey, Pearl25 Apr 191312 Apr 200335/06Shares marker with Pat Casey
Casey, Bessie D.1882196835/07
Casey, Charlie16 Jun 188119 Jun 194435/08
Wilson, Mable Casey25 May 191520 Mar 193635/09
Casey, Millard23 Jan 193420 Jun 193535/10
Casey, Henry Clay22 Nov 190801 Dec 199435/11
Broyles, Kyle E.10 Aug 196107 Mar 200235/12
Miller, Madge C.06 Jun 193416 Dec 199635/13
Casey, Grace M.10 Sep 193113 Sep 199335/14
Casey, Dolly L.16 May 195409 Mar 200535/15Shares marker with Robert L. Casey
Wed 13 Jan 1970
Casey, Roger L.02 Oct 195108 Feb 200435/16Shares marker with Dolly L. Casey
Rogers, Charlie L.07 Apr 190704 Nov 197036/01
Rogers, Nora[No date][No date]36/02Hand lettered concrete marker
Rogers, Jacob1882??9336/03Hand lettered concrete marker
Rogers, Roline C.05 Apr 190527 Jan 198736/04Share marker with Geroge W. Rogers
Rogers, George W.30 Jan 190913 Dec 198936/05Shares marker with Roline C. Rogers
Rogers, Lena C.05 Mar 193020 Mar 193036/06
Rogers, Joe17 Jun 189807 Mar 199536/07Shares marker with Stella Rogers
Rogers, Stella29 Feb 190411 Oct 197136/08Shares marker with Joe Rogers
Rogers, Joe David17 Nov 185929 Jun 192836/09Shares marker with Rebecca Huskins Rogers
Rogers, Rebecca Huskins22 Feb 186431 Mar 194036/10Shares marker with Joe David Rogers
Casey, Clifford11 Feb 196026 Apr 198636/11
Casey, Clint22 Jul 189005 Jul 194936/12Shares marker with Bessie Sams Casey
Casey, Bessie Sams27 Nov 189423 Jun 198936/13Shares marker with Clint Casey
Casey, Billy Allen26 Nov 196408 Jul 198136/14
Casey, Sadie B.19 Mar 191028 Feb 200836/15Shares marker with Roy Casey
Casey, Roy16 Apr 190825 Jan 194836/16Shares marker with Sadie B. Casey
Starnes, Florence L.1892192836/17Ledford Funeral Home Marker
Richardson, Marvin24 Jun 195710 Jun 201036/18
Richardson, Bridgett May1982[No date]36/19Shares marker base with Chasity M. Richardson
Richardson, Chasity, M.1983[No date]36/20Shares marker base with Bridgett May Richardson
Blevins, Brian Keith[No date][No date]36/21
Unknown[No date][No date]36/22Granite Block
Lane, Kenneth Ray[No date][No date]36/23
Rogers, Danielle M.24 Jan 198425 Jan 198437/01Inf Dau of Danny and Sharon Rogert
Unknown[No date][No date]37/02
Rogers, Alexander Ezra21 May 191525 Apr 199637/03PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Shares marker with Dolly Ruth Rogers
Rogers, Dolly Ruth09 Jan 192719 Jan 199337/04Married 01 Aug 1942
Shares marker with Alexander Ezra Rogers
Story, Joseph Jerry16 Oct 192506 Jan 201137/05Married 23 Mar 1946
Shares marker with Jessie Lockner Story
Story, Jessie Lockner03 Jun 1925[No date]37/06Shares marker with Joseph Jerry Story
Story, Janie M. Laws12 Jul 195002 Dec 200937/07Shares marker with Charles L. “Pete” Story
Story, Charles L. “Pete”13 Jul 1950[No date]37/08Shares marker with Janie M. Laws Story
Taylor, Addie08 May 191623 Nov 201237/09
Taylor, Robert Clint12 Apr 191822 Mar 198737/10
Taylor, Michael Clint08 Sep 195120 Sep 197537/11
Unknown1925192737/12Old Funeral Home Marker
Casey, JamesJul 1875Apr 196737/13
Casey, Dora FowlerDec 1885Jan 197237/14
Casey, Zack12 Aug 191911 Nov 196937/15Hand lettered concrete marker
Richardson, Paul10 Oct 192410 Jul 198137/16Shares marker with Charlotte “Charlie” Richardson
Richardson, Charlotte “Charlie”01 Dec 193411 Jul 200737/17Shares marker with Paul Richardson
Richardson, Timmy A.24 May 196127 May 196137/18
Unknown[No date][No date]37/19Concrete marker
Paskevich, Jewell R. Hicks23 Jun 194003 Jun 197437/20
Richardson, Myrtle C.16 May 1919[No date]37/21Shares marker with James A. Richardson
Richardson, James A.08 Dec 191806 Apr 198837/22Shares marker with Myrtle C. Richardson
Richardson, Opal1931201137/23Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home Marker
Richardson, Johnnie L.04 Oct 192020 Mar 198337/24US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Richardson, Daniel1981200137/25Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home Marker
Greene, Brenda1948200637/26Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home Marker
Greene, Robert[No date][No date]37/27Reserved
Dunbar, Billy Gene “Bud”28 Apr 193828 Feb 201137/28Hand lettered marker
Bowman, Howard03 May 192124 Feb 199237/29Hand lettered marker and Valley Funeral Home Marker
Robinson, Rebecca K.21 Jul 1939[No date]37/30Shares marker with James W. Robinson
Robins, James W.19 Jun 194420 Aug 200337/31Shares marker with Rebecca K. Robinson
Robinson, Timithy Wayne22 Aug 197015 Oct 199937/32Father of Josh and Jessie; Stepfather of Wesley and Jackie
Street, Richard A.11 Aug 196515 Dec 200337/33
Street, Angela Crystal18 May 198711 Jan 199137/34Sissy, our baby
Rogers, Dwight Freddy11 Sep 194606 Apr 199338/01US ARMY VIETNAM
Shares marker with Barbara Jean Rogers
Rogers, Barbara Jean20 Jan 1952[No date]38/02Married 18 Nov 1971
Shares marker with Dwight Freddy Rogers
Unknown[No date][No date]38/03Unmarked
Wilson, Floyd05 Sep 193223 Apr 200938/04Shares marker with Mable L. Wilson
Wilson, Mable L.05 Jul 1934[No date]38/05Shares marker with Floyd Wilson
Miller, Dean Hensley13 Sep 190318 Mar 199838/06
Hensley, Elihu A.01 Oct 187817 Nov 196238/07Shares marker with Fannie W. Hensley
Hensley, Fannie W.17 Dec 188019 Sep 197338/08Shares marker with Elihu A. Hensley
Bailey, E.J.1929201138/09Appalachian Funeral Home Marker
Richardson, Jesse, Sr.19 Feb 193023 Jul 199538/10SGT US AIR FORCE KOREA, VIETNAM
Shares marker with Juanita B. Richardson
Richardson, Jaunita B.08 Mar 193423 Oct 200738/11Married 11 Jan 1954
Shares marker with Jess E. Richardson, Sr.
Robinson, Clyde1946201438/12Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home
Unknown[No date][No date]39/01Unmarked
Unknown[No date][No date]39/02Unmarked
Story, Angel Joy11 Aug 198811 Aug 198839/03
Wilson, Herbert W., Rev.04 Jan 193128 Nov 199539/04Shares marker with Thelma L. Wilson
Wilson, Thelma L.24 Oct 193314 Jul 200539/05Shares marker with Rev. Herbert W. Wilson
Wilson, Howard29 Mar 1935[No date]39/06Wed 24 Dec 1975
Shares marker with Wanda Wilson
Wilson, Wanda19 Jul 194002 Jul 200239/07Shares marker with Howard Wilson
Wilson, Martha09 Apr 194203 Aug 198539/08
Wilson, Sol20 May 190020 Mar 197539/09
Wilson, Lettie C.25 Aug 190419 Feb 196839/10
Wilson, Randy F.1962196239/11
Miller, Kenneth1942201339/12Erwin Memorial Funeral Home Marker
Long, Josephine Hensley15 Sep 191408 Oct 198939/13
Williford, Lee Roy12 Jan 196712 Jan 196739/14
King, Joan C.04 Nov 194720 Jul 200739/15
Casey, Oscar1926199139/16US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Smith, Earnest1923200339/17Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home Marker
Casey, Wanda C.30 Aug 195916 Jan 200039/18Shares marker with Lyaman K. Casey
Casey, Laymon K.08 May 1954[No date]39/19Shares marker with Wanda C. Casey
Rogers, Maggie1910199739/20Valley Funeral Home Marker
Barnett, Park1914196240/01
Barnett, Sue L.16 May 191714 Oct 200040/02Sue Baby
Williford, Bobby e.02 Jun 193504 Dec 200440/03Shares marker with Sara H. Williford
Williford, Sara H. “Patsy”18 Sep 193830 Sep 200940/04Shares marker with Bobby E. Williford
Matherly, Robert Eugene1962200940/05Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home Marker
Briggs, Leila M.03 Apr 1941[06 Nov 2014]40/06Shares marker with Dorsey L. Briggs
Briggs, Dorsey L.22 Dec 193604 Sep 201040/07Shares marker with Lelia M. Briggs
Williford, Johnny Lee18 Jun 199103 Nov 199240/08
Unknown[No date][No date]40/09Unmarked
Unknown[No date][No date]40/10Unmarked
Bowman, Jerry Wayne16 Sep 194817 Mar 201041/01
Unknown[No date][No date]41/02
Bearfield, Dewey A.25 Nov 192915 Aug 200441/03Shares marker with Ada M. Bearfield
Bearfield, Ada M.02 Apr 1932[No date]41/04Married 14 Jul 1951
Shares marker with Dewey A. Bearfield
Blevins, Emery J.05 May 190227 Dec 197541/05Shares marker with Judneal L. Blevins
Blevins, Judneal L.24 Jan 190704 May 198541/06Married 30 Sep 1923
Shares marker with Emery J. Blevins
Story Michael B.15 Apr 195708 Aug 197841/07Son
Shares marker with Peggy E. Willifiord
Williford, Peggy E.20 Aug 196208 Aug 197841/08Daughter
Shares marker with Michael B. Story
Story, Joseph Marion22 Mar 189409 Jul 196741/09Shares marker with Myrtle Helton
[Son of Samuel and Geneva Poore Story
Married 08 Aug 1915]
Story, Myrtle Helton09 Apr 189921 Jan 197441/10Shares marker with Joseph Marion Story
[Daughter of Jeremiah and Sarah Owens Helton]
Story, Lucy B. [Hilton]1920199541/11[Wife of Lionel Preston Story] Valley Funeral Home Marker
Story, Lionel P.1916197841/12PFC US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Emery, Nellie Bernice Story14 May 194217 Aug 198141/13
Morrow, Lisa L.02 Mar 196618 Oct 200841/14
Graham, Julia A.06 Jun 195730 Jan 200441/15Married 28 Jul 1978
Shares marker with Donald R. Graham
Graham, Donald R.09 Jan 1954[No date]41/16Shares marker with Julia A. Graham
Unknown[No date][No date]41/17Unmarked
Next 17 are on the South side with markers facing south.
Casey, Glen23 Oct 193231 Jan 199942/01
Casey, Eula1943200642/02
Unknown[No date][No date]42/03
Porter, Jerry G.19 Apr 195605 Jan 199742/04
Shivery, David C.24 Apr 198607 Jun 199442/05
Unknown[No date][No date]42/06Unmarked
Unknown[No date][No date]42/07Unmarked
Unknown[No date][No date]42/08Unmarked
Unknown[No date][No date]42/09Unmarked
Unknown[No date][No date]42/10Unmarked
Wilson, Clarence26 Oct 191428 Jan 200142/11Shares marker base with Gladys Wilson
Wilson, Gladys28 Jul 1931[No date]42/12Shares marker base with Clarence Wilson
Richardson, Anna K.14 Apr 1937[No date]42/13Shares marker with Fred E. Richardson
Richardson, Fred E.11 May 193711 Oct 199242/14US ARMY KOREA
Shares marker with Anna K. Richardson
Richardson, Richard Rickie09 Sep 196330 Dec 200942/15
Lane, Violet L.17 Jan 1928[No date]42/16Married 28 Feb 1945 Shares marker with Charles Lane.
Lane, Charles “Ed”18 Jan 192118 Nov 199542/17Shares marker with Violet L. Lane
Lane, David29 Jan 195121 May 199242/18
Hatcher, Mary A.1923198843/01Funeral Home Marker
Hatcher, Dennis M.12 Jan 194819 Mar 200943/02
Unknown[No date][No date]43/03Unmarked
Unknown[No date][No date]43/04Unmarked
Unknown[No date][No date]43/05Unmarked
Unknown[No date][No date]43/05Unmarked
Unknown[No date][No date]43/06Unmarked
Story, Gladys Louise08 Mar 192830 Dec 199543/07
Story, Julian Hobert22 Jun 192320 Sep 198043/08TEC5 US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Hilton, Ralph B.1915199543/09Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home Marker
Unknown[No date][No date]43/10Unmarked
Story, Richard H.10 Aug 194116 Mar 200043/11
Story, R. Allen14 May 196311 Apr 200143/12
Turske, Eliza H.28 Dec 190426 Mar 199243/13Son and Daughter in Law the Late Dean R and Dorothy “Toots”; Grand daughter Joyce Huskins
Tipton, John G.26 May 191101 Jul 198944/01Shares marker with Nola R. Tipton
Tipton, Nola R.05 Jul 190809 Nov 199144/02Shares marker with John G. Tipton
Hilton, Henry Clay05 Nov 192704 Oct 199845/01US NAVY MARINE CORPS US NAVY KOREA
[Son of William Carson and Bessie Starnes Hilton]
Hilton, Jane Ann [Brooks]12 Oct 1935[No date]45/02Shares marker with Henry Clay Hilton
Miller, Daniel Jack25 Dec 192620 Oct 199646/01SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II KOREA
Shares marker with Margaret L. Miller
Miller, Margaret L.03 Oct 1926[No date]46/02Shares marker with Daniel Jack Miller
Miller, Tommy L.19 May 193123 Jan 198746/03Shares marker with Rebecca M. Miller
Miller, Rebecca M.20 Feb 1937[No date]46/04Shares marker with Tommy L. Miller
Casey, Paul Clifford19 Oct 193101 Jan 198946/05US ARMY KOREA
Hyder, Pamela Ann Casey07 May 196431 Dec 200246/06
Shell, Karen Elaine Casey1967200346/07Valley Funeral Home Marker

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