Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery 2016

Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery

Washington County, Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions by Charles M. Bennett and the Watauga Association of Genealogists. Information used with the permission of Lorraine Bennett Rae.

From volume 3, page 315 – entry 148
Providence Presbyterian Church, located Route 1 Limestone on the Washington-Greene County line, is the second oldest church in Washington County. It was organized in 1780 by the Rev Samuel Doak. On Aug. 21, 1783, the Rev Sam Houston was ordained—the first Presbyterian minister to be ordained in Tennessee. Land records show that the Rev. Houston owned land in front of the church. He married a Miss Hall, who died a few months after their marriage and was buried on his land as shown by the deed. In 1795 HOUSTON married Margaret, daughter of Joseph Walker. Later he returned to Virginia where he pastored churches for more than 40 years—1791 until the 1830’s. he died Jan 20, 1839, aged 81, and is buried in High Bridge Cemetery. Copied April 3, 1958 by Charles M. Bennett. Notes from the files of CMB and from Irma Bowman Kitzmiller.”

This burial ground is being maintained very well and is managed by an association.

LOCATION – 2165 Happy Valley Road, Greene County, TN

GPS LOCATION:  +36° 17.785, -82° 38.395

BURIALS – This cemetery is divided into two areas –

The old area is north of the church building and surrounded by a limestone rock wall. This area is no longer active, appears nearly full, and has been divided into several smaller sections for surveying purposes. Only graves with markers have been recorded. See aerial map for breakdown of sections. Row numbers go south to north (away from the church building) and grave numbers go east to west within each section.

The new area is south of the church building and surrounded by a chain link fence. This area is still active for burials. It has been divided into two sections for survey purposes – east/left of the driveway is labeled Section L and west/right of the driveway is labeled as Section R. Rows go north to south (away from the church building) and grave numbers go from the driveway outward. Rows were given alpha indicators to match cemetery records. On the east/left side, a short row is found between rows H and I. This row is noted as HS in cemetery records and this survey. The cemetery association has a good mapping of the new area, so the grave numbering coincides with that map. This presents survey numbers being skipped for graves that have not been used yet.

A handful of markers recorded in the survey from 1958 were not found. These have been included and are labeled as CNL (cannot locate) in the Row column. Other older markers have deteriorated since the 1958 survey and bits of information may no longer be legible, however, as long as the marker could be identified, all the data was included in this survey.

Old area

Armstrong, Martha30 Mar 183028 May 1872CNLWife of John Armstrong.
Carson, M[oses] 02 Mar 175723 Jul 1821CNLFrom Prior Survey
Carson, Mary Campbell[No date]20 Aug 1871CNLWife of Moses Carson
Million, Elbert Martin12 ??? 185211 Jul 1858CNLFrom Prior Survey
Moody, Levisa06 Jan 186426 May 1867CNLFrom Prior Survey
Thompson, Rachel Jane03 Jan 184010 Aug 1844CNL
Unknown, ElizabethCNLPossible Sarah Gillespie - From Prior Survey
Loyd, John R.07 Jan 184117 Jul 1861A11Son of Charles & Margaret Loyd
Loyd, Jacob14 Sep 183817 Aug 1861A12
Davault, Amanda Jane25 Dec 182118 Dec 1865A13Wife of John Davault
C, H. A.A14Possible Hetty Campbell Foot
Duncan, Joseph, Sr.06 Jan 178810 Jul 1860A15
Duncan, Molly24 Jul 178728 Jan 1857A16Wife of Joseph Duncan, Sr.
Thompson, Robert 10 Aug 183010/07/43A17
T, R. A.A18Possible Robt A Thompson Foot
Unknown (illegible)A21Possible Sarah Sims Gillespie
Gillespie, Allen26 Jul 176919 Aug 1849A22Son of George Gillespie, Sr.
Ferguson, Martha J.11 Aug 185104 Jun 1871A23
Unknown (illegible)A24
Duncan, John R.07 Aug 1830A255 yrs. 6 mos. 23 days
Unknown (illegible)A26Large H & S Marker
Unknown (illegible)A27H & S Marker
Unknown (illegible)A28Blank Foot Style Marker
Duncan, David T.28 May 181908 Jun 1836A29
Hays, Elizabeth03 May 185209 Sep 1863A31
Cowan, Florence Jane11 Dec 185928 Aug 1863A32
Hays, Nancy M.10 Feb 185909 Feb 1863A33
Hays, Anna E.13 Aug 182103 Nov 1866A34
Hays, John19 May 187022 Jul 1871A35Top of Marker Missing
Hays, Margaret T.01 Jul 184004 Oct 1869A36Top of Marker Missing
Hays, James T.12 Sep 186703 Jul 1868A37Top of Marker Missing
Unknown (illegible)A38Stub only
Unknown (illegible)A39Stub only
Cosson, John17501818A310Revolutionary War Soldier
Cosson, William17441818A311Revolutionary War Soldier
Kennedy, Eli16 Jan 1836[No date]A312Infant
Kennedy, Joseph C.180013 Jan 1881A313Old Marker - 51 years old
Kennedy, Ann Allison01 Feb 179019 May 1856A314Wife of David Thompson & Joseph C. Kennedy
Unknown (illegible)A315
Unknown (illegible)A316
Thompson, Eliza Hannah[No date][No date]A317Consort of B.A. Thompson.
Thompson, Louisa G.19 Jan 181818 Jul 1887A318Widow of Robt A. Thompson.
Thompson, Robert A.01 Jul 181020 Sep 1867A319
Kennedy, Samuel R.[No date]ca. 1865A320CSA VET
Mercer, Rachel Thompson11 Nov 180807 Dec 1838A41Wife of E. F. Mercer
Thompson, Joseph C.01 Jan 183222 Mar 1887A42
Stuart, Elizabeth Burk Thompson29 Aug 181112 Feb 1837A43Wife of David Stuart
Seehorn, Sarah Jane27 Sep 182913 Jul 1869B11Wife of James G. Seehorn
Campbell, Mary S. Morrow12 Dec 182228 May 1906B21Wife of Brookins Campbell
Campbell, Hetty Alice05 Oct 185306 Aug 1863B22Daughter of Brookins & Mary S. Campbell
Campbell, Brookins "Hon."28 Jan 180425 Dec 1853B23Died while member of the 33rd Congress, Washington,D.C.
Morrow, Drury28 Jul 179714 Dec 1870B31
Kitzmiller, Sarah J. Morrow16 Oct 183418 Apr 1863B32Wife of G.W. Kitzmiller
Morrow, Hetty15 Jan 180220 Mar 1859B33Wife of Drury Morrow
Campbell, James24 Mar 180628 Apr 1866B34
Campbell, Susan28 May 182312 Feb 1902B35
Campbell, Hugh01 Dec 185704 Jun 1862B36
Carson, Lemuel11 Aug 178106 Feb 1849C11War 1812
Carson, Sarah Ann Ross27 Aug 178724 Aug 1867C12Wife of Lemuel Carson
Carson, Moses W.22 Sep 178321 Jul 1852C13
Carson, Margaret [Ross]10 Oct 179411 Feb 1875C14Wife of Moses W. Carson
Brabson, John M., Sr.[No date]14 Sep 1847C21Age 49 yrs. 9 mos. 21 days
Brabson, Mary E.25 Apr 181627 Dec 1906C22Wife of Alfred B. Brabson
Brabson, Alfred B.10 May 181114 Sep 1882C23
Brabson, M.C.[No date]C24Age 10
Brabson, Mary L.[No date]C25Age 2
Brabson, George R.[No date]C26Age 2 months
Million, Cordelia Ellender11 Dec 187110 Jul 1872D11
Million, Hannah Eliza08 Jul 186208 Jul 1862D12Daughter of James & Elender Million
Million, James29 Aug 182631 May 1864D13
Million, Elender [Ellender]06 Feb 182616 Oct 1864D14Consort of James Million
Blair, Sarah Ann25 Nov 181506 May 1887D15
Blair, Louiza M.02 Sep 182008 Mar 1890D16
Blair, John B.179209 Apr 1876D17Age 84 yrs. War of 1812.
Blair, Levisa Shields11 Oct 179418 Feb 1886D18Wife of John B. Blair
Unknown (illegible)D19Base with stub only
Blair, John11 Jul 183627 Jul 1867D110
Blair, Mary I.17 Jul 183610 Sep 1863D111Wife of John Blair.
Moody, Louisa29 Jul 182907 Mar 1871D112Wife of B.F. Moody
Vance, Rachel Shelcy07 Jun 186207 Jun 1862D113
Unknown (illegible)E11H & S Marker
Bashor, Susan E.19 Mar 186816 Sep 1869E12Daughter of B.F. & Julia Bashor.
Taylor, Robert19 Oct 179305 Oct 1871E13
Taylor, Nancy11 Dec 180518 Feb 1856E14Wife of Robert Taylor
Morelock, John F.17 Mar 185725 Jun 1863E15Son of Sarah A. & Geo. W. Morelock
Morelock, Sarah A.03 Dec 183015 Nov 1876E16Wife of Geo. W. Morelock
Morrow, Rebecca J. Carson03 Dec 183003 Jan 1871E17Wife of J.H. Morrow
Morrow, James Hagan14 Apr 183708 Apr 1902E18
Moore, Lutissa S.24 May 182326 Jan 1865E19Wife of James Moore
Moore, Margaret C.25 Dec 185718 Jul 1864E110
Carson, Moses23 Aug 181326 Jun 1866E111
Carson, Sara Jane26 Dec 184?24 Aug 184?E112Daughter of Moses & Mary Carson
Humphreys, Delilah J.16 Oct 180629 Aug 1873E113Wife of Wm. Humphreys
Humphreys, Wm.19 Sep 180919 Jul 1866E114
McCall, Pertheny11 Oct 179001 Apr 1854E115Wife of William McCall
Unknown (illegible)E116Possible Wm McCall [Prior Survey]
Tadlock, Mary J.B.T.21 Dec 182926 Oct 1862F11
Tadlock, Sevier10 Mar 180106 Dec 1882F12
Tadlock, Mary B.19 Nov 179911 Aug 1879F13Wife of Sevier Tadlock
Tadlock, Sevier Newton12 Oct 183301 Mar 1853F14
Gillespie, George H.24 Sep 178920 Aug 1846G11Son of John, the Son of George Gillespie, Sr.
Gillespie, Nancy Ann Ross27 Aug 178703 Aug 1854G12Consort of George H. Gillespie. Daughter of Ed Ross
Cremer, Thomas20 Sep 180027 Apr 1853G13
Cremer, 05 Apr 183310 May 1854G14
Stonecifer, Maj. Absalom25 Nov 180803 Feb 1879G15
Stonecifer, Barbary Jane Gillespie27 Jul 181813 Apr 1851G16Daughter of Geo. H. Gillespie and consort of Absalom Stonecifer
Buchanan, Matilda[No date]09 Jun 1858G17Age 39 yrs. 3 mos. 11 days Wife of Hervey Buchanan.
Buchanan, Laura Lucinda05 Jun 185503 Aug 1864G18
Buchanan, Martha Atwood04 Nov 184407 Aug 1864G19
Buchanan, Hervey[No date]16 Dec 1860G110Age 51 yrs. 11 mos. 4 days
Martin,07 Mar 1861G21
Martin, [No date]G22
Martin, George W.G23
Martin, Joseph M.19 Jan 183728 Dec 1877G24
Martin, Deborah 05 Jul 1863G25
Martin, G[regory] G.01 Jan 184817 Nov 1864G26Killed at Bulls Gap (Civil War) Co. 1 8th Tenn. Cav.
Martin, Deborah [Register]05 Apr 181731 Jan 1882G27Wife of Lewis T. Martin
Martin, Lewis T.19 May 181403 May 1863G28
King, Thomas14 Mar 183317 Jul 1909G29
King, M.A.14 Sep 184509 Jan 1869G210Wife of Thomas King
Armstrong, Rebecca Ann17 Jan 184102 Apr 1862G211Wife of John Armstrong.
Armstrong, Maryl A.10 Nov 185813 Sep 1877G212
Armstrong, John30 Mar 183704 Jul 1866G213
Hays, Charles18001874G31
Hays, Elizabeth18041873G32Wife of Charles Hays
Unknown (illegible)G33
Aston, Emma01/13/5807/14/79G34Wife of S. P. Aston.
Blakely, Charity12/02/1907/07/85G35Wife of Mathew S. Blakely.
Blakely, Mathew S.01/02/1805/02/78G36
Jones, Worley E.04/11/4305/10/73G37
Harrison, Thomas F.06/07/3110/05/59G38
Harrison, Martha Jane08/28/2504/25/61G39

New area

Good, Eva S.18681884LA01
Campbell, Fadilla21 Feb 182418 Jun 1888LA02
Broderick, Louvisa A.17 Aug 183519 Jul 1910LA10
Broderick, Samuel L.18 Jun 182509 Feb 1883LA11
Broderick, John B.06 Oct 186319 Mar 1902LA12
Broderick, Charles18671935LA13
Carson, Elizabeth01 Aug 180706 Oct 1889LA14
Carson, Mary E.24 Apr 185022 Oct 1934LA17
Carson, Franklin B.03 Aug 184813 Jun 1919LA18
Carson, Ferba23 Mar 189312 Oct 1894LA19Shares headstone with Myrtle & Arthur
Carson, Myrtle29 Oct 188716 Aug 1890LA20Shares headstone with Ferba & Arthur
Carson, Arthur10 Apr 188603 May 1886LA21Shares headstone with Myrtle & Ferba
Carson, Thelma R. Phillips16 Jan 191201 Mar 1957LA22
Carson, Carl Franklin16 Apr 189029 Apr 1966LA23
Armentrout, Mollie F.18871970LB01
Armentrout, Joe H.28 Feb 188412 Feb 1917LB02
Armentrout, Denver Hollis02 Apr 189902 Feb 1911LB03Son of R.E. and Maggie Armentrout.
Armentrout, Martha J.18361910LB04
Armentrout, Cora E.15 Jan 187016 May 1910LB05
Armentrout, Richard20 Nov 183118 Apr 1898LB06
Armentrout, Eliza13 Oct 184422 Aug 1898LB07
Humphreys, David05 Jan 184817 Jun 1883LB08
Bails, Jane12 Feb 180417 Jun 1883LB09
Carson, Julia A.V. Miller02 Dec 184812 Nov 1933LB13
Carson, John Ross03 May 182609 Dec 1912LB14CSA Veteran
Carson, Charlie17 Dec 187910 Dec 1890LB15
Carson, Infant son31 Oct 191231 Oct 1912LB16Son of C.B. and Ada Carson
Carson, Ada Lewis02 Mar 189203 Sep 1962LB17
Carson, Courtney B.22 Apr 187507 Nov 1943LB18
Carson, John Ross07 Mar 191422 Oct 2002LB19
Carson, Joseph S.19741974LB20WW II Veteran
Carson, Minnie W.19142003LB21
Carson, Carolyn Patton01 Nov 192419 Feb 2013LB22
Carson, James Fred18 Dec 192204 Jun 2006LB23
Miller, Maude L.05 Oct 187325 Jun 1933LC01
Miller, Fannie McClendon18491907LC02Civil War Veteran (Union)
Miller, John Noel18441911LC03
Miller, Greeneberry21 Oct 181225 Feb 1896LC04
Morelock, Louisa18381900LC15
Morelock, George W.18331900LC16
O'Keffe, Henry05 Aug 189222 Sep 1892LC22Infant son of Arthur and Grace Million
Gourley, Ida M.04 Sep 184001 May 1891LD01Wife of C.M. Gourley.
Gourley, Alfred T.13 Oct 185701 May 1923LD02
Gourley, Margaret E.21 Sep 185623 Jul 1934LD03
Gourley, Charles T.02 Apr 189823 Apr 1966LD04WW I Veteran
Gourley, Maggie M.18961981LD05
Gourley, Etheridge R.22 Nov 192608 Nov 1995LD06Son of Maggie
Gourley, Pauline18481995LD07
Gourley, Joseph Wallace18931898LD08Son of A T & Margaret
Kite, H.L.27 Aug 187423 Oct 1893LD09
Gourley, Maggie Austin13 Aug 189616 Aug 1977LD10
Gouley, Alfred Rader02 Mar 189518 Apr 1968LD11Husband of Maggie A.
Gourley, Margaret Mae03 Jan 192518 Oct 1929LD12Daughter of A.R. and Maggie Gourley.
Morelock, Malissa Brodick[31 Jan]1859[23 Dec]1944LD15
Morelock, Nathan Alexander[11 Jul]1853[02 Nov]1933LD16
Morelock, Glenna Pearl18931992LD17
Jones, Ida18731950LD25
Jones, William18801955LD26
Seehorn, Brucie20 Jun 188431 Jul 1893LE01Son of B.C. and E.C. Seehorn
Carson, Susan M.18831966LE03
Carson, Hugh W.18821968LE04
Carson, Clive W.23 Feb 191727 Nov 1976LE05WW II Veteran
Carson, Herbert C[arl]15 Nov 192031 May 2003LE06
Prichette, Molly1875[12/1/1940]LE10
Campbell, Infant son26 Apr 189826 Sep 1902LE11
Campbell, Dora E.18701953LE13
Campbell, Matthew B.18531926LE14
Campbell, Fred C.06 Aug 189602 Apr 1978LE15
Campbell, Thelma M.23 Oct 189801 Dec 1979LE16
Broyles, Laird L.19431960LE17
Broyles, Helen19251960LE18
Broyles Marvin Clifton19201990LE19
Broyles Nola[No date][No date]LE20
Campbell, Mildred C.18 Sep 192709 Jan 1984LE21
Campbell, Earl L.19 Jul 192722 Aug 2013LE22
Gourley, James F.05/?/194128 Nov 1989LF06Son of A R & Maggie
Gourley, Flora Mae19151974LF11Wife of Sam A.
Gourley, Samuel A.30 Mar 19151973LF12
Jaynes, Linda Sue02 Sep 194524 Aug 2015LF13
Blakely, Joel4/?/185211/?/1919LG09Marker Located Here
Ferguson, John H.03 May 186303 Dec 1895LG12
Ferguson, Drucilla Blakely18381/31/1895LG13Wife of Henry Ferguson.
Austin, Donald Wayne20 Aug 194720 Aug 1947LG20
Austin, Ruth M.18791946LG21
Austin, J. Jackson18 Feb 187613 Mar 1929LG22
Austin, Samuel B.19091909LG23
Austin, Infant son19031903LG24
Martin, E.R.27 Jun 183506 Nov 1918LH01
Martin, Rachel17 Nov 184101 May 1896LH02
Martin, Hettie B.19191919LH05
Martin, Nellie Bright14 Aug 188115 Jan 1919LH06
Martin, Joe Mahoney02 Jan 186606 Feb 1940LH07
Martin, S.M.07 Mar 186727 Jun 1918LH08
Martin, Infant18981898LH09
Martin, T.F.23 Apr 185611 Apr 1938LH10Died at Minneapolis, MN
Martin, Mary M.08 May 185012 Oct 1918LH11On marker, not on plot record
Martin, W.C.31 May 185001 Nov 1940LH11
Martin, Joe S.18721951LH12
Keys, Robin Marie19 Oct 195324 Jul 2004LH13
Keys, Frank Baxter26 Feb 195405 Jan 2010LH14
Bailey, Nancy Taylor04 Apr 185820 Jul 1907LH19Wife of George A. Bailey
Taylor, Lucinda11 Feb 182608 Oct 1896LH20Wife of Robert Taylor
Martain, Infant19451945LH22Son of Sam & Willie Martin
Martin, Willie R.1926[No date]LH23
Martin, Samuel M.19161977LH24
Williams, Alie Martin05 Feb 190516 Jun 1987LH25
Martin, Lena Moore31 Jan 187607 May 1953LH26
Martin, Grant12 Jan 186908 Jul 1953LH27
Martin, Franklin Claude18 Sep 190812 Dec 1971LH28
Martin, Sarah S.22 Jun 191625 Jan 2008LH29
Nelson, Mattie C.11/15/186321 Nov 1927LHS01
Nelson, Newton H.18931966LHS03
Nelson, Nola G.19052000LHS04
Martin, Joe F.30 Sep 192917 Aug 2003LHS05
Martin, Eleanor R.07 Jun 193626 Nov 2005LHS06
Nelson, Jackie P[aulette]12 Aug 196712 Aug 1967LHS07
Nelson, Stanley S.09 May 195616 May 1970LHS08
Nelson, Paul27 Dec 192712 Aug 2009LHS09
Nelson, Eva Rose04 Feb 1931LHS10
Shanks, Robert23 Mar 183514 Apr 1898LI01
Martin, Bertha E.13 Aug 186513 Sep 1905LI05
Martin, T.R.23 Apr 185611 Apr 1938LI06
Martin, Annie D.06 Apr 188923 Sep 1973LI07
Gregg, Brenda19 Dec 1952LI09
Gregg, David18 Sep 195230 Mar 2005LI10
Martin, Frank R.21 Jan 190123 Aug 1933LI12
Martin, James Yates16 Dec 191007 Mar 1957LI13
Martin, Dorothy K.14 Aug 191518 Aug 1997LI14
Martin, Albert F.27 Oct 190814 Aug 1968LI15WW II Veteran
Stoots, Bertha M.22 Sep 191624 Jan 2004LI18
Stoots, Junior F.19 Oct 192619 Oct 1926LI19
Stoots, Rose19081984LI20
Stoots, William18851938LI21
Stoots, Mary19001925LI22
Stoots, Evelyn24 Oct 192218 Feb 1923LI23
Good, Homer24 Sep 193409 May 2004LI27
Good, Maude A.19091982LI28
Good, Stewart18951975LI29
Wheelock, Vadna F.30 Oct 193718 Dec 1995LI30
Wheelock, Carl K.25 Sep 19302015LI31
Dye, David Allen24 Sep 196031 Mar 2011LI32
Barlow, John R.02 Apr 189305 Nov 1893LJ01
Reppond, Bernice Lois30 Jan 1938LJ03
Kinley, Montie Wayne10 Apr 193919 Jun 2012LJ04
Armstrong, Georgie B.18871906LJ05
Armstrong, Deby Cochran18601930LJ06
Armstrong, David J.18571931LJ07
Kinley, Joy Ann10 Jun 194022 Jul 1941LJ08Dau of Sam T Kinley
Kinley, Edith C.16 Jul 191318 May 1995LJ09Wife of Sam T Kinley
Kinley, Sam T.06 Apr 191219 Nov 1989LJ10
Gregg, Gladys M.25 May 192617 Aug 1994LJ11
Gregg, George W.22 Oct 192112 Oct 1985LJ12
Pates, Wilma Moles25 Jun 1934LJ16
Moles, Callie M.04 Mar 191331 Aug 2010LJ17
Moles, Wm. Harold18 Apr 190912 Mar 1997LJ18
Moles, Wilson M.02 Jan 187921 Oct 1957LJ19
Moles, Lottie McMackin02 Jun 188711 Jun 1954LJ20
Moles, John T27 Jan 186803 Jul 1913LJ21
Moles, Sabrina Boyd15 Mar 193115 Jun 1907LJ22
Moles, A.J.13 Mar 183011 Jun 1906LJ23
Fogerty, Tina19682015LJ26
Keys, Eva Hazen19241924LK01
Million, S. Keith19 Nov 1917[No date]LK04
Million, Anna Mae11 Jan 1934[No date]LK05
Million, Georgia S.16 May 191227 Nov 2006LK06
Million, Robert L.21 Jan 191223 Jan 1980LK07
Baskette, Ruth Million28 Apr 191329 Oct 2005LK08
Baskette, Bert Taft03 Oct 190902 May 1958LK09
Baskette, Lula A.18841979LK10
Million, James M.18761955LK11
Million, Laura02 Jan 188712 Jul 1957LK12
Million, Clara M.25 May 188328 Mar 1922LK13
Million, Mahalia J.28 May 184716 Jul 1928LK14
Million, Arthur Robert23 Feb 184820 Dec 1932LK15
Million, Ida Ruth19 Jun 191910 May 2007LK16
Million, James David04 Mar 191525 May 1992LK17WW II Veteran
Million, A. Terrance18 Sep 196418 Sep 1964LK18Infant son of Arthur and Grace Million
Million, Arthur27 Jan 192627 Oct 1991LK19WW II Veteran
Million, Grace E. Hice31 Jul 192827 Oct 1998LK20
Spraggins, Janice M.1946[No date]LK21
Spraggins, James Perry19431980LK22Vietnam Veteran
Austin, Johnny31 Jul 191231 Jul 1912LK24
Austin, Wm. Byrd02 May 188809 Jan 1976LK25
Austin, Maude Alexander10 Jun 189208 Apr 1983LK26
Austin, Nina Sarah19212012LK27
Austin, Alberta L.19092003LK28
Austin, Charlotte L.1833[No date]LK30
Austin, Onnie31 Jul 191205 Sep 1974LK31WW II Veteran
Willis, John Wesley08 Jun 192429 Jun 1924LL01Son of James and Bessie Willis
Willis, Bessie Teasner22 Sep 189302 Mar 1949LL02
Willis, James09 Feb 188113 Apr 1964LL03
UnknownLL04Possibly 2 Babies - Unmarked
Tilson, Alma Gouley01 Jul 191829 Nov 1994LL05
Murray, Larry13 Nov 194227 Jul 2006LL06
Murray, Infant19371937LL07No Marker
Million, Jerry Lynn29 Oct 194402 Jun 1988LL10Vietnam Veteran
Million, Rosa Lee13 Sep 192126 Dec 2009LL11
Million, Charles N.10 May 191609 Dec 2002LL12
Million, Elizabeth F.1928[No date]LL23
Million, Willis B.02 May 191916 Sep 1996LL24WW II Veteran
Million, Patricia L.21 Aug 1949LL27
Million, Willis D[avid]16 Jun 195017 Nov 2000LL28
Austin, Martha Adams18531925LM01
Austin, John18551925LM02WW II Veteran
Austin, Sally L. Townsend20 Nov 187919 Aug 1970LM03
Austin, Samuel H.28 Feb 187407 Mar 1941LM04
Austin, Ira Kenneth09 May 192721 Feb 1966LM05
Austin, Thelma E.25 Sep 192525 Sep 1925LM06
Austin, Kyle28 May 192628 May 1926LM07
Austin, William Western23 Jan 190417 Jul 1976LM08
Austin, Maude Morris11 Dec 190311 Feb 1994LM09
Austin, Maxie Faye08 Aug 1932[No date]LM10
Morris, Verge Alford26 Nov 187120 Aug 1940LM11See also R-I21 Cemetery records support this location.
Morris, Lucy Bell15 Mar 188008 Dec 1957LM12
Campbell, Linda Ann30 Jun 196002 Jul 1960LM14
Campbell, Eva C. Austin09 Apr 192912 Apr 1963LM15
Campbell, Harlan L.11 May 1924[No date]LM16
Price, Frances Austin21 May 1930[No date]LM21
Price, Charles Howard28 Jul 192406 Jun 1984LM22WW II Veteran
Austin, Fay Elizabeth08 Dec 192622 Aug 1928LN03Infant of C.F. and Dimple Austin
Austin, Max Donald14 Sep 192914 Sep 1929LN04Infant of C.F. and Dimple Austin
Austin, Jewel Ann30 Mar 193820 Mar 1938LN05Infant of C.F. and Dimple Austin
Austin, John23 Oct 190807 Sep 1931LN08
Townsend, Malinda A.10/291/89231 Jan 1964LN13Wed 8/13/1911
Townsend, Azor V.03 Nov 188320 Mar 1965LN14Wed 8/13/1911
Cochran, John B.18621930LO01
Cochran, Alice Good18601950LO02
Murray, James A.02 Feb 194107 Mar 1941LO06Son of Windle Murray
Hassell, Ethalyn Rector10 Nov 1927LO20Sister to Gladys & Letha
Booher, Gladys Rector05 Nov 191902 Nov 1990LO21Sister to Ethalyn & Letha
Cole, Letha Rector09 Mar 191727 Sep 2002LO22Sister to Ethalyn & Gladys Rector
Wolfe, Elizabeth30 Oct 185820 Aug 1931LO23
Rector, Iva Jerome07 Jan 192225 Oct 1925LO24
Rector, Jessie Pearl Wolfe07 May 188610 Jul 1963LO25
Rector, Richard Carter01 Apr 188203 Feb 1954LO26
Showman, Myrtle Rector1909[No date]LO27
Showman, George R.19061964LO28
Rector, Stephen K.26 Sep 195117 Dec 1969LO29
Rector, Lucy P.18 Oct 192809 Sep 2004LO30
Rector, James Jay01 Nov 192423 Jun 1996LO31WW II Veteran
Rector, Larry Dale18 Sep 195009 Nov 2007LO32
Mitchell, Phyliss Rector08 Dec 1948LO33
Keys, Tanya Michelle09 Aug 197509 Aug 1975LO35Dau Michael & Phyllis Keys
Showman, Florence C.02 Oct 190501 Feb 1994LO39
Showman, Benjamin H.12 Apr 189203 Oct 1967LO40Veteran
Tarlton, James E.19372002LO46
Tarlton, Mary Showman08 Jun 191726 Jun 1997LO47
Tarlton, William09 May 194227 Jun 1997LO48
Shelton, Mary Emmaline16 May 187802 Oct 1946LP01
Hensley, Morstonie07 Dec 190416 Apr 1974LP02
Hensley, Hoy06 Dec 191106 May 1987LP03Husband of Ada J Austin
Hensley, Ada J. Austin28 Apr 1915[No date]LP04Dau Samuel & Sallie Austin
Hensley, Clara B. Shelton19091980LP23Wife of Miles
Hensley, Miles J.19001972LP24Son of Mary E
Hensley, Arthur Eugene27 Apr 193402 May 1936LP25Son of Miles J. & Clara S.
Hensley, Chester19351993LP26son of Miles J. & Clara S.
Hensley, Atlas Emmeline05 Apr 193024 Aug 2005LP27
Bales, Dorothy D. Fletcher19 Feb 192110 Sep 1987LP32
Bales, Leonard C.15 Nov 191902 May 1987LP33WW II Veteran
Bales, Randy Wade08 Mar 195601 Sep 1988LP34
Bales, Thomas E.23 Oct 195214 Oct 2007LP36
Parker, Samuel E.19341974LQ01
Parker, Mamie01 Sep 190514 Oct 1995LQ02
Parker, George18 Feb 190015 Jul 1997LQ03
Hobbs, Robert19001976LQ04
Hobbs, Elizabeth19041975LQ05
Kerney, George Taylor19292009LQ06
Kerney, Rose Mary19372000LQ07
Kerney, Charles A.01 Sep 193815 Apr 2007LQ08
Nelson, Joseph Hardy12 May 193331 Oct 1995LQ09Veteran
Nelson, Georgie E.13 Mar 1936LQ10
Nelson, Ora Mae22 Feb 191028 Sep 1991LQ11
Nelson, Henry C.02 Aug 190416 Nov 1973LQ12
Pleasant, Bessie Nelson12 Jul 194322 Dec 1985LQ13
Akins, Melissa Lynn08 Jan 197329 Aug 2004LQ44
Akins, Gloria Bradley28 Feb 1949LQ45
Akins, MacLellan17 Jun 194921 Aug 2003LQ46
Lewis, Eula Lee Ramsey12 May 192921 Oct 1998LQ47
Akins, Warren G.26 Mar 192202 Jun 1990LQ48WW II Veteran
Morgan, InfantLQ49Of Thos & Clara - Unmarked
Parker, Flossie17 Jul 193610 Aug 2006LR03
Parker, Artie19321936LR04
Sailers, Raymond19502015LR05
Akins, Mildred Millie19392014LR47
Cox, Billie E.11 Sep 195530 Oct 2008LS07
Cox, Minty02 Feb 193406 Apr 2014LS08
Cox, Bill J.23 Jan 193019 Aug 2008LS09
Harris, Pamela J.08 Oct 1958LS12
Harris, H. Trent30 Aug 195307 Jul 2009LS13
Harris, Louise Gourley19231987LS14Dau of A R & Maggie A
Harris, Harry D.28 Aug 192321 Aug 1983LS15WW II Veteran
Murray, Andy Kate30 Oct 192027 Aug 2001LS16
Murray, Keith Saylor27 Feb 1919LS17
Austin, Lonnie Clark3/?/19403/?/1940LS25
Austin, Lonnie31 Jul 191219 Aug 1982LS26
Austin, Grace W.11 Mar 192210 Mar 2007LS27
Jones, Richard Lee01 Sep 192309 Mar 1977LS28WW II Veteran
VanDerMerwe, Catharina24 Jul 193213 Oct 2012LS36
VanDerMerwe, Johannes 25 Aug 1929LS37
Gourley, Joye R.17 Aug 193210 Mar 2002LU06
Gourley, William R.19 Oct 1931LU07
Dobner, Jordan Ali20132013LU11
Mercer, Willie D.29 Mar 183626 Sep 1888RA01
Mercer, R.T.29 Apr 184507 Dec 1898RA02
Mercer, Martha A.08 Feb 185125 Jan 1917RA03Wife of R.T. Mercer
Hall, FrankRA04No Marker
Gibson, russell07 Nov 189010 Jan 1895RA17
Keys, Oscar L.07 Nov 187830 Dec 1889RB01Son of E.L. Keys
Keys, Luverna14 Nov 190708 Jun 1908RB02
Keys, Bessie13 Oct 188001 Sep 1910RB03
Keys, John18551915RB04
Keys, Lanore E.18561923RB05
Nelson, Johnny19 Mar 192019 Dec 1922RB09Son of F.M. and Ester Nelson
Nelson, Wm.07 May 192607 Apr 1927RB10Son of F.M. and Ester Nelson
Adams, Sarah Virginia18601920RB17
Adams, Martha L.18951896RB18
Dickison, Graver[No date][No date]RB1934 yrs. old
Dickison, Martha[No date]03 May 1888RB2067 yrs. old; wife of Wm. Dickison.
Blakely, Polly[No date]24 Oct 1898RB2155 yrs. old; wife of J.E. Blakely.
Blakely, Joel4/?/185011/?/1919RB22Cem Records but No Mkr
Gray, John[No date]ca 1884RC01
Gray, Sophia[No date]ca 1884RC02
Roberts, Thomas Homer18 Jun 1896[No date]RC12
Roberts, Minnie Waller11 Nov 190129 Aug 1952RC13
Roberts, MyrtleRC14Unmarked
Roberts, Clara SueRC15Unmarked
Wallar, William Elbert18501939RC16
Wallar, Kate Elizabeth18651934RC17
Gibson, G. Dewey09 May 189915 Jan 1917RC20
Hall, Mary J.1954RD05Grave unmarked.
Hall, James F.190612 Feb 1991RD06Grave unmarked.
Hall, G.W.RD07Grave unmarked.
Hall, Tom15 Mar 1997RD08Grave unmarked.
Dayton, Wm. Earl18 Oct 194318 Oct 1943RD11
Dayton, Earl01 May 191503 Jul 1943RD12Veteran
Carver, Rosa Waller-Dayton19101995RD13
Carver, Henry "Arlen"26 Sep 189821 Aug 1985RD14Veteran
Gibson, Harrison18 Jul 188827 Jan 1977RD15WW I Veteran
Gibson, Hannah Dickerson15 Jun 185621 Jun 1936RD16
Henry, G.W.01 Nov 184806 Sep 1893RD17
Horton, MarthaRD18Unmarked grave
Henry, Will15 Jul 188514 Nov 1930RD19
Horton, T.J. (Jim Tom)RD20Unmarked grave
Adams, Mary E.18711902RE01
Adams, William B.18611917RE02
Adams, Clara Oviva02 May 189427 Oct 1914RE03
Foster, Evert[1910][1911]RE04Unmarked
Foster, Mary[29 Sep 1913][5Jul 1914]RE05Unmarked
Foster, Lennora B.20 Aug 189116 May 1917RE06Wife of W.M. Foster.
Crawford, Evert10 Sep 191027 Jul 1912RE07Son of J.F. and Oma Crawford
Crawford, Raymond10 Mar 190913 Feb 1914RE08Son of J.F. and Oma Crawford
Crawford, Naoma Adams18881926RE09
Crawford, Frank Jr.18881973RE10
Crawford, Lena1904RE11
Crawford, Frank Jr.1929RE12
Foster, Ernest[1910][9/x/1933]RE13Unmarked grave; twin also died 1911.
Barnes, Myrtle FosterRE14Infant Unmarked grave.
Foster, Marion18821964RE15
Foster, Trula18981966RE16
Steen, Lynn5/191949RE17
Steen, William Donald17 Apr 192627 Mar 1952RE18WW II Veteran
Steen, Vernon V.18971969RE19WW I Veteran
Steen, Ethel A.18961970RE20
Foster, Arthur "Lee"19121972RE23
Daughtery, Dewy J.14 May 189931 Dec 1906RE26Son of A.J. and M.E. Daughtery
Pleasant, Jane10 Jun 185027 Sep 1908RF01
Pleasant, S.T.27 Dec 185206 May 1909RF02
Pleasant, William F.18 Apr 188014 Feb 1948RF04
Pleasant, Ethel W.28 May 188403 May 1951RF05
Pleasant, Orgil Melvin18 Jan 188227 Apr 1954RF06
Pleasant, Esther M.07 Nov 188117 Nov 1960RF07
Pleasant, Samuel R.08 Sep 190921 May 1962RF11WW II Veteran
Pleasant, SarahRF12Unmarked
Gibson, Clarence E.18931958RF20
Gibson, Omega L. Parker19001985RF21
Blair, J. Shields01 Dec 182803 Sep 1897RG01
Blair, Amanda N. Keys12 Aug 185316 May 1921RG02Wife of J.S. Blair & Frank Sellers.
Vance, John B.10 May 183030 Dec 1905RG03
Vance, Janie16 Nov 182324 Jan 1901RG04
Crawford, Phillip G.24 Jul 195331 Jan 1954RG09Son of Roy and Ethelyn Cawford
Jones. G.W.20 Jan 184105 Jun 1898RH01CSA Veteran
Jones, America Jane01 Sep 185511 Nov 1946RH02
Schilling, Charles C.18691942RH10
Schilling, Bettie Frye18831971RH11
Frye, Robert18471902RH12CSA Veteran
Frye, Susan Wilcox18491930RH13
Frye, Josephine13 Jun 187423 Nov 1884RH14
Frye, Letty18091883RH15
Dickerson, Margaret18271901RH16
Dickerson, Joe18251903RH17
Campbell, John Mell06 Apr 187603 Sep 1951RI01
Campbell, Betty Izola12 Aug 191212 Jul 1913RI03
Campbell, George G.01 Jan 193131 Aug 1950RI04Korean War Veteran
Campbell, Anna R.05 Jun 191004 Jul 1982RI05Married 8-1-1925
Campbell, James G.30 Apr 190719 Mar 1993RI06Married 8-1-1925
Nelson, Coy Rex14 May 193002 Feb 2007RI07
Nelson, Margaret Ann18 Sep 193813 Aug 2010RI08
Nelson, Joe R.19051981RI09
Nelson, Novella A.19091990RI10
Phillips, Edbert R.Jun-2707 May 1994RI11Married 11/12/1955
Phillips, Ruby F. Nelson26 Dec 193308 Nov 1992RI12Married 11/12/1955
Nelson, Roy Gene11 Jun 193227 Oct 1982RI16Veteran
Nelson, Eula May[No date][No date]RI17
Nelson, Kenya Jo07 Feb 197929 Aug 2010RI18
Nelson, Donald04 Jul 195522 Jun 2003RI19
Kinley, Whitney Lynn09 Jan 199313 Sep 1996RI20Portrait on black granite.
Morris, Verge Alford[26 Nov]1871[20 Aug]1940RI21Old style marker here - see also L-M11
Ball, Mellie[No date][No date]RI26Unidentified grave
Miller, VerniaRI27Unidentified grave.
Hall, FrankRI28Unidentified grave.
Hall, Annie HallRI29Frank Hall's sister; unknown if wed; no dates; unidentified grave.
Henderson, Mary S.01 Jan 189803 Sep 1991RJ01Urn is between Aaron & Nancy Keys.
Keys, Aaron, Jr05 Jun 193817 Feb 1916RJ01Civil War Veteran (Union)
Keys, Nancy Ann25 Sep 183609 Jul 1920RJ02
Henderson, Mollie E.26 Nov 186820 Dec 1948RJ04
Henderson, John T.16 Aug 186203 Mar 1939RJ05
Million, Lucas James06 Aug 198219 Dec 2001RJ08
Million, Justin KeithRJ09
Million, Mary Ann19 Jul 196627 May 2009RJ10
Taylor, Jimmy L.RJ17
Taylor, Linda G.08 Mar 196122 Sep 2006RJ18
Jeffers, E. McMillan18501928RK01
Jeffers, Elizabeth Sellers18661922RK02
Jeffers, Thomas01 Jun 189226 Aug 1972RK03
Jeffers, Ellen Austin16 May 191122 Jun 1939RK04Wife of Thomas Jeffers
Jeffers, Judy Edith16 Jan 195717 Jan 1957RK10Daughter of James and Edna Jeffers.
Jeffers, Roy05 Jul 189019 Oct 1971RK11WWI Veteran
Jeffers, Addie10 Nov 190209 Dec 1983RK12Wife of Roy Jeffers
Showman, W.S.18611927RL01
Showman, Nan18721960RL02
Showman, Johnny18501929RL03
Showman, Byrd W.25 Jan 188501 Jul 1952RL04
Guess, Nellie Showman04 Jun 191326 Jan 1952RL05
Showman, Charles H.19091/6/1981RL06
Showman, Scredula C.1920[No date]RL07
Showman, Luke Duke19 May 195212 Sep 1995RL08
Showman, Billy Jack13 Jan 194306 Sep 2005RL11
Showman, Jolene Lucas20 Oct 1943RL12
Showman, Jerry W.08 Sep 1949RL13
Showman, Vickie D.13 Aug 195728 Feb 2001RL14
Showman, John Roy25 Jan 193802 Feb 2006RL15Air Force
Showman, Charles Howard13 Jul 193929 Oct 2006RL16Air Force
Adams, Pernell11 May 196324 Dec 2005RL20
Montieth, Charles Boyd09 Oct 193409 Oct 1934RM01
Montieth, R. Blanch Presley17 May 191519 Sep 1992RM02
Montieth, Raymond Clifford03 Dec 191424 Apr 1998RM03
Presley, Sam B.19172000RM05
Presley, Bea A.19201987RM06
Presley, Glen T.19001940RM07
Presley, Robert B.12 Jul 187227 Nov 1950RM08
Presley, Annie Armentrout30 Mar 187927 Feb 1965RM09
Armentrout, Roy Elsworth04 Dec 187412 Feb 1959RM12
Armentrout, Maggie Alexander02 Jan 188030 Oct 1965RM13
Armentrout, Willis Pauline10 Sep 190314 May 1989RM14
Hall, Martha Irene14 Oct 190911 Jul 2005RM15
McAmis, R[obt] Willis20 Mar 193030 Jan 2008RM21WWII
McAmis, Nina B.20 Mar 1930RM22
McAmis, James Timothy01 Jul 196117 Mar 1998RM23
Jordan, Thomas J.01 May 186614 Mar 1943RN01Father of Raymond
Jordan, Marcena P.12 Apr 187201 Oct 1965RN02
Jordan, Raymond14 Apr 190605 Jul 1993RN03Father of Clyde
Jordan, Beth24 Apr 190603 Sep 1991RN04
Jordan, Clyde T.28 Mar 192709 Apr 2007RN05
Jordan, Betty Lou19 Jul 193004 Jan 2000RN06
Fellers, Robert L.17 Nov 191009 Aug 1977RN08
Fellers, Maude Presley30 Oct 191324 Apr 2006RN09
Million, Samuel R.12 Aug 194924 Jun 2010RN16
Million, Patsy S. Jordan04 Feb 194909 Feb 2013RN17
Smith, Noah Alvin12 Jul 188418 Oct 1964RO01
Smith, Nellie Foulks12 Jan 189307 Jul 1983RO02
Moles, Lawrence Emet14 Apr 192029 Jun 1982RO03WWII Veteran
Moles, Evelyn Louise Smith04 Apr 191425 Jan 2010RO04
Smith, Jack Alvin3/20192009 Jan 1999RO07WWII
Smith, Velma Malone18 Jun 192101 Sep 1995RO08
Smith, Billy B.28 Jun 192301 Dec 2001RO13WWII
Smith, Athene M.28 Jan 1925RO14
Keebler, Murray Pete19121975RO16Actually at Monte Vista
Keebler, Alleen R. Smith19122002RO16Actually at Monte Vista
Smith, Irene Beatrice19161919RO16
Guinn, James E.19001974RP01Korean War Veteran
Guinn, Anna Lee1911[15 Apr]1999RP02
Guinn, Billy19331983RP03
Guinn, Dora E. "Liz"07 Apr 193915 Apr 1992RP04
Guinn, David M.19491996RP05
Guinn, Hubert H. Sr04 Nov 193824 Jan 2001RP06
Foshee, Reba Kate6/3/19439/10/2011RP10
Bowman, Helen Rose18 Jun 194431 May 2014RP12
Guinn, Harvey Eugene10 Oct 193401 Jun 1993RQ01Korean War Veteran
Guinn, Danny E.19591996RQ02
Parker, Barbara194601 Apr 1997RQ03
Jaycox, C. Atras194220 Apr 1997RQ04
Franklin, Billy Ray18 Mar 196321 Apr 2015RQ05
Miller, Shelby Jean24 Feb 194721 Aug 2000RQ10
Brickey, H.T. Bud17 Nov 193315 Jul 2013RQ20
Brickey, Betty R.10 Mar 1937RQ21
Guinn, Troy16 Jan 193813 Dec 2001RR01
Guinn, Mary H.09 Sep 1933RR02
Williams, Kolby Lloyd03 May 201407 May 2014RR03
Collins, Billy L.30 Apr 194022 Dec 1985RR06
Ayers, Charles Albert5/22/193311/9/2015RR08
Yates, David Michael11/3/195210/29/2012RR13
Penley, Leif Sidel6/18/2012RR14
Poe, Christopher D. Yates17 Aug 200021 Dec 2002RR15
Nelson, InfantRR27Unmarked Nola Nelson's son
Rector, Horace Jr.6/7/194312/19/2009RS13
Grubbs, Albert W.23 Feb 193711 Nov 2005RS14
Grubbs, Betty J.19381983RS15
Grubbs, Charley19081979RS16
Grubbs, Iva Lee19162006RS17
Roush, Orville R.15 Apr 191709 Jun 1985RS20
Roush, Doris M.06 Sep 191708 Oct 2001RS21
Johnson, Fred Jr.18 Apr 193012 Mar 2002RS25
Johnson, Florence Dixon17 Dec 193707 Jan 2002RS26
Rector, Maggie15 Nov 187909 Sep 1970RS27
Wenk, Bertha H. Johnson11 Aug 190912 Jun 1980RS28Wife of Robert C. Wenk
Coates, Larry R.18 Nov 194711 Jan 2012RT18
Smith, Mattie Grubbs01 Jul 190621 Jun 1987RT20
Cox, Herbert J.05 Nov 192713 Aug 1928RT21
Cox, Thurman16 Jun 192629 Jul 1927RT22
D., M.[No date][No date]RT24Probably misplaced foot marker
Whittaker, Loretta18851952RT26
Grubbs, Flora Harris188216 Feb 1952RT27
Grubbs, Jack01 Mar 190722 Apr 1970RT28
Wyche, Mary Young19322011RU15
Collins, Ben C.22 Feb 190227 Dec 1972RU16
Collins, John K.20 Apr 185901 Mar 1931RU17
Collins, Sarah E.01 May 186025 May 1944RU18
Collins, David Franklin31 Mar 188220 Jun 1971RU19
Collins, Cordie02 Oct 191010 Dec 1998RU20
Roseberry, Caden Chance19 Aug 2013RU21

Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery Layout 2016

Providence Presbyterian Church Cemetery Layout

Surveyed, transcribed and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web December 2015 by Gordon M. Edwards, member of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. Invaluable assistance was provided by James & Joyce Keys.

Copyrighted 2015 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part of this work may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.

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