Bostian (George) Cemetery 2001

Bostian (George) Cemetery

At the end of Hickory Springs Road SW (2135), walk up the logging road until it forks, take the left side. The road follows along a spring branch. At the next fork in the road, keep on the right side. Walk for about 11 minutes until you come to the top of the ridge and pass a fence. Turn left and continue the climb. After about 20 minutes of walking from Hickory Springs Rd, the cemetery is on the left. You can see the beginning of Buffalo Mountain at this spot. It is fenced with wire and has a wooden gate. There are large boxwood shrubs around the graves. The top of a large pine tree had fallen across the fence and broke off the left arm of a concrete cross. The two concrete vaults are about 24 inches high. George Bostian’s vault is very wide. Ida Bostian’s marker is made of bricks. Large barrels of bricks and sand are inside the fence. Two modern markers have been placed on top of the vaults.

GEORGE H. BOSTIAN, 27 Jun 1864 – 4 Jun 1955

IDA BOSTIAN, 2 Mar 1886 – 22 May 1928

Surveyed, transcribed and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web November 2001 by Jack Cox, Dawn Peters, and Betty Jane Hylton members of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

Copyrighted 2012 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.

Additional information:

Washington County, TN Will Books:

Book 288, p.330: 14 May 1955 — George Bostian to Olas Boston (son) for $10.00 and his love & affection, in the 9th Civil District.

Book 249, p.401: 23 October 1948 — Lessie L. Bostian to George H Bostian (husband) for $1.00 and his love & affection.

Washington County, TN Deed Book 216, p.99: 31 October 1938, State of Tennessee Commissioner of Finance & Taxtation to Lessie L. Boston. Record 7 Apr. 1942.

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