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Year: 1875

Vol. VI. #24 Thurs., March 4, 1875

Dosser, Mrs. V.S. (Virgie Squibb)
At the residence of her father. G.F. Squibb, in Jonesboro, Tenn., Feb. 26, 1875, Mrs. V.S. (Virgie Squibb) Dosser, aged nineteen years. Mrs. Dosser was born in Sullivan Co., Aug. 13, 1855 and was married to J.E. Dosser, June 14, 1872.

Humphreys, Elizabeth E.
At her home in Carter County, Tenn., Feb. 16, 1875, Elizabeth E. Humphreys. Mrs. Humphreys was born in Johnson Co., Tenn., May 19, 1831, and was married to J.W. Humphreys, Dec. 17, 1870. She was a member of the M. E. Church.

Saylor, Mrs. Susan
Last Thursday night near Johnson City, Mrs. Susan Saylor, wife of Noah Saylor, of pneumonia. 

Scott, Jackson
Last Thursday near Johnson City, Jackson Scott, of consumption. 

Humphreys, Mrs.
On the 20th February near Johnson City, Mrs. Humphreys, wife of William Humphries, of consumption.

Vol. VI. #25 Thurs., March 11, 1875

Bashor, Christly
Last Sunday at the residence of his mother on Boon’s Creek, Mr. Christly Bashor, aged 20 total years.

McAdams, Flora Jane
At Locust Mount last week, Flora Jane McAdams, aged 6 years, of consumption.

Dorton, Mary
At Eutaw House, last Sunday, Mary Dorton, little daughter of B. B. Dorton, formerly of Russell Col, VA. Mr. Dorton was on his way to Texas.

Holloway, Daniel Humphreys
Sudden Death: Daniel Humphreys Holloway, E.T. , VA., & Ga. Railroad engineer, was killed near Philadelphia, Tenn., last Thurs. when his engine fell through a bridge which had just been repaired. He was the son of Amos and Mary Holloway and was born June 7th, 1844, one mile north of Leesburg.

Vol. VI. # 26 Thurs., March 18, 1875

Oliver, Mrs. Polly
Mrs. Polly Oliver died near Ball’s School House, on Thursday, Jan. 28, 1875, member of the M.E. Church.

Pressnell, Alex. M.
Mr. Alex. M. Pressnell (born in this county), brother of Prof. H. Pressnell, died at Dandridge last Sunday morning, aged 27 years. (For resolutions of the Dandrige Bar-see Vol. VI. #30, this paper. WAB.) I did abstract his marriage date from the resolution: “On May 21, 1874 he was married to Miss Mary Mason of Loudon County, Tenn.” [I believe Mr. Burns may have intended for this last statement to be in parenthesis also. GMO]

Vol. VI. #27 Thurs., March 25, 1875

Keener, Mrs. Cynthia
In the Greasy Cove, on the 22nd inst., Mrs. Cynthia Keener, wife of David Keener.

Mulky, Mrs. Amanda
Died at her residence on the 20th day of June 1875, Mrs. Amanda Mulky in the 47th year of her age, being a member of the Baptist Church.

Vol. VI. #28 Thurs., April 1, 1875

Murr, Mrs. Amarilla
Near this place, last Tuesday morning, Mrs. Amarilla Murr, wife of James Murr, aged 71 years.

Miller, Jacob
At Limestone on the 14th day of March, Jacob Miller.

Brown, Geo.
Last Sunday at 11 o’clock, Geo. Brown, son of Nanthaniel Brown, of consumption.

Vol VI #29 Thurs., April 8, 1875


Vol. VI #30 Thurs., April 15, 1875

Pressnell, A.M.
Memorial on Tuesday, April 6, 1875 (Court of Jefferson County-Dandridge Bar) and citizens to testify their respect for the memory of our deceased friend and Brother, A.M. Pressnell. He was a native of Washington County, about 28 years of age, admitted to the Bar at Dandridge in 1874, married May 21, 1874, Miss Mary Mason, of Loudon Col, Tenn., who is left to mourn his love.

Humphreys, Mrs.
Funeral: Millwood item (April 13th date) -Funeral of Mrs. Humphreys will be preached at the Lutheran Church next Sabbath.

Cox, Will H.
Annapolis, MD, April 14, 1875—-Telegram to Mr. John D. Cox (of Jonesboro) informing him that Cadet Midshipman, Will H. Cox, was drowned this morning by upsetting of the shell of his Boat Club. Herald-Tribune: Burial will take place at cemetery on Sunday.

Drake, Rev. L. F.
Sadness reached us last week that Rev. L. F. Drake died at Bloomingburg, Ohio, on Sunday, April 4th. He was preaching Elder of the Jonesboro Dist., M. E. Church.

[Dosser], Fannie
Last Friday morning, Fannie [Dosser], 8 month old daughter of James H. and Fannie Dosser.

Vol. VI. #31 Thurs., April 22, 1875

Lang, Jacob
Mr. Jacob Lang, died last Friday at home of Samuel Guggenheim, remains sent to Richmond, VA.

Byers, David K.
David K. Byers, formerly of this place, died at Neosho, Mo., on the 11th inst., aged 38 years.

Young, Henry
At Atlanta, Illinois, on the 11th March, Henry Young, aged 70 years. Mr. Young was for many years a citizen of this place and a member of the M. E. Church for 40 years.

Meek, D.”Doc” K.
D.”Doc” K. Meek, son of our townsman, C. W. Meek, died in San Francisco, Calif., on this 7th inst.

Cox, Will H.
Cadet Midshipman Will H. Cox, was held at the M. E. Church, South, last Sunday.

Vol. VI #32 Thurs., April 28, 1875

Lang, Jacob
Mr. Jacob Lang, in the 42nd year of his age. He was born in Gaillagen, Baden, Europe, member of the Hebrew Church. Migrated to this country in 1856 and most of the time he lived with Mr. Samuel Guggenheim, who accompanied the remains to Richmond, Va., where he was interred.

Hoss, Mrs. Calvin
Last Saturday morning at her residence on Cherokee, Mrs. Calvin Hoss, of hernia.

Price, Mary C.
Miss Mary C. Price, aged 29 years, seven months, 23 days, died April 23, 1875 on Sinking Creek, Washington County. She was a member of the Christian Church.

Crawford, Lucy
Lucy Crawford, a very old and respected woman, died last Friday evening.

Vol. VI #33 Thurs., May 6, 1875

Brown, George Telford
George Telford Brown, died 25th March, of consumption, 1875, aged 18 years, 3 months, devoted member of Baptist Church.

Vaughn, James
Tribute of Respect by the Grange-James Vaughn died at his residence on Boon’s Creek Dec. 23, 18745, was born in Prince Edward County, VA, 15 March 1799. In 1849 he united with the Baptist Church at Buffalo Ridge.

Vol. VI #34 Thurs. May 13, 1875

Tadlock, Sarah
Near Cherry Grove last Sunday evening, Mrs. Sarah Tadlock, wife of Johathan M. Tadlock, of cancer.

Keys, Elizabeth
Two miles north of this place last Thursday, Mrs. Elizabeth Keys, widow of the late John Keys, of paralysis.

Vol. VI #35 Thurs., May 20, 1875


Vol. VI #36 Thurs., May 27, 1875

McLaughlin, Juda U.A.
In Greasy Cove [now called Erwin-WAB] last Thursday evening, at 8 o’clock, Mrs. Juda U.A. McLaughlin, wife of Capt. Nelson McLaughlin.

Jones, Thomas
In this place last Friday at the residence of the grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Sparks, Mr. Thomas Jones, died of consumption.

Vol. VI #37 Thurs., June 3, 1875

Pennebaker, —
Ex Comptroller Pennebaker, died at his home near Lebanon, last Monday.

Ferguson, Tennessee
Memorial: to Sister Tennessee Ferguson of Cherry Grove, Washington Co., our first worthy Pomona of the Harmony Grange.

Vol. VI #38 Thurs., June 10, 1875

Wiley, Mrs. —
Near Leesburg, last Monday night, Mrs. Wiley, Widow of Rev. Samuel Y. Wiley, deceased.

Smith, Wm.
At his residence five miles west of Jonesboro, whre had had lived for many years, on the 4th int., Wm. Smith, aged 71 years.

Young, Mary
Mrs. Mary Young, of consumption, Saturday evening, leaving husband and seven small children (Johnson City news item).

King, Mary
Miss Sallie, daughter of Mrs. Mary King, of this place (Johnson City) on Sunday, May 30th.

Vol. VI #39 Thurs., June 17, 1875

 Johnson, J.A.
Memorial of Nola Chuck Lodge, #323 F 8 AM., to Brother J.A. Johnson, died 31st May.

Vol. VI #40 Thurs., June 24, 1875

Lovegrove, Jordon
At his residence near Leesburg last Sunday night, Jordon Lovegrove, citizen of this county for many years.

Sparks, Sarah L.
In this place last Monday, Mrs. Sarah L. Sparks, aged 86 years, member of the Presbyterian Church.

Vol. VI #41, Thurs., July 1, 1875

McPherson, Lottie
Lottie, daughter of George and Vergie McPherson, last Saturday.

Moore, John
John Moore, age 65, at his residence three miles west of Jonesboro, last Friday. 

Patty, Mrs.–
Mrs. Patty, wife of Rev. John S. Patty, in Greeneville, Tenn., on Tuedsay last.

Lynn, John
John Lynn, in this place, at the residence of his son-in-law, John L. Lampson, June 22, 1875. He was born in Baltaah, Ireland, April 13, 1798, came to America with his father in 1801, who a short time afterwards located at Kingsport and there Mr. Lynn has lived since. He was made an elder in the Presbyterian Church in 1825.

Vol. VI #42 Thurs., July 8, 1875

[Article in this issue about Tarter family reunion].

Halton, Dicy
Mrs. Dicy Halton, daughter of Mr. Thomas Clark, near Double Springs, Sullivan Co., Tenn., of consumption, on Thursday last.

Gregory, Mrs. A.F.
Mrs. A.F. Gregory, at Johnson City the 1st inst., also her infant babe the Sabbath following.

Peoples, Wm
Wm Peoples, of Carter, aged 90 years, at his residence on the 30th last.

Keezle, Keziah McFall
On Saturday morning July 3, 1875, Mrs Keziah McFall Keezle, wife of Calven Keezle.

Petty, Sarah Ann [Hunt]
Mrs. Sarah Ann Petty, daughter of Geo. R. Hunt, of Baltimore Co., Maryland, was born in Baltimore, Sept. 23, 1812; and was married Dec. 21, 1865, to Rev. John S. Petty, of Holston Conference. She came with her husband to Conference in May 1866, spending two years in Jonesboro, one in Knoxville, five in Athens, and a few months in Greeneville where she died.

Simpson, Nancy Emaline
From Limestone: Nancy Emaline, daughter of George B. and Mary Simpson, departed this life June 15, 1875, about 25 years of age, member of the Methodist Church.

Barkley, Mrs. John H.
On Thursday, July 1, 1875, at home in Limestone, Tenn., beloved wife of John H. Barkley, funeral held at M. E. Church. 

Naff, J. Emmett
Murdered: J. Emmett Naff, in month of July 1872, at Tahlequah, Indian Territory, son of John H. Naff, of Jonesboro.

Vol. VI #43 Thurs., July 15, 1875

Martin, Alive
Miss Alive Martin, July 8, 1875 at the residence of her father, Dr. Martin, on Boon’s Creek in this county.

Vol. VI. #44 Thurs., July 22, 1875

(No deaths or obits).

Vol. VI. #45 Thurs., July 27, 1875

(Issue missing).

Vol. VI. #46 Thurs., Aug. 5, 1875

Johnson, Ex-President Andrew
Death and Funeral Ex-President Andrew Johnson. Ex-President Andrew Johnson died of paralysis in the early hours of July 31, 1875, about 2:30 o’clock, at the residence of his sister, Mrs. Brown (formerly Mrs. Stover) in Carter County, two miles east of Elizabethton. He was born in Raleigh, N.C., on 29th Dec. 1808, sixty-six years, 6 months old at his death. 

Prophet, Joseph L.
Died at his residence near Limestone, July 27, 1875, Mr. Joseph L. Prophet, in the 54th year of his age.

 Bowman, Mattie
Last Thursday, five miles west of this place, Mrs. Mattie Bowman, wife of James P. Bowman.

Hickman, Mary
On Horse Creek, Sullivan County, Mrs. Mary Hickman, aged 75 years

Bowman, Mary
In the 17th Civil District of this county last Monday, Mrs. Mary Bowman, wife of Mr. S. D. Bowman.

Willard, Dulaney
Dulaney Willard was born in Sullivan County, Tenn., Feb. 8, 1806 and died Thursday, July 22, 1875, of Cholera, and was a member of the M. E. Church.

Mullins, Elizabeth
Mrs. Elizabeth Mullins, wife of Joshua Mullins, a resident of Beech Creek, Hawkins County, hung herself one day last week.

Vol. VI. #47 Thurs., Aug. 12, 1875

Jackson, Mrs.–
Last Monday in the 13th District, Mrs.Jackson, widow of George Jackson, Deceased 

Bowyer, Infant daughter
Last Saturday, Blanche, infant daughter of William and Alice Bowyer 

White, John B.
John B. White, at his residence three miles east of Jonesboro, last Saturday. 

Byerly, Mrs. —
Mrs. Byerly, of Boon’s Creek, died last Tuesday morning, at an advanced age of near 100 years.

Copp, John
Tuesday morning, Mr. John Copp of Mauk’s District (dist. #10, after having his arm amputated after getting it caught in a thresher last Thursday.

Province, Harvey T.
From stab wound 1 Aug., 1875, Harvey T. Province, son of A.T.M. Province, of this place (Bristol). This was a Bristol Courier (Tenn./Va.) news item. 

Vol. VI. #48 Thurs., Aug. 19, 1875

 Bowman, Hiram D.
Died: Last Monday evening, at Knoxville, Hiram D. Bowman, aged about 25 years. His remains was met Tuesday by his mother of Johnson City and conveyed to Boone’s Creek for interment.

Vol. VI. #49 Thurs., Aug. 26, 1875


Vol. VI. #50 Thurs., Sept. 2, 1875

Hale, John G.
(front page news item from Hot Springs Daily Advertiser, Hot Springs, Ark.)
John G. Hale, resident of this place (Hot Springs) at the Hale house, died on Tuesday night at 11 o’clock. He was attended in his last moments, by his wife and son Dr. George G. Hale and several grand-children. He was born May 12, 1800, at Jonesboro, East Tennessee, whence he moved to Pulaski County. He was married to Miss Sarah Templin, by the Rev. Jonathan Moltke, in 1824. Thence he came to Arkansas in 1833 and settled in Hot Springs in1841. He brought up a family of eight children, all of whom died except Dr. Hale. Col. Benton Hale, a promising officer, who died in the Confederate Army, was his second son. John G. Hale was the most noted of the three claimants of the Hot Springs and maintained possession of the property he claimed so long.

Bayless, Albert G.
At his residence on the Nolachucky River, in this county (Washington), on the 30th last, Albert G. Bayless. 

Vol. VI. #51 Thurs., Sept. 9, 1875

Fulkerson, Nancy
At her residence in the 19th District on the 15th August, Mrs. Nancy Fulkerson, aged 64 years.

Murr, Katie
Mrs. Katie Murr, wife of John Murr, who resides near Maryville, Tenn., committed suicide last Sunday morning by hanging herself. 

Vol. VI #52 Thurs., Sept. 16, 1875

Haws, Bettie
At Haw’s Cross Roads, last Sunday evening, Miss Bettie Haws, age about 60 years.

Vol. VII. #1 Thurs., Sept 23, 1875

Boyd, Nat. T.
As announced by his parents of this place. Nat. was a brakeman on the Nashville & Louisville railroad.

Beard, Infant son
A little son of Daniel Beard died last Monday.

Carr, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Carr, eldest child of Rev. James King, one of the pioneer Methodist ministers of Washington Co., Tenn., was born June 7, 1813; was married to Alfred Carr, March 3, 1835, and was mother of seven children. At Brush Creek campground, in September 1827, she joined the Methodist Church. She died on the 25th August 1875, at her home near Johnson City, leaving her husband and seven children.

Vol. VII. #2 Thurs., Sept. 30, 1875

Crouch, A.L.J.
A.L.J. Crouch. Mr. Crouch left Washington County, in the fall of 1871 and resided at Carrollton, Mo. Suffering from asthma, he went to Texas a short time since thinking a change of climate would benefit his health. He died in a short time leaving a wife and three children.

Vol. VII. #3 Thurs., Oct. 7, 1875

Campbell, Mr. James
On last Tuesday morning, Mr. James Campbell, age 86 years and seven months, departed this life. He was born at Leesburg, Washington Co., Tenn. On 18th March 1789, and lived in this county ever since. His children are scattered far and wide. His remains were interred in the old Quaker church-yard, five miles west of this place (Jonesboro), by side of his wife who died some 24 years ago. He was father-in-law to M.S. Mahoney, Editor, Herald & Tribune, and died at the residence of Daniel Campbell, in the 17th District on Oct. 5, 1875.

Vol. VII #4 Thurs., Oct. 14, 1875

Allison, Delilah
Delilah Allison, age one hundred and ten years, of the 11th District. (note: No death date given-WAB)

McKinny, R.J.
Hon. R.J. McKinny, died at his residence in Knoxville, last Saturday night in the 72nd year of his age.

White, Polly
Mrs. Polly White, an old member of this community (Fall Branch), who resided about one mile east of Fall Branch, died on the 1st inst.

Pierce, Mrs. Mary
Obituary: Mrs. Mary Pierce, consort of Michael Pierce, departed this life in Carter County, Tenn., Sept. 18, 1875, aged 75 years. She was a member of the Baptist Ch.

Vol. VII. #5 Thurs., Oct. 21, 1875

Fitzgerald, James
Mention is made in a news item that John (a circle is drawn around the name “John” and a handwritten note out to the side: -Robt. Nave of Elizabethton, Tn. A descendant said the give name is James, not (John)-) Fitzgerald, of Buffalo Ridge, was killed in 1865 while at the supper table.

Crouch, A.L.J.
In Memoriam: Resolutions of respect and sympathy by Johnson Lodge, #274 F. and A. M., Fall Branch, Tenn. A.L.J. Crouch, former member at this place, departed life on 22nd Sept., 1875 at Sherman, Texas. He was a member of the Masonic Order at Carrollton, Mo., to where he had moved.

Vol. VII. #6 Thurs., Oct. 28, 1875

Holtsinger, John P.
Rev. John P. Holtsinger, of Greeneville, last Thursday.

House, John L.
On the 21st inst., Col. John L. House was shot to death by two citizens of this place, also wounding Manse House, son of the Col. And it is thought he might also die.

Vol. VII. #7 Thurs., Nov. 4, 1875

 No deaths listed.

Vol. VII. #8 Thurs., Nov. 11, 1875

Hashbarger, Mary
On Kendrick’s Creek last Monday morning, Mary Hashbarger, of consumption, aged 25 years.

Mitchell, William Fain
William Fain Mitchell, Son of Samuel D. Mitchell, died at Brownsboror, on the 4th inst.

Vol. VII. #9 Thurs., Nov. 18, 1875

Foster, Leander
Last Saturday night in the Flag Pond district, Unicoi County, near Clear Branch, Leander Foster, age 16, from knife stabbings received that day.

Mitchell, William Fain
William Fain Mitchell was born Jan. 11, 1853 – died in Brownsboro, Nov. 4, 1875, oldest son of Samuel D. and Amelia Mitchell. He was a member of the Old Salem Presbyterian Church and the Y. M.C. A. of this place.

Vol. VII. #10 Thurs., Nov. 25, 1875

Crouch, Sussanh
At the residence of T. J. Galloway, on Boon’s Creek, Nov. 18, 1875, Mrs. Sussanh Crouch, aged 69 years. Long-time member of the Baptist church, joining during the ministry of Jonathan Mulkey.

Atkins, James
Services of the late James Atkins, which were to have taken place at his residence, on Bramhall Avenue, Bergen Heights, New Jersey, on the 12th inst., were postponed by death of his wife who fell dead in her bed-room while dressing for the ceremonies, ruptured blood vessel the cause, literally dying of a broken heart.

Burket, M.H.B.
Rev. M.H.B. Burket died at his residence in Bradley County, Tenn., Nov., 12, 1875, for many years Principal of the Pleasant Grove Seminary.

Vol. VII. #11 Thurs., Dec. 2, 1875

Snapp, Abraham
In Memoriam: Mr. Abraham Snapp, of Brownsboro, Washington County, Tenn., departed this life, May 31, 1875, in 78th year of his age. He was born in Shannadore (prob. Error-should be Shenandoah-WAB) County, Va., Dec. 11, 1797 and when he was 6 hears old his parents moved to East Tenn. Mr. Snapp out-lived two wives. He married first: Miss Mary Patton, October 1826, who was a native of Augusta Co., Va., she living a little more than a year after their affiance. One child was born to this union, the late Dr. Samuel Snapp, of Russellville, Tenn. His 2nd marriage was with Miss Matilda Windle, of Lexington, Va., Nov., 1829. They live together for more than forty years, the wife dying two years before the husband. He was a member of the Salem Presbyterian Church. One son, Windle Snapp, Esq., who resides on the old homestead, is left to mourn the kindest of parents.

Stafford, Infant
Suddenly last Saturday morning, infant child of Henry Stafford, of 17th dist.

Chambers, A.M.
(News items from Knoxville Chronicle dated Friday, Nov. 26, 1875—Sevierville, Tenn.) Mr. A.M. Chambers, crushed to death by a tree on Monday last (the 22nd). His wife died 13 months since. He leaves a son about 18 years of age and a daughter about 2 years old. 

Mullendare, Caroline
(Same news release as above)-Miss Caroline Mullendare, a young lady daughter of John Mullendare, died of fever the same night (22nd Nov.).

 Vol. VII. #12 Thurs., Dec. 9, 1875

Buckner, James
(News item from Embreville, Tenn., dated Dec 7, 1875)-James Buckner died a few days since.

 Pearson, Frank
(from same news item) Frank Pearson died a few days since. These two men resided in the Village and died at the residence of Samuel Douglass, near Fordtown, last Friday morning.

Boggan, Pickett
(Front-page news item in H & T, taken from the Greeneville Advocate). Relates singular death of Pickett Boggan at his home near Pine Apple. Mentions 40 years residence in the county. (Prob. Greene County because of Greeneville source—WAB) 

Vol. VII. #13 Thurs, Dec. 16, 1875

No deaths listed

Vol. VII. #14 Thurs. Dec. 23, 1875

Walker, Sarah
Mrs. Sarah Walker, wife of Wm. Walker, died this morning.

Note: No issue was published for Dec. 30th, 1875-WAB.

Source: Death and Obituary Notices Appearing in the Herald and Tribune, compiled by William A. Burns, ©1968. [Mr. Burns is now deceased.]   We thank Gladys Owens,, for the transcription.
The booklet, Death and Obituary Notices Appearing in the HERALD and TRIBUNE, was published in Jonesboro, Tenn. Washington County.

Vol. VI. #24, March 4, 1875 to Vol. XXVII. #41, Wednesday, Feb. 5, 1896, inclusive. was compiled by William A. Burns, ©1968. This is the second book of obituaries by Mr. Burns from the Herald and Tribune; the first one covers Vol. I, #1 Aug. 26, 1869 – Vol. VI. #24, Thur., March 4, 1875.
Mr. Burns dedicated the booklet to “my Grandfather:–Nathan Baines, 1830-1908, Washington Co., Tenn. Pvt. Co. E. 60th Mtd. Inf. C.S.A. Buried at Fairview, Washington Co., Tenn. beneath the sod for which he fought.”
Mr. Burns is now deceased and attempts have been unsuccessful in contacting his family. If anyone knows of their whereabouts, please contact M. Hougland.