Bacon-Kincheloe Cemetery

Located across the road from 915 Painter Road, Jonesborough, TN. This cemetery is fenced and well kept.

GPS Location: 36°23.17N 082°34.35W Elevation: 1600 ft.

NameBirth DateDeath DateCommentsRow/Grave
Brown, Edgar G., Jr.02 May 191423 Sep 1983[Same stone as Wilma B. Mitchell]01/01
Brown, Wilma B.09 Feb 192002 Apr 2001[Same stone as Edgar G. Brown, Jr]01/02
Bacon, Lena Gertrude17 Jan 1922[No date][Same stone as Thomas Lee Bacon, Jr.]02/01
Bacon, Thomas Lee Jr.14 Feb 192218 Aug 1994Patrolman, State of TN Jonesboro Police
[Same stone as Lena Gertrude Bacon]
Bacon, Myrtle A.19031995[Same stone as Thomas L. Bacon]02/03
Bacon, Thomas L.24 Oct 189525 Mar 1974[Same stone as Myrtle A. Bacon]
Tennessee Pvt. US Army World War I
Johnson, Bernelle M. 1914[No date]Double stone. Wife of Coy B. Johnson. Eastern Star emblem.02/05
Johnson, Coy B.19112001Double stone. Mason and Shriner emblems.02/06
Mitchell, Maryland T. Chase03 Feb 189229 Dec 1984[Same stone as Leland E. Mitchell]02/06
Mitchell, Leland E.03 Dec 188517 May 1962[Same stone as Maryland T. Chase Mitchell]02/08
Rector, Orland B.1890194802/09
Bacon, Infant Dau.01 Feb 193101 Feb 1931Daughter of W.S. & Bessie Bacon02/10
Bacon, Bessie Rector03 Feb 188928 Feb 196702/11
Bacon, Will S.1890195902/12
Bacon, Blanche Hunt15 Aug 189316 Mar 192902/13
Hunt, John B.18581939[Same stone as Louise M. Scalf Hunt]02/14
Hunt, Louise M. Scalf18641942[Same stone as John B. Hunt]02/15
Hunt, Catherine15 Oct 183726 Aug 191402/16
Bacon, Clarence H.13 May 190914 Dec 1917Son of Geo. E. & Minnie Bacon.02/17
Bacon, Geo. E.18881961[Same stone as Minnie Hunt Bacon]02/18
Bacon, Minnie Hunt18881944[Same stone as Geo. E. Bacon]02/19
Field stone [Large][No date][No date][Slave of Kincheloe family, according to G.T. Bacon.]02/19
Mitchell, Alta W. 1920200103/01
Mitchell, Irene G.19191979[Same stone as J.D. Mitchell]03/02
Mitchell, J.D.1916[No date][Same stone as Irene G. Mitchell]03/03
Mitchell, Lura Ford18881961[Same stone as Argyle Blaine Mitchell]03/04
Mitchell, Argyle Blaine18831952[Same stone as Lura Ford Mitchell]03/05
Deakins, Amanda H.06 Nov 188407 Jan 1964[Same stone as John M. Deakins]
Deakins, John M.21 Jul 188009 Nov 1965[Same stone as Amanda H. Deakins]
Deakins, Bettie C.18731961[Same stone as Richard E. Deakins]03/08
Deakins, Richard E.18711915[Same stone as Bettie C. Deakins]03/09
Deakins, William M.22 Mar 186029 May 191003/10
Deakins, Mary C.24 Jul 187404 May 1904Dau. of John & N.C. Deakins03/11
Deakins, Nancy C.12 Nov 183703 Jan 1913Wife of John Deakins03/12
Deakins, John04 Sep 183628 Mar 190903/13
Bacon, Thomas18 Mar 185111 Dec 1926[Same stone as Mattie E. Bacon]04/01
Bacon, Mattie E.13 Sep 186626 Apr 1952[Same stone as Thomas Bacon]04/02
Bacon, Robert M.20 Aug 189211 Aug 1910Son of Thomas & Mattie Bacon04/03
Bacon, Infant dau.11 Mar 189711 Mar 1897Dau. of Thomas & Mattie E. Bacon.04/04
Bacon, Charles T. 24 Jun 190001 Aug 1900Son of Thomas & Mattie E. Bacon04/05
Kincheloe, J.E.A.C.20 Jan 186415 Mar 1864Son of Enos & Amanda Kincheloe04/06
Kincheloe, Enos18 Jan 182522 Aug 1897[Same stone as Amanda Kincheloe. Mason emblem]04/07
Kincheloe, Amanda23 Dec 1828[No date]Wife of Enos Kincheloe
[Same stone as Enos Kincheloe]
Bacon, Mary Brown23 Nov 189405 Jun 1964[Same stone as Dewey Lee and Blendenna Bacon]04/09
Bacon, Dewey L.16 Mar 189823 Dec 1963Tec 4 Co. A. 318 Infantry, WW 1 & 2
[Same stone as Mary Brown and Blendenna Bacon]
Bacon, Blendenna03 Jun 192303 Jun 1923[Same stone as Dewey Lee and Mary Brown Bacon]04/11
Field Stone[No date][No date]04/12
Dunkin, Hilda Knight1914[No date][Same stone as Frank Leroy Dunkin]05/01
Dunkin, Frank Leroy12 Aug 191423 Apr 2003PFC US Army World War II
[Same stone as Hilda Knight Dunkin]
Hunt, Nancy A.27 Feb 184018 Feb 1922[Daughter of Jessee & Mary Hunt]05/03
Hunt, E.K.08 Nov 184215 Dec 1919[Same stone as Nancy A. Hunt]05/04
Aiken, Anna Lou Hunt19 Feb 190901 Jan 1937Dau. of E.E. & Sarah Hunt05/05
Hunt, E.E.17 Nov 186625 Jul 193405/06
Hunt, Sarah Bishop30 Dec 187825 Aug 1918[Wife of E. E. Hunt]05/07
Hunt, Uriah07 May 181118 Jun 1882[Stone broken. Lying flat on ground. Two markers for him, 1 old and 1 new]05/08
Hunt, Mary28 Aug 180916 Aug 1884Wife of Uriah Hunt [Stone broken. Lying flat on ground]05/09
Kincheloe, Sarah Keebler16 Apr 178607 Feb 1867Married 22 Nov. 1808
[Same stone as John Kincheloe]
[**See note below]
Kincheloe, John21 Apr 178902 Jan 1853Married 22 Nov. 1808
[Same stone as Sarah Kincheloe]
[**See note below]
Hunt, Samuel02 May 186721 Nov 1867Son of Jessee & Mary Hunt05/13
Hunt, Amanda24 Aug 186827 Nov 1873Dau. of Jessee & Mary Hunt05/14
Jones, John K.28 Sept 185110 Nov 1873[Stone broken. Eroded inscription]05/15
Hunt, John D.18 Apr 187622 Mar 1877Son of Jessee & Mary Hunt05/16
Hunt, Jessee28 Jun 184426 Jul 188905/17
Unmarked[No date][No date]Unmarked grave beside Jessee Hunt. Possibly his wife, Mary.05/18
Smith, Lyda C.03 Dec 192009 Feb 1998[Same stone as Oscar Lee Smith.05/19
Smith, Oscar Lee26 May 190522 Mar 1987[Same stone as Lyda C. Smith]05/20
Fulkerson, John Milton24 May 190306 Mar 1986US Navy
[Same stone as Minnie Pearl Kincheloe Fulkerson]
Fulkerson, Verna Thomas12 Oct 190922 Feb 200206/02
Fulkerson, Minnie Pearl25 Feb 1910[No date][Same stone as John Milton Fulkerson]06/03
Fulkerson, Cordelia18771935[Same stone as William Monroe Fulkerson]06/04
Fulkerson, William Monroe18641930[Same stone as Cordelia Martin Fulkerson]06/05
Fulkerson, Mary Edith31 Dec 190724 Mar 197906/06
Fulkerson, Sarah Maxine01 Dec 190404 Oct 199706/07
Fulkerson, Sallie Juanita14 Jun 192418 Aug 1925Dau. of R.D. & H.J. Fulkerson06/08
Fulkerson, Hassie J. Dugger27 Oct 190201 Jun 1930Wife of R.D. Fulkerson06/09
Fulkerson, J. Howell04 Dec 190018 Dec 1918Son of J.K. & S.B. Fulkerson.06/10
Fulkerson, John M.06 Aug 189621 Aug 1896Son of J.K. & S.B. Fulkerson06/11
Fulkerson, Guy06 Feb 190413 Feb 1904Son of J.K. & S.B. Fulkerson06/12
Fulkerson, Sallie B. Duncan11 Jul 187416 Nov 1922Wife of J.K. Fulkerson.06/13
Fulkerson, James K.06 Oct 187103 Jun 1936Married Sallie B. Duncan Nov. 27, 189506/14
Field Stone[No date][No date]06/15
Fulkerson, Milton M.10 Nov 183302 Jul 191106/16
Fulkerson, Mary E.17 Aug 183926 Mar 190406/17
Hunt, Anna Lou19 Feb 190901 Jan 1937Dau. of E.E. & Sarah Hunt06/18
Kincheloe, William17 Sept 181204 Oct 186006/19
Waller, Charles17 Nov 187905 Dec 187906/20
Field Stone[No date][No date]06/21
Waller, James W.20 May 183103 Apr 190306/22
Waller, Margaret M.18 Dec 184613 Dec 190906/23
Holmes, Infant Dau.01 Aug 190701 Aug 1907Infant dau. of John & Maggie Holmes06/24
Kincheloe, Robert Mitchell08 May 191318 Feb 199707/01
Kincheloe, J.B.02 Nov 190115 Dec 1985[Same stone as Dana K. Kincheloe]07/02
Fulkerson, Ralph D.25 May 189828 Mar 1969PVT Bty B.S. Field Arty. BN World War I07/03
Kincheloe, Dana K.30 Oct 191012 May 2000Married Mar 12, 1938 to J.B. Kincheloe
[Same stone as J. B. Kincheloe]
Kincheloe, Bobby Dean12 Apr 194028 May 1940Son of Mitchell & Anna R. Kincheloe.07/04
Kincheloe, Robert E.06 Apr 193924 May 1939Son of Mitchell & Anna R. Kincheloe07/05
Kincheloe, Hugh H.19 Dec 189227 Feb 191907/06
Kincheloe, W.J.E.11 Feb 189008 Dec 1918SON07/07
Kincheloe, Infant25 Jan 191325 Jan 1913Inf. Dau. of H. G. H. & Mary Kincheloe07/08
Kincheloe, J.T.17 Aug 189309 May 1900SON07/09
Kincheloe, Onie12 Dec 189916 Dec 1918Daughter07/10
Kincheloe, M. Emblem06 Jan 187003 Jun 1966Mother07/11
Kincheloe, S.K.30 Apr 186917 Oct 1940FATHER07/12
Kincheloe, James23 Dec 182622 Jan 188907/13
Waller, Dewey J.21 Feb 189910 Jan 1986[Same stone as Grace A. Waller]07/14
Waller, Grace A.27 Feb 191605 Nov 2001[Same stone as Dewey J. Waller]07/15
Waller, Italy Clark06 Sep 187817 Sep 1970[Same stone as John S. Waller]07/16
Waller, John S.02 Oct 187630 Jun 194107/17
Waller, Rollie L.05 Jan 191021 May 196007/18
Waller, John M. "Chubby"07 Feb 193616 Jan 199507/19
Poore, Cecil Worley05 Jul 193604 Nov 1996SP4 US Army08/01
Poore, Franklin D.19331995[Hamlett-Dobson Funeral Home Marker]08/02
Allmon, Thomas Melvin, Jr.19 Mar 193811 Aug 1999Age 61
US Marine Corps
[Oakley-Cook Funeral Home Marker]
Keys, Dorothy B.19281992[Same stone as Robert G. Keys]
Keys, Robert G.19161981[Same stone as Dorothy B. Keys]
Field stone[No date][No date]08/06
Field stone[No date][No date]08/07
Keys, John A.18781934[Same stone as Verna M. Keys]
Keys, Verna M.18831930[Same stone as John A. Keys]
Unmarked[No date][No date]08/10
Unmarked[No date][No date]08/11
Unmarked[No date][No date]08/12
Keys, Velma Lou02/26/1204/06/12Dau. of S.A & W.M. Keys08/13
Keys, Rutha C.1856189608/14
Unmarked[No date][No date]08/15
Unmarked[No date][No date]08/16
Clark, N.E.03 Aug 185309 Jan 192208/17
Tipton, Clarisa11 Oct 182802 Jan 189708/18
Tipton, James M.27 Dec 186020 Jul 189108/19
Field stone[No date][No date]08/20
Field Stone[No date][No date]08/21
Unmarked[No date][No date]08/22
Smith, Nancy E.19 Sep 184530 Oct 189508/23
Smith, Albert Jackson18341914Pvt. Co E 61 Tenn Inf. Confederate States Army08/24
Smith, Arden06 Mar 190730 Mar 191308/25
Smith, Clarence16 Jun 191128 Nov 191408/26
Smith, Virginia Jones18 May 188326 Aug 1971[Same stone as Lafayette G. Smith]08/27
Smith, Lafayette G.29 Sep 188013 Jan 1949[Same stone as Virginia Jones]08/28
Smith, Oada30 Jan 190915 Jan 1984Pvt. US Army World War II08/29
Johnson, Bessie Jackson21 Jul 190926 May 200009/01
Johnson, Larkin W.03 Apr 190521 May 1962TN. Tec 4 1463 SVC Comd Unit WWII09/02
Cox, Susie Keefauver20 Jul 189712 Nov 1968[Same stone as William J. Cox]
Whitlock, Ona Mildred19031988[Hamlett-Dobson Funeral Home Marker]09/04
Cox, William J.04 May 188727 Aug 1963[Same stone as Susie Keefauver Cox] Father09/05
Whitlock, Beryl19141980[Fall Branch Funeral Home Marker]09/05
Cox, Charles Ray05 Nov 192428 Nov 1924Son of Wm. J. & Susie Cox.09/06
Whitlock, Frank P.18741963[Fall Branch Funeral Home Marker]09/07
Unmarked[No date][No date]Small fieldstone.09/08
Whitlock, Laura M.18761954[Fall Branch Funeral Home Marker]09/09
Cox, Mary Alice Hickman26 Mar 185431 Dec 1920Married to William Cox 20 Apr 1871
[Same stone as William Cox]
Whitlock, Winnie V. 18981939[Fall Branch Funeral Home Marker]09/11
Cox, William04 Oct 184808 Apr 1904[Same stone as Mary Alice Hickman Cox]09/12
Hickman, Elizabeth J.25 Nov 183408 Aug 1898Wife of W. H. Hickman09/13
Hickman, W. H. 17 Feb 183917 Jan 1895Age 64 y 11m.09/14
Hunt, Martin V.27 Apr 183705 May 1897[Same stone as Nancey M. Hunt]09/15
Bacon, Mattie HickmanNo dateNo date[Hamlett-Dobson Funeral Home Marker]09/16
Hunt, Nancey M.13 Feb 183823 Oct 1901[Same stone as Martin V. Hunt]09/17
Bacon, L. V. 17 Jul 187707 Aug 189409/18
Brown, Nora K.04 Apr 187703 Jul 190609/19
Brown, Gilbert18 Jan 188419 Feb 190509/20
Brown, John A.29 Dec 187506 Aug 190209/21
Smith, Buran19001903Son of J. A. & L. E. Smith09/22
Brown, Jacob E. 13 Apr 185010 May 191009/23
Nelson, Hanah E. Humphrey02 Mar 184401 Apr 1936[Same stone with Joseph M. Nelson] Married Sept. 26, 187609/24
Nelson, Joseph M.01 Aug 18561992[No death date inscribed. Same stone as Hanah E. Nelson]09/25
Jackson, John W.18651935Father
[Same stone as Martha C. Jackson]
Jackson, Martha C.18551919Mother
[Same stone as John W. Jackson]
Jackson, James M.19011921Brother10/03
Chase, Roxie M.30 Apr 189316 Sep 1977[Same stone as Opie C. Chase]10/04
Chase, Opie C.23 Mar 189102 Oct 1966[Same stone as Roxie M. Chase]10/05
Unmarked[No date][No date]10/06
Moore, Ella Mae Chase07 Jan 188112 Jun 1916Wife of William F. Moore.10/07
Unmarked[No date][No date]10/08
Unmarked[No date][No date]10/09
Unmarked[No date][No date]10/10
Fulkerson, Bruce A.06 Dec 19071989[Carter's Chapel Funeral Home marker]10/11
Fulkerson, Eliza Lucretia "Crissie"25 Feb 188007 Mar 196510/12
Fulkerson, James B.28 Apr 188223 Jun 194210/13
Field Stone[No date][No date]10/14
Barlow, Annie M.06 Apr 190231 Jul 198910/15
Chandler, Edythe14 Nov 192020 Jul 198610/16
Bacon, Mammie W.18931917Funeral Home Marker11/01
Bennett, Verna Mae21 Aug 1945[No date][Same stone as Howard Hill Bennett]11/01
Bennett, Howard Hill03 May 193720 Jun 2002US Navy
[Same stone as Verna Mae Bennett]
Wheelock, Lottie M.03 Jul 190731 Jan 1999[Same stone as Hubert B. Wheelock]11/03
Wheelock, Hubert B.15 Nov 189628 Oct 1983Pvt. U.S. Amy World War I
[Same stone as Lottie M. Wheelock]
Wheelock, John W.24 Feb 192017 Jun 1944Tennessee CPL 4 Tank BN 4 Marine Div. World War II11/05
Wheelock, Grace W.24 Jul 189306 Nov 198411/06
Wheelock, Nathan O.30 Aug 189023 Mar 1943PFC 42 BN U.S. Guards WWI11/07
Wheelock, Bettie Hickman07 Feb 187011 Jul 1916[Same stone as George W. Wheelock]11/08
Wheelock, George W.07 Feb 187008 Jan 1938[Same stone as Bettie Hickman Wheelock]11/09
Hulse, Lavada W.19021925[Funeral Home Marker]11/10
Hulse, Lila Colley01 Mar 190214 Nov 194011/11
Mitchell, Linda25 Jul 194125 Jul 1941Dau. of Clifton & Hazel Mitchell11/12
Mitchell, Infant son06 Jul 193506 Jul 1935Son of Clifton & Hazel Mitchell11/13
Mitchell, Sarah20 May 185520 Nov 1944[Same stone as Chase Mitchell]11/14
Mitchell, Chase24 Jun 184722 Sep 1926[Same stone as Sarah Mitchell]11/15
Mitchell, Evelyn01 Oct 192602 Oct 1926Dau. of Argle & Nora Mitchell11/16
Mitchell, Glenna02 Mar 193102 Mar 1931Dau. of Argle & Nora Mitchell11/17
Mitchell, Rozella04 Apr 193604 Apr 1936Dau. of Argle & Nora Mitchell11/18
Cox, Larry05 Jan 194801 Feb 1948Son of Niles & Dorothy Cox11/19
Buck, William L.07 May 187409 Feb 1909[Same stone as Laura C. Buck]11/20
Allmon, Zella R.04 Apr 191618 Aug 1981[Same stone as Thomas N. Allmon]11/21
Buck, Laura C.01 Dec 187615 Feb 1920[Same stone as William L. Buck]11/22
Allmon, Thomas N.29 Jun 191228 Nov 1986US Army
[Same stone as Zella R. Almon]
Allmon, Bobby Gene13 Dec 194328 Oct 198911/24
Gregg, Verlin19411998[Funeral Home Marker]11/25
Allmon, James Hugh[No date]30 Nov 195011/26
Gregg, Paul Houston30 Jul 1947[No date]Married Dec 4, 1967
[Same stone as Terresia Ann Gregg]
Gregg, Terresia Ann01 Mar 1950[No date]Married Dec 4, 1967
[Same stone as Paul Houston Gregg]
Gregg, Paul Daren02 Oct 196905 Oct 196911/29
Whitaker, Anne Gregg1919[No date]11/30
Gragg, Roy E.1912193511/31/2012
Hicks, Jean Ruth28 Jan 194022 Mar 2001[Same stone as William L. Hicks]12/01
Hicks, William L.04 Oct 1938[No date][Same stone as Jean Ruth Hicks]12/02
Garland, Thomas Hugh21 Jun 196401 Sep 1992"Sam" Loved by All12/03
Allmon, George David23 Feb 194727 Nov 194812/04
Hood, A.P.18831944[Same stone as S.D. Hood]12/05
Hood, S.D.18771947[Same stone as A.P. Hood]12/06
Mitchell, Arnell M.1942[No date][Same stone as James J. Mitchell]12/07
Mitchell, James J.1943[No date][Same stone as Arnell M. Mitchell]12/08
Mitchell, Hazel F.19 Apr 191407 Feb 1999[Same stone as James "Jim" Mitchell]12/09
Mitchell, James "Jim"23 Feb 191427 May 1987[Same stone as Hazel F. Mitchell]12/10
Mitchell, Claudia E.14 Sept 188407 Jul 1986[Same stone as James T. Mitchell.12/11
Mitchell, James T.28 Nov 187819 Jul 1962[Same stone as Claudia E. Mitchell]12/12
Cox, Dorothy M.02 Jun 192106 Apr 1997MOM12/13
Mitchell, Nora E.12 Oct 189508 Jun 1976[Same stone as Argle L. Mitchell]12/14
Mitchell, Argle L.14 Apr 189111 Jun 1962[Same stone as Nora E. Mitchell]12/15
Mitchell, Aileen07 Aug 1932[No date][Same stone as Blaine Mitchell]12/16
Mitchell, Blaine07 Jul 1932[No date][Same stone as Aileen Mitchell]12/17
Holland, Betty Lou[No date]1 Sept 1958Infant dau. of Vestil & Peggy Holland13/1
Miller, Banessa C.1964196513/2
Sturgill, Diane16 Oct 196116 Oct 196113/3
Ferguson, Brittney19911991[Hamlett-Dobson Funeral Home Marker]13/4
Gregg, Stella R.19212003[Same stone as Marcell S. Gregg]13/5
Gregg, Marcell S.19181979[Same stone as Stella R. Gregg]13/6
Gregg, Infant19781978[Fall Branch Funeral Home Marker]13/7
Gregg, Byrl H.[No date]1947[Baby]13/8
Gregg, Norma J.[No date]1945[Baby]13/9
Gregg, Secil[No date]1941[Baby]13/10
Gregg, Marshall Roy20 Nov 194903 Jul 200113/11
Gragg, Debbie J.31 Dec 188607 Aug 1959Mother
[Same stone as Willie E. Gragg]
Gragg, Willie E.10 Jun 188224 Jun 1965[Same stone as Debbie J. Gragg]13/13
Gragg, Artie19141930[Fall Branch Funeral Home Marker set in concrete]13/14
Gregg, Robert19321935[Hamlett-Dobson Funeral Home Marker]13/15
Gregg, Ralph19251937[Hamlett-Dobson Funeral Home Marker]13/16
Gregg, John18811940[Hamlett-Dobson Funeral Home Marker]13/17
Gragg, Landy18931958[Same stone as Charlie Gragg]13/18
Gragg, Charlie18831963[Same stone as Landy Gragg]13/19
Bloomer, William M.10 Dec 192418 Dec 199714/1
Bloomer, Sallie P.13 Oct 189422 Dec 1979Mother14/2
Gregg, Bonnie L.1914[No date]Wed Sept 30, 1944
[Same stone as James E. Gregg]
Gregg, James E.19131991Wed Sept. 30, 1944
[Same stone as Bonnie L. Gregg]
Littleton, Dellena03 Apr 192226 May 198614/5
Littleton, Jay C.23 Feb 191910 Jul 196414/6
Littleton, Robert Lee[No date]01 Aug 195214/7
Ryans, William P.20 Nov 189322 Apr 194714/8
Gregg, Jessie M. Ryans20 Aug 192002 Oct 1997[Same stone as Lawrence Richard Gregg]14/9
Gregg, Lawrence Richard01 May 191516 Aug 1983[Same stone as Jessie M. Ryans Gregg]14/10
Compton, Ray M. III "Buddy"26 Oct 196612 Jan 1980Son15/1



Surveyed, transcribed and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web 14 March 2004 by Donna Briggs and Betty Jane Hylton, members of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

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NOTE:  The following are more recent deaths of the Ford Family. No row/grave information is available. Submitted by Nancy Ayres.
Aleen L. Ford, 25 Apr 1922 – 17 Dec 1998
Clyde Pickens Ford, 2 Aug 1879 – 4 Aug 1949
George C. Ford, 19 Dec 1934 – 6 May 2007
Jack S. Ford, 23 Aug 1925 – 27 Nov 1999
Judith D. Ford, 22 Jun 1944 – 28 Aug 2001
Mary B. Ford, 24 Jan 1905 – 29 Dec 1990
Mary E. Ford, 21 Apr 1935 – 1 Jul 2010
Minnie Louise Ford,, 3 Feb 1938 – unknown
Ray E. Ford, 26 Oct 1900 – 28 Nov 1969
Ray Elijah Ford Jr., 1931 – 29 Nov 2013
Teddy Gene Ford, Sr., 9 Jan 1938 – 12 Aug 2007
William Henry Ford, 26 Jul 1877 – 26 Dec 1960
Mary (June) Ford/Hartman, 30 May 1927 – 14 Jul 2006

**The back of the tombstone for John and Sarah Keebler Kincheloe bears the following information:
Children born:
Mary 8-28-1809
George 2-8-1811
William 9-17-1812
Elizabeth 5-14-1814
Sarah 5-5-1816
Seth 4-21-1818
Nancy ?-23-1820
Elijah ?-9-1822
Enos 1-18-1825
James 12-1822
Clarissa 10-11-1828

Kincheloe family and Descendants

“James Kincheloe d. Hawkins Co. June 22, 1889 and was buried in family graveyard of John Kincheloe….Kendrick’s Creek, Washington Co., TN. – his great-grandfather.”