Bethesda Methodist Church Cemetery

Located at 4708 Cherokee Road, Jonesborough, Tennessee.

GPS: 36.17.363N 082.12.510W

The cemetery was surveyed from east to west. There are many graves marked only with field stones and many unmarked graves.


Greene, M. Maude1916197201/01Shares marker with William R. Greene
Greene, Wililam R.1907198801/02Shares marker with M. Maude Greene
Edward, Mary Ella21 Dec 191628 Jan 200002/01
Walters, Kenneth E.07 Aug 194231 Dec 200202/02
Teague, Maude W.01 May 1920[No date]02/03Shares marker with James H. Teague
Teague, James H.23 Feb 192017 Nov 200002/04Shares marker with Maude W. Teagues
Teague, Richard M.17 Apr 195301 Jun 200002/05US AIR FORCE
Teague, Scott O.21 Aug 195122 Jul 198302/06SP4 US ARMY
Archer, Miriam J.30 Jan 1928[No date]02/07Wed 9 Nov 1947 Shares marker with Richard M. Archer
Archer, Richard M.27 Jun 191723 Feb 200402/08US ARMY WORLD WAR II Shares marker with Mariam J. Archer
Archer, Pauline M.05 Aug 1933[No date]02/01Shares marker with Robert “Bob” W. Archer
Archer, Robert “Bob” W.10 Feb 192005 Jun 200902/10US ARMY WORLD WAR II Bronze Star Medal Purple Heart. Shares marker with Pauline M. Archer.
Poore, Norman G.14 Dec 191426 Jul 196503/01Shares marker with Pear E. Poore
Poore, Pearl E.04 Jul 192015 Jun 200303/02Shares marker with Norman G. Poore
Freeman, J.F.30 May 189228 Oct 196603/03Shares marker with M.T. Freeman
Freeman, M.T.07 Apr 189611 Mar 196703/04Shares marker with J.F. Freeman
Watson, Cora I.22 Jul 189629 Jun 196703/05Shares marker with Ped E. Watson
Watson, Ped E.22 Dec 188505 Jan 196803/06Shares marker with Cora I. Watson
Cooper, Josh24 Jun 197818 Oct 199303/07Joshua Glenn Cooper Precious son of Gary G. and Janie Cooper Romans 8:37-39
Cooper, Virginia A.1926199303/08Shares marker with Emitte Glen Cooper
Cooper, Emitte Glen1926197503/09Shares marker with Virginia A. Cooper
Keplinger, Velma R.23 Jan 192404 Sep 200704/01Married 15 Mar 1947 Shares marker with Ralph E. Keplinger
Keplinger, Ralph E.17 Apr 191321 Apr 200604/02Shares marker with Velma R. Keplinger
Cooper, Sara A.25 Oct 191731 Dec 199604/03Shares marker with Vasco Cooper
Cooper, Vasco31 May 191304 Mar 199004/04Shares marker with Sara A. Cooper
Phipps, Bella D.26 Sep 1903[12 Feb 2001]04/05Shares marker with Frank. W. Phipps
Phipps, Frank W.09 Jul 190418 Jun 199704/06Shares marker with Bella D. Phipps
Henley, Mary Ruth23 Feb 1924[30 Apr 2006]04/07Shares marker with Frank S. Henley
Henley, Frank S.04 Apr 192209 Jul 200104/08Shares marker with Mary Ruth Henley
Keplinger, Robert W.17 Sep 197026 Mar 197104/09Son of Larry & Mae Keplinger
Tipton, Sank1880196505/01Shares marker with Ethel Tipton
Tipton, Ethel1894198205/02Shares marker with Sank Tipton
Butler, Karen T.16 Jan 195402 Jan 200705/03Married 3 Nov 1973 Shares marker with Gary L. Butler
Butler, Gary L.18 Apr 1953[No date]05/04Shares marker with Karen T. Butler
Brown, Clemmie Irene11 May 189225 Mar 197105/05
Anderson, Hazel18 Aug 191104 Mar 197105/06
Anderson, William Howard05 Jul 191209 Dec 198205/07
[?] Alexander[Only one date]18 Jul 197305/08Infant son of Max & Rita
Deakins, Deane06 Mar 190527 Dec 199005/09
Yates, Edith E.1922[No date]05/10Shares marker with John L. Yates
Yates, John L.1916197905/11Shares marker with Edith E. Yates
Harold, Ruth Bradley04 May 192821 Jul 197305/12
Harold, Norman A.01 Mar 192502 Dec 200705/13
Broyles, A. Louis10 Feb 192716 Nov 200205/14Shares marker with N. Ruth Broyles
Broyles, N. Ruth29 Oct 192626 Mar 200105/15Married 10 Jul 1944 Shares marker with A. Louis Broyles
Broyles, Mildred A.1927[No date]05/16Married 9 Jun 1945 Shares marker with R. Lawrence Broyles
Broyles, R. Lawrence1924198605/17Shares marker with Mildred A. Broyles
Brown, Mary I.23 Jan 191331 Oct 197005/18Shares marker with Thomas S. Brown
Brown, Thomas S.18 Oct 190931 Oct 197005/19CMDR US NAVY Shares marker with Mary I. Brown
Brown, Lillian M.06 Jun 188918 Nov 196805/20Shares marker with Charles V. Brown
Brown, Charles V.25 Jul 188131 Oct 196905/21Shares marker with Lillian M. Brown
Shanks, Roy Hartsell15 Apr 189113 Feb 197106/01Shares marker with Lillie Mae Shanks
Shanks, Lillie Mae24 Sep 190629 Jan 199506/02Shares marker with Roy Hartsell Shanks
Hensley, Berry E.18 May 188315 Nov 197006/03Shares marker with Melda E. Hensley
Hensley, Melda E.22 Jul 188928 Nov 197106/04Shares marker with Berry E. Hensley
Cloyd, Jennifer Renae18 Feb 197702 Jul 199306/05
Bell, Elizabeth A.18 Jun 1923[No date]06/06Wed 23 May 1952 Shares marker with Edgar M. Bell
Bell, Edgar M.04 Aug 191731 Jul 199906/07SGT US ARMY AIR FORCES WORLD WAR II Shares marker with Elizabeth A. Bell
Bell, Marion H. 1965196506/08
Reed, Beatrice Guinn19 Oct 1936[No date]07/01Shares marker with Bill Allen Reed
Reed, Bill Allen15 Dec 193410 Feb 198907/02Shares marker with Beatrice Guinn Reed
Reed, David Allen03 Apr 197618 May 199407/03
Story, Lonnie08 Jul 189524 Mar 197108/01Shares marker with Laura Story
Story, Laura16 Nov 1895[8 Nov 1990]08/02Shares marker with Lonnie Story
Campbell, Sadie L.31 Jul 1934[No date]08/03Shares marker with E. Lynn Campbell
Campbell, E. Lynn14 Oct 193416 Aug 200308/04Shares marker with Sadie L. Campbell
Jennings, Mary R.1918[No date]08/05Shares marker with John Tate Jennings
Jennings, John Tate1913197408/06Shares marker with Mary R. Jennings
Reed, Eddie Lee11 Sep 193922 Apr 200808/07A!C US AIR FORCE
Reed, Ina W.1917197608/08Shares marker with Harry F. Reed.
Reed, Harry F.1916197608/09Shares marker with Ina W. Reed
Pearson, Peggy J.28 Jan 193427 Dec 199308/10
Pearson, Ray Dean, Jr.02 Apr 195428 Mar 200308/11Wed 15 Jan 1993 Shares marker with Brenda Barnes Pearson
Pearson, Brenda Barnes24 Jun 1960[No date]08/12Shares marker with Ray Dean Pearson, Jr.
Payne, Michael A.09 Oct 199006 Nov 200808/13
Reed, Ramona27 May 193431 May 201008/14Shares marker with Dana Dorlan Reed
Reed, Dana Dorlan21 Apr 192712 Jul 200408/15US NAVY WORLD WAR II Shares marker with Ramona Reed
Reed, Ruby J.1920[No date]08/16Shares marker with James Bruce Reed. Ruby died in Reno, NV in 1998
Reed, James B.1919198208/17S SGT US AIR FORCE WORLD WAR II KOREA Shares marker with Ruby J. Reed
Reed, Susan D.09 Sep 189505 Oct 197708/18Shares marker with J. Byrd Reed
Reed, J. Byrd05 Dec 189310 Mar 197608/19Shares marker with Susan D. Reed
Curran, Baby[Only one date]31 Jul 194408/20
Tapp, William H.17 May 183212 Jun 191209/01Shares marker with Catherine E. Tapp
Tapp, Catherine E.12 Mar 183430 Jan 192609/02Shares marker with William H. Tapp.
C. E.[No date][No date]09/03Footstone
Unknown[No date][No date]09/04Fieldstone
Tapp, Annie J.1878[No date]09/05Shares marker with Louis C. Tapp
Tapp, Louis C.1874194909/06Shares marker with Annie J. Tapp
Unknowns[No dates][No dates]Several unmarked graves
Kilby, Wm E.04 May 1844? 188809/07Broken marker flat on ground.
Yates, W.H.[No date][No date]09/08
Phillips, Amy Leigh20 May 197019 Nov 200609/09
Bradley, Paul J05 Aug 192330 Mar 201009/10US NAVY WORLD WAR II
Bradley, Ruby Kitzmiller16 Jul 1925[No date]09/11Shares marker with John Albert Bradley
Bradley, John Albert15 Jun 191508 Feb 198709/12CPL US ARMY AIR CORPS WORLD WAR II Shares marker with Ruby Kitzmiller Bradley
Bradley, Rosy Nell1897198209/13Shares marker with Ralph W. Bradley
Bradley, Ralph W.1893193009/14Shares marker with Rosy Nell Bradley
Bradley, Mark Lee[Only one date]192609/15Infant
Bradley, Richard L.1918191909/16
Bradley, Myra L.01 Jul 1924[No date]09/17Shares marker with Billie J. Bradley
Bradley, Billy J.20 Feb 192912 Apr 199909/18Shares marker with Myra L. Bradley
Bradley, Omer J.[Only one date]17 Jun 192209/19Infant
Bradley, Annalee (Kep)1893191509/20
Bradley, Mat L.07 May 189004 Nov 195709/21TENNESSEE SGT UTILITIES BR QMC WORLD WAR I Shares marker with Dora A. Bradley
Bradley, Dora A.10 Jun 189612 Jun 198109/22Shares marker with Mat L. Bradley
Bradley, Lewis A. “Bob”19 Apr 193226 Feb 197409/24
Elliott, Walter Clifton03 Oct 189606 Jul 194010/01
Howell, Fannie B.20 Aug 190327 Dec 192810/02
Taylor, Virginia Beatrice11 Dec 190801 May 192110/03[18 May 1921; Pts.: Porter Madison Taylor and Eliza Ann Linville Taylor]
Taylor, Martin Luther04 Jun 191001 Jun 192110/04[4 Jun 1921; Pts.: Porter Madison Taylor and Eliza Ann Linville Taylor]
Taylor, Lucy Ethel06 Feb 192001 May 192110/05[11 May 1921; Pts.: Porter Madison Taylor and Eliza Ann Linville Taylor]
Taylor, Charley Byrd20 Feb 191801 May 192110/06[24 May 1921; Pts.: Porter Madison Taylor and Eliza Ann Linville Taylor]
Taylor, Ernest Madison31 Aug 192931 Aug 192910/07
Aldridge, Clarence[Only one date]193410/08Son of Mr. & Mrs. Robert Aldridge]
Cash, Robert B.[Only one date]26 Feb 194010/09
Cash, Gary Wayne[Only one date]05 Jun 194810/10
Cash, James O.24 Oct 191422 Jun 195310/11Shares marker with Lois L. Cash
Cash, Lois L.27 Mar 191624 Jan 199410/12Shares marker with James O. Cash
Aldridge, Robert L.1894196510/13Shares marker with Loma T. Aldridge
Aldridge, Loma T. 1898198910/14Shares marker with Robert L. Aldridge
Unknown[No date][No date]11/01Fieldstone
Banks, Edgar26 Dec 192428 May 195411/02
Foster, John Franklin25 Jan 187023 Mar 192311/03Shares marker with Minnie Belle Moore Foster
Foster, Minnie Belle Moore11 Sep 187420 May 193911/04Shares marker with John Franklin Foster
Foster, James B.01 Nov 189708 Sep 195011/05
Farmer, Bobby1932193211/06
Foster, Brownlow F.19 Mar 191030 Sep 197311/07
Foster, Macy Jewell “Dolly”24 Aug 190713 Jan 199211/08
Walker, Nora E.1893196611/09
Walker, James R.1888196211/10
Walker, Cassie T.1856193711/11
Walker, Billy A.1923193511/12
Walker, Infant Son[No date][No date]11/13Son of James and Ethel Walker
Johnson, Mamie R.1900198112/01Shares marker with James A. Johnson
Johnson, James A.1886195212/02Shares marker with Mamie R. Johnson
Renfro, Vivian M.20 Mar 1933[No date]12/03Married 26 Jan 1953. Shares marker with Rev. Arthur Renfro
Renfro, Arthur, Rev.29 Sep 193005 Aug 200712/04SN US NAVY Shares marker with Vivian M. Renfro
Travis, Alfred A.17 Jul 191626 Oct 196912/05SGT DET of PATIENTS WORLD WAR II
Travis, Thomas J.01 Oct 192509 Oct 196312/06TENNESSEE CPL US MARINE CORPS RES WORLD WAR II
Travis, Ernest S.1899194712/07Shares marker with Flora B. Brown Travis
Travis, Flora B. Brown1899[No date]12/08Shares marker with Ernest S. Travis
Brown, Elizabeth M.24 May 187921 May 195712/09Shares marker with David H. Brown
Brown, David H.12 Jun 187929 Mar 195712/10Shares marker with Elizabeth M. Brown
Freeman George A.31 Dec 186214 Mar 193412/11Shares marker with Alice Freeman
Freeman, Alice03 Jan 186512 Nov 191112/12Shares marker with George A. Freeman. Their children: Anna May June 26, 1888; Bennie Feb. 6 1894; Henry Dec 11, 1896; Jennie June 11, 1898; Sarah Aug 8, 1903; Howard Apr 27 1905; Edith May 5, 1910
Elliott, Hezekiah T.10 Jul 184528 Dec 192312/13CO. I 13 TENN. CAV./Pvt. Co. E 13th Tenn. Calv.
Elliott, Katherine [No date][No date]12/14Shares marker with Hezekiah T. Elliott
Treadway, James18 Sep 187313 Feb 190613/1Shares marker with Elbert Treadway [Born Apr 1861, died 22 Jan 1935; father, Steve Cole]
Treadway, Elbert16 Feb 186822 Aug 190613/2Shares marker with James Treadway
Unknown[No date][No date]13/3Fieldstone
Dent, Irene[No date][No date]13/4Daughter of Win. T. & Elizabeth E. Dent. Aged 8 Mos. 7 Ds
White, J.P.1850193114/1
White, Nannie E. Howren09 Jun 185011 Nov 192414/2Wife of J.P. White
White, James E.08 Apr 187229 Aug 191314/3
White, Samuel M.12 Jul 186201 Jan 191314/4
White, Carl15 Jun 190914 Sep 190914/5Son of P.K. And Ethel White
White, Naomi13 Apr 187828 Aug 190314/6Daughter of J.P. And N.E. White
White, Jacob H.[No date]13 Mar 190014/7Aged 75 Yrs. 5 Mos. 3 Ds
White, Elizabeth03 Jan 183003 May 190614/8Wife of Jacob H. White
Kilby, Belle24 Mar 187921 Mar 190714/9Daughter of W.E. And M.A. Kilby
M C[No date][No date]14/10Initials only on fieldstone
Tipton, Ben H.15 Sep 188918 Sep 192814/11
Unknown[No date][No date]14/12Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]14/13Fieldstone
Stewart, Arthur D.1894190014/14
Stewart, Gladys1905190514/15
Stewart, Katherine1907190815/16
Stewart. Glenn R.23 Sep 189905 Oct 192315/17
Stewart, Wm. Gudger23 Apr 187222 Feb 192915/18
Stewart, John B., Sr.15 Jun 191507 Feb 199115/19
Stewart, Maggie Lee04 Aug 187424 Jul 196215/20
Stewart, Zillah G.26 Oct 191201 Sep 192915/21
Tucker, Walter C.10 Jan 190420 Apr 198616/1
Tucker, Dewitt Talmadge08 Jan 191203 Dec 198116/2US NAVY WORLD WAR II
Tucker, George W.Nov 1868Mar 194516/3CPL 6 US VOL INF SP AM WAR
Tucker, Fannie W. “Granny”14 Oct 188025 Jan 196716/4
Belle, Richard G.03 Aug 195116 Aug 195116/5Son of H.E. & Callie Belle
Kilby, Mary A.20 Jun 184930 Nov 192616/6
Kilby, Wm. E.04 May 184411 May 188816/7
Kilby, Infant09 Jul 188009 Jul 188016/8Dau. Of W.E. and M.A. Kilby
Unknown[No date][No date]16/9Maker broken and eroded
Unknown[No date][No date]16/10Piece of marker
Unknown[No date][No date]16/11Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]16/12Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date[16/13Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]16/14Fieldstone
Wilson, Ethel Fine16 Jun 189219 Jan 196016/15
Wilson, Johnny B.26 Sep 192225 Dec 197616/16Y 2C US NAVY WORLD WAR II
Bolton, Pauline T.1908199516/17
Bolton, Vestal F.1906194316/18
Weatherford, Nancy E. Lethco18 Oct 190119 Jan 195117/1
Unknown[No date][No date]17/2Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]17/3Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]17/4Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]17/5Fieldstone
Wilson, Elihu Embree1834191017/6Shares marker with Ella Neivling Wilson
Wilson, Ella Neivling1842191517/7Shares marker with Elihu Embree Wilson
Wilson, Florence1865190217/8Shares marker with Charles, Infant Daughter, Mary Ella, Maggie & Clara
Wilson, Charles1861188117/9Shares marker with Florence, Infant Daughter, Mary Ella, Maggie & Clara
Wilson, Infant Daughter1881188117/10Shares marker with Florence, Charles, Mary Ella, Maggie & Clara
Wilson, Mary Ella1882188317/11Shares marker with Flrence, Charles, Infant Daughter, Maggie, & Clara
Wilson, Maggie1873187417/12Shares marker with Florence, Charles, Infant Daughter, Mary Ella & Clara
Wilson, Clara1867187117/13Shares marker with Florence, Charles, Infant Daughter, Mary Ella & Maggie
Unknown[No date][No date]17/14Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]17/15Fieldstone
Tipton, Lewis10 Jul 186331 Aug 194617/16Shares marker with Mollie Tipton
Tipton, Mollie07 Jun 186722 Feb 194017/17Shares marker with Lewis Tipton
Handlon, Janie C.1885197217/18
Roberts, Frances Elzora21 Apr 193421 Apr 193417/19Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Roberts
Roberts, Mary Ann15 Jul 193504 Feb 193617/20Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Roberts
Unknown[No date][No date]17/21Broken marker flat on ground & eroded
Miller, Theodore Alford26 Apr 191704 Mar 197517/22CPL US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Unknown[No date][No date]17/23Fieldstone
MOTHER[No date][No date]17/24No other information on marker
Unknown[No date][No date]17/25Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]17/26Fieldstone
Presnell, Infant1923192317/27
Presnell, Mollie L1878191617/28
Presnell, James S.1872191017/29
Phipps, Sallie K. Angline1882191017/30
Phipps, Carrie1895191717/31
Presnell, Bertie J.1895191817/32
Phipps, Sidney M.G.1856193917/33
Unknown[No date][No date]18/1Broken marker
Unknown[No date][No date]18/2Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]18/3Broken & eroded marker
Unknown[No date][No date]18/4Eroded marker
Humphreys, Emmetta04 Aug 184703 Jan 193018/5
Brown, John Jacob1877194618/6Shares marker with Cornelia Fondren Brown
Brown, Cornelia Fondren1882196518/7Shares marker with John Jacob Brown
Brown, William Franklin24 Jun 187521 Oct 196818/8
Brown, Thomas J.W., Dr.02 Oct 186715 Oct 194318/9Shares marker with Genevieve Arnold Brown
Brown, Genevieve Arnold14 May 186910 Apr 195018/10Shares marker with Dr. Thomas J.W. Brown
Brown, John Jacob23 Feb 184015 Dec 192718/11Shares marker with Esther Eliza Wilson Brown
Brown, Esther Eliza Wilson17 Aug 184211 Jan 190418/12Shares marker with John Jacob Brown
Pearce, Herman Willard13 Sep 188517 Nov 196018/13Shares marker with Mariah Louisa Brown Pearce
Pearce, Mariah Louisa Brown19 Jan 188328 May 198318/14Shares marker with Herman Willard Pearce
Pearce, Esther Louisa10 Feb 192407 Feb 196618/15Dau. Of Herman W. & Louisa B. Pearce
Buchanan, George W.1911197518/16Pvt. US ARMY WORLD WAR II Shares marker with Ella Rowena Pearce
Buchanan, Ella Rowena Pearce14 Apr 192117 Oct 200318/17
French, Jessica Buchanan20 Mar 190223 Jan 198018/19
Orton, Detless J.04 Apr 190207 Oct 197619/1
I L W[No date][No date]19/2Broken & eroded marker with only three letters.
Unknown[No date][No date]19/3Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]19/4Broken & eroded marker
Unknown[No date][No date]19/5Broken & eroded marker on the ground
Unknown[No date][No date]19/6Eroded marker
Unknown[No date][No date]19/7Broken & eroded marker
N W[No date][No date]19/8Eroded marker with only two letters
Williams, Isaac01 Mar 179126 Nov 186619/9Shares marker with Nancy Williams
Williams, Nancy14 Apr 179327 Oct 186719/10Shares marker with Isaac Williams
Unknown[No date][No date]19/11Fieldstone
Estep, Alfred09 Mar 183805 Jul 191219/12
Eastep, Eliza F.28 Sept 1856[No date]19/13Marker broken Aged 34 Yrs. 10 Mos. [Died 28 Jul 1891]
Brown, Mattie Rebecca06 Oct 187327 Mar 190119/14
Wilson, Thomas Jefferson24 May 181120 Dec 189719/15
Wilson, Eliza Embree21 Jul 180415 [Feb] 188719/16Wife of Thomas J. Wilson Broken & eroded marker
Cox, Hugh Miller22 Jan 188708 May 193919/17Shares marker with Ella Starr Brown
Cox, Ella Starr Brown10 Jul 188710 Mar 195519/18Shares marker with Hugh Miller Cox
Cartwright, Annie C.01 Oct 185010 Jun 189719/19Wife of C.W. Cartwright
Salts, J.D.03 Sep 185927 Sep 193619/20
Glover, J.C.09 Nov 185405 Jul 191919/21
Jackson, Claud1925193320/1Son of Earl and Opal Tucker
Sutphin, David Sherell[Only one date]16 Mar 197420/2
Orton, Joe M.04 Sep 190522 May 196920/3
White, Callie D. Walker28 May 187620 Apr 190820/4Wife of J.B. White
Walker, Catherine28 Dec 183131 Dec 185420/5Consort of Elkanah Walker
Tucker, Bill1905193921/1Shares marker with Ruth Garst Tucker
Tucker, Ruth Garst1907194421/2Shares marker with Bill Tucker
Tucker, Edwin27 Feb 190729 Mar 196321/3
Unknown[No date][No date]21/4Funeral Home Marker
Beals, Barbara Ann23 Dec 195109 Jul 195221/5
White, E. Dudley14 Dec 186816 Sep 189621/6Aged 27 Yrs 9 Mo's 2 D's
?, Mary06/21/????01 Oct 189821/7Aged 33 Yrs. 3 Mos 10 Da Eroded and broken marker
Bogart, Maudie L. White10 Jul 187429 Sep 190221/8Wife of Chas. C. Bogart
Bogart, Maudie W.1874190221/9Shares marker with Daisy M. & Charles C. Bogart
Bogart, Daisy M.1874194821/10Shares marker with Charles C. & Maudie W.
Bogart, Charles C.1872193821/11Shares marker with Daisy M. & Maudie W. Bogart
Garber, Patti Mae02 Sep 194611 Sep 194722/1Dau. Of Ray & Anna Bell Garber
Garber, Ann Bell1904198722/2Shares marker with Ray J. Garber
Garber, Ray J.1892197122/3Shares marker with Ann Bell Garber.
Garber, Ray S.1932197322/4
Yutzy, Thomas Gilbert22 Apr 190029 Apr 195222/5Maryland PVT. US Marine Corps World War I
Howard, R.T. “Ron”09 Aug 190825 Apr 197622/6Shares marker with Virginia “Maw” Howard
Howard, Virginia “Maw”01 Oct 191222 Apr 199722/7Shares marker with R.T. “Ron” Howard
Howard, Noah J., Sr.15 Mar 193828 Jul 200122/8
Bogart, Bessie W.17 Feb 188906 Nov 198422/ 9Shares marker with William A. Bogart
Bogart, William A.22 Aug 187922 Aug 194922/10Shares marker with Bessie W.
Coffie, Joann11 Jan 193512 Feb 200022/11Shares marker with Eugene Coffiee
Coffee, Eugene “Sonny”09 Sep 1931[No date]22/12Shares marker with Joann Coffie
Coffie, Carl15 Jul 190514 Dec 198822/13
Coffie, Ann25 Dec 190317 Dec 198522/13
Coffie, Sammie F.26 Feb 193321 Dec 194822/14Son of Carl and Anna Coffie
Coffie, Samuel C.01 Jan 186525 Dec 194322/15Shares marker with Alcy Callahan Coffie
Coffie, Alcy Callahan12 Oct 186816 Oct 195122/16Shares marker with Samuel C. Coffie
Sliger, Tenia Callahan1879196422/17
Callahan, Margaret L. Keith25 Sep 184225 Feb 193322/18Wife of Levi Callahan
Callahan, Mary Lee23 Jun 188201 Oct 190422/19
Callahan, Levi27 Aug 184008 Jun 189422/20
Callahan, John01 Mar 180828 Feb 189822/21
Salts, Robert06 Jun 189614 Mar 193022/22Son of J.D. & Susan Salts
Salts, Ida E10 Jun 189207 Oct 190922/23Daughter of J.D. & S.A. Salts
Salts, Frank01 Feb 188915 Dec 194422/24
Coffie, Ruth Ann05 Jan 190705 Jan 190723/1
Coffie, JohnOct 189622 May 189823/2
Coffie, Charlie A.27 Nov 189601 Feb 189723/3
Greene, William C.14 Aug 187326 Dec 194324/1
Greene, Ruth R.12 May 1924[No date]24/2
Greene, Clyde M.07 May 192022 Mar 198324/3S SGT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Greene, Ethel M.12 Aug 189407 Jun 196524/4
Greene, Beverly Grace30 Jul 194505 Jun 195224/5Dau of Clyde & Ruth Greene
Greene, Darrell James[Only one date]22 Sep 194724/6Son of Clyde & Rita Greene
Smith, Eugene1939200624/7Dillow-Taylor Funeral Home Marker
Bayless, Rebecca E. Shepard14 Dec 184225 Mar 189624/8Wife of W.M. Bayless
Unknown[No date][No date]24/9Fieldstone
Bayless, Sarah Ellen09 Jun 187420 May 189824/10
Johnson, Elizabeth B.26 Dec 189118 Oct 194824/11
Bayless, Lydia C.1876196024/12Shares marker with William M. Bayless
Bayless, William M.1868195124/13Shares marker with Lydia C. Bayless
Smith, Mabel T.1916199524/14Shares marker with Walter W. Smith
Smith, Walter W.1915199124/15Shares marker with Mabel T. Smith
Beals, Elsie L.1926200524/16Shares marker with Earl J. Beals
Beals, Earle J.1926197424/17S1 US NAVY Shares marker with Elsie L. Beals
Smith, Pauline28 Apr 1919[No date]24/18Shares marker with Charlie Smith
Smith, Charlie29 Apr 191313 Jul 198724/19Shares marker with Pauline Smith
Smith, Gladys1937193824/20
Smith, Elizabeth27 Sep 1925[No date]24/21Shares marker with Robert Smith
Smith, Robert12 Apr 188819 Nov 195924/22Shares marker with Elizabeth Smith
Unknown[No date][No date]24/23Pointed fieldstone
Smith, Levi David13 Sep 191703 Dec 198124/24PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Smith, Ida E. Coffie06 Apr 189222 Mar 193024/25
Unknown[No date][No date]24/26Piece of marker
Unknown[No date][No date]24/27Fieldstone
Unknown[No date][No date]24/28Fieldstone
Miller, Ella Mae1893198825/1Shares marker with Thomas T. Miller
Miller, Thomas T.1879196525/2Shares marker with Ella Mae Miller
Miller, William H. “Bill”19 Jul 191019 Mar 198825/3
Lilly, Barsha Hicks04 Feb 185505 Sep 192825/4Wife of C.G. Lilly
Lilly, C.G. 01 Mar 183429 Dec 190925/5
Lyon, Elmer13 Jan 190907 Jun 198325/6
Lyon, William H.08 Nov 187630 Apr 195125/7Shares marker with Lula M. Lilly Lyon
Lyon, Lula M. Lilly29 Dec 1880[No date]25/8Shares marker with William H. Lyon [Died 23 Jun 1956]
Treadway, Virgie20 Oct 189913 Jun 190025/9Daughter of William and Biddie Treadway
Sheffield, Mary Edna13 Jul 189526 Jul 189625/10Daughter of J.A. & Alice Sheffield
Sheffields, Infant11 Apr 189713 Apr 189725/11Daughter of J.A. & Alice Sheffield
Unknown[No date][No date]25/12Large iron ore slab
Owens, Wm.[No date][No date]25/13Co. H 10 TENN CAV [Born 10 Jan 1830, died 14 Jan 1914]
Howren, Belle Huskins01 Mar 188124 Mar 196526/1Shares marker with David Howren
Howren, David10 Oct 187907 Sep 194726/2Shares marker with Belle Huskins Howren
Johnson, Lois Howren1918197926/3
Beals, Sarah Treadway17 Jan 185705 Oct 190826/4
Bogart, Susan M. Treadway16 Jun 184618 Sep 190926/5Wife of W.M. Bogart
Treadway, Joseph H.1868193226/6
Treadway, Emma M.[29 Jun 1862]07 Jun 189826/7Wife of R.E. Treadway. Marker broken
Treadway, Rufus E.29 Apr 185015 Dec 191226/8
Treadway, Hester E. C.06 Oct 186020 [Sep] 189326/9Wife of R.E. Treadway. Marker broken
Deakins, William R.11 Jul 186523 Jun 192526/10Shares marker with Fannie Deakins
Deakins, Fannie S.21 Oct 187720 May 195326/11Shares marker with William R. Deakins
Deakins, Daisy25 Apr 187921 Dec 196126/12Shares marker with James K. Deakins
Deakins, James K.26 Apr 187609 Oct 196326/13Shares marker with Daisy Deakins
Johnson, Samuel1859191826/14Shares marker with Lizzie Johnson
Johnson, Lizzie1869191726/15Shares marker with Samuel Johnson
[Lamb], Alma Gertrude02 Oct 191930 Sep 192026/16[Pts. Loyd Lamb & May Johnson]
Johnson, Jas[No date]06 Sep 186026/17Age 15Y 7M 6D
Johnson, Andrew[No date]07 Aug 190726/18Aged 51 Years
Unknown[No date][No date]26/19Iron Ore slab
Barnett, Minnie WhaleyAug 1891Sep 193526/20
Barnett, Isaac Walter27 Dec 188915 Jul 196326/21
Tucker, Kate H.1877195227/1
Tucker, Alfred E.08 Apr 190206 Aug 194427/2
Tucker, Ernest G.16 Dec 192410 Jan 192627/3
Bogard, James Mc[Only one date]12 Nov 190927/4Shares marker with Mary B. Bogard
Bogard, Mary B.08 May 191414 May 191427/5Shares marker with James Mc Bogard
Deakins, Infant29 Sep 188929 Sep 188927/6Infant of H.F. & Allie Deakins
Deakins, Infant[No date][no date]27/7Son of J. & Mary Deakins
Deakins, Dessa23 Aug 191017 Oct 200127/8
Beckett, Ida Lavenia26 Feb 185917 Apr 189327/9Daughter of J & Mary Deakins, wife of C.W. Beckett
Deakins, James 23 Mar 182915 Apr 189627/10
Deakins, Mary S.25 Feb 183515 Apr 189827/11Wife of James Deakins
Deakins, Eliza A.24 Sep 187407 Sep 192227/12Dau. Of James and Mary Deakins
Deakins, Casmore M.1868193627/13Shares marker with Sudie K. Deakins
Deakins, Sudie K.1879195827/14Shares marker with Casmore M. Deakins
Johnson, Cora02 Oct 188310 Aug 191127/15
Johnson, Franklin R.17 Nov 190609 Oct 190727/16
Unknown[No date][no date]27/17Fieldstone
Whaley, George W.1843190327/18PVT CO H 8 TENN CAV
Whaley, James1863191127/19Son of George and Martha Leach; Husband of Mary Catherine Owens
Whaley, Mary C.1869193727/20
Whaley Elbert08 Jun 186706 Mar 191227/21Shares marker with Nancy Jane Whaley
Whaley, Nancy Jane01 Jun 196426 Jun 193927/22Shares marker with Elbert Whaley
Whaley, Shelor03 May 188902 Aug 194927/23
Whaley, Etta1892196327/24
Whaley, Ron C.1895196427/25
Whaley, Margaret[No date][No date]27/26
Whaley, Belle[No date][No date]27/27
Anders, Ray E04 Apr 191121 Sep 196128/1TENNESSEE CO C 29 INFANTRY
Anders, Mildred E.13 Nov 190612 Jun 199828/2
Henley, Shelby1921197628/3Shares marker with Dorothy E. Henley
Henley, Dorothy E.1922197828/4Shares marker with Shelby Henley
Privette, Gertrude01 Jan 189821 Apr 197628/5
Privette, Gilbert Sylvester21 Jul 189403 Dec 195328/6
Keplinger, Annie V. Bradley1895191428/7Wife of Frank T. Keplinger
Bradley, Mary F06 Apr 191008 Apr 191028/8
Deakins, H. Floyd11 Oct 186225 Oct 192628/9Shares marker with Allie L. Deakins
Deakins, Allie L.20 Oct 186317 Dec 192628/10Shares maker with H. Floyd Deakins
Deakins, Verna Mae14 Aug 189119 Jan 198628/11
Hurdt, Bessie Guinn1891191528/12
Guinn, Infant[Only one date]190828/13Infant son of R.H. & J.L. Guinn
Guinn, Infant[Only one date]190728/14Infant son of J.M & L.A. Guinn
Guinn, Ernest28 Dec 190609 Mar 190728/15Son of W.B. & Alice Guinn
Sams, Mamie Guinn05 Jul 188626 Nov 190028/16Wife of Fred C. Sams
Guinn, Infant [Only one date]192728/17Daughter of Ralph and Jessie Guinn
Whaley, Calven[No date]Aug 192628/18Age 63 Years [Born 18 Jun 1866, died 18 Aug 1926]
Cline, Edgar C.1905198729/1Shares marker with Etta K. Cline
Cline, Etta K.1907195229/2Shares marker with Edgar C. Cline
Cline, Charles Edward28 Apr 192428 Feb 192629/3
Dwyer, Lucille W.1913199929/4
Bradley, Mary E.1864193029/5Shares marker with Eli B. Bradley
Bradley, Eli B.1862194929/6Shares marker with Mary E. Bradley
Bradley, James Taylor01 Aug 188707 Jan 196329/7Shares marker with Bertha E. Bradley
Bradley, Bertha E.08 Aug 188824 Sep 197429/8Shares marker with James Taylor Bradley
Deakins, Mayme Britt10 Nov 190522 Mar 199929/9Shares marker with Ray Stuart Deakins
Deakins, Ray Stuart08 Jun 189627 Sep 196729/10Shares marker with Mayme Britt Deakins
Deakins, Paul J.01 Jul 192314 Feb 201229/11
Jenkins, Marven B.25 Feb 191928 May 198529/12
Guinn, Henry E.1889193929/13Shares marker with Eddie B. Guinn
Guinn, Eddie B.1892193829/14Shares marker with Henry E. Guinn
Guinn, Walter B.1884196429/15
Guinn, Alice09 Dec 188606 May 191729/16Wife of W.B. Guinn
Guinn, Robt. H.02 Sep 188107 Jul 191329/17
Guinn, J. Vernon1900192629/18
Guinn, James M.1857193129/19Shares marker with Lydia A. Guinn
Guinn, Lydia A.1860194029/20Shares marker with James M. Guinn
Huskins, Dillard H.03 Mar 190810 Apr 197029/21TENNESSEE PVT 3402 SVC COMD WORLD WAR II
Huskins, Elmer Jess11 Apr 190925 Dec 195029/22
Huskins, Amanda15 Jun 187516 Mar 196529/23Shares marker with Matthew Huskin
Huskins, Matthew24 Jun 186901 Feb 193729/24Shares marker with Amanda Huskins
Huskins, Theodore1911191329/25Son of Mr. & Mrs. Mathew Huskins
Yates, Kenneth[Only one date]193130/1
Yates, Ernest J.1930200030/2
Whaley, Stacy20 Feb 189207 Jul 197630/3Shares marker with John Whaley
Whaley, John15 Mar 188317 Aug 197730/4Shares marker with Stacy Whaley
Whaley, Walter20 Dec 192119 May 192230/5
Whaley, Davie11 Jun 191017 Oct 192130/6
Whaley, Stella May15 May 191709 Dec 192030/7
Whaley, Bernie29 Nov 191329 Nov 191330/8
Fletcher, Marvin Earl “Dokey”, Jr.17 Oct 196029 May 200531/1Child of Juanita Guinn
Fletcher, Susan Dawn17 Sep 195727 Mar 200231/2Child of Juanita Guinn
Guinn, Bessie Hicks06 Mar 191612 Aug 199231/3
Guinn, W. Horace1908199131/4
Cox, Jessie Mae Runion11 Mar 191705 Dec 198231/5Shares marker with Oscar Stanley Cox
Cox, Oscar Stanley29 Jun 191012 Jul 199531/6US ARMY WORLD WAR II Shares marker with Jessie Mae Runion Cox
Runion, Mildred 1913199231/7Shares marker with Bruce Runion
Runion, Bruce14 Nov 190723 Nov 197931/8PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR I Shares marker with Mildred Runion
Cox, Alice M.01 May 181521 Apr 196731/9TENNESSEE SGT. HQ 1324 SVC COMD UNIT WORLD WAR II
Cox, Edward L.07 Jun 188512 Dec 197031/10Shares marker with Dinah Runion Cox
Cox Dinah Runion09 Sep 190001 Nov 195031/11Shares marker with Edward L. Cox
Runion, Loucretia Gillis14 Oct 187504 Sep 197031/12Shares marker with Marion E. Runion
Runion, Marion E.02 Sep 186608 Jan 194031/12Shares marker with Loucretia Gillis Runion
Runion, Berry13 Dec 191515 Dec 191531/13Son of Marion E. & Loucretia Runion
Guinn, Cenia Edwards1887192931/14Shares marker with Isaac Berry Guinn
Guinn, Isaac Berry1880193731/15Shares marker with Cenia Edward Guinn
Guinn, Robert Park, Sgt.1920194431/16121st. INF 8th DIV CO F Killed in action in Southern Francae; buried in Normandy; re-interred June 19 1948
Twiggs, Dehlia20 Apr 189726 Mar 199031/17
Twiggs, Guys26 Sep 188022 Jun 195131/18
Twiggs, Virginia Lee03 Jul 193317 Sep 193431/19Dau. Of Gus & Dehlia Twiggs
Edwards, Rachel H.18 Nov 188618 Jan 193632/1Shares marker with Henry F. Edwards
Edwards, Henry F.14 Aug 188116 Mar 196232/2Shares marker with Rachel H. Edwards
Edwards, Richard Charles18 Aug 196218 Aug 196232/3Son of Charles & Lynda Edwards
Dykes, Josie F.1898195032/3Shares marker with Will Dykes
Dykes, Will1884195832/4Shares marker Josie F. Dyles
Branch, Gladys H.1910191233/1
Branch, Maud Oklalee[Only one date]191833/2
Branch, Bertha E.05 Mar 188425 Oct 195233/3Shares marker with Amos O. Branch
Branch, Amos O.16 Oct 187412 Feb 196833/4Shares marker with Bertha E. Branch
Poore, Roy C02 Sep 191921 Feb 195433/5TENNESSEE TEC5 3440 AREA SVC Unit WORLD WAR II
Triplett, Dave D.1887194833/6
Freeman, Fannie B.20 May 186618 Mar 194733/7Wife of Harris Freeman
[Triplett], Margaret Ann[8 Apr] 1940[6 Jul] 194333/8[Pts: David & Pearl Arnold Triplett]
[Triplett], Virginia Dare[17 Aug] 1933[22 Aug] 193533/9[Pts: David & Pearl Arnold Triplett]
Triplett, Edward03 Aug 192210 Aug 193033/10
Triplett, Harrison D.11 Apr 192904 May 197433/11
Triplett, Billie Joe20 Jan 192713 Jul 198133/12
Triplett, Pearl Rose06 Oct 190131 Mar 198433/13
Coffey, Robert K[enneth][16 May] 194221 Feb 194333/14Marker badly eroded [Pts: Robert and Lena Leona Whley Coffey]
Howren, Addie23 Oct 187011 Jul 195433/15
Hilton, Mary L.10 Jul 191231 Jul 199034/1Shares marker with Robert Lee Hilton
Hilton, Robert Lee19 Jan 190604 May 197934/2Shares marker with Mary L. Hilton
Crain, Mary L.1956195634/3Shares marker with Linda S. Crain. Children of Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Crain
Crain, Linda S.1956195634/4Shares marker with Mary L. Crain. Children of Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Crain
Crain, Wm. D.1954195434/5Shares marker with Janet M. Crain. Children of Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Crain
Crain, Janet M.1954195434/6Shares marker with Wm. D. Crain. Children of Mr. & Mrs. W.J. Crain
Deadrick, Dale H.[Only one date]16 Nov 195634/7
Coffey, Ruth E.01 Jun 192418 Jan 199634/8Wed 23 Dec 194? Shares marker with Arthur G. Coffey
Coffey, Arthur G.12 Jun 192026 Oct 199334/9Shares marker with Ruth E. Coffey
Coffey, Hettie03 Aug 191314 Aug 200134/10Shares marker with Samuel J. Coffey
Coffey, Samuel J.24 Jun 191812 Apr 198934/11Shares marker with Hettie Coffey
Stamper, Hazel Irene26 Jun 192708 Jun 200234/12Shares marker with Johnnie C. Stamper
Stamper, Johnnie C.15 Dec 191813 May 197634/13Shares marker with Hazel Irene Stamper
Coffey, Belle1898197234/14
Coffey, Bob1885195834/15
Coffey, Mary[?]196934/16Marker badly eroded
Coffey, Tom19??196734/17Marker badly eroded
Maupin, Roger Allen08 Aug 196626 Aug 190234/18
Whaley, Edward1889197234/19
Whaley, Clara E.1892197234/20
Jenkins, J. Clarence08 Oct 190709 Apr 197035/1Shares marker with Georgia L. Jenkins
Jenkins, Georgia L.18 Jan 1922[no date]35/2Shares marker with J. Clarence Jenkins
Riddle, Marion Pauline19 Mar 195806 Mar 201135/3Valley Funeral Home Marker
Rowland, Judy M.09 Sep 1953[No date]35/4Shares marker with John A. Rowland, Jr.
Rowland, John A., Jr.11 Jun 194211 Jan 198635/5Shares marker with Judy M. Rowland
Maupin, Liza W.1927199835/6Shares marker with Jerry A. Maupin
Maupin, Jerry A.1905197335/7Shares marker with Liza W. Maupin
Whaley, David24 Jun 195202 Mar 198835/8
Whaley, Wm. Roy03 Apr 191228 May 197335/9
Reed, Randy V.1967197835/10Son of Willie & Kathy Reed
Chandler, Isaac12 Mar 188309 Dec 195735/11
Davis, Sarah Elizabeth17 Dec 188825 Feb 195436/1
Prevette, Paul[No date][No date]3 small concrete markers appearing to be marking a plot
Laws, Lula10 May 189827 Dec 198636/2
Phillips, Nellie R.1900[No date]36/3Shares marker with Garrett W. Phillips
Phillips, Garrett W.1897196436/4Shares marker with Nellie R. Phillips
Hammer, Lawrence A.30 Nov 190912 Jul 200036/5Shares marker with Stella B. Hammer
Hammer, Stella B.08 Sep 191117 Oct 200236/6Shares marker Lawrence A. Hammer
Hammer, Jimmy N.09 Nov 194320 Aug 196236/7
Johnson, Julia A.17 May 187308 Apr 197236/8
Johnson, Arthur C.11 Sep 188302 Sep 196136/9
Privette, Kay M.26 Sep 195521 Nov 195537/1
Keplinger, Carroll B.16 Jan 194323 May 200437/2
Privette, Gertrude29 Aug 192401 Jun 198337/3Shares marker with Doane Privette
Privette, Doane08 May 1930[No date]37/4Shares marker with Gertrude Privette
Lyon, Effie M.17 Jan 192008 Aug 199737/5
Lyon, Willie Charles09 Jun 190729 Apr 196837/6TENNESSEE PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II
Lyon-Powers, Mollie Patricia23 Oct 194517 Jul 200837/7
McKee, Julia A.13 Nov 188713 Apr 198137/8Shares marker with Noah H. McKee
McKee, Noah H.07 Nov 188928 Oct 195637/9Shares marker with Julia A. McKee
Privette, S. Daniel1956195837/10
Grubb, Henry N.12 Oct 189710 Jun 197037/11TENNESSEE PFC 17 ORD Maint. CO WORLD WAR II
Trivett, Richard L., Sr.1934199337/12Shares marker with Nellie Mae
Trivette, Nellie Mae1935198337/13Shares marker with Richard L. Trivett, Sr.
Tipton, Tom Roy29 May 191522 Sep 195837/14Shares marker with Vernie S. Tipton
Tipton, Vernie S.21 Nov 192118 Feb 199137/15Shares marker with Tom Roy Tipton
Tipton, Charles “Nuke”08 Apr 194821 Jan 199237/16
Booher, Martha E.25 Jan 190705 Jul 198737/17
Booher, Chester04 Jul 190813 Oct 196137/18
Tipton, Lawerance17 Nov 195930 Jul 196037/19
Harrison, Richard A., Jr.1986198637/20Funeral Home Marker
Tipton, Bernice K.28 Mar 1928[No date]37/21Shares marker with Bernie Tipton
Tipton, Bernie23 Jan 192416 May 200237/22Shares marker with Bernice K. Tipton
Rosenbaum, Mary M.05 Apr 192227 Jan 198137/23
Coffey, Robert L.18 Jul 191828 Feb 198137/24
Tipton, Sammy01 Jun 196124 Jun 196137/25
Veach, Lucille Garber10 May 1926[No date]38/1Married 15 Jul 1945 Shares marker with William L. Veach
Veach, William L.12 Feb 192712 Feb 200938/1Shares marker with Lucille Garber Veach
Butler, Ellen Louise08 Feb 194012 Nov 198138/2
Coffie, Bessie Lockner11 Sep 190231 Jan 200038/3Shares marker with William “Bill” Coffie
Coffie, William “Bill”09 May 190129 Jun 198138/4Shares marker with Bessie Lockner Coffie
Coffie, Everett David08 Feb 193422 Dec 199938/5US ARMY KOREA
Casey, Kathey G.1952198438/6Shares marker with Tammy R. Hambrick
Hambrick, Tammy R.1971198438/7Shares marker with Kathey G. Casey
Hollifield, Mary “Ethel”06 Feb 193011 Oct 201038/8Shares marker with Floyd Hollfield
Hollifield, Floyd08 Dec 193701 Apr 199838/9US AIR FROCE KOREA Shares marker with Mary “Ethel” Hollidield
Sliger, Pauline06 Apr 192407 Aug 199938/10
Bradley, Marie A.19 Jun 193418 Dec 199938/11Wed 8 Jun 1966 Shares marker with Steve D. Bradley
Bradley, Steve D.04 Dec 1944[No date]38/12Shares marker with Marie A. Bradley
Hartley, Eugene Aaron18 May 194626 Jun 200638/13
Cooke, Brenda Smith29 Mar 194526 May 200738/14
Bales, Timothy Ray24 Jul 197113 Apr 200938/15
[Harrison], Margaret[No date][No date]38/16Concrete slab with only the given name.
Austin, Joseph A., Rev.01 Jul 192221 May 198738/16
Deloach, Stella Austin03 May 194008 Dec 200038/17
Deloach, Stella Austin39/1
Deloach, Pearl1947198739/2Shares marker with Wayne Deloach
Deloach, Wayne[No date][No date]39/3Shares marker with Pearl Deloach
Renfro, Mary Lee01 Dec 190816 Apr 199439/4
Freeman, Gladys29 Sep 192810 Jul 198839/507/01/1951 Shares marker with Stanley Freeman
Freeman, Stanley21 Jun 192802 Nov 200839/6Shares marker with Gladys Freeman
Arrowood, Ethel W.17 Jun 191527 May 200639/701/26/1935 Shares marker with George H. Arrowood
Arrowood, George H.25 Aug 191111 Aug 199139/8Shares marker with Ethel W. Arrowood
Beattie, Dinah Lou Cox06 Jun 194119 Feb 200239/9
Bennett, Darrell Dwayne19 Aug 197715 Dec 199539/10
Freeman, Anthony Wayne18 Aug 197326 Sep 199839/11
Smith, Ruby Faye30 Mar 195125 Mar 200039/12
Freeman, Brenda K.25 Apr 195608 May 200239/13
Ray,, Lucille07 Feb 192709 Mar 199440/1A mother is the only person on earth who can divide her love among 8 children and each child have all her Love.
Gilbert, Ace26 Jul 192505 Aug 199940/2US NAVY WORLD WAR II Shares marker with Louise Bradley Gilbert
Gilbert, Louise Bradley07 Apr 1926[No date]40/3Shares marker with Ace Gilbert
Hughes, Billy J.19 Oct 196805 Sep 199940/4
Dees, Rodney J.09 May 193325 Aug 200040/5Married 1 Nov 1978 US AIR FORCE KOREA Shares marker with Betty J. Dees
Dees, Betty J.04 Feb 1945[No date]40/6Shares marker with Rodney J. Dees
Howard, Charles Arthur12 Jun 194931 May 200540/7US ARMY VIETNAM
Chatman, Betty L.02 Nov 1952[No date]40/8Wed 12/04/1971 Shares marker with David L. Chatman
Chatman, David L.14 Dec 194920 Apr 200640/9Shares marker with Betty L. Chatman


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