This cemetery was located on the Jacob Brown farm at the intersection of Beechgrove Road and Chalk Level Road, Telford, Tennessee. No evidence of the cemetery exists today or back in the 1970s.

GPS Location:  36º15.15N  082º32.9W

The following information is found in Washington County Tennessee Tombstone Inscriptions by Charles M. Bennett and the Watauga Association of Genealogists, V. II, p.275, used with permission by Loraine B. Rae.

Several years ago, Charles M. Bennett was able to copy some information from broken stones piled against a fence and combined with research of documents and information from descendants, was able to conclude the following were probably some of those buried in this cemetery.

Brown, Jacob, Wagonmaker, a German born ca 1720-30, died between Fall 1807 and 1 April 1808. Came to Washington County from Rowan County, North Carolina about 1795-96.

The following children:

Brown, Jacob, II, 1752 – 10 May 1841. Rev. War, North Carolina. His first wife, Elizabeth Artmire, died about 1814. His 2nd wife was Mary “Polly” Salts, a widow with a daughter, Mary.

Brown, Margaret who married Conrad Starnes

Brown, Conrad, ca 1760-62 — ca 1840-50. His first wife Patience Penny and second wife Elizabeth Ball.

Brown, Abraham, ca 1760-65 — ca 1835-40. His wife, Catherine Brunomer.

Abraham’s and Catherine’s son, Stephen Brown, ca 1796 – ca 1853 and his wife, Elizabeth Tucker, ca 1797 – ca 1859. They were married 11 Mar 1811. Their daughter Esther Mahala, ca 1816 – ca 1857 and their son Stephen D., ca 1832 – ca 1853, are also buried here.

Miss Monnie Brown, whose mother was also a Brown, is a descendant of Jacob. This farm was her home place. She gave the follwing list of names of people she knew to be buried there, however, she could not remember the dates. She is now (1960s’) in her middle 90’s. Her father, Jafmes Madison and mother, Alice were moved to Monte Vista, wherer her sisters, Mary and Nora, who both died in 1972 were buried.

Her granddfather, Abram or Abraham Brown and his wife Sarah.

Brown, Alfred, his wife Rachel and their daughters, Margaret and Ellen

Phillips, Catherine and her husband

Brown, Victoria

Her grandfather, Fletcher or Stephen Brown

Mahalia Brown


More information about this Brown family and the other Brown family can be found:

The Ancestors and Descendants of Abraham (Braun) Brown, the Miller ; The Ancestors and Descendants of Jacob (Braun) Brown, the Wagonmaker / compiled and edited by John Burgess Fisher, Dorothy Brown Koller, Margaret Brown Anderson. Charlotte, N.C.: Delmar Publishers & Printers, c 1983.



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