Lovelace Church Cemetery 2004

Lovelace Church Cemetery

Located at 930 Ryan Road in Chucky, Tennessee (Greene County). This cemetery is well maintained.

GPS Location: 36°24.02N 082°39.07W; Elevation: 1517ft.

Section A

Roberts, Foster F.26 Nov 191420 Jan 191501/01
Hensley, Martha Brandon17 Oct 184524 Nov 192101/02Wife of John Hensley
Hensley, John14 Apr 184230 Nov 191701/03
Baskett, Mary E.16 Sep 184912 Jul 190301/04Wife of J. G. Baskett
Baskett, J. G.14 Mar 18498 May 192001/05
Nordmark, Mary Elinor6 Sep 193511 Sep 193501/06
01/07[Small broken stone with F. R. in center of large natural rock]
Mullenix, Martha Clarice5 Jul 191712 Jul 191802/01Dau of J.E. & O.D. Mullenix
Baskett, Nancy E.11 Dec 188129 Dec 188302/02Dau of J.G. & M.E. Baskett
Baskett, Patience5 Jan 181211 Mar 188302/03Wife of Wm M. Baskett
Baskett, Wm. M.9 Feb 181329 Sep 188202/04Aged 69 yrs - 7 mo - 20 days
Moore, John23 Sep 182413 Jul 188302/05
Pritchard, Willie28 Jul 19051 Jul 190602/06Son of J.M. & Ida Pritchard
Moore, I. J.18 Sep 186210 Aug 188802/07
Moore, Daniel1 Sep 186722 Apr 189302/08
Crawford, Lewis1882190302/09[Funeral home marker]
Crawford, Anna C. P.1841190302/10[Funeral home marker]
Persinger, Molly Dykes
[No date]
[No date]

[No date]
02/11[Funeral home marker]
Persinger, Baby
[No date]

[No date]
02/12[Funeral home marker]
Persinger, Thadeous1866191602/13[Funeral home marker]
Mullenix, J. R.11 Apr 18426 Aug 191803/01[Shares marker w/M. T. Keen]
Keen, M. T. 22 Oct 184327 Jun 191803/02[Shares marker w/J. R. Mullenix]
Taylor, Sarah A.5 Dec 18663 Feb 190003/03[Shares marker w/George W. Taylor]
Taylor, George W.23 Sep 186017 May 193603/04[Shares marker w/Sarah A. Taylor]
Mullenix, Frederick27 May 189427 May 189403/05Son of L.W. & Esther Mullenix
Mullenix, Cora Ethel16 May 188827 Jul 188903/06Dau of J.R. & M.T. Mullenix
Baskett, G. W.24 Mar 18407 May 192003/07[Shares marker w/ wife, Mary M. Keen Baskett] [Masonic Emblem]
Lieut. Co. B, 4th Tenn Cav. U.S.A.
Baskett, Mary M. Keen22 Apr 184110 Jul 188203/08Wife of G. W. Baskett
[Shares marker w/G. W. Baskett]
Baskett, Infant son28 Nov 190328 Nov 190303/09Our baby, Son of W. A. & F. S. Baskett
Hensley, Mary Christine9 Jul 18949 Mar 189703/10Dau of J.M. & M. Hensley
Moore, Roy SextonOnly one dateMay 188503/11Son of I.J. & M. Moore
Pierce, Vesta L.8 May 188911 May 188903/12Dau of E.S. & R.E. Pierce
Pierce, Minerva J.6 May 18374 Feb 191103/13
Dykes, Harrison8 Oct 188818 Apr 191303/14
Dykes, Mary E.13 Aug 18666 Jul 193903/15
Dykes, Abraham J.7 Feb 183917 Oct 190403/16
Lane, BerleOnly one date12/17/1103/17Infant [Ground level marker]
Dobbins, Mollie L.03/28/5306/08/0204/01Wife of E. Dobbins
Dobbins, Cleo10/27/9104/12/0804/02
Unknown04/03[Broken stone - nothing (footstone Shares marker B.D.)]
Unknown04/04Fieldstone marker
Unknown04/05Fieldstone marker
Taylor, Amy31 Mar 182518 May 189904/06
Brandon, Wm P.18 Aug 188018 Jan 188604/07Son of T.G. & M.C. Brandon
Brandon, Martha Christina Taylor24 Jul 185308 Aug 191604/08Wife of Thos. G. Brandon
Frazier, Rebecca A.09 Oct 183308 Aug 190204/09Wife of A. N. Frazier
Frazier, A. N.22 Jun 184214 Mar 190004/101 Tenn. Cav., Co. K
Curtis, Johnnie N.30 Jun 189005 Sep 189504/11
Miller, Toy16 Jun 188204 Feb 190904/12[Triple w/Carrie L. and Paul Miller]
Miller, Carrie L.21 Feb 188709 Jan 190704/13Wife of Toy Miller
[Triple w/Toy and Paul Miller]
Miller, Paul20 Feb 190602 Oct 190604/14Son of Toy & C.L. Miller
[Triple w/Toy and Carrie L. Miller]
Curtis, Ellen12 Nov 183713 Dec 190504/15
Armstrong, Sarah Henry01 Mar 183404 Sep 191004/16Wife of Baker Armstrong
Curtis, C. C.16 Jul 189303 Aug 191304/17Son of Val & Abey Curtis
Curtis, Geneva26 Sep 191506 Jul 191604/18Dau. of Val & Abey Curtis
Curtis, Clara Frances13 Dec 191702 Sep 191804/19Dau. of Val & Abey
Lane, Virgia V.22 Feb 191728 Nov 191804/20[Ground level marker]
Baxter, Opal04 Sep 191129 Oct 191705/01Dau of N. B. & C. B. Baxter
Unknown[No date][No date]05/02[Fieldstone marker]
Moore, Telete Neal10 May 183128 Jun 190905/03Wife of M. Moore
Moore, Murrell21 Feb 183118 Oct 191205/04Co. B 4th Tenn. Cav.
Crawford, Thomas01 Jan 185603 Jan 189805/05
Baxter, Infant son26 Aug 190726 Aug 190706/01Infant son of N.B. & C.B. Baxter
Baxter, Infant daughter09 Oct 190509 Oct 190506/02Infant Dau. of N.B. & C.B. Baxter
Brandon, James Earnest15 Nov 191425 Dec 191606/03Son of S.D. & Ollie Brandon
Brandon, William Brazelton14 Jan 191623 Jul 191606/04Son of S.D. & Ollie Brandon
Brandon, Amos B.10 Oct 186230 May 189407/01
Brandon, Thomas M.27 Apr 180221 Feb 188807/02[Shares marker w/Mary J. Rhinehart Brandon]
Brandon, Mary J. Rhinehart24 Jan 184431 Dec 191807/03[Shares marker w/Thomas M. Brandon]
Brandon, Aunt Eunicey16 Dec 190431 Dec 189307/04
Patterson, Y. M.11 May 186312 Nov 191007/05
Brandon, Samuel M.28 Sep 184913 May 191007/06[Shares marker w/Sarah Ann Baskett Brandon]
Brandon, Sarah Ann Baskett28 Dec 184111 Dec 189807/07[Shares marker w/Samuel M. Brandon]
Wife of S. M. Baskett
Dykes, Fanny W.11 Apr 190006 Oct 190407/08Dau of H.J. & Maggie Dykes
Dykes, Fannie B.22 Mar 184713 Apr 190007/09Wife of A. H. Dykes
Dykes, Bessie R.17 Dec 188614 Jun 190007/10Dau of Fannie B. & A.H. Dykes
Dykes, Freddie03 Jun 190603 Sep 190907/11Son of H.J. & Maggie Dykes
Dykes, Jasper01 Mar 188403 Jun 191007/12Son of A.H. & Fannie Dykes
Dykes, A. H.26 Oct 185101 Sep 192207/13Father
Hodge, Maggie Dykes01 Aug 186103 Feb 195207/14[Ground level marker]
Taylor, Birdie D.24 Jun 188205 Jan 195707/15
Jones, Pauline “Polly” Duncan08 Aug 190912 Jan 199807/16
Unknown[No date][No date]08/01[Fieldstone marker]
Moulton, William Harrison10 Feb 188925 Feb 188908/02Son of A.R. & Clara L. Moulton
Hall, Polk1869190508/03
Arnold, Raymond B.28 Aug 191310 Dec 191408/04
Unknown09/01[Fieldstone marker]
White, Arthur22 Jun 191829 Dec 191909/04Son of W.A. & Vergie White
Unknown09/05[Fieldstone marker]
Hall, Stella16 Jul 189103 Aug 189109/06
Hall, Jerushav15 Jun 186708 Apr 189509/07Wife of Dan Hall,
Married Nov. 6, 1889
Parker, Cora Holt1893194509/08Wife of C. B. Parker
Hall, Catharine31 May 182116 Jan 189609/09Our Mother
Morelock, Lou Member06 Aug 187721 Feb 189909/10Dau of Z.S. & A.B. Morelock
Morelock, Anna I. B. Hall30 Jan 184911 May 190809/11Wife of Z.S. Morelock
Morelock, Z. S.28 Oct 185028 Aug 191809/12
Baxter, Hale B.18 Oct 184821 May 191709/13
Patterson, Edward E.1917191709/14[Ground level marker]
Patterson, James M.1916191809/15[Ground level marker]
Patterson, Plenie H.1919192109/16[Ground level marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]10/01[Fieldstone marker]
Buckner, Cordia16 Aug 189113 Feb 192110/03
Clark baby[No date][No date]10/04[Also has a Fieldstone marker]
Clark, George21 Dec 184627 May 191610/05
Unknown[No date][No date]10/06[Fieldstone marker]
Morelock Infant son07 Apr 189608 Apr 189610/08Infant Son of D.H. & V.R.
Ford, Deliah24 Oct 182419 Jan 189910/09My Mother
Baxter, Lizzie10 Sep 188312 Jan 190810/10
Hall, Patsy Ball30 Oct 184023 Jul 190910/11Wife of J.H. Hall
Hall, Harvey D.14 Oct 190523 Oct 190910/12Son of M.M. & Adda Hall
Hall, Aileen11 Nov 191517 Apr 191710/13Dau of M.M. & Adda Hall
Clark, Mary Amy[No date]21 Nov 194010/14Age 54 yrs
Baxter, Mandy[No date][No date]10/15[Small, ground level marker]
White, Virgie Clark[No date][No date]10/16[Small, ground level marker]
Clark, Robert Jr.1919198310/17[Ground level marker]
Whitlock, William23 Jul 181609 Jul 190511/01Aged 88 yrs - 11 mo - 15 Shares marker
Whitlock, Annie[No date]25 Mar 189611/02Wife of William Whitlock
Aged About 73 years
Whitlock, Elbert S.28 Jan 186204 Mar 189211/03Aged 30 yrs-1mo-6 Days
Coggins, Clara B.23 Jul 188402 May 189111/04Dau of O. & A. Coggins
Unknown[No date][No date]11/05[Fieldstone marker]
Whitlock, Nancy25 Dec 184302 Feb 189811/06Aged 54 yrs-1 mo-9 Shares marker
Coggins, Ann Whitlock12 Oct 185218 Nov 192011/07Wife of O.J. Coggins
Coggins, Owen1859192911/08
Fincher, D. Enos23 Nov 189516 Jun 189611/09Son of R.B. &; T.E. Fincher
Fincher, D. B.23 Oct 183907 Aug 191511/10Co. G, 8 Reg., Tenn. Vol. Inf.
[Shares marker w/ wife, Matilda Baskett Fincher]
Fincher, Matilda Baskett28 Jun 182709 Feb 190611/11[Shares marker w/ husband, D. B. Fincher]
Barret, Thomas27 Jan 186104 Mar 190612/01
Hunt, John H.[No date]15 Jul 189312/02Aged 85 years
Unknown[No date][No date]12/03Fieldstone marker
Patterson, Sarah08 Jun 183008 Jun 190412/04
Templeton, E. J.25 Dec 184330 Oct 190212/05[Shares marker w/Lucy F. Templeton]
Templeton, Lucy F.05 Apr 184403 Nov 192612/06[Shares marker w/E. J. Templeton]
Pulliam, Margaret25 Sep 184709 Mar 191512/07Wife of Milton M. Pulliam
Pulliam, M. M., Sr. 02 Mar 183924 Mar 191412/08Co. A - 1st Tenn. Vol. U.S. Cav.
McCary, Geo. W.12 Sep 183417 Dec 190612/09
Unknown[No date][No date]12/10[Fieldstone marker]
Homer, John13 Mar 183321 Jan 191712/11Co. H 46th Inf. U.S.
Penley, Liddie Collins1880194912/12
ReynolShares marker , Carrie B. Thornburg25 Mar 189701 Oct 194413/01Wife of John Reynol/Shares marker
Bowlin, John M.1873195013/02[Ground level marker]
Loyd, G. N.22 Sep 186713 Jan 191613/03
Moody, E. H.18 Apr 191018 Apr 191014/01[Broken stone] Son of G.K. & R.C. Moody
Hall, Cecil18 Nov 189806 May 191714/02
Hays, Tilda G.07 Feb 191516 Aug 191714/03Dau of F.M. &; Doney Hays
Hays, Dona Hall06 May 187923 Dec 191714/04Wife of F.M. Hays
Unknown[No date][No date]14/05-08[Fieldstone marker]
Collier, Ora Ethel08 Jul 189708 May 197514/09[Ground level marker]
Collier, Henry1873194814/10
Ryons, Bertha J.30 Aug 189603 Oct 190414/11
Ryons, Louisa11 Mar 187225 Jun 190714/12Dau of M.M. & M.J. Pulliam
Wife of Perry Ryons
Ryans, Minnafee16 Jan 190415 Jul 191914/13
Carr, Nora G.27 Oct 190529 Jul 190814/14Dau of Normie & T.S. Carr
Hall, Catherine S.07 Jan 189023 Aug 189015/01Dau of D.E. & Matilda Hall
Mink, William30 Jul 187119 Mar 190415/02
Hall, J. T.06 Feb 188306 Apr 190715/03Silver links No.-458100F
Carr, Clyde B.15 Sep 191315 Nov 191415/04[Ground level marker]
Hall, D. E.22 Apr 185325 Oct 191415/05
Hall, Maltia Baskett25 Oct 185406 Jun 192515/06Wife of D. E. Hall
Hall, J. C.24 Jan 188113 Feb 192115/07
Unknown15/08-10[Fieldstone marker]
Ball, Leroy03 Nov 190801 Dec 190915/11Son of Louis & Maggie Ball
Unknown15/12[Fieldstone marker]
Bolden, Hazel E. M.03 Sep 191729 Jun 192315/13[Broken stone]
Arnold, Mary J.1904194416/01
Arnold, Amanda H.1869194116/02[Shares marker w/Eldridge B. Arnold]
Arnold, Eldridge B.1873195916/03[Shares marker w/Amanda H. Arnold]
Unknown16/04-06[Fieldstone marker]
Unknown16/07[Out of line Fieldstone marker tone-between row 15 and 16]
Clark, Cloro Bell [No date]196816/08[Bent and damaged funeral home marker]
Unknown16/09[Fieldstone marker]
Ball, Infant07 Apr 191007 Apr 191016/10Infant Dau of Louis & Maggie Ball
[Located between row 15-16]
Unknown16/11-13[Fieldstone marker]
Taylor, Susannah12 Aug 184025 Dec 190616/14Wife of Wm. Taylor
Taylor, William Michael12 Jan 184022 Dec 192316/15Co. B-4 Tenn. Vols.-Confederate States Army, [Ground level marker]
Unknown16/16[Ground level marker, 12”X12” stone with bronze vase between William & Minnie]
Taylor, Minnie30 Jan 181401 Apr 192116/17
Unknown16/18[Fieldstone marker]
Taylor, Fannie Ottie30 Apr 191423 Jun 192017/01
Unknown17/02[Fieldstone marker]
Fowler, Polk J.1870194417/03[Shares marker w/Cora T. Fowler]
Fowler, Cora T.1872194617/04[Shares marker w/Polk J. Fowler]
White, Roy S.27 Jun 190929 Aug 191818/01Son of J.S. & E.J. White
White, J. Steve1873192418/02Shares marker w/Essie S. White
White, Essie S.1879195918/03Shares marker w/J. Steve White
White, Birt (note spelling)13 Aug 190012 Apr 192418/04
Ball, Jessie A. White27 Jun 190315 Mar 192518/05Wife of J.R. Ball
Jobe, Gertie Mae14 Dec 190513 Mar 194118/06
White, Eli A.24 Jan 191413 Sep 196018/07Tenn. Pvt.-1460svc. Comd. Unit-WWII
[Ground level marker]
White, Alberta M.1923198218/08
White, Jessee Eli04 Mar 199018 Jun 199318/09Our Little Dude
Ryans, Orge D.1906197818/10[Funeral home marker]
Unknown18/11-12[Fieldstone marker]
Crawford, William16 Sep 187516 Apr 196319/01Tennessee Pvt. Co. I-14 Regt-Inf Spanish American War
Crawford, Mary Victoria26 Oct 189021 Aug 194519/02
Compton, Jesse G.06 Apr 189604 Oct 191819/03Age 22 yrs-5 mo., Co.B-5th Reg.-Service over sea
Persinger, Frances C.1862194219/04
Compton, Mary C.1894199519/05[Shares marker w/Everett I. Compton]
Compton, Everett I.1893192819/06[Shares marker w/Mary C. Compton]
Unknown[No date][No date]19/07-10[Fieldstone marker tones but #8 may not be a grave, might be river rock (out of line)]
Ryan, Sarah1866194919/11[Ground level marker]
Ryans, Charlie1867194219/12[Ground level marker]
Davis, Jean E.01 Apr 192406 May 198820/01
Pitt, Luther Marion1887195920/02
Pitt, Florence Armstrong1888191820/03Wife of Luther Pitt
Pitt, Katie Armstrong1886192420/04Wife of Luther Pitt
Armstrong, “Betsy” Hall1846192620/05[Shares marker w/John T. Armstrong]
Armstrong, John T.1860193220/06[Shares marker w/Betsy Hall Armstrong]
Unknown[No date][No date]20/7-9[Fieldstone marker]
Roberts, Lucinda20 Jan 187827 Apr 195820/10
Roberts, Amos15 Jun 190426 Nov 192320/11
Dykes, Dimmond26 May 187423 Apr 192621/01Father
Dykes, Lula M.25 May 187124 Nov 196521/02Mother
Frazier, Nancy E.30 Nov 187321 Sep 191921/03
Frazier, Willie E.1876193721/04[Inscription on footstone, the death date has been changed]
Collins, Amos H.24 Oct 189421 May 198721/05[Ground level marker, 2 Fieldstone markers]
Bralley, Mary Ruth1933200221/06[Hamlett-Dobson Funeral home marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]21/07-08[Fieldstone marker]
Hensley, Betty L.1922193321/09
Unknown[No date][No date]21/10[10”X18” stone, no markings]
Taylor, Mary [Only one date]03 Mar 192022/01Daughters of Noah & Pearl Taylor
[Same marker as Madge Taylor]
Taylor, Madge[Only one date]03 Mar 192022/02Daughters of Noah & Pearl Taylor
[Same marker as Mary Taylor]
Taylor, Elsie06 Aug 192107 Aug 192122/03Daughter of Noah & Pearl Taylor
Charlton, George Michael12 Jan 197213 Jan 197223/01Son of George & Lucy Charlton
Collins, Mary Jane01 Apr 1929200423/02[Shares marker w/Roscoe Collins] [Funeral home marker bears death date]
Wed-Dec.2, 1945
Collins, Roscoe01 Jun 192513 Dec 199923/03[Shares marker w/Mary Jane Collins]
Wed-Dec.2, 1945
S1-US Navy-WWII [Bronze footstone]
Collins, Emma A.05 Sep 189403 Nov 197123/04[Shares marker w/Harvey A. Collins, footstone with inscriptions also]
Collins, Harvey A.14 Feb 188928 Oct 196523/05[Shares marker w/Emma A. Collins, footstone with inscription also]
Collins, Rosalee14 Mar 192804 Mar 193423/06[Ground level marker]
Collins, Terry K.[Only one date]19 May 195323/07[At the foot of Rosalee, ground level marker]
Infant Son of Mr. & Mrs. Dale Collins
Collins, Tom J.24 May 1935[No date]23/08[Shares marker w/ Mildred Ball Collins]
Wed Dec. 19, 1953
Collins, Mildred Ball17 Nov 1934[No date]23/09[Shares marker w/ Tom J. Collins]
Wed Dec. 19, 1953
Patterson, Thomas L.17 May 184316 Jun 192024/01Father [footstone]
Patterson, Louisa Coggins29 Apr 185417 Feb 192424/02Mother [footstone]
Charlton, Fred L.1904194824/03[Ground level marker and funeral home marker]
Unknown[No date][No date]24/04[Fieldstone marker tone beside Fred Charlton but out of line]
Unknown[No date][No date]25/01[Hamlett-Dobson Funeral home marker-letters & numbers there but mixed up under frame]
Dougherty, Amelia1894193425/02[Ground level marker]
Hays, Nan05 Apr 188813 Jan 195325/03[Shares marker w/Marion Hays]
Hays, Marion01 Sep 185317 Nov 194125/04[Shares marker w/Nan Hays]
Hensley, Grace Hays07 May 192526 Aug 199625/05Mimi (footstone)
Ball, Maggie Taylor02 Nov 187927 May 192726/01Wife of Louis Ball
Unknown[No date][No date]26/02[Stone with no markings, but with American Legion Emblem & Flag in ground]
Unknown[No date][No date]26/03[Can’t tell if it’s man made or Fieldstone marker]
Dykes, Elmer A.1887195327/01
Dykes, Charlsie Taylor12 Feb 189401 Mar 192727/02Wife of E. A. Dykes
Dykes, Infant son[No date][No date]27/03Infant Son of E.A. & Charlsie Dykes
Scalf, Carroll J.03 Dec 192123 Feb 192227/04
Scalf, Gladis18 Feb 192718 Feb 192727/05
Scalf, Rosie B. Carroll29 Nov 188802 Aug 194127/06Wife of E.S. Scalf
Scalf, Steward L.22 Jul 191416 Jul 196927/7Tennessee Cpl-4126 Base Unit-AAF-WWII, [Ground level marker]
Barnett, Ruby Lee16 Dec 192431 May 192527/08Dau of Walter & Daisy Barnett
Myers, Cecil DaleOnly one date17 Feb 193827/09Son of Mr. & Mrs. Arland Myers
[Ground level marker]
Myers, Onnie Richard17 Jan 193926 Jan 193927/10Son of Mr. & Mrs. Arland Myers
[Ground level marker]
Myers, Lewis MackOnly one date22 Feb 194027/11Son of Mr. & Mrs. Arland Myers
[Ground level marker]
Myers, Arland1913199127/12[Ground level marker]
Myers, Clara1919199127/13[Ground level marker]
Baxter, Lavada1922200127/14[Funeral home marker- letters and numbers mixed up; information obtained from obituary]
Baxter, James Preston18 Mar 189403 Nov 195627/15[Shares marker with inscription on footstone]
Dykes, Juretta Dobbins03 Aug 187905 Aug 194527/16[Shares marker w/M. N. Dykes]
Dykes, M. N.01 Aug 186928 Jul 194127/17[Shares marker w/Juretta Dobbins Dykes]
Ward, Artie L.1901197028/01[Shares marker w/Charlie G. Ward]
Ward, Charlie G.1893194528/02[Shares marker w/Artie L. Ward]
Loyd, Vesta Crumley24 Oct 187210 May 194728/03Wife of George N. Loyd
Lody, Roy D.03 Oct 189521 Jul 192028/04Son of G.N. & Vesta Loyd
Templeton, Cora Esther18 Aug 188025 Dec 197028/05[Shares marker w/Otey L. Templeton inscriptions on footstones]
Templeton, Otey L.29 Aug 187317 May 192328/06[Shares marker w/Cora Esther Templeton]
Pritchard, Ida Dee01 Jul 187630 Dec 196928/07
Pritchard, James M.02 Dec 187112 Jul 192928/08
Fincher, Theodocia E. Templeton12 Apr 187101 Feb 195328/09[Shares marker w/Reuben B. Fincher]
Wife of R.B. Fincher
Fincher, Reuben B.17 Mar 186820 Dec 193328/10[Shares marker w/Theodocia E. Templeton Fincher]
Riggs, Lora Fincher20 Nov 189920 Feb 193728/11Wife of Coy Riggs
Riggs, Coy Duncan23 Jun 189430 Oct 194328/12
Morrison, Nina Jane1887197528/13[Shares marker w/Ranzie L. Morrison]
Morrison, Ranzie L.1887193028/14[Shares marker w/Nina Jane Morrison]
Slagle, Infant28/15[Out of line, Funeral home marker (between row 27 & row 28)]
Charlton, Flora John23 Feb 189216 Mar 196328/16Tennessee Pvt. Btry D-318 Field Arty-WWI, [Ground level marker]
Charlton, Tull1869194328/17[Shares marker w/Lizzie Dobins Charlton]
Charlton, Lizzie Dobins1872194028/18[Shares marker w/Tull Charlton, Wife]
Dobbins, Cain26 Apr 185723 Nov 193428/19
Dobbins, Mary Taylor04 Apr 186803 Apr 194428/20Wife of E. Dobbins
Cregger, Maggie Carroll13 Feb 189129 Sep 193728/21
Cregger, Alvin Edgar13 Oct 191718 Apr 199328/22SSGT-US Air Force
[Inscription on footstone, also a funeral home marker]
Cregger, Onnie V.1939194228/23[Ground level marker out of line]
Greg, Bettie1933193728/24[Fall Branch Funeral home marker on concrete, out of line]
Moody, Infant daughter[Only one date]11 Nov 194329/01Dau of Stewart & Katherine Moody
Moody, Pauline04 Oct 191605 Jan 192129/02Dau of G.K. & R.C. Moody
Moulton, Houston1851192829/03[Shares marker w/ wife, Lavinia Moore Moulton
Moulton, Lavinia Moore1856194229/04[Shares marker w/Houston Moulton]
Moulton, Bert Elmer24 May 188403 Jun 195129/05[Shares marker w/Maxie Lee Moulton]
Moulton, Maxie Lee10 Oct 189123 Feb 196829/06[Shares marker w/Bert Elmer Moulton]
Morrison, Dale Charlton24 Sep 191718 Dec 194129/07[Ground level marker]
Baxter, Elsie05 Nov 192403 Sep 193129/08[Ground level marker]
Powers, Elizabeth Carter22 Oct 193321 Jul 198929/09[Shares marker w/William Jerry Powers]
Carter, William Jerry19 May 193808 Mar 194029/10[Shares marker w/Elizabeth Carter Powers]
Carter, Hazel M.24 Dec 191424 Oct 198429/11[Shares marker w/William W. Carter]
Carter, William W.02 Dec 191121 Oct 199329/12[Shares marker w/Hazel M. Carter]
Fowler, Hellen1919192530/01
Fowler, Jonnie1916191930/02
Hall, Fred E.1926192830/03
Tucker, Emma C.1915198130/04[Shares marker w/Hardin E. Tucker]
Tucker, Hardin E.1905197230/05[Shares marker w/ Emma C. Tucker]
Tucker, Lester Wayne23 Jun 193829 Jun 193830/06Son of Florence & Harden Tucker
Carr, Virginia W.1869193331/01[Shares marker w/Orville H. Carr, ground level marker]
Carr, Orville H.1870193631/02[Shares marker w/Virginia W. Carr, ground level marker]
Hall, Wray1925192731/03[Shares marker w/Dude Hall]
Sons of H. R. & Eula Hall
Hall, Dude1927193231/04[Shares marker w/Wray Hall]
Sons of H.R. & Eula
Brandon, Newton1856193331/05[Ground level marker]
Brandon, Thomas G.02 Feb 185303 Jan 192931/06
Taylor, Okalee1904199531/07[Shares marker w/Irven R. Taylor]
Taylor, Irven R.1886194231/08[Shares marker w/Okalee Taylor]
Fulkerson, Minafee20 Dec 189003 Mar 196532/01[Shares marker w/Nelle Hall Fulkerson]
Tennessee PFC-117 Infantry-30 Div-WW I
Fulkerson, Nelle Hall29 Jul 189514 Apr 194432/02[Shares marker w/Minafee Fulkerson, inscriptions on footstone]
Hall, G. W.1857193032/03[Shares marker w/Lucrecia Boyd Hall]
Hall, Lucrecia Boyd1860192532/04[Shares marker w/G.W. Hall]
Wood, Pearl Mae13 Aug 190212 Jan 195432/05
Baskette, Eunich Brandon22 Aug 184724 Aug 192932/06Wife of G. W. Baskette
Hall, Adda C.1881196032/07[Shares marker w/Murrel M. Hall]
Hall, Murrel M.1876193532/08[Shares marker w/Adda C. Hall]
Mays, G. Kent (Short)16 Apr 193519 Mar 193632/09
Hall, Evelyn Duane29 Jan 194131 Jan 194132/10Inf. Dau of Russell & Golden Hall
Hall, Golden B.1919[No date]32/11[Shares marker w/Russell G. Hall]
Hall, Russell G.1913197232/12[Shares marker w/Golden B. Hall]
Patterson, Pearl H.1897197133/01[Shares marker w/Lee K. Patterson]
Patterson, Lee K.1892194933/02[Shares marker w/Pearl H. Patterson]
Patterson, Lelia R. Templeton12 Oct 186428 Apr 193133/03Wife of Y.M. Patterson, Mother
Pulliam, Annie1900199133/04[Shares marker w/Roy Pulliam]
Pulliam, Roy1901199333/05[Shares marker w/Annie Pulliam]
Light, Evelyn E.11 Jun 193025 Oct 193433/06Dau of G.F. & Maggie Light
Curtis, Vol09 Jan 187226 Apr 193833/07[Shares marker w/Abey Frazier Curtis, large monument]
Curtis, Abey Frazier17 May 187420 Jun 194933/08[Shares marker w/Vol Curtis] His wife
Curtis, Crissie B.15 Apr 190315 Jan 196733/09[Shares marker w/D. Hobart Curtis]
Curtis, D. Hobart15 Nov 189615 Mar 197433/10[Shares marker w/Crissie B. Curtis]
Carr, Catherine L. Ingle09 Jan 189303 Jan 193134/01Wife of Ola H. Carr
Duncan, Sallie Jayne1868193734/02
Duncan, Henry Thomas1861194834/03
Ketron, Eloise C. Lady01 Mar 191228 Jun 198734/04
Crawford, Alice28 Mar 188511 Apr 197134/05[Shares marker w/Tullie M. Crawford]
Crawford, Tullie M.31 Jul 187703 Jun 193734/06[Shares marker w/Alice Crawford]
Moody, Vicky June10 Aug 195312 Aug 195334/07
Carr, Katherine[Only one date]Apr 194034/08[Small, ground level marker]
Moody, J. W.11 Apr 192723 Jan 192934/09[Ground level marker]
Moody, Bessie M.12 Jun 190031 Aug 199034/10[Shares marker w/W. Henry Moody]
Moody, W. Henry19 Jan 189522 Feb 196034/11[Shares marker w/Bessie M. Moody]
Tennessee Pvt-Co. D-317 MG BN-WWI
Carr, Effie M. Hall25 Nov 189725 Nov 193634/12Wife of C. E. Carr
Carr, Charlie E.18 Apr 189123 Jun 197134/13
Ryans, I. Perry1872193734/14[Shares marker w/Mattie M. Ryans]
Ryans, Mattie M.1890194034/15Shares marker w/I. Perry Ryans
Ryans, Nannie14 Mar 190819 Apr 196634/16[Small, ground level marker]
Ryans, Lon26 Jun 190605 Oct 198534/17[Small, ground level marker]
Smith, Mollie T.1868195835/01[Ground level marker]
Smith, N. Elbert1874195135/02[Ground level marker]
Daughtery, Margaret1867196635/03[Ground level marker]
Daughtery, Ancel J.1862194535/04[Ground level marker]
Philips, Infant son[Only one date]194535/05Infant Son of Lee & Opal Philips
Curtis, William M.1869194435/06[Shares marker w/Francis M. Curtis]
Curtis, Francis M.1872195235/07[Shares marker w/William M. Curtis]
Curtis, Daisy Ellen17 Sep 190727 Feb 199535/08[Ground level marker and also funeral home marker]


Note: Several foot stones on large natural limestone rock between rows eleven and twelve.

Section B

Rector, Tommy Bo
Only one date
2 Jan 197301/01Infant Son of Paul & Jane Rector
Rector, Paul “Tom”25 Feb 19235 Sep 200301/02[Shares marker w/ Jane Rector]
Wed Aug. 30, 1947
Rector, Jane14 May 1932[No date]01/03[Shares marker w/ Paul “Tom” Rector]
Wed Aug. 30, 1947
Rector, Jim5 Jun 189010 Apr 197701/04[Ground level marker]
Franklin, Patricia A. Hall28 May 194717 Jan 199101/05[Ground level marker]
Hall, Hugh B.7 Sep 190320 Sep 199601/06[Shares marker w/Imogene Hall]
Hall, Imogene3 Jul 1915
[No date]
01/07[Shares marker w/Hugh B. Hall]
Rector, Barbara M.2 Sep 1957
[No date]
02/01[Shares marker w/Shawn Duane Rector]
Wed Oct. 26, 1978
Rector, Shawn Duane8 Nov 19532 Jul 199602/02[Shares marker w/Barbara M. Rector]
Wed-Oct 26, 1978
Cooley, Ada M. Dougherty22 May 190416 Jun 198402/03[Shares marker w/Bohannon “Bo” Cooley]
Cooley, Bohannon “Bo”28 Feb 191122 Apr 199802/04[Shares marker w/Ada M. Daugherty Cooley]
Hall, Carrie Moore23 Jul 188512 Jul 197002/05[Shares marker w/Edgbert E. Hall]
Hall, Edgbert E.30 Mar 18868 Jun 197002/06[Shares marker w/Carrie Moore Hall]
Hall, Harold J.1919199803/01[Ground level, bronze marker]
Hall, Haynes G.1922199803/02[Ground level, bronze marker]
Hall, Hartsell M.1915198603/03[Ground level, bronze marker]
Hall, Eula Moulton7 Jun 18931 Apr 198103/04[Shares marker w/Herman R. Hall]
Hall, Herman R. 22 Dec 18923 Feb 197003/05[Shares marker w/Eula Moulton Hall]
McAmis, Evert1891197203/06[Ground level marker]
Moody, Wanda L.19 Jun 1928
[No date]
03/07[Shares marker w/Paul H. Moody]
Moody, Paul H.31 Jul 192417 Nov 199303/08[Shares marker w/Wanda L. Moody]
US Marine Corps-WWII
Moody, Terry D.30 Jun 196427 Dec 199303/09
Moody, Rhonda Faye19 Nov 19652 Dec 196504/01Dau. of Dale & Stella Moody
Moody, Kenneth W.19 Oct 193830 May 198304/02[Ground level marker]
Pitt, Randy D. Sr.14 Feb 195917 Oct 200104/03[Ground level marker]
Pitt, Willa Dean9 May 1932
[No date]
04/04[Ground level marker]
Pitt, Delmer22 Aug 193012 Mar 199404/05[Ground level marker]
Pitt, Gertie Ray14 Nov 190829 May 198704/06[Ground level marker]
Pitt, Rev. Billie D.23 Nov 191026 Sep 198704/07[Ground level marker]
Fox, Olen Presley31 Oct 192501 Jan 196904/08[Shares marker w/Robert L. Fox]
Tennessee SGT-Co. D-424 Infantry Regt-WWII
Fox, Robert L.26 Nov 195322 Apr 197104/09[Shares marker w/Olen Presley Fox]
Fox, Paul Ray21 Aug 195823 Dec 200204/10
Bartlow, Susie24 Nov 190714 Mar 199004/11
Charlton, Georgia
[No date]

[No date]
04/12[Funeral home marker]
Charlton, John
[No date]

[No date]
04/13[Funeral home marker]
Tolley, Tommy25 Dec 197319 Oct 197605/01
Pitt, Lola Grace14 Jun 1929
[No date]
05/02[Shares marker w/Everett Pitt]
Married June 8, 1946
Pitt, Everett25 Nov 192017 Jan 199805/03[Shares marker w/Lola Grace Pitt]
Married June 8, 1946
Pitt, Tommy E.03 Dec 194316 Jan 200005/04[Shares marker]
L CPL-US Marine Corps-Vietnam
Pitt, Minnie E.28 Dec 1925[No date]05/05[Shares marker w/Charlie E. Pitt]
Wed Dec. 20, 1941
Pitt, Charlie E.29 Jul 191319 Apr 198705/06[Shares marker w/Minnie E. Pitt]
Wed Dec. 20, 1941
Pitt, Worlie L.1918198205/07SGT-US Army-WWII
English, Gladys M.03 Dec 190831 Dec 200205/08[Triple marker. Shares w/Charlie and Allen English]
English, Charlie R.09 Mar 190524 Sep 195605/09[Triple marker. Shares w/Gladys and Allen English]
English, Allen E.22 Dec 1932[No date]05/10[Triple marker. Shares w/ Charlie and Gladys English]
Crawford, Joan07 Oct 1931[No date]05/11[Shares marker w/Edward Crawford]
Wed Oct 5, 1956
Crawford, Edward24 Jan 1929[No date]05/12[Shares marker w/Joan Crawford]
Wed Oct 5, 1956
Gortney, Ruth M.04 Nov 191112 Feb 199705/13[Shares marker w/Dave Gortney]
Gortney, Dave24 Sep 191501 Dec 199205/14[Shares marker w/Ruth M. Gortney]
Moore, Artie M.23 Feb 190310 Aug 196005/15[Shares marker w/G. Dewey Moore]
Moore, G. Dewey09 May 189816 Jan 197205/16[Shares marker w/Artie M. Moore]
Dykes, Theodore20 Feb 190119 Dec 196105/17[Ground level marker]
Charlton, Bessie B.15 Oct 190119 Dec 196705/18[Shares marker w/John A. Charlton]
Married Dec 25, 1921
Charlton, John A.29 Oct 188917 Jun 197005/19[Shares marker w/Bessie B. Charlton]
Married Dec 25, 1921
Phillips, Janice Marie04 Jul 193919 Mar 200005/20[Shares marker w/Floyd Phillips]
Phillips, Floyd05 May 1934[No date]05/21[Shares marker w/Janice Marie Phillips]
Lavender, Brandon T.10 Jan 200110 Jan 200105/22
Davis, Mary Lee17 Jan 1923200306/01[Shares marker w/Charles Davis, F.H. marker at foot reaShares marker 2003 death date, heaShares markertone no death date]
Davis, Charles01 Nov 192130 Nov 195506/02[Shares marker w/Mary Lee Davis]
Davis, Brenda Sue1949198306/03[Shares marker w/Johnny W. Davis]
Married Jan 14, 1977
Davis, Johnny W.1950[No date]06/04[Shares marker w/Brenda Sue Davis]
Married Jan 14, 1977
Foxx, Ronnie G.24 Sep 194612 Aug 198106/05SP5-US Army-Vietnam
Foxx, Ruby C.15 Dec 1915[No date]06/06[Shares marker w/E. Gregg Foxx]
Foxx, E. Gregg30 Oct 192303 Dec 199606/07[Shares marker w/Ruby C. Foxx]
Jones, Helen F.02 Oct 1925[No date]06/08
Jones, Treva C.13 Oct 1921[No date]06/09[Shares marker w/William E. Jones]
Jones, William “Bill” E.03 Mar 191915 May 199506/10[Shares marker w/Treva C. Jones]
Jones, Mary Edith04 Nov 191509 Feb 199106/11[Shares marker w/V.L. Jones, ground level footstone]
Jones, V. L. (Casey)04 Jul 191003 May 197206/12[Shares marker w/Mary Edith Jones, ground level footstone]
Moore, Willard E.11 Sep 192818 Dec 200206/13US Army
ReynolShares marker, Ledith06 Jan 190108 Jan 197706/14[Ground level marker]
Crawford, Barbara Sue Wedge28 Oct 194207 Jan 200106/15[Shares marker w/Elmer Ray Crawford]
Crawford, Elmer Ray24 Nov 1935[No date]06/16[Shares marker w/Barbara Sue Wedge Crawford]
Pierce, Loretta H.07 Jan 1939[No date]06/17[Shares marker w/Bobby L. Pierce]
Pierce, Bobby L.01 Sep 193419 Aug 199606/18[Shares marker w/Loretta H. Pierce]
Larkins, Beulah M.17 Jan 192815 Dec 199306/19Wife
[Shares marker w/Jay Kyle Larkins]
Larkins, Jay Kyle26 Jun 1943[No date]06/20Husband
[Shares marker w/Beulah M. Larkins]
Rector, Meg188001 Jan 195907/01[Ground level marker]
Pitt, Lula Rector24 Jan 187820 Nov 195907/02[Ground level marker]
Johnson, Margaret E.05 May 192115 Apr 199907/06[Shares marker w/Haskel G. Johnson]
Married June 21, 1937
Johnson, Haskel G.03 Oct 191628 Apr 200107/07[Shares marker w/Margaret E. Johnson]
Married June 21, 1937
Johnson, Clara D.1897198707/08[Shares marker w/Robert E. Johnson]
Johnson, Robert E.1894197007/09[Shares marker w/Clara D. Johnson]
Johnson, A. Howard21 Sep 190002 Feb 198107/10[Ground level marker]
Purvis, Edna Curtis1928[No date]07/11[Shares marker w/Robert Bird Purvis]
Purvis, Robert Bird1926198307/12[Shares marker w/Edna Curtis Purvis]
Brandon, Ona Emma26 Aug 189229 Aug 196607/13[Shares marker w/Errette J. Brandon]
Brandon, Errette J.01 Jan 189225 Apr 197807/14[Shares marker w/Ona Emma Brandon]
Curtis, Everett G.30 Mar 189919 Mar 199207/15[Shares marker w/Mayme F. Curtis]
Curtis, Mayme F.20 Sep 190415 Mar 198007/16[Shares marker w/Everett G. Curtis]
Curtis, Ronald L.18 Sep 193021 Feb 200007/17
May, Zella M.1921199607/18[Shares marker w/Edward R. May]
May, Edward R.1911197107/19[Shares marker w/Zella M. May]
Minor, E. C. Leroy1937195508/01
Parton, William M. Jr.02 Aug 193424 Sep 196608/02
Dykes, Abraham J.1903197608/03[Ground level marker]
Rector, Nannie F.04 May 189021 Apr 197107/03[Ground level marker]
Rector, Alden08 Nov 188501 Nov 196607/04[Ground level marker]
Laughlin, Gabe[Only one date]14 Feb 200507/05
Taylor, Doris Elaine27 Jul 194324 Jun 195808/06[Dau. of Denzil & Ruby Taylor]
Taylor, Ruby31 Aug 191826 Mar 200308/07[Shares marker w/Denzil Taylor]
Wed Sept 30, 1935
Taylor, Denzil15 Aug 191423 Sep 200108/08[Shares marker w/Ruby Taylor]
Wed Sept 30, 1935
Taylor, R. Pearl26 May 188415 Nov 196508/09[Shares marker w/Noah T. Taylor]
Married Jan 8, 1908
Taylor, Noah T.18 Jun 188214 Nov 197308/10[Shares marker w/R. Pearl Taylor]
Married Jan 8, 1908
Coggins, Ora J.1890197308/11[Shares marker w/Charlie A. Coggins]
Coggins, Charlie A.1888196908/12[Shares marker w/Ora J. Coggins]
Ryans, Daisy1905199208/13[Shares marker w/Hugh Ryans]
Ryans, Hugh1900197308/14[Shares marker w/Daisy Ryans]
Mullins, Elva Dykes18 Nov 189206 Oct 192308/15[Shares marker w/Virgus Mullins]
Mullins, Virgus08 Nov 189027 Dec 198208/16[Shares marker w/Elva Dykes Mullins]
Lockhart, Faye Mullins08/17[Large Triple marker/Shares marker w/ Craig Eric and Carl Edward Lockhart]
Lockhart, Craig Eric20 Dec 196031 Jul 197708/18[Large Triple marker. Shares marker w/ Faye Mullins and Carl Edward Lockhart]
Lockhart, Carl Edward21 Apr 192904 Oct 198708/19US Navy-Korea
[Large Triple marker. Shares marker w/ Craig Eric and Faye Mullins Lockhart]
Evans, Arlene Hall06 Nov 1917[No date]08/20[Shares marker w/Wm Howard Evans]
Wed Apr 24, 1940
Evans, Wm Howard19 Mar 1918[No date]08/21[Shares marker w/Arlene Hall Evans]
Wed Apr 24, 1940
Hall, Donald H.21 Mar 190909 Sep 196908/22
Phillips, Bonnie K.22 Sep 1935[No date]08/23[Shares marker w/J. C. Phillips]
Phillips, J. C.22 Mar 193210 Jul 199808/24[Shares marker w/Bonnie K. Phillips]
Phillips, Jack Dean05 Feb 193011 Mar 199708/25PFC-US Army-Korea
Phillips, Agnes J.28 Jan 191224 Dec 199708/26[Shares marker w/David Phillips]
Phillips, David06 Jul 190517 Oct 196408/27[Shares marker w/Agnes J. Phillips]
Taylor, Gertrude L.22 Oct 190126 May 197208/28Wife of E. T. Taylor
Taylor, Erwin T.20 Mar 190016 Dec 197808/29
Ryan, Anna Rhea14 Mar 1922200308/30[Shares marker w/Paul R. Ryan]
[FHM bears death date]
Ryan, Paul R.10 Apr 191123 Nov 200208/31[Shares marker w/Anna R. Ryan]
Mowell, Bernie I.1899198708/01[Shares marker w/Noah D. Mowell]
Mowell, Noah D.1895197208/01[Shares marker w/Bernie I. Mowell]
Foxx, Eliza03 Dec 188219 Mar 195509/01[Shares marker w/Wylie S. Foxx, ground level marker]
Foxx, Wylie S.14 May 187826 Jun 197609/02[Shares marker w/Eliza Foxx, ground level marker]
ReynolShares marker, Hazel Marie01 Jun 195319 Sep 195609/03
ReynolShares marker, John H.20 Jul 189011 Jul 195509/04
Carr, Ruth M.26 Aug 192017 Mar 199509/05[Shares marker w/Ellis A. Carr]
Carr, Ellis A.31 Jan 191714 Jul 195509/06[Shares marker w/Ruth M. Carr]
Carr, Alta Leota Pierce04 Aug 192714 Jul 199509/07[Shares marker w/Clifford Roy Carr]
Married June 21, 1947
Carr, Clifford Roy31 Dec 1921[No date]09/08[Shares marker w/Alta Leota Pierce Carr]
Married June 21, 1947
Carr, Minnie B.1903199509/09[Shares marker w/Ola H. Carr]
Carr, Ola H.1893196509/10[Shares marker w/Minnie B. Carr]
Carr, Austin F.1899195709/11[Shares marker w/Lucille Carr]
Carr, Lucille1905196809/12[Shares marker w/Austin F. Carr]
Carr, Elizabeth Lorane1959195909/13[Ground level marker]
Carr, Kenneth Clarence1938196209/14[Shares marker w/Curtis J. Carr]
Carr, Curtis J.19 Jul 193728 Jun 200109/15[Shares marker w/Kenneth Clarence Carr]
US Army
Carr, Stuart Austin19 Sep 192431 Mar 199309/16US Navy-WWII
Carr, Ogal M.1932200109/17[Ground level marker]
Carr, Connie Sue26 Jan 195529 Dec 197109/18Daughter
Carr, Patricia Ann07 Sep 195907 Sep 195909/19Dau of Don & Marie Carr
Parker, Glenda08 Oct 1945[No date]09/20[Shares marker w/Marrell Parker]
Parker, Marrell15 Jan 1934[No date]09/21[Shares marker w/Glenda Parker]
Light, Thelma T.04 Mar 1930[No date]09/22[Shares marker w/Dana H. Light]
Mother of Marion & Wesley
Light, Dana H., Sr.14 Mar 192128 Mar 200009/23[Shares marker w/Thelma T. Light]
SGT-US Army-ETO, Tech 4-US Army-WWII
Phillips, Maxine T.12 Apr 191116 Jan 199409/24[Shares marker w/Harlan H. Phillips]
Phillips, Harlan H.11 Aug 191010 Jan 196709/25[Shares marker w/Maxine T. Phillips]
Pierce, Jack K.30 May 192603 Aug 199009/26S1-US Navy-WWII
Pierce, Thelma T.1907199209/27
Pierce, Knox18 Jul 190410 Jun 197109/28
Pierce, Rosa E.12 Dec 189102 Mar 199409/29[Shares marker w/William D. Pierce]
Pierce, William D.08 Aug 189121 May 197709/30[Shares marker w/Rosa E. Pierce]
Morrison, Henry H.1922198209/01[Shares marker w/Ethel C. Morrison]
Morrison, Ethel C.1921197809/01[Shares marker w/Henry H. Morrison]
Jones, Lola K.1932[No date]09/01
Jones, Benjamin H. Jr.1922197709/01PFC-US Army-WWII
Herrin, Lena B.1903196710/01[Shares marker w/Elton Herrin]
Herrin, Elton1902196210/02[Shares marker w/Lena B. Herrin]
Green, Carlene17 Oct 192524 Sep 198210/03Charlene Brandon Duncan Green (foot)
Brandon, Richard W. 1906196710/04[Shares marker w/Jess Duncan Chipman Brandon]
Brother, Uncle Dick
Chipman, Jess Brandon Duncan[No date][No date]10/05[Shares marker w/ Richard W. Brandon]
Brandon, Cora Pierce1878196610/06[Shares marker w/A. Rome Brandon]
Brandon, A. Rome1876195310/07[Shares marker w/Cora Pierce Brandon]
Taylor, Blanche31 Jan 189120 Oct 195310/08[Triple marker. Shares marker with Midda and Orval Taylor]
Taylor, Midda B.04 Aug 189410 Sep 197910/09[Triple marker. Shares marke with Blanche and Orval Taylor]
Taylor, Orval Y.05 Dec 188819 Feb 197910/10[Triple marker. Shares markert with Blanche and Midda Taylor]
Herren, Addie B.19 Mar 190212 Apr 199510/11
Taylor, Mary R. Fincher09 Nov 191103 Mar 199410/12[Shares marker w/George R. Taylor]
Taylor, George R.09 Oct 191005 Jan 200010/13[Shares marker w/Mary R. Fincher Taylor]
Ryan, Rose Fincher09 Jan 1894[No date]10/14[Shares marker w/Alfred Milton Ryan]
Ryan, Alfred Milton18 Aug 189213 Mar 197010/15[Shares marker w/Rose Fincher Ryan]
Pulliam, Mattie1875195910/16[Shares marker w/Marcenia Pulliam]
Pulliam, Marcenia1878195310/17[Shares marker w/Mattie Pulliam]
Taylor, E. [Elizabeth] Dale Hensley19 Feb 1912200410/18[Shares marker w/Roy Foster Taylor]
[Partial name and death date taken from fhm]
Taylor, Roy Foster05 Mar 190803 Sep 199010/19[Shares marker w/E. Dale Hensley]
Hensley, Eli B.25 Jul 188903 Nov 198210/20[Shares marker w/Mary E. Broyles Hensley]
Hensley, Mary E. Broyles07 Feb 189204 Dec 196210/21[Shares marker w/Eli B. Hensley]
Brandon, Rome Buster03 Jan 191217 Jun 196710/22Virginia-PVT US Army-WWII
Brandon, Ollie Crawford04 Oct 187710 Feb 195810/23[Shares marker w/Samuel D. Brandon]
Brandon, Samuel D.30 Jan 188001 May 196010/24[Shares marker w/Ollie Crawford Brandon]
Brandon, Isaac Newton07 Nov 190923 May 195210/25Tennessee-CM3-USNR-WWII
Pierce, Eddie K.20 Sep 194930 Aug 195110/26[Ground level marker] marker]
Pierce, Eva Hall29 May 188431 Oct 197310/27[Shares marker w/Milton E. Pierce]
Pierce, Milton E.13 Aug 187501 Jan 195810/28[Shares marker w/Eva Hall Pierce]
Pierce, Cleatis M.06 Jan 190606 Aug 199410/29[Shares marker w/Denver L. Pierce]
Pierce, Denver L.07 Mar 191021 Feb 199410/30[Shares marker w/Cleatis M. Pierce]
Light, Marvin C. Jr.1960196910/31
Light, Lurene A.1928[No date]10/01[Shares marker w/Marvin C. Light]
Light, Marvin C.1913196710/01[Shares marker w/Lurene A. Light]
Quillen, Phyllis A.16 Apr 195125 May 199110/01Our children-Brian-Bradley-Dennis-Deanna
Mullins, Dexie P.1890197111/01[Shares marker w/Everette Mullins]
Mullins, Everette1894198111/02[Shares marker w/Dexie P. Mullins]
Hensley, Austin[No date][No date]11/03[Funeral home marker]
Hensley, Juanita[No date][No date]11/04[Funeral home marker]
Hensley, Rita Jo[No date][No date]11/05[Funeral home marker]
Hensley, Elsie Carr29 May 192625 Apr 199911/06
Fowler, Gertrude J.1911195511/07[Shares marker w/Robert T. Fowler]
Fowler, Robert T.1912195611/08[Shares marker w/Gertrude J. Fowler]
Fowler, Tildie1883196411/09[Shares marker w/Arthur Fowler]
Fowler, Arthur1883195211/10[Shares marker w/Tildie Fowler]
Compton, Nancy Elmira1889196111/11[Shares marker w/Elbert Milam Compton]
Compton, Elbert Milam1885195011/12[Shares marker w/Nancy Elmira Compton]
Crawford, Maxie R.11 Jun 190320 Nov 196611/13
Light, Ida12 Aug 189415 Aug 195611/14
Light, Juanita ReynolShares marker06 Sep 191903 Nov 194911/15Mother of Marvin (Jake), Dana Jr., Jewel
Baskette, LaWanda Curtis06 Sep 1926[No date]11/16[Shares marker w/Walter D. Baskette]
Married Feb 14, 1970
Baskette, Walter D.30 Jun 1917[No date]11/17[Shares marker w/LaWanda Curtis Baskette]
Married Feb 14, 1970
Baskette, Mary Patricia13 Jul 194501 Oct 194611/18[Shares marker w/Mary T. Baskette, ground level marker]
Baskette, Mary T.16 Aug 192025 Feb 199111/19[Shares marker w/Mary Patricia Baskette, ground level marker]
Baskette, Nelle T.20 Jul 189505 Aug 196911/20[Shares marker w/A. J. Baskette]
Baskette, A. J.03 Oct 188611 Sep 196611/21[Shares marker w/Nelle T. Baskette]
Littleton, James “Carl”27 Jan 194813 Sep 200312/03
Taylor, Pauline T.18 Nov 190214 Nov 198411/22[Shares marker w/Amos L. Taylor]
Taylor, Amos L.04 Oct 189020 Dec 197011/23[Shares marker w/Pauline T. Taylor]
Hensley, Tessie Taylor29 May 188703 Aug 198611/24
Taylor, Alexander05 Jun 186424 Aug 194511/25[Shares marker w/Mary Margaret Hall Taylor]
Taylor, Mary Margaret Hall28 Mar 186528 Jun 195111/26[Shares marker w/Alexander Taylor, his wife]
Daugherty, Irene Akens1910200011/27[Shares marker w/Rev. Joseph A. Daugherty]
Daugherty, Rev. Joseph A.1892195211/28[Shares marker w/Irene Akens Daugherty]
Ryans, Myrtle A.1933[No date]11/29[Shares marker w/Homer G. Ryans]
Ryans, Homer G.1927195211/30[Shares marker w/Myrtle A. Ryans]
Ryans, Mary J.1900198111/01[Shares marker w/Dave H. Ryans]
Ryans, Dave H.1904198611/01[Shares marker w/Mary J. Ryans]
Salyers, Clarice A.17 May 194103 Sep 199711/01
Myers, Barbara Ellen17 Mar 197018 Mar 197011/01Dau of Mr. & Mrs. Roy Myers [cement block leaned against tree]
Ryans, Mamie H.06 Apr 193212/01[Shares marker w/Hughie J. Ryans]
Ryans, Hughie J.19 Jun 192318 Nov 199812/02[Shares marker w/Mamie H. Ryans]
Phillips, Coy Glenn29 Nov 193822 Sep 199812/04[Ground level marker]
Taylor, Mildred L.11 Aug 191530 Dec 199712/07[Shares marker w/S. Emmitt Taylor]
Taylor, S. Emmitt12 Jul 191413 Nov 199512/08[Shares marker w/Mildred L. Taylor]
Hubbard, George09 Jun 1922[No date]12/06[Shares marker/ Rose Elnore Hubbard]
Hubbard, Rose Elnore13 Sep 192616 Sep 200312/05[Shares marker w/George Hubbard]


Surveyed, transcribed and donated to the Washington County TNGen Web February 2004 by Donna Cox Briggs, Lori Payne, Chester Willis, Bob Shell and Betty Jane Hylton members of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

Copyrighted 2013 by the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee. No part of this work may be copied without written permission from the Cemetery Survey Team.

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