Col. Samuel Bayless

East Tennessee Drafted Militia

Colonel Samuel Bayless

Waddle, Captain Jonathan; CPT
Boatright, William; 1LT
Brock, George; 2LT
Goodin, Lawson; 3LT
Hopson, James; ESN
Grisham, Thomas; SGT
Hunt, Smith ; SGT
Job, Enoch ; SGT
Little, Isaac ; SGT
Brown, Thomas; SGT
Conkin, John ; CPL
Ford, Thomas ; CPL
Nelson, Moses ; CPL
Starnes, Jacob ; CPL
Hair, Isaac ; CPL
Bean, David; CPL
Carroll, Henry; Drummer, prom to Drum Major 16 November 1814

Bayles George
Bayles, Hezekiah; prom to Quartermaster SGT 15 November 1814
Bell, John B.
Blakely, William
Boring, William
Bowling (Bolling), Phillip; prom 24 December 1814
Brick______, William
Briles, Michael; disch 18 November 1814
Briles, William
Brown, David
Brown, John
Brown, Joshua
Brown, William

Capp, John; subst for Thomas Ramsey 13 November 1814
Carson, Moses; driving his own wagon until 20 January 1815
Chapman, Robert
Chapman, Samuel
Clayton, Daniel
Clingham, George
Cofman, Conrod
Cofman, Jacob
Courtney, William
Daniel, Zachariah
Davison (Davis), Thomas; artificer 10 February 1814
Donworth, Thomas; disch 18 November 1814
Doser, William
Dunkin, Andrew
Dunkin, James; disch 18 November 1814

Faubush, Andrew
Finch, Thomas
Floid, Isaac
Ford, Ezekial
Fulkerson, Abram

Garland, Joshua
Garland, Joseph
Good, David
Graham, Charles
Grisson (Grayson), Prior

Hampton, Jesse
Hampton, Robert
Helms, Henry; prom 13 November 1814
Hite, Jacob
Hummins, Thomas
Hunley, Lankston

Isles, William

Jackson, William; disch 18 November 1814

King, Billy F.; d in service 25 April 1815
Kirland, Joseph

Lafollet, Jeremiah
Layman, Amassa
Layman, Joseph
Little, Jacob; d in service 10 April 1815
Lott, John

McCracken, Robert; disch 18 November 1814
McCray, Phillip; subst 15 November 1814
McClure, Robert
McGee, George
McGinnis, John
Mathis, Thomas; enl 10 December 1814
Messer, Joseph
Milom, Edward
Milom, Robert
Mitchell, John
Mitchell, William
Murry, John

Nelson, William
Norris, Carland

Odle, Reuben

Painter, Jacob P.
Painter, William
Price, Thomas

Sands, Isaac
Shanks, Moses
Shields, Zachariah
Stansberry, Elijah

Tilson, Joseph
Tilson, Thomas; disch 18 November 1814

Watts, Adam
White, David
Winkle, Abraham
Willet Francis; driving his own wagon during the tour
Williams, Samuel
Wolf, Joseph

Yeager, Daniel

Bobb – servant of Colonel Bayless
Edward – servant of Major William C. Roadman

Abstracted with permission from History of Washington County Tennessee, 1988 by The Watauaga Association of Genealogist, PO Box 117, Johnson City, TN 37605-0117.