Salem Cemetery Established 1870 2006

Salem Cemetery
Established 1870

This cemetery is also known as Old Salem Cemetery and Salem Presbyterian Church Cemetery. A board of directors governs the cemetery. Located at the intersection of Washington College Rd. and Bailey Bridge Road, Washington County, TN. Established 1780. This very old cemetery is well maintained. Sometime during the mid-1900s, the caretakers decided to “pretty up” the cemetery and make it easier to mow by moving the markers to make straight rows. It was impossible for team members to match up the order of graves from the WPA survey done in the 1930’s. 1“Salem Cemetery is in regular use, although because the surrounding agricultural community population is small, fewer than five burials take place in an average year. At least 404 of the estimated 500 marked burials were in existence when tombstone inscriptions were recorded in 1938.” There are many unmarked graves in the oldest section. A list of known graves without markers is at the end of the chart. Near the grave of Samuel Wallace Depue’s grave, old bricks mark the foundation of the old Dr. Doak’s Log School Building. 

GPS Location: 36° 13.24N 082° 34.40W;   Elevation: 1530 ft.

Bowman, Goldie05 Jul 190125 Dec 196801/01Father
Ndukeman, Wm A1905197301/02[Woodall Funeral Home marker]
Letson, Joyce B.30 Jun 195921 Nov 200201/03
Bowman, George “Eddie”11 May 196117 Jul 200101/04
Greenway, Marry L.1894198001/05[Shares marker with Thomas S. Greenway]
Greenway, Thomas S.1878195701/06[Shares marker with Marry L. Greenway]
Balle, Robert A. Jr.24 Jun 192129 Nov 194101/07PFC Co G 18th INFANTRY, 1ST DIV, "NO MISSION TOO DIFFICULT, NO SACRIFICE TOO GREAT"
Balle, Nita E.31 Dec 189821 Nov 197101/08[Shares marker with Robert A. "Pete" Balle]
Balle, Robert A.09 Jan 189526 May 196701/09[Shares marker with Nita E. Balle]
Balle, Minnie M.1866194901/10Mother [Wife of William Balle]
Ball, V. H. (Bud)25 Jul 190404 Jan 198301/11[Shares marker with Violet Ball]
Ball, Violet10 Feb 1916[No date]01/12[Shares marker with V.H. (Bud) Ball]
Killen, Louise1916[No date]01/13[Shares marker with William E. Killen; dau of Robert and Nita Balle]
Killen, William E.1904198301/14[Shares marker with Louise Killen]
West, Edwin D.30 Nov 195501 Dec 195501/15Son of R.H. & Nola West
West, Nola B.27 Sep 191615 Jan 198801/16[Shares marker with R.H. "Dick" West]
West, R. H. "Dick"12 Sep 191424 Feb 199201/17[Shares marker with Nola B. West]
Keeton, Howard Junior18 Mar 193624 Feb 199501/18
West, Harry D. "Bill"15 Oct 191702 Apr 196901/19[Shares marker with Ruth Broyles West]
West, Ruth Broyles20 Jun 1921[No date]01/20Wife [Shares marker with Harry D. West]
Higgins, Isaac11 Oct 192827 Apr 200502/01[Shares marker with Martha Higgins]
Higgins, Martha05 Aug 1931[No date]02/02[Shares marker with Isaac Higgins]
Bennett, Leroy E.01 Jun 193520 Sep 199702/03US Army, Wed 38 yrs [Shares marker with Billie West Bennett]
Bennett, Billie West31 Jan 1935[No date]02/04[Shares marker with Leroy E. Bennett]
West, Harry Ross12 Dec 193809 Nov 196902/05Tennessee PFC US Army Vietnam,
West, Marie Rowe30 Dec 1916[No date]02/06Wed July 27 1934 [Shares marker with E.D. West]
West, E. D. "Shorty"10 Jan 191207 Apr 197702/07[Shares marker with Marie Rowe West]
Rodriquez, Julian28 Jan 191110 Apr 197502/08
Shelton, GilbertAug 1924Sep 196602/09
Anderson, Samuel E.17 Jun 187105 Jun 193902/10[Shares marker with Clara B. Anderson; married 10 Oct 1894]
Anderson, Clara B. [Broyles]02 Jun 186815 Aug 196502/11[Shares marker with Samuel E. Anderson]
Anderson, William Henry03 Jul 190729 Dec 190702/12Son of S.E. & Clara Anderson
Anderson, Martha E.07 May 190506 Jan 191902/13
West, Gordon H.1911196602/14[Shares marker with Hazel Madge West & G. Larry West]
West, Hazel Madge1917195602/15[Shares marker with Gordon H. West & G. Larry West]
West, G. Larry1944196502/16[Shares marker with Gordon H.West and Hazel Madge West]
West, Thomas Harold1936200002/17
Cox, Clyde Dean26 Sep 189511 Feb 195702/18Tennessee PVT US Army World War I [Foot marker has birth date 27 Sep 1893; Shares marker with Nellie Alice Cox]
Cox, Nellie Alice14 Jul 190020 Apr 196002/19His wife [Shares marker with Clyde Dean Cox]
Cox, Horace F.1937198902/20[Son of Clyde Dean and Nellie Alice Cox]
Cox, Mary Kathleen McGee21 Mar 192720 Nov 198302/21[Shares marker with Jessie Ray Cox]
Cox, Jessie Ray09 Apr 1923[No date]02/22[Shares marker with Mary Kathleen McGee Cox]
Lewis, Hazel Clark09 Mar 1920[No date]03/01Wed Apr 11 1943 [Shares marker with R.T. Lewis]
Lewis, R. T.15 Apr 191903 Jul 200003/02[Shares marker with Hazel Clark Lewis;]
Phillips, Nellie M.30 Aug 192621 Dec 199303/03[Shares marker with Regis P. Phillips
Phillips, Regis P.30 Sep 1925200203/04[Shares marker with Nellie M. Phillips, A round, upright marker with an eagle in the middle. World War Two 1941-1945 inscribed on it.]
May, Ruby Patton30 Apr 188819 Feb 196403/05[Shares marker with Mark Arthur May]
May, Mark Arthur12 Aug 189102 Jan 197703/06[Shares marker with Ruby Patton May]
May, Samuel J.1866193703/07[Shares marker with Mary E. May; Masonic emblem]
May, Mary E.1869194803/08[Shares marker with Samuel J. May]
May, Pearl M.1897197403/09
May, J. Blaine1895194303/10[Masonic emblem]
Phillips, Ross Howard23 Mar 192811 Jul 193803/11
Phillips, Edith L.30 May 189706 Jul 196503/12[Shares marker with Eugene Phillips]
Phillips, Eugene21 Apr 189305 Apr 197603/13[Shares marker with Edith L. Phillips]
Greenway, James H.23 Dec 187927 Oct 195203/14[Shares marker with Clara Wardroup Greenway]
Greenway, Clara Wardroup24 Jan 189020 Mar 198003/15[Shares marker with James H. Greenway]
Greenway, James Henry26 Oct 192724 Nov 197603/16
Garland, Ruby Greenway 09 Nov 192017 Jun 198803/17
Beard, Worley R.06 Jul 189505 Mar 197203/18TENNESSEE PVT. US ARMY WORLD WAR I
Beard, Frances P.27 Feb 1920[No date]03/19
Cutshaw, Maude R.14 Jan 1935[No date]04/01[Shares marker with Robert S. Cutshaw & David A. Cutshaw]
Cutshaw, Robert S.03 Jul 1931[No date]04/02[Shares marker with Maude R. Cutshaw & David A. Cutshaw]
Cutshaw, David A.30 Apr 196531 Aug 198904/03
Huffman, Infant195604/04Son of Dr. & Mrs. C. D. Huffman
Ingle, Lou[No date]05 Dec 193404/05Age 72 Yrs.
Anderson, Franklin Delano17 Apr 194208 Oct 198304/06
Counts, Jo Ruth20 Jun 1931[12 Apr 2017]04/07[Shares marker with Walter E. Counts]
Counts, Walter E.18 Jan 192415 May 199604/08Married 28 Sep 1963 [Shares marker with Jo Ruth Counts]
Anderson, Marie[No date]198004/09[Funeral Home marker]
Anderson, Maynard Horace20 Sep 190212 Aug 196804/10[Shares marker with Annie Loven Anderson]
Anderson, Annie Loven12 May 190521 Jul 197504/11His Wife [Shares marker with Maynard Horace Anderson]
Kirby, Walter L.1903196304/12[Shares marker with Virginia L. Kirby]
Kirby, Virginia L.1914[No date]04/13[Shares marker with Walter L. Kirby]
Parker, Robert F.1916194804/14[Shares marker with Gladys J. Parker]
Parker, Gladys J. 1917199204/15[Shares marker with Robert F. Parker]
Parker, Carl F.1941194304/16
Seaton, Sarah Lizabeth Hope[No date]27 Feb 199704/17Infant dau of Kevin & Trudy Seaton
Gambell, Stanley Kiehl, Jr.05 Aug 194415 Jun 199704/18
Freeman, Victoria Ann13 Sep 195703 Jul 195804/19
Martin, L. Barbara Sanderson12 Oct 188426 Dec 195404/20[Shares marker with Walter Holtsinger Martin]
Martin, Walter Holtsinger23 Oct 187827 Feb 195504/21[Shares marker with L. Barbara Sanderson Martin]
Trivett, Edith W.1902199504/22[Shares marker with George A. Trivett]
Trivett, George A.1883196704/23[Shares marker with Edith W. Trivett]
Laws, Rose Juanita29 Dec 191326 Apr 199705/01Wed June 24 1933 [Shares marker with James Samuel Laws]
Laws, James Samuel27 Jun 190705 Jun 199705/02[Shares marker with Rose Juanita Laws]
Kyker, Vesta E.20 Mar 190919 Aug 198005/03[Shares marker with Walter L. Kyker]
Kyker, Walter L.09 Sep 189707 Mar 198805/04[Shares marker with Vesta E. Kyker]
Huffman, Wanda Ruble31 Jan 192321 Jun 200505/05[Shares marker with Charles Daryl Huffman, M.D.]
Huffman, Charles Daryl, M.D.30 Jun 192120 Mar 200405/06[Shares marker with Wanda Ruble Huffman]
Ruble, Fay Browning11 Sep 189315 May 196505/07[Shares marker with Dr. Roy Henry Ruble]
Ruble, Roy Henry, Dr.15 Mar 188418 Jan 195805/08[Shares marker with Fay Browning Ruble]
Slonaker, Antoinette McClure31 Mar 188914 Jul 197505/09[Shares marker with Charles E. Slonaker]
Slonaker, Charles E.04 Oct 188502 Oct 196605/10[Shares marker with Antoinette McClure Slonaker]
Cornett, Lucy L.1855195305/11[Shares marker with William A. Cornett]
Cornett, William A.1851193905/12[Shares marker with Lucy L. Cornett]
Repass, Aura Myrtle Cornett1880193605/13Wife of R. E. Repass [Shares marker with Robert Emmett Repass]
Repass, Robert Emmett10 Jun 187620 Feb 196105/14[Shares marker with Aura Myrtle Cornett Repass]
Repass, Maie Virginia18 Aug 190708 Jan 199705/15
Keezel, Jessie K. [Mae Keplinger] 11 Mar 190611 Feb 193305/16Wife of D. S. Keezel [Dau. of Eugene and Nanie Myrtle Usary Keplinger]
Loven, John M.1864193605/17[Shares marker with Sarah M. Loven]
Loven, Sarah M.1885196005/18[Shares marker with John M. Loven]
Ricker, John Edward1922194605/19SGT U.S.M.C. World War II
Ricker, Mary Loven14 Nov 190023 Aug 198805/20
Parker, Frank1871193505/21[Shares marker with Jessie Parker]
Parker, Jessie1880194305/22[Shares marker with Frank Parker]
Parker, Hazel M. 06 May 191907 Jul 194005/23
Parker, Warren Hartsell04 Apr 192106 Mar 199105/24Pvt U.S. Army World War II
Henley, Hannah Amanda Anderson03 Feb 187923 Feb 196105/25Wife; Dau of J. Fain & Florence Lady Anderson [Shares marker with Rollo Hezilrigg Henley]
Henley, Rollo Hezilrigg[No date][No date]05/26Son of Charles F. & Sarah Elizabeth Jones Henley, Tennessee PVT 1CL 114 Field Arty 30 Div. Dec 10 1942 [The Rollo Henley Army stone is in Row 6. It is the only stone in row 6 next to the drive; Shares marker with Hannah Amanda Anderson Henley]
Brabson, Sarah Ruth Anderson17 Sep 189327 Dec 198205/27[Shares marker with Lyle Ethelbert Brabson]
Brabson, Lyle Ethelbert03 Nov 188931 Dec 198205/28[Shares marker with Sarah Ruth Anderson Brabson]
Brabson, Margaret Ruth01 Sep 1930[No date]05/29Dau of Lyle & Ruth
Brobeck, Jake M.01 Sep 191818 Aug 194605/30Tennessee PFC 507 PRCHT & INF. World War II
Brobeck, Stephen Ferrel07 Dec 194805 Jan 195405/31
Brobeck, Ethel L.28 Jan 189204 Aug 197905/32[Shares marker with Lunsford P. Brobeck]
Brobeck, Lunsford P.31 Jan 188506 Sep 196205/33[Shares marker with Ethel L. Brobeck]
Waddell, Eugenia M.1876195605/34[Shares marker with Herbert Waddell]
Waddell, Herbert1875194705/35[Shares marker with Eugenia M. Waddell]
Waddell, Fairis T.19 Feb 190818 Oct 200405/36[Shares marker with Walter H. Waddell]
Waddell, Walter H.04 Sep 190418 Jun 195205/37[Shares marker with Faris T. Waddell]
Waddell, William H.30 Sep 193412 May 199405/32
Copp, Lena W.1908198405/38[Shares marker with Bruce F. Copp]
Copp, Bruce F.1898195105/39[Shares marker with Lena W. Copp]
Lafollette, Jess Lee1898196205/40
Bright, Roxie Kate13 Nov 189213 Feb 197506/01[Shares marker with Randall Wray Bright]
Bright, Randall Wray18 Sep 189316 Jan 197706/02[Shares marker with Roxie Kate Bright]
Cloyd, Marie Huff09 Mar 190011 Mar 198806/03
Cloyd, Clive Grace25 Nov 189830 Mar 198606/04PFC-US Army-World War I
Cloyd, Kathleen B.1916200006/05[Shares marker with James W. Cloyd]
Cloyd, James W.1903197906/06[Shares marker with Kathleen B. Cloyd]
Pierson (stillborn)04 May 196304 May 196306/07Dau of Tommy & Lois Pierson
Pierson, John Henry02 May 193613 Jan 199206/08
Conley, Robert J.15 Aug 191920 Sep 197306/09TSGT-US Army-World War II-New York
Masters, Ruth Pierson1927200506/10[Funeral Home marker]
Ferguson, John L.06 Oct 1855[No date]07/01[Married 14 Jul 1878; Shares marker with Sarah Ferguson]
Ferguson, Sarah [Kirk]Mar 185419 May 193107/02[Shares marker with John L. Ferguson]
Mills, May Ball19 Jan 188903 Feb 197207/03[Shares marker with Mahlon C. Mills]
Mills, Mahlon C.22 Nov 189006 Jun 197007/04[Shares marker with May Ball Mills]
Usary, Lizzie Goode02 Oct 188204 Sep 196707/05[Shares marker with William M. Usary; full name Elizabeth Maie Good Usary; dau. of Samuel Lyons and Sarah Cox Good]
Usary, William M.12 Sep 188311 Oct 196007/06[Shares marker with Lizzie Goode Usary; full name, John William Newton Usary, son of Joseph Davis and Mary Catherine Pierson Usary]
Whitlock, Alice Queener20 Jan 191222 Aug 200307/07[Shares marker with James Cecil Whitlock]
Whitlock, James Cecil26 Jul 191723 Oct 199607/08[Shares marker with Alice Queener Whitlock]
Whitlock, Kate Cecil23 Feb 187608 Jan 195707/09
Whitlock, James P. 1862194007/10
Going, Nannie G.1892198007/11
Good, George W.1846192707/12[Shares marker with Katherine P. Good; married 30 Oct 1887]
Good, Katherine P[ayne]1851193207/13[Shares marker with George W. Good]
Beard, Richard E.1863194807/14[Shares marker with Artie M. McCracken Beard; married 10 Dec 1886]
Beard, Artie M. McCracken1866192707/15And Wife [Shares marker with Richard E. Beard]
Hardin, Beryl Beard31 Jul 188930 Mar 197807/16[Shares marker with George P. Hardin]
Hardin, George P.22 Oct 188818 Apr 195507/17[Shares marker with Beryl Beard Hardin]
Buxton, Charlotte Hardin05 Nov 191522 May 199107/18Wife of Edward G. Buxton
Chandler, Laban Shufford11 Feb 185024 Jul 193007/19[Shares marker with Angeline Williams Chandler]
Chandler, Angeline Williams03 Dec 185306 Apr 192907/20[Shares marker with Laban Shufford Chandler]
Perry, Rose Cloyd1895198607/21[Shares marker with Ray Broaddus Perry]
Perry, Ray Broaddus13 Dec 1894196407/22Tennessee PVT Field Artillery World War I [Shares marker with Rose Cloyd Perry]
Cloyd, Maria Lucretia [Payne]07 Nov 187401 Dec 195707/23[Shares marker with William Grace Cloyd; Married 1 Jan 1895]
Cloyd, William Grace28 Jun 187015 Apr 192707/24[Shares marker with Maria Lucretia Cloyd]
Pierson, Tommy R.25 Jan 194201 Jun 200407/25
Pierson, Ethel A.31 Mar 190012 Nov 197307/26[Shares marker with Enoch T. Pierson]
Pierson, Enoch T.08 Apr 189518 Jun 196507/27[Shares marker with Ethel A. Pierson]
Mauk, Kate C.09 Feb 190818 Jun 199007/28[Shares marker with Reuben A. Mauk]
Mauk, Reuben A.17 Oct 190030 Aug 197907/29[Shares marker with Kate C. Mauk]
Mauk, James Andrew09 Apr 195128 Nov 195107/30Son of Evert & Mildred
Mauk, Evert Carl23 Jan 192414 Jun 197007/31
Mauk, David Ralph18 Jun 195501 May 199107/32
Pierson, Jackey W.24 Jun 193812 Dec 196007/33TENNESSEE A2C 874 AC & W SQ AF
Pierson, Garland Garfield1918199107/34US Army World War II
Mauk, Velma [May]28 May 192027 May 200608/01[Dau of Q.N. & Iva Kyker Mauk]
Snell, Arlene M.22 Oct 193310 May 199208/02[Dau of Q.N. & Iva Kyker Mauk]
Snell, Dennis E.17 Jul 192822 Sep 200508/03
Broyles, Emma Margaret03 Mar 191004 Feb 198908/04
Broyles, Herbert C.25 Sep 189921 Oct 196408/05
Broyles, Charles A.16 Aug 190603 Jun 196408/06Tennessee T SGT U. S. Army World War II
Payne, Sue A. J. Greenway27 Dec 185924 May 192008/07Wife of J. T. Payne
Payne, James T.26 May 184512 Mar 190908/08Erected by S. J. Payne
Wheeler, Emma G. Luttrell25 Oct 186216 May 190508/09Wife of Charles Wheller
Luttrell, Margarett05 Mar 184527 Jul 192508/10
Sanders, William10 May 182609 Feb 190308/11
Gold, Bertha Esther10 Jul 188511 Sep 189908/12Dau. S. H. & L. A. Gold
Gold, Silvanus Hill27 Feb 184530 Dec 192208/13[Shares marker with Laura Alice Moore Gold, 1st N.C. Cavalry Co. I
Gold, Laura Alice Moore22 Oct 185406 Feb 192708/14[Shares marker with Silvanus Hill Gold, “Wife of Silvanus H. Gold”
Smith, Martha B.06 Jan 191101 Apr 199808/15[Shares marker with Travis C. Smith]
Smith, Travis C.07 Nov 190404 Apr 199408/16[Shares marker with Martha B. Smith]
Brobeck, D. K.07 Aug 182707 Nov 190008/17Aged 73 YEARS, 3 MO'S [Wife Harriett buried at Slonaker Cemetery]
Cox, Landon C.04 Aug 1873[No date]08/18[Shares marker with Josephine Greenway Cox; married 30 Dec 1892; son of James W. & Hannah Hale Cox]
Cox, Josephine Greenway [Josie]01 Jul 187631 Jan 194908/19[Shares marker with Landon C. Cox; dau. of Jessie H. & Melvina McCurry Greenway]
LaFollette, David F.10 Feb 186404 Jun 191208/20
LaFollette, William Ely1900192308/21
LaFollette, John Franklin1895192608/22
LaFollette, Milinda Gregg1861193408/23
Bennett, David A.02 Feb 185517 May 192408/24
Bennett, Margaret A.[15 Apr 1854][8 Jan 1928]08/25[Wife of David Bennett; Stone has sunken deep into ground]
Bennett, J. A.1881193408/26
Chapman, Billy1914196808/27
Chapman, Johnny1916191708/28
Chapman, Lillie Wiseman1880196808/29
Mauk, [Ruby] Wanda [Hylton]193821 May 200609/01[Wife of Joe Mauk; dau of Gus Broderick and Helen Chain Hylton]
Miller, Ota E Greenway15 Dec 188230 Aug 195609/02Wife of Frank Miller
Sanders, Irena Pearl17 Mar 188918 Mar 197609/03[Shares marker with William R. Sanders; Eastern Star emblem]
Sanders, William R.25 Nov 188813 Oct 197509/04[Shares marker with Irena Pearl Sanders, Masonic emblem]
Broyles, Neppie [Leskin]09 Jan 186628 Oct 195209/05[Shares marker with Benjamin E. Broyles; Married 8 Jan 1885]
Broyles, Benjamin E.01 Dec 186228 Oct 191304/05[Shares marker with Neppie Broyles]
McCracken, Adam23 Jan 190528 Jan 191409/07[Shares marker with Mary J. McCracken]
McCracken, Mary J. [Greene]11 Feb 185112 Jul 193709/08[Shares marker with Adam McCracken; married 23 May 1872]
Greenway, Jessie H.18 Apr 184324 Jun 192209/09[Shares marker with Melvina J. Greenway]
Greenway, Melvina J.12 Jun 1847[No date]09/10[Shares marker with Jessie H. Greenway]
Greenway, G. L.16 Jul 188426 Aug 190709/11
Keplinger, Mannie Myrtle27 Sep 188419 May 190809/12Daughter of Joe & Catherine Usary; Wife of Eugene Keplinger
Usary, Mary K[atherine]11 May 185721 Jan 193909/13[Shares marker with Joe D. Usary; daughter of Ambrose & Mary Brown Pierson, Wife of Joe Usary]
Usary, Joe D. [Joseph Davis]29 Aug 185921 Nov 193909/14[Shares marker with Mary K. Usary, married 27 Dec 1882; son of Thomas and Sarahine Walker Usary]
Usary, Mollie Bertha12 Apr 189006 Jul 196109/15[Daughter of Joseph Davis & Mary Katherine Pierson Usary]
Cox, Lena M.26 Aug 188324 May 191509/16Wife of E. L. Cox
Jump, Leona Mary20 Jun 189728 Jun 191909/17
Jump, John Elmer1887194809/18
Gillespie, A. J.09/19[One date 1917?, fieldstone]
Gillespie, Harriette [Hill]Oct 184028 Jun 191309/20Wife of C. D. Gillespie
[Married 26 Oct 1870]
[Unknown][No date][No date]09/21[Top of marker missing]
O’Dell, Elsie M.03 Sep 1920[No date]10/01[Shares marker with Clifton C. O’Dell] Wed 23 Dec 1939
O’Dell, Clifton C.18 Nov 191507 May 199810/02[Shares marker with Elsie M. O’Dell]
Clark, W. Lee13 Aug 190721 May 198010/03[Shares marker with Fannie P. Clark]
Clark, Fannie P.27 Jan 191525 Jan 198510/04[Shares marker with W. Lee Clark]
Bailey, Joann C.10 Aug 193324 Nov 197010/05
Clark, Willie Jane19 Sep 195119 Sep 195110/06Infant
Moore, Hazel Nell27 Sep 189307 Jun 193110/07
Moore, Harry08 Sep 189611 Oct 192910/08
Moore, Minnie Bayless22 Oct 187011 Apr 193510/09Wife of Thomas G. Moore
Moore, Thomas G.12 Aug 186720 Mar 192410/10
Moore, Flora Taylor24 Aug 189826 Feb 198010/11[Shares marker with Clarence H. Moore]
Moore, Clarence H.01 Sep 189606 Aug 197310/12[Shares marker with Flora Taylor Moore]
Beard, Mattie E. Beach10 Nov 186721 Dec 190210/13Wife of John K. Beard [Married 14 May 1890]
Beard, John K.08 Sep 185817 Aug 193710/14[Shares marker with Mary A. Upchurch Beard]
Beard, Mary A. Upchurch17 May 1875No date10/15His Wife [Shares marker with John K. Beard]
Beard, Dora M.07 Oct 189320 Oct 195210/16Mother
Whitlock, Essie B. 04 Sep 187911 Dec 196110/17
Whitlock, J. W. Dr.1865192410/18
Whitlock, Alice03 Aug 186825 Jan 189710/19
Roach, Emma C.18 May 184611 May 190910/20[Shares marker with Ada B. Roach; dau. of Isaac and Marilla Broyles]
Roach, Ada B.24 Mar 187208 Jun 189610/21[Shares marker with her mother, Emma C. Roach]
Ross, Martha Jane31 Aug 184021 Mar 192710/22
Ross, David Rankin06 Feb 183410 Apr 191210/23
Ross, Charles Marsh[No date]19 Aug 189410/24In Coelo Quies
Aged 19 Yrs. & 24 Das. He had finished his junior year in Washington College, was a popular student with a splendid mind matured far beyond his years. He was a brilliant writer of both humor and pathos , loved all and was loved by all, was a Christian and entered the valley of the shadow fully trusting in the promises of Him who said: "I am the resurrection and the life."
Maloney, Ruby L.05 Feb 189304 Jan 189510/25Daughter of W. A. & J. B. Maloney
Buckner, G.P.T.23 Oct 187022 Feb 189710/26Wife of W. M. Buckner
Buckner, D.G.R.05 May 183014 Mar 189610/27[Marker was leaning against G.P.T. Buckner’s marker]
Greenway, Mary Ida30 Jun 186707 Aug 193010/28[Shares marker with John E. Greenway; Mary Greenway married John Greenway 9 Apr 1891; dau. of W.G. & Hester Greenway]
Greenway, John E.01 Mar 186821 Sep 193710/29[Shares marker with Mary Ida Greenway; son of Jessie & Melvina J. Greenway]
McGoldrick, Allie V.17 Apr 188908 Oct 196211/01
Gross, Hattie Harris06 Jul 188220 May 196711/02[Shares marker with Frank N. Gross]
Gross, Frank N.06 Jan 187205 Jul 195111/03[Shares marker with Hattie Harris Gross]
Moore, Neta May21 Jan 189018 Jun 189111/04
Haws, Elizabeth A.23 Dec 182827 Mar 192411/05
Swecker, W. S.01 Aug 186120 Mar 192411/06[Unusual Christian symbol; W.S. Swecker married L.F Haws 6 Jan 1884]
Swecker, Bessie Mae25 Feb 188505 Jun 190411/07
King, E. W.03 Dec 181913 Dec 189511/08
Cochran, John B.07 Feb 182519 Apr 189811/09
Hodge, Lula King1872190611/10[Shares marker with Rhea Hodge]
Hodge, Rhea1862194311/11[Shares marker with Lula King Hodge; married 31 Dec 1891]
Hodge, Roll1897191611/12[Bronze medal imbedded in the marker with his name] "HE DIED FOR FREEDOM AND HONOR" A lady holding a scepter and olive wreath, a lion standing in front of her and two dolphins in the upper part of the medal. [Son of Rhea & Lula Hodge]
Hodge, Rhoda26 Apr 190320 Jan 198311/13
Hunt, Walter A.31 Jan 188811 Jul 190911/14Son of W. M. & L. B. Hunt
Hunt, W. M.22 Apr 185505 Dec 191811/15
Hunt, Lillie B.19 Oct 186610 Jul 195011/16
Hunt, Guy T.28 Oct 190106 Jun 193111/17
Martin, James D.18 Nov 189327 Nov 189311/18Son of W. P. & V. E. Martin
Martin, William P.1867191211/19[Shares marker with Virginia E. Martin; married 5 Jun 1888]
Martin, Virginia E. [Dillow]1871194311/20[Shares marker with William P. Martin]
Baxter, Eulah May14 May 189128 Apr 195411/21
Martin, John A.26 Aug 183024 Apr 194811/22
Kirk, Anna Eliza J.01 Jun 184803 Jul 191711/23Wife of J.F. Kirk
Kimery, George182004 Mar 189811/24
Patton, Catharine E.Kimery01 Mar 185531 Jul 190311/25Wife of Robert F. Patton [Married 14 Jul 1879]
Patton, Camilla Stephens Kirk1849192411/26[Born in Ohio; wife of Robert F. Patton]
Patton, Robert F. 27 Apr 185116 Mar 192911/27[Son of James and Sarah A. Patton]
Patton, Georgia Retta18 Dec 188413 Jul 197311/28
Corby, Albert W.1913197511/29U.S. Army World War II
Glaze, Lady Lee01 Apr 189705 Sep 198812/01[Shares marker with William M. Glaze]
Glaze, William M.23 Dec 189328 Oct 198112/02[Shares marker with Lady Lee Glaze]
Baines, Martha Lee Glaze14 Jan 193005 Jun 200412/03
Baines, Marvin17 Jan 192801 Jan 198512/04U.S. Army – World War II
Glaze, William Hickman20 Feb 192214 Sep 199612/05U.S. Marine Corps [Shares marker with Virginia M. Glaze]
Glaze, Virginia M.31 Jan 1929[No date]12/06Married 49 years [Shares marker with William Hickman Glaze]
Glaze, Infant 11 Jun 195112 Jun 195112/07Son of William & Virginia Glaze
Markwood, Ada V.1883195912/08[Headstone with inscriptions on 4 footstones]
Markwood, Esther A. [Nelson]1847191412/09[Married James Markwood 26 Mar 1879; Headstone with inscriptions on 4 footstones]
Markwood, James L.1850191312/10[Headstone with inscriptions on 4 footstones]
Markwood, Roberta M.1880194012/11[Headstone with inscriptions on 4 footstones]
Pence, Evelyn Rosson1919199513/1Wife of William, Mother of Billy, David, Richard, Tom & Ken
Pence, William David11 Jul 194205 Jan 196013/2Son of William & Evelyn Pence
Armentrout, Mittie1904199213/3[Shares marker with Willis Armentrout]
Armentrout, Willis1906197613/4[Shares marker with Mittie Armentrout]
Armentrout, Charles F.1868195213/5[Shares marker with Bertha W. Armentrout]
Armentrout, Bertha W.1878195113/6[Shares marker with Charles F. Armentrout]
Clark, Martha L. Huffman07 Jul 186912 Mar 191113/7Wife of W. E.
Greenway, David S.1878191213/8
Greenway, Fred F.1883191513/9
Greenway, Nancy Ann [McCracken]1858193013/10[Married Samuel Jackson Greenway 12 Aug 1874]
Greenway, Samuel Jackson1857193713/11
Greenway[No date][No date]13/12[Name Greenway only]
Gilpen, Iva Pearl05 Oct 190330 Oct 191313/13Daughter of James & Ella Gilper
Mauk, Sherold Ralph24 Sep 192515 Mar 192613/14Son of Quevie & Iva Kyker Mauk
Mauk, Quevie Newton19 May 188529 Jun 195813/15[Shares marker with Iva Fern Kyker Mauk]
Mauk, Iva Fern Kyker23 May 189724 Apr 197613/16[Shares marker with Quevie Newton Mauk]
Graybeal, Mary R. “Tot”25 Jul 190314 Jun 199014/1[Shares marker with F. D. “Dooley” Graybeal]
Graybeal, F. D. "Dooley"12 Aug 190309 Jul 198414/2[Shares marker with Mary R. "Tot" Graybeal]
Graybeal, Scotty23 Feb 196413 Mar 196414/3Infant son of Bill & Barbara Graybeal
Rauhof, Grace G. [Graybeal]1898[21 Nov] 200314/4[Shares marker with Bruce C. Rauhof]
Rauhof, Bruce C.[27 Feb] 1891[20 Apr] 196314/5[Shares marker with Grace G. Rauhof]
Rench, Lila M.31 Oct 189513 Jun 199514/6[Shares marker with John A. Rench]
Rench, John A.13 Jun 188209 Aug 197614/7[Shares marker with Lila M. Rench]
Shanks, Lena M.27 Jun 189804 Jan 199214/8
Lesley, W. A.14 Feb 183717 Feb 190614/9
Lesley, Margaret E.20 May 184305 Sep 192614/10"Our Mother"
Broyles, William Allen1939194014/11
Broyles, W. A.15 Jul 186224 Nov 195014/12[Shares marker with Opal L. Broyles; married Opal Lesley 9 Jan 1895]
Broyles, Opal L. [Lesley]05 Aug 187131 Aug 195514/13His wife [Shares marker with W. A. Broyles]
Bowman, Nathaniel Taylor23 Oct 185924 Apr 193914/14[Shares marker with Jearldine Beard Bowman]
Bowman, Jearldine Beard20 Nov 186627 Nov 195814/15[Shares marker with Nathaniel Taylor Bowman]
Bowman, Elizabeth20 Aug 189609 Feb 197414/16
Bolton, A. Kyle1887197414/17
Bolton, Neoma1887193814/18
Bolton, John F.1849192014/19[Shares marker with Adah C. Bolton]
Bolton, Adah C.1858192314/20[Shares marker with John F. Bolton]
Mauk, Frances Pearl27 Dec 188109 Dec 189914/21[Dau. of James & Eliza Green Mauk]
Mauk, Eliza Emily [Green]05 Aug 185905 Sep 190314/22"Mother", Wife of J. R. Mauk
Mauk, James Ross08 Oct 185520 Jun 191014/23"Father" [Married Eliza Emily Green 23 Dec 1880; son of James & Melinda Templin Mauk]
Mitchell, W. M.1823190114/24[Shares marker with R. Ellen Mitchell]
Mitchell, R. Ellen1839190714/25[Shares marker with W. M. Mitchell]
Mitchell, Samuel Fain15 Feb 187321 Apr 192614/26[Son of W. M. & R. Ellen Mitchell]
Mitchell, William Hugh12 Jul 187523 Oct 194714/27[Shares marker with Addie Doak Mitchell and Stella Mitchell, Children of W. M. & R. Ellen Mitchell]
Mitchell, Addie Doak11 Jul 187105 Nov 196514/28[Shares marker with William Hugh Mitchell and Stella Mitchell]
Mitchell, Stella02 Nov 187707 Jun 195814/29[Shares marker with William Hugh Mitchell and Addie Doak Mitchell]
Rankin, William Bradshaw D.D.1825190314/30
Dobson, Nannie J. McCaughey09 Feb 183905 Jan 192314/31Wife of Dr. A. S. N. Dobson [Shares marker with A. S. N. Dobson M.D.]
Dobson, A. S. N. M. D.05 Oct 184027 Sep 191814/32[Shares marker with Nannie J. McCaughey Dobson; son of Isaac Calvin Dobson]
Henley, Archy Queeve Naylor16 Jun 190225 Jul 190314/33Son of J. M. & M. E. Henley
Henley, Margerette E. Kimery31 May 186628 Jun 193114/34Wife of J. M. Henley, Mother [Shares marker with James M. Henley]
Henley, James M.08 Nov 186916 Jul 194114/35Father [Shares marker with Margarette E. Kimery Henley]
Baxter, Jacob08 Nov 181612 Jan 191114/36[Shares marker with Saraphine Shannon Baxter]
Baxter, Saraphine Shannon17 Mar 182811 May 192514/37Wife [Shares marker with Jacob Baxter]
Baxter, Lulu10 Mar 186807 Dec 193414/38
Broyles, George W.1830191114/39[Shares marker with Emma J. Broyles]
Broyles, Emma J.1836191014/40His wife [Shares marker with George W. Broyles]
Broyles, Anna M.08 Mar 186528 Jun 195314/41
Penland, Stella Gushman11 Sep 190002 Oct 191314/42Daughter of Eugene & Ada Penland
Smith, John E.09 Apr 185114 Oct 191714/43[Shares marker with Elminor Smith; married Elminor Conley 10 Apr 1873]
Smith, Elminor [Conley]06 Aug 185101 Dec 192714/44[Shares marker with John E. Smith]
White, Virginia10 Jul 1920[No date]15/1Married 6 Sep 1942 [Shares marker with Fay White]
White, Fay25 Feb 192105 Nov 199215/2US Navy World War II [Shares marker with Virginia White]
McKee, Henry Edgar13 Oct 188318 May 196615/3[Shares marker with Mattie Elizabeth Ruble McKee]
McKee, Mattie Elizabeth Ruble02 Apr 188605 Oct 195715/4His wife [Shares marker with Henry Edgar McKee]
Warrick, James L.19 May 186916 May 192615/5[Shares marker with Missouri Howell Warrick]
Warrick, Missouri Howell02 May 186901 Feb 195615/6[Shares marker with James L. Warrick] his wife
Warrick, Luther M.02 Sep 190002 Feb 197415/7[Shares marker with Carrie R. Warrick]
Warrick, Carrie R.17 Jul 190303 Jul 200115/8[Shares marker with Luther M. Warrick]
Bright, Leona "Lee"30 Jul 188205 Jun 197315/9
Green, Jane07 Aug 183204 Aug 190715/10
Bright, Thomas M.29 May 185515 Jul 193515/11
Bright, Lucretia A. Green [Broyles]27 Feb 186023 Feb 189715/12[Wife of T. M Bright, married 19 Mar 1877]
Bright, Bertha07 Oct 187821 Dec 190115/13
Bright, Bettie12 Sep 188701 Feb 196915/14
Bowman, Frank H.13 Nov 188609 Jun 190715/15
Beard, R. D.04 Aug 183320 Aug 191115/16[Shares marker with Elizabeth Beard; married Elizabeth Hale 15 Aug 1850]
Beard, Elizabeth27 Jun 183322 Aug 192115/17Wife of R.D. Beard [Shares marker with R. D. Beard]
Lamb, Thaddeus A. Cox30 Nov 192518 May 199715/18
Lamb, Bettie E. Browning17 Jul 192629 Dec 199815/19
Browning, Jessica Eilene13 Aug 189413 Mar 199315/20
Browning, Ray E.01 Feb 189613 Sep 199215/21Tennessee PFC US Marine Corps, World Ward I
Huffman, Waldo Imbert01 Apr 189030 Oct 189315/22Son of H. A. & N. S. Huffman
Huffman, Gorden Osbern10 Aug 189420 Aug 190015/23Son of H. A. & Nannie Huffman
Huffman, Linn Lavilery23 Sep 189527 Aug 190015/24Son of H. A. & Nannie Huffman
Anderson, Laura May1889189715/25
Anderson, Mary Ellen1876190115/26
Anderson, John Fain17 Nov 184428 Apr 192915/27[Shares marker with Susan Florance Anderson]
Anderson, Susan Florance12 Feb 185220 Jan 193215/28[Shares marker with John Fain Anderson]
Anderson, John Lady27 Sep 188703 Mar 193815/29Son of John Fain Anderson & Susan Florence Lady
Argenbright, Howard04 Aug 191504 Aug 191515/30Son of J. L. & Bertha Argenbright
West, David Rankin1829190415/31[Shares marker with Mary Josephine Waddell West; son of Edward & Isabella Rankin West; married 12 Oct 1875]
West, Mary Josephine Waddell1839191015/32His wife [Shares marker with David Rankin West]
West, Walter Edgar07 Feb 188206 Jan 195915/33[Shares marker with Fannie Lena Waller West]
West, Fannie Lena Waller05 Sep 188406 Apr 195715/34His wife [Shares marker with Walter Edgar West]
West, Edward Hamilton1830191315/35[Shares marker with Amanda Eva Telford West; married Amanda Eveline Telford 31 Dec 1868; son of Edward & Isabella Rankin West]
West, Amanda Eva Telford1839191415/36His wife [Shares marker with Edward Hamilton West; dau. of George Whitfield & Amanda Duff Hannah Telford]
Greene, Robert A.01 Nov 186306 Nov 190415/37
Bayless, Sallie C. May13 Mar 185322 Oct 190515/38Wife of R. A. Bayless
Bayless, R. A.1847191915/39[Shares marker with Cora E. Carson Bayless]
Bayless, Cora E. Carson1866195715/40Wife [Shares marker with R. A. Bayless]
Birdwell, Tennie H.1877190915/41[Shares marker with Eleanor Birdwell and Hazel Birdwell]
Birdwell, Eleanor1906191015/42[Shares marker with Tennie H. Birdwell and Hazel Birdwell]
Birdwell, Hazel1908193015/43[Shares marker with Tennie H. Birdwell and Eleanor Birdwell]
Ford, Raymond E. Jr.03 Jun 192304 Jun 192316/1
Huffman, Edwin L.25 Aug 186902 Jul 190116/2[Fallen marker]
Cooper, John L.25 Feb 186220 Jul 190016/3[John L. Cooper married Jennie A. Bartles 27 Feb 1883]
Anderson, Carrie Amelia23 Jun 188414 Sep 198316/4Dau of John Fain Anderson & Susan Florence Lady
Anderson, Henry Wheeler19 Aug 187430 Nov 196216/5Son of John Fain Anderson & Susan Florence Lady
Anderson, Margaret Elizabeth22 Sep 188211 Dec 197716/6Daughter of John Fain [Anderson] & Susan Florance Lady
Humphrey, May Belle Payne20 Mar 187515 Mar 189816/7Wife of James L. Humphrey
Humphrey, Thomas J.04 Sep 184027 Sep 191216/8
Humphrey, Charles A.187203 Sep 195316/9
West, Alma Louise16 Apr 191825 Jul 191916/10
Gayham, Nancy[No date]16 Nov 190116/11Age 80 Yrs
Bright, D. C.17 Jun 185920 May 193217/1
Bright, Amanda G.07 Feb 186704 Mar 191017/2
Bright, David M.02 May 182119 May 187517/3
Bright, Elizabeth01 Apr 186025 Mar 189717/4Wife of D. M. Bright
[*Elizabeth's birth date is wrong. See note below.]
Wallace, Willis Coggins24 Aug 187306 Jul 189517/5
Haws, John01 Jan 180904 Jul 187717/6
Bottlesson, John H. 02 Jul 179706 Sep 187117/7Aged 74 yrs, 2 mo, 4 days
Bottlesson, Susannah11 Jul 180126 Jan 187017/8Wife of John H. Bottlesson, Aged 68 yrs, 6 m & 15 d
Bartles, Susanna1831190317/9
Bottles, James L.22 May 182526 Oct 186317/10Aged 38 years 5 m 4 days. Col. 26th Reg. Tenn Vol. C. S. A."On the battles gory field, When foes assail’d our Southern land, His dauntless spirit would not yield, But boldly met the invading band." [Masonic emblem]
Haws, Thomas H.21 Dec 186301 Apr 193417/11[Shares marker with Samuel E. Haws]
Haws, Samuel E.28 Jan 186601 Apr 193417/12[Shares marker with Thomas H. Haws]
Cicirello, Fannie19 Mar 190617 Apr 199218/1Naunie [Shares marker with Salvatore Cicirello]
Cicirello, Salvatore07 May 190707 Jan 199118/2Dada [Shares marker with Fannie Cicirello]
Campbell, Frances Cloyd16 Sep 1934[No date]18/3[Shares marker with William Donald Campbell]
Campbell, William Donald06 Aug 194027 Sep 200318/4[Shares marker with Frances Cloyd Campbell; Ruritan National emblem]
Miller, Robert Everett, Jr.16 Apr 195116 Apr 195118/5
Miller, Thelma E.1906192718/6Wife of S. A. Miller [Shares marker with Samuel A. Miller]
Miller, Samuel A.1904196918/7[Shares marker with Thelma E. Miller]
Miller, Jerome E.25 Sep 187326 Feb 193118/8[Shares marker with Bertie Mathes Miller; Masonic emblem]
Miller, Bertie Mathes17 Sep 187610 Jun 195818/9His Wife [Shares marker with Jerome E. Miller]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/10[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/11[Fieldstone]
Cloyd, John[No date]11 Dec 186018/12Aged 63 years, [Married Rachel Jane Boyd 30 May 1831]
Cloyd, Rachel Jane [Boyd]24 Nov 180804 Jul 187918/13Wife of John Cloyd
Unknown[No date][No date]18/14[Fieldstone; this may be John McCrackin, 10 Dec 1775 – 9 Apr 1859]
Unknown18/15[10"X12"X24" stone, no inscription]
Bottles, Sallie C.14 Feb 186210 Aug 186918/16Dau of J. H. & E. Bottles
Bottles, Mary L.23 Oct 185629 Apr 186218/17Dau of J. H. & E. Bottles [Fallen marker]
Bottles, Martha Ellen08 Jan 185221 Aug 186018/18Daughter of J.H. & Elizabeth Bottles
Bottles, James Henry07 Apr 184704 Jul 185218/19Son of John H. & Elizabeth Bottles
McCracken, Ann13 Feb 177810 Dec 185618/20Consort of John H. McCracken
[?] , ? ander, Madie[No date][No date]18/21[Very eroded old head and shoulder marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/22[Bottom part of old marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/23[Badly eroded old head & shoulder marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]18/24[Fieldstone]
McAllister, [Samuel][No date][No date]18/25[Military marker] Co. E/F C S A? [Marker eroded]
Campbell, Leota Beatrice Miller09 Dec 190207 Dec 195519/1[Shares marker with William McKinley Campbell; OES Emblem]
Campbell, William McKinley04 Sep 189826 Jun 197819/2[Shares marker with Leota Beatrice Miller Campbell; Masonic emblem]
Anderson, Carolyn Miller1935199219/3
Miller, Inez Chapman12 Sep 191020 Jun 199919/4[Shares marker with Clarence Alexander Miller]
Miller, Clarence Alexander06 Oct 190717 Aug 198519/5[Shares marker with Inez Chapman Miller; Masonic emblem]
Patton, M[innie] Belle13 Jul 186014 Oct 188519/6Monument erected in 1886 by G. W. Jones
[?], Mary P/R[No date][No date]19/7[Badly eroded old head & shoulder marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/8[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/9[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/10[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/11[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/12[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/13[Large fieldstone (10"X36")]
McMackin, Mark E.[No date]02 Feb 185119/14Aged 19 Yrs, 7 m 9 days [Old head & shoulders marker]
McMackin, James B.[No date]03 Dec 184619/15Aged 6 y 6 m 28 days Son of J. & I.M. McCrackin [Old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/16-17[Fieldstones]
Kimery, Mary A.21 Sep 183221 May 191019/18Wife of William Kimery
Kimery, William06 Mar 181312 Sep 188219/19
Unknown[No date][No date]19/20[Fieldstone]
Fiala, Kate Greenway[No date][No date]20/1[Shares marker with George Fiala]
Fiala, George26 Sep 192617 Mar 198820/2[Shares marker with Kate Greenway Fiala]
Patton, James C. B.17 Apr 182503 Aug 190520/3
Patton, Margaret E.17 May 183308 Mar 190720/4
Unknown[No date][No date]20/5[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]20/6[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]20/7[Badly eroded marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]20/8[Fieldstones]
Bricker, Elizabeth [No date]25 Apr 183920/9Aged [?] Y 1 M, & 24 ds; Wife of John Bricker
Unknown[No date][No date]20/10[Fieldstone]
Collom, Mary Alice20 Apr 185321 Apr 1854?20/11Dau of J. H. & Nancy Collom
Collom, Sarah Emily01 Feb 185020 Oct 1855/5720/12Dau of J. H. & Nancy Collom [badly eroded marker]
Collom, Robert A.28 [Oct] 1842[17 Jan 1963]20/13Son of J. H. & Nancy Collom [Broken marker]
J H C[No date][No date]20/14[Base only with initials on footstone]
Collom, Nancy19 Feb 180901 Sep 188020/15Mother, Wife of J. H.
Unknowns20/16-17[Unmarked graves]
Cowan, James04 Aug 178117 Aug 181921/1
Cowan, Christina[No date][11 Feb 1824]21/2Wife of John Cowan, Sen.; Aged 76 Y [Top part only of old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]21/3[Badly eroded old head & shoulders marker, unreadable; may be Mary I. Cowan 25 Mar 1852]
Unknown[No date][No date]21/4[Fieldstone]
Cowan, Sarah W.17 Sep 178202 Nov 186521/5
Unknown[No date][No date]21/6[Fieldstone]
Cowan, Margaret A. [Telford]06 Dec 182604 Jun 188821/7Wife of W.H. Cowan
Cowan, Wm. H.24 Apr 182413 Aug 187621/8[Stone is broken 2 places; Married May 1852 to Margaret A. Telford]
Cowan, Sarah A.05 Mar 185524 Jan 187821/9
Bealp, [?][No date]Aug21/10Son of Wm; [5] Ys 5 M
Mathes, Mallie E.11 Apr 186402 Jun 188021/11Dau of F. S. & M. A. Mathes[Stone in 2 pieces]
Mathes, [?]21 Aug 186626 ?y 186821/12J.B., child of E. S. & M. A. Mathers [Broken marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]21/13[Fieldstone]
McKee, Bessie L.08 Sep 188026 Jan 188221/14Dau of Wm M. & Phebie I. McKee
Unknown[No date][No date]21/15[Fieldstone
Wood, Agness[No date]03 Apr 182421/16Aged 57 Y 3 M [Flat on the ground; most of marker gone; there is another marker for her in row 24 grave 3 ]
Unknown[No date][No date]21/17[Fieldstone]
Bair, George W.05 Nov 184104 Jan 188821/18[Shares marker with Mary H. Beard Bair & William Henry Bair]
Bair, Mary H. Beard27 Jun 184209 Mar 189321/19[Shares marker with George W. Bair & William Henry Bair]
Bair, William Henry07 Aug 186422 Sep 188321/20[Shares marker with George W. & Mary H. Beard Bair] “Son”
McCray, Anna M.10 Jun 187403 Feb 189721/21Dau of H. D. & Elizabeth Beard McCray [Marker broken & flat on the ground]
Unknown[No date][No date]21/22[Broken marker, no inscription]
McCray, Infant Babe21 Jan 189722 Jan 189721/23Dau of O. T. & Anna W. McCray [Marker broken & flat on the ground]
McCray, Della24 Jan 190711 Feb 190721/24Inf. dau of O. T. & Mary McCray
Greenway, Elizabeth06 Sep 183705 Nov 189021/25Erected by S.J. Payne & M.J. Greenway [Shares marker with R.A. J. Greenway]
Greenway, R. A. J.16 Feb 184015 Jan 190121/26[Shares marker with Elizabeth Greenway]
Alexander, Orba H.1895199022/1[Shares marker with Ernest E. Alexander]
Alexander, Ernest E.1893195522/2[Shares marker with Orba H. Alexander; Washington College Seal on marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]22/3[Fieldstone]
Mathes, Euphrasis [McKee][1814][4 Jan 1857]22/4Consort of [Ebeneser Smith] Mathes [married 12 Mar 1840; badly eroded head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]22/5[Broken marker]
M[athes], Charles7 May 18[?]18 June [?]22/6Son of E.S. & M.A. M[athes] [Eroded marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]22/7[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]22/8[Fieldstone]
McKee. Elizabeth A.B.08 May 182626 Apr 187822/9
Payne, Sally [Jordan]21 Dec 184730 May 189122/10Wife of J.T. Payne [Married James T. Payne 23 Nov 1870; Dau of Eliza G. &; Archibald Jordan]
J H P[No date][No date]22/11[Rock with hand carved initials]
Jordan, John D.21 Sep 187709 Oct 187722/12Son of Jas. T. & Delila Jordan
Unknown[No date][No date]22/13[Fieldstone]
Payne, Adam B.28 Feb 188207 Aug 189822/14Erected by E.S.P.
Greenway, Virty J.19 Apr 187511 Sep 189722/15[Shares marker with Lemuel R. Greenway; dau of Jack & Elizabeth Greenway]
Greenway, Lemuel R.01 Aug 188915 Nov 189122/16[Shares marker with Virty J. Greenway]
Graves, Henry Dewey28 Aug 190230 Oct 197623/1[Shares marker with Dollie Cox Graves, Oliver Cromwell Graves & Clara Joy Sloan Graves]
Graves, Dolly Cox14 Mar 190618 Jul 197523/2[Shares marker with Henry Dewey Graves, Oliver Cromwell Graves & Clara Joy Sloan Graves]
Graves, Oliver Cromwell1927199123/3PFC - US Army World War WII [Shares marker with Henry Dewey Graves, Dollie Cox Graves & Clara Joy Sloan Graves]
Graves, Clara Joy Sloan12 Nov 193017 Feb 200423/4Mother of Dea and Lance Graves [Shares marker with Henry Dewey Graves, Dolly Cox Graves & Oliver Cromwell Graves]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/5[Fieldstone]
Depue, Samuel Wallace16 Sep 188912 Sep 198423/6
Unknown[No date][No date]23/7[Badly eroded old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/8[Badly eroded old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/9[Badly eroded &broken marker]
EIL [?][No date]Jun 1813/1873 [?]23/10[Badly eroded and face is flaking away]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/11[Bottom part of marker only]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/12[?] of this the Kingdom of heaven [Badly eroded marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/13[Fieldstone]
Jordon, Eliza C.04 Jun 181128 Jan 183923/14[Dau. of Robert McKee]
McKee, Robert Sr.26 May 178224 May 185923/15[Son of Alexander Mckee; born in PA]
McKee, Alfred A.[No date]08 Jul 184523/16
McKee, [?] S 8 Jul 1843 [?][?] 18 [?]23/17[Badly eroded]
Lyle, Sarah [Butt][1765]April [1840]23/18Who departed this life April; Aged 73 yrs. [Real Daughter marker by State of Franklin Chapter, DAR is missing; eroded old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/19[Fieldstone]
Jordon, Archabald A.20 Nov 179725 Jun 185823/20[Son of Lewis & Mary Alexander Jordon; m.1. Eliza McKee; m.2. Eliza Jane Greenway, dau. of Richard & Sally Greenway]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/21[Base only]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/22[Fieldstone]
Bennett, Pheobe A. Jordan26 Dec 185128 Sep 189923/23Mother; Wife of J.W. Bennette [Dau. of Archibald & Eliza G. Jordan]
Unknown[No date][No date]23/24[Fieldstone]
West, Robert J.09 Dec 184129 Sep 184323/25[Eroded old head & shoulders marker]
West, Annis11 Ju [?][?] 181523/26[Eroded old head & shoulders marker]
West, Saml07 Oct 183827 Dec 186323/27Capt. 4th Tenn. Inf. USA; Died from a wound
West, John16 Mar 183321 Nov 187323/28
Russell, Nannie I. West25 Jul 184323 Jul 187523/29Dau of E. & I. West
West, Twins 29 Apr 188029 Apr 188023/30Sons of J. A. & E. V. West
West, Edward15 Oct 179829 Dec 188023/31[Son of Edward & Elizabeth Humphreys West; m. Isabelle Rankin 17 Aug 1826; Shares marker with Isabelle West]]
West, Isabelle [Rankin]23 Apr 180624 Feb 188323/32Wife of Edward West [Shares marker with Edward West]
West, Infant 15 Dec 188315 Dec 188323/33Son of J.A. & E.V. West [Marker broken and flat on the ground]
West, Infant 27 Jul 187125 May 187223/34Son of E.H. & A.E. West [Shares marker with Infant Daughter West]
West, Infant 23 May 187225 May 187223/35Dau of E.H. & A. E. [Shares marker with Infant Son West]
West, Infant Son19 Mar 188919 Mar 188923/36Son of J. A. & E. C. West
West, Edward Clifton10 Feb 187231 Jul 187323/37Son of E. H. & A. E. West
West, Emma C.20 May 185526 Mar 188923/38Wife of J. A. West; It was easier to do right when she was with us. [Maker broken and flat on the ground]
West, Hazel Dean09 Nov 189417 Sep 189623/39Dau of J. A. & Georgia West
Unknown[No date][No date]24/1[Badly eroded head & shoulders marker]
[Bovel], Esther M.[No date]06 Aug 183524/2Consort of W M [Bovel]; aged 27Y 2M
Woods, Agness[No date]03 Apr 182424/357y, 3 M [There is another marker for her in row 21 grave 16]
[Unknown][No date][No date]24/4[Fieldstone]
Mitchell, Jas. A.27 Aug 179714 Oct 184324/5
Unknown[No date][No date]24/6[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]24/7[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]24/8[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]24/9[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]24/10[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]24/11[Badly eroded old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]24/12[Badly eroded old marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]24/13[Badly eroded marker flat on the ground]
Green, Joshua31 May 17851 May 1858 [?]24/14[Eroded marker]
Green, Susan25 Mar 179005 Dec 185924/15Consort of Joshua Green
Green, James R.[No date]23 Mar 185624/16Aged 34 y's, 6 mo's & 1 day
Green, Harriet A.[No date]18 Dec 186224/1732 y's 4 mo's 20 d's wife of James R. Green
McLin, Rachel O.[No date]09 Mar 187424/18Aged 65Yr's, & 5 Mo's [Shares marker with Richard McLin]
McLin, Richard[No date]17 Dec 187024/18Aged 72 Yr's, & 9 Mo's [Shares marker with Rachel McLin]
Ruble, Katie Jane08 Apr 186013 Jul 186124/20Dau. of H.H. & E.J. Ruble; Aged 3 mos. & 5 D
Ruble, Nannie E.23 Mar 186212 Mar 188424/21[Dau of Henry & Elizabeth Ruble]
Ruble, Mary A.21 Aug 186420 May 188824/22
Ruble, Henry Hunter23 Jun 182809 Jun 189024/23[Son of Henry & Phoebe Hunter Ruble]
Ruble, Elizabeth J. West26 May 182710 Aug 189324/24Aged 66 Yr. 2 Mo. 15 Das. [Married Henry Hunter Ruble 14 Sep 1849]
Unknown[No date][No date]24/25[Fieldstone]
Ruble, Samuel J.[No date][No date]24/26CO. D 4 Tenn. Inf. Sp. Am. War [Son of Henry H. & Elizabeth J. Ruble]
Bean, Chapin H.16 Jul 186522 Dec 187625/1Son of Dr. & Mrs. J.B. Bean
Bean, Hester M. [Bovell]10 Aug 183902 May 187625/2Wife of Dr. J.B. Bean who sleeps in Switzerland; Daughter of Dr. & Mrs. W.W. Bovell
Hodge, Mary Esther14 Jan 185706 Jul 186325/3Dau. of Sam’l & Ann E. Hodge
Hodge, Leila Ada15 Jul 185526 Jun 186325/4Dau. of Sam’l & Ann Elizabeth Hodge
Hodge, Samuel A. Rhea17 Mar 186122 Jun 186325/5Only son of Sam’l & Ann E. Hodge
Hodge, Ann Elizabeth10 May 183003 Jul 186325/6Wife of Rev. Samuel Hodge
Unknown[No date][No date]25/7[Badly eroded marker]
Hodge, Sarah Ellen Doak20 Feb 185928 Mar 188325/8
Scott, Infant Daughter26 Nov 191326 Nov 181325/9Dau. of J.M. & Roxie M. Scott
Mitchell, Jas. A.26 Feb 179614 Oct 184325/10Aged 47 yeas, 7 mo and 18 days [Foot stone has J.A. Mitchell]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/11[Fieldstone]
E[No date][No date]25/12[Badly eroded marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/13[Fieldstone]
Greene, Susan E.18 Oct 181131 Jan 189625/14
Unknown[No date][No date]25/15[Badly eroded marker]
Greene, Robert L.19 Apr 183714 May 186325/16His remains sleep at Nashville, Tenn. Nobly he fell while fighting for liberty. CO 14 Reg. Tenn Cav USA [Shares marker with Jeraldine Greene]
Greene, Jeraldine13 Dec 183118 Sep 189325/17[Shares marker with Robert L. Greene]
Greene, John N.D.24 Jan 185805 Aug 188025/18Son of R.L. & J.J. Greene; 22y 6m 19d
Greene, Elizabeth Lorannea21 Jan 186119 Apr 186225/19Dau. of R.L. & J. Greene
Greene, Rebecca C.18 Nov 185926 Jun 186025/20Dau. of R.L. & J. Greene
Unknown[No date][No date]25/21[Badly eroded flat marker]
Scull, Julia A.R.13 Oct 181107 Aug 186225/22Consort of Rev. Wm. D. Scull of Fla; Dau. of Jonathan & Margaret Rush]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/23[Eroded marker]
Rush, Margaret15 Jan 179005 Aug 185225/24Wife of Jonathan Rush; Aged 62 Yrs. 6 M 21 days; Born in Rockingham County, VA [Old head & shoulders marker]
Snapp, Abram11 Dec 179730 Mar 187525/25Consort of Matilda Sevier Snapp; born in Shenandoah Co. VA; died in Washington Co. Tenn.
Snapp, Matilda Sevier Windle17 Nov 180418 Nov 187225/26Born in Lexington, VA; Wife of Abram Snapp [marker broken]
Whisenhunt, Margarete16 Jun 186525 Apr 190025/27Wife of Abb Whisenhunt
Whisenhunt, Hubert30 May 189910 Jul 189925/28Son of Abb & M.E. Whisenhunt
Pierson, Kathleen Tilson21 Jun 1932[No date]26/1Married 17 Jun 1950; parents of Judy and Mike [Shares marker with Enoch T. Pierson, Jr.]
Pierson, Enoch T., Jr.19 Aug 192406 Aug 200226/2Enoch Thomas Pierson, Jr. US ARMY World War II
Chapman, Lucille Hyder06 Jan 1909[26 Feb 2006]26/3[Shares marker with George F. Chapman]
Chapman, George F.08 Jul 190515 Apr 198326/4[Shares marker with Lucille Hyder Chapman]
Lesley, H.S.17 Jan 185919 Jun 186026/5
Unknown[No date][No date]26/6[Fieldstone]
H C[No date][No date]26/7[Fieldstone]
Hannah, Jane [Davis]11 Jan 1768[?] Jan 184726/8Wife of Andrew Hannah [Married 8 Oct 1788; old head & shoulders eroded marker]
Hannah, Andrew13 Aug 175901 Apr 184326/9[Captain Hannah was a member of TN Legislature. He served in the Battle of King’s Mountain and with General Francis Marion in SC; old head & shoulders marker]
Hannah, Esther24 Feb 179520 A[ug 1864]26/10[Dau. of Andrew & Jane Hannah; broken marker]
Hannah, Lucinda F.14 Apr 180030 Mar 188126/11[Dau. of Andrew Hannah]
Broyles, Nancy Ann14 Jul 183618 Sep 188526/12Wife of A.A. Broyles; Dau. of Col. Geo. W. & Amanda Telford; marker broken in 3 pieces]
J.N.D.G.[No date][No date]26/13[Footstone only]
McClure, E.G.15 Sep 184007 Nov 190826/14[Shares marker with Emma C. Telford McClure; married 10 Oct 1872]
McClure, Emma C. Telford17 Mar 184915 Dec 192826/15[Shares marker with E.G. McClure]
McClure, John D.[No date]27 Apr 188526/16Aged 6 Yr’s 5 Mo’s 14 D's [Marker broken and flat on the ground]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/17[Piece of a marker flat on the ground]
M.A.N.[3 Apr 1831][9 Feb 1835]26/18[Wife of Petter Northington; married 30 Jul 1872]
McClure, Bessie Lee[No date]18 Sep 188326/19Aged 1 yr, 3 days [Shares marker with Walter Cowan McClure & Grace Antoinette McClure] Children of E. G. & E. C. McClure
McClure, Walter Cowan[No date]25 Aug 188326/20Aged 7 yrs, 24 days [Shares marker with Bessie Lee McClure & Grace Antoinette McClure]
McClure, Grace Antoinette[No date]14 Apr 188126/21Aged 9 mos. [Shares marker with Bessie Lee McClure & Walter Cowan McClure]
McClure, Rachel Antoinette01 Jun 180007 Aug 188026/22Aged 80 yrs 2 mo 7 days; Our Mother [Broken marker]
McClure, Ewing[No date]05 Dec 186526/23In the 79th year of his age
McClure, Mary[No date]01 Jan 184926/24Aged 68 yrs [Old head & shoulders marker]
M[cC]lu[re], [William][No date]183126/25[? 10 mos 7 ?] Badly eroded marker laying flat on the ground]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/26[Unreadable, old head & shoulders marker]
McClure, Elizabeth J.[No date]04 Apr 184426/27Æ 9Y 3Mo 20D
Patton, Cathrn Rheutblia09 Sep 184601 Jan 187026/28
Patton, Sarah Ann [Barkley][21 May 1823][22 Feb 1881]26/29Wife of Dr. James Patton [Partially unreadable]
Patton, James, Dr.25 May 181324 May 188226/30[Married Sarah Ann Barkley 29 Dec 1840]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/31[Fieldstone]
Greenway, William II[5 Mar] 1796[5 Apr] 188026/32War of 1812 Veteran [Pvt. Capt. Joseph Bacon’s Co, Col. Sam Bayless 4th Regt. ET Drafted Militia; Shares marker with Margaret McCracken Greenway]
Greenway, Margaret McCracken[4 Jul] 1802[13 Jul] 184426/33[Shares marker with William Greenway II; Married 27 Aug 1839]
Taylor, William B. [Dr.]19 Sep 185928 Apr 192526/34[Shares marker with Mary V. Taylor; married 17 Sep 1889; Masonic Emblem]
Taylor, Mary V. [Virgie Martin]1853193526/35[Shares marker with William B. Taylor]
Barkley, Ebenezer M.25 Aug 181707 May 189026/36
Barkley, Elizabeth09 May 182901 Aug 192226/37Wife of Ebenezer Barkley [Marker flat on the ground]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/38[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/1[Large cut rock]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/2[Badly eroded old head & shoulders marker]
Stephenson, John27 May 177924 Mar 184227/3Aged 62 ys 10 months
[Old head & shoulders marker]
Stephenson, Elizabeth15 Oct 178130 Mar 184327/4Aged 61 ys, 5 months [Old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/5[Eroded old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/6[Broken pieces of marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/7[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/8[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/9[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/10[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/11[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]27 12[Fieldstone]
Presnell, James R.14 Feb 184029 Aug 185727/13
Presnell, Alex M.15 Nov 184714 Mar 187527/14[Broken]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/15[Base only]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/16[Fieldstone]
Broyles, Nancy A. [Doak]09 Jun 179026 Sep 187427/17Daughter of Rev. Sam Doak, DD [Married 1. William Mitchell; m. 2 Adam Broyles 12 Apr 1838; she entertained Presidents Jackson, Johnson & Polk in her home at Broylesville, TN]
Swecker, Lucretia A.22 Aug 183119 Dec 187427/18Wife of Wm. Swecker
Martin, James D.01 Aug 183019 Dec 187927/18[Shares marker with Levine A. Martin; Masonic emblem]
Martin, Levine A. [Swaney]01 Dec 183116 Jun 190027/21[Shares marker with James D. Martin; married 3 Aug 1854]
McKee, Wm. M.28 May 183126 Oct 188627/22[Son of Robert McKee; married Phebie Ball 11 Dec 1879]
McKee, Phebie I. [Ball]15 Feb 185624 Jul 193027/23Mother
Cox, Lena L.13 May 189817 Feb 190627/24Daughter of L.C. & Josie [Greenway] Cox [She died from burns]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/25[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]27/26[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/1[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/2[Fieldstone]
Stephenson, William18 Sep 181223 Jul 184028/3Aged 27 years, 10 months
Stephenson, Alice15 Aug 174927 Feb 183228/4Aged 82 yrs, 6 months [Broken old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/5[Broken old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/6[Broken old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/7[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/8[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/9[Fieldstone]
Blair, John, Lieut.[No date][No date]28/10New Jersey Line, Revolutionary War
Unknown[No date][No date]28/11[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/12[Badly eroded old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/13[Badly eroded broken old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/14[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]28/15[Fieldstone]
Beard, Amanda M.17 May 187014 Jul 187128/16Daughter of R.D. & Elizabeth Beard
Mitchell, Wm. F.11 Jan 185304 Jan 187528/17
Mitchell, Samuel D. [Doak]25 Dec 181228 Oct 188328/18
Mitchell, Amelia Fain17 Jan 182021 Jun 189228/19Wife of Sam'l D. Mitchell
Unknown[No date][No date]28/20[Fieldstone]
Church, Georgia10 Sep 187519 Jul 190528/21Wife of J.D. Church [J.D. Church married Georgia L. McCracken 1 May 1898]
Greenway, Grover 12 Dec 190428 Jan 190528/22Son of W.F. & N.A. Greenway
Greenway, Chassie04 Nov 191023 Sep 191228/23
Greenway, Clinton30 Mar 190221 Jan 191928/24
Greenway, William Franklin10 Feb 186608 Aug 191228/25[W.F. Greenway married Nannie Miller 26 Aug 1897]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/1[Fieldstone]
Cunningham, John D.[No date]09 May 184429/2Æ.l. 42 y & 3 mo
Cunningham, Lucinda Mrs.[No date]04 May 184429/3Æ 40 y & 11 mo
Doak, Samuel1749182929/4Founder Salem Church 1780, Washington College 1795, Samuel Doak Chapter, Daughters of American Revolution, Morristown, TN, assisted in erecting this monument. Committee Dr. A.S.N. Dobson, N. B. Remine, W. G. Mathes
Unknown[No date][No date]29/5[Fieldstone]
Earnest, Miriam Jane29 Jun 182529 Jun 185429/6Wife of Robert W. Earnest; Dau. of G. W. & A. D. Telford
Unknown[No date][No date]29/7[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/8[Badly eroded head & shoulders marker]
Telford, Thomas06 Nov 176624 Feb 181629/9
Telford, Miriam Mathes28 Oct 177104 Jan 183929/10Wife of Thomas Telford [Daughter of a Revolutionary Soldier DAR marker; dau. of Capt. Alex Mathes]
Telford, Mary E.04 Aug 182908 Jul 186329/11[Dau. of George Whitfield and Amanda D. Hannah Telford]
Hannah, Addie Grace18 Aug 184116 Apr 187629/12Wife of G. W. T. Hannah M. D. [Married 9 Feb 1869, daughter of George Whitfield and Amanda D. Hannah Telford]
Telford, A. D. [Amanda Duff Hannah]27 Oct 180725 Apr 187629/13Life member of the American Bible Society [Shares marker with G. W. Telford; dau. of Capt. Andrew Hannah; mother of 12 daughters]
Telford, G. W. [George Whitfield]10 Oct 180306 Apr 188729/14Senior Elder of Salem Church [Shares marker with A. D. Telford; married 26 Feb 1824; son of Thomas Alexander Telford of Charleston, SC and wife Miriam Mathes]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/15[Fieldstone]
Glaze, Mary Elizabeth13 Feb 183517 Jun 189729/16Wife of H. Glaze
Waddill, Agnes S.29 Dec 183030 Sep 185429/17[Shares marker with S. G. Waddill]
Waddill, S. G.15 Dec 179928 Oct 187029/18[Shares marker with Agnes S. Waddill]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/19[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/20[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/21[Fieldstone]
Brobeck, Ida Bowman25 Jun 187025 Jun 187029/22Dau. of D. K. & Julie [Bowman] Brobeck
Unknown[No date][No date]29/23[Fieldstone]
Fain, Hugh C.14 Feb 181718 Dec 188229/24Son of John R. & Ellen Fain
Anderson, Hannah G.17 May 181127 Jan 189129/25Wife of Samuel Anderson who sleeps at Blountville, Tenn.
Miller, Selina E. Broyles1852192329/26[Shares marker with James M. Miller]
Miller, James M.1846192429/27[Shares marker with Selina E. Broyles Miller]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/28[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/29[Fieldstone]
Deaderick, Annie Faber29 Mar 188302 Nov 188729/30Dau. of Jas. W. & Sabra E. [Johnson] Deaderick
Unknown[No date][No date]29/31[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]29/32[Fieldstone]
Greenway, Hester E.26 Nov 184402 Feb 191629/33Wife of W. G. Greenway
Greenway, William G. [Granison][13 Jul 1844][18 Feb 1936]29/34Co D, 61 Tenn MDT Inf. C.S.A. [Aged 91 y 7 m 5 D; Real son of 1812 Veteran]
Cunningham [Ebenez]er J.[ohn][No date]2 [Mar] 181230/1Aged 44 years [Eroded old head & shoulders marker; name from wife’s will; his will proven May session 1812]
Cunningham, [Ma]rtha[No date]02 Mar 182430/2Aged 58 years [Eroded old head & shoulders marker; her will proven April session 1824]
Gilleyland, William[No date]11 Nov 186730/3Aged 79 yrs 8 mos. 21 days [Marker broken and flat on the ground]
Mathes, Anna [Leith][No date][22] Feb 182430/4Wife of A. Mathes; Æ 75 years [Dau. of George & Miriam Leith]
Mathes, Alexander12 Mar 1740Jul 180630/5Served in the Revolution as Captain of Militia in Shenandoah Co. Virginia, 1777, Tennessee Pioneer 1782
Deaderick, Joseph A.[No date]2 Apr [?]30/6Son of David Deaderick, Aged 2 years, 4 mos & 8 days [Marker broken]
Unknown[No date][No date]30/7[Fieldstone]
Walker, Charles Henry02 Jun 187112 Apr 187230/8Son of E.J. & Miry Walker
Walker, Lucinda M.09 Feb 186416 Dec 186730/9Dau. of E.J. & Miry Walker
Unknown[No date][No date]30/10[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date]12 Sep 186[?]30/11[Top part of the marker is badly eroded]
Lesley, Birde08 Jul 186901 Aug 187130/12Dau. of A[lexander] & M[argaret]E. Lesley
Lesley, Sarah[18 Oct 1797][30 Nov 1872]30/13[Marker broken and flat on the ground]
Walker, Sarah I.01 Jul 185011 Jun 187730/14Daughter of E.J. & Miry Walker
Broyles, Infant03 Sep 188503 Sep 188530/15Dau. of B.E. & Neppie Broyles
Unknown[No date][No date]30/16[Fieldstone]
Hoss, Henry[No date]29 Aug 183631/1Aged 47 years; President of Greeneville College
Unknown[No date][No date]31/2[Completely eroded marker]
Blair, [J]ohn[No date][No date]31/3[Aged] 60 years [Badly eroded old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]31/4[Fieldstone]
Ruble, Ann[No date][No date]31/5[Badly eroded old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]31/6[Badly eroded small old head & shoulders marker]
FAL[No date][No date]31/7[Foot marker, not matching head stone]
[Unknown][No date][No date]31/8[Fieldstone]
[Roger]s, Alexander20 Mar 18[?]11 Au[g] 184431/9[Badly eroded old head & shoulders marker]
Anderson, [Mari] C.Jun 177705/03/4631/10[Badly eroded old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]31/11[Fieldstone]
Green, Edmonia F.10 Apr 186127 Oct 186331/12[Dau of J.N. & Mary Green]
Green, Mary Ann08 Oct 183302 Oct 186231/13
Green, J. Newton26 Mar 181617 Dec 189131/14[J.N. Green married Mary Garst 24 Sep 1853]
Green, Rebecca C.22 Aug 185615 Sep 186931/15[Dau. of J.N. & Mary Green]
Eames, Cora A.30 Oct 186622 Jul 186831/16Aged 1 yr. 8 m’s 23 das
Eames, Maltina M.21 Jan 182922 Jul 186831/17Wife of C.A. Eames; Aged 39 Y’s 6 M’s 1 Day
Hodge, Henrietta S.14 Mar 185223 Apr 188431/18Wife of Rev. T.H. Hodge
Stepp, Elizabeth Ann10 Jan 182811 May 189131/19Wife of W.H. Stepp; Mother
Snapp, Wendell D.1830189131/20[Shares marker with Lodival C. Snapp]
Snapp, Lodival C. [Snapp]1844191731/21His wife [Shares marker with Wendell D. Snapp; dau. of John P. Snapp]
Unknown[No date][No date]32/1[Broken eroded marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]32/2[Broken eroded marker]
[?] son, [?]cy An[?][No date][1]83532/3[Badly eroded old head & shoulders marker; footstone has N.M.N.]
Nelson, John, Col.[No date]3 Feb 185[0]32/4Aged 41 years &; 1 m [Eroded old head & shoulders marker]
J[ones], Mary[No date]32/5Age 10 Y [8] M & [3 D]
Patton, D.W.[No date][13 Feb 1830]32/6[Hand carved in a fieldstone]
Wilson, John N.01 Nov 13806 Aug 184432/7Aged 5 years 9 months and 2 days
Wilson, [child][No date][No date]32/8First born A.M. & A.L. Wilson[Eroded small head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]32/9[Badly eroded marker]
Mathes, Alexander05 Oct 177512 Feb 186532/10Born in Shenandoah County, Va.; immigrated to Tenn. In Oct 1782; died in Washington Co. Tenn; aged 89 Y’s 4 M’s & 7 D’s
Unknown[No date][No date]32/11[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]32/12[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]32/13[Piece of marker lying flat]
Wilson, Alexander M.180106 Jan 187332/14
Unknown[No date][No date]32/14[Fieldstone]
SLB[No date][No date]32/15[Base only; initials only on footstone]
Huffman, Harriet27 Mar 182816 Apr 186832/17Consort of James A. Huffman
Unknown[No date][No date]32/18[Fieldstone]
Bolton, Buford B.21 Jun 188414 Dec 188832/19Son of J.F. & A.C. Bolton
Mathes, N.A.25 Feb 178627 Feb 186733/1[Shares marker with E.L. Mathes]
Mathes, E.L.11 May 178905 Jan 186833/2A Ruling Elder of Salem Church
Wilson, Mary Caroline09 Nov 184103 Apr 186033/3Daughter of A.M. &; Ann L. Wilson
Wilson, Ann L.NovMar33/4[Badly eroded old head & shoulders marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]33/5[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]33/6[Badly eroded piece of a marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]33/7[Fieldstone]
Ford, David Elbert03 Jan 184814 Jul 186833/8Son of A.J. & Delila Ford
Unknown[No date][No date]33/9[Unreadable eroded marker]
Ford, Effie M.28 Nov 187523 Dec 187733/10Daughter of John S. & Nachey E. Ford]
Ford, Bonnie B.18 May 188113 Aug 188833/11Dautr. of John S. & Nackey E. Ford [Broken marker]
Craigmiles, Lee04 Sep 188404 Sep 188433/12
Mathes, Milton A. Rev.24 Mar 184612 Mar 188833/13[Shares marker with Nancy Tedford Mathes]
Mathes, Nancy Tedford06 May 184414 Oct 190333/14[Shares marker with Rev. Milton A. Mathes]
Wilson, Annie L.09 Feb 180507 Feb 189133/15Wife of Alexander M. Wilson [Alexander M. Wilson married Ann L. Patton 16 Dec 1833]
Bradshaw, Jason A.14 May 183101 Mar 189533/16Major of 12th Regt. Tenn U.S. Vols. Cavy. War 1861-1865 [Born McDowell Co, NC; m. (1) Phoebe M. Wilson 3 Aug 1860, dau. of Alexander Wilson; m (2) Mrs. Lydia Wilson, widow of Phoebe’s brother, George Wilson 11 Jan 1874]
*IN MEMORIUM33/17[See entry below this chart]
Bradshaw, L. Annie26 Jan 186904 Oct 190233/18[Dau. of J.A. and Phoebe M. Wilson Bradshaw]
Wilkinson, William John29 Nov 187407 Apr 195033/19[Shares marker with Mary Doak Bradshaw Wilkinson]
Wilkinson, Mary Doak Bradshaw[No date]07 Feb 196333/20Wife [Shares marker with William John Wilkinson]
Miller, Robert Lee22 Apr 189621 Jan 191833/21U.S. Navy Co. 5
Miller, James D.12 Aug 186526 Dec 193433/22[Shares marker with Amanda E. Holt Miller]
Miller, Amanda E. Holt27 Jun 186819 Nov 194633/23[Shares marker with James D. Miller]
Carmack, William04 Sep 180322 Jan 187734/1[Shares marker with Hannah E. Carmack]
Carmack, Hannah E.01 May 180918 Feb 188034/2His wife [Shares marker with William Carmack]
Mathes, Ezekiel S.13 Oct 183131 May 190334/3
Mathes, Mary J. Bovell09 Aug 183225 May 188634/4Joined Salem Church Oct 1845; married Ez. S. Mathes 22 Nov 1853[Broken marker]
Biddle, Jennie D.02 Apr 185915 Jan 188234/5Beloved wife of Wm. D. Biddle and Daughter of Ez. S. & Mary J. Mathes; Aed 22 Y's 9 M's & 13 D's
Mathes, Alexander29 Aug 180014 Mar 188434/6
Mathes, Orpha W.[3 Nov 1803][5 Jun 1879]34/7Wife of Alexander Mathes [Broken and badly eroded marker; born SC]
Mathes, John Alfred20 Aug 186110 Mar 192534/8Erected by his wife Helen
Earnest, Nancy M.L.11 Dec 180[6]11 Jul 187634/9Wife of Josiah W. Earnest; She was an upright member of (Old Salem) Presbyterian Church, 50 Years
Unknown[No date][No date]34/10[Fieldstone]
Mathes, SusanAug 1815Sep 186934/11
McKee, T.W.[No date][No date]34/12Lieut. Co. B. 12th TENN. CAV.
Bradshaw, Charlie A.12 May 186723 Sep 186834/13Son of Maj. J.A. & P.M. Bradshaw
Bradshaw, Willie A.21 Aug 186226 Sep 186834/14Son of Maj. J.A. & P.M. Bradshaw
Bradshaw, Phoebe M. Wilson11 Jun 184330 Jul 187334/15Wife of Maj. J.A. Bradshaw
Mathews, J.W.[No date][No date]34/16Q.M. SGT. 2nd TENN. INF.
Unknown[No date][No date]34/17[Fieldstone]
Mathes, Mary A.30 Apr 183310 Mar 188634/18Wife of E.S. Mathes [E. Smith Mathes married Mary Jordan 24 Jun 1857]
Mathes, E. Smith[No date]10 Jun 188834/19Aged 76 yrs [Broken marker]
Mathes, McFarland M.29 Apr 185013 Nov 189734/20[Shares marker with Leonora Ruble Mathes; McFarland M. Mathes married Leonora Ruble 25 Jun 1874]
Mathes, Leonora Ruble30 Apr 185425 Jun 192134/21His wife [Shares marker with McFarland M. Mathes]
Waddell, Landon H.1844190534/22[Shares marker with Luster Bird Waddell & Malcena Cate Waddell]
Waddell, Luster Bird1876190434/23[Shares marker with Landon H. Waddell & Malcena Cate Waddell]
Waddell, Malcena Cate1842192134/24[Shares marker with Landon H. Waddell and Luster Byrd Waddell]
Unknown[No date]No date]35/1[Large concrete slab with a square concrete box with hinges on top. Older resident recalls seeing flowers in the box and it was covered with a glass lid.]
Unknown[No date][No date]35/2[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]35/3[Fieldstone]
Unknown[No date][No date]35/4[Fieldstone]
Mathes, E.E.[26 Jan 1813]11 Nov 188435/5Ruling Elder in Salem Church [Marker broken; E.E.M. on footstone]
Mathes, Margaret L.14 Jan 18[24]08 Aug 188735/6Wife of E.E. Mathes
S/M[No date][No date]35/7[Hand carved on a fieldstone]
Mathes, [?][?]22 Nov 184435/8Aged 24 Years and 4 days
Stuart, Annie O.09 Dec 187708 Mar 188935/9Daughter of G.C. & Miria L. Stuart
Gammon, Lucy[No date][No date]35/10Dau. of N.V. & A.H. Gammon; Aged 2 yrs. 3 Ms.
Unknown[No date][No date]35/11[Fieldstone]
Lyon, Willison12 Feb 182018 Jul 189235/12Aged 72 Yrs. 5 Mos. 6 Ds.
Lyon, Nancy S.07 May 182324 Nov 188335/13Aged 60 y’s 6 m’s 17 d’s; Wife of Willison Lyon [Marker broken]
Lyons, John W.01 Aug 186801 Aug 186835/14Son of Willison and Nancy S. Lyon
Unknown[No date][No date]35/15[Broken and badly eroded marker; this could be Nannie Lee Lyon, d. 6 Apr 1871; 11M 4D]
Bradshaw, InfantDec 1879Dec 187935/16Infant of J.A. and Lydia J. Bradshaw
Bovell, Susan Alice1847189935/17Wife of S.A. Bovell
Bovell, Wm. Stephen16 Aug 188322 Aug 188335/18Son of S.A. and S. Alice Bovell; Aged 6 Days
Bovell, Mary Lizzie25 Mar 188506 Jul 188735/19Dautr. of S.A. and S. Alice Bovell; Aged 2 Y’s 3 M’s 11 D’s
Unknown[No date][No date]35/20[Fieldstone]
Booth, Sallie E.[No date]24 Dec 189935/21Aged 26 Yrs 6 Mos 27 Days
Draper, Mabel Gammon15 Mar 187929 Jan 197836/1
Draper, Jesse Flagg1887[28 Jul] 193636/2
Gammon, Nathan V.07 Nov 184403 Jul 191136/3[Marker off of base; Nathan V. Gammon married Ann Hester Strain 31 Aug 1871]
Unknown[No date][No date]36/4[Eroded marker flat on ground]
Unknown[No date][No date]36/5[Fieldstone]
Bovell, Minerva G.20 Jan 181815 Oct 188036/6Wife of William W. Bovell[Broken and eroded marker]
PMB[No date][No date]36/7[Footstone only]
Bovell, W.W., Dr.13 Oct 1809[1890]36/8Aged 81 Y’s 1 M’s 23 D’s [Broken marker with part missing]
Wheeler, Sarah AdalineSep 184124 Nov 188536/9Wife of Dr. C. Wheeler
Wheeler, Grace V.15 Nov 188325 Sep 188836/10Daughter of Dr. C. and S. Wheeler
[?] ?NDY[No date][No date]36/11G.U and C ? [Badly eroded marker]














Surveyed, transcribed and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web April 2006 by Chester WIllis, Lori Craiger, Elaine Cantrell and Betty Jane Hylton  members of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

Copyrighted 2013 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.

Additional information

*Elizabeth Hunt Bright was born 1 Apr 1816; not 1860 as is on her headstone.
She and David Michael Bright were married 25 Jan 1842 and by 1860 they had 6 children. The person who WAS born in 1860 was the daughter-in-law Lucretia Amanda Broyles Bright, but both ladies died the same year 1897. That is correct on Lucretia’s headstone. [Janette Foster Guinn]

”Digging for Your Roots” by John L. Kiener, Jonesborough Herald & Tribune, August 24, 2004, p.7A.

Note: Alexander McEwen, d. 1795 buried possibly towards back of this cemetery.

According to the survey done in 1938 by the WPS, the following lie in unmarked graves near Hester E. and W.G. Greenway (information given by Mrs. Mary Hardin McCown):

Susannah Jane  Greenway Payne b. 27 Dec 1859, d. 24 May 1920, daughter of R.A.J. and Elizabeth Beard Greenway

Ola Greenway

Minnie Greenway Ball, b. 25 Oct 1866, d. 9 Apr 1949, daughter of Jessie and Melvina McCracken Greenway.

Alex Greenway

Leona C. Dockery

Nancy Greenway Keezle b. 23 Jul 1876, d. 22 Jan 1922, daughter of Grannison and Hester McCrackin Greenway.

Mollie Greenway

William Greenway

Buried near Samuel Doak in unmarked graves:

Esther Montgomery Doak, 1st wife of Samuel, d. 3 Aug 1807

Margaret Houston McEwen, 2nd wife of Samuel Doak, d. 22 Sep 1831

John Waddell, Rev. Soldier

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