Oakland Presbyterian Church

Oakland Presbyterian Church

1910 to Present


Located at the intersection of Bowmantown Rd. and Oakland Rd., Limestone, Tennessee.


About 1908 a split in the Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian Churches and dissenting groups withdrew from the Cumberland denomination and established the Presbyterian Churches USA. Two acres of land were purchased from William Harris, and in 1909-10 the white frame church was built.

The first preaching service was held on the first Sunday in November 1910. Rev. George White conducted the service. November 26, 1910, Rev. J.H. Wallen conducted the first communion service. The church building was dedicated July 16, 1911. Rev. Calvin A. Duncan conducted the dedicatory service and the Rev. F.F. Schell offered the dedicatory prayer.

The manse was erected on the church grounds in 1914. Rev. and Mrs. William Forsyth were the first occupants. In August 1942 the house and lawn were sold to Mr. and Mrs. John W. Squibb.

In 1953 members of the Oakland Presbyterian Church USA moved their membership to the US branch of Presbyterian churches in order to obtain a pastor. The US branches are affiliated with Holston Presbytery.

Pastors and student pastor serving the church from 1909 to 1976


Rev. John Ritter, PastorRev. Elmer C. Smith, Supply Pastor
Rev. W.E. Harrison, PastorRev. Hodgins, Supply Pastor
Rev. A.H. Mutschler, PastorJesse Bonkmeyer, Pastor
Rev. Elmer C. Smith, Supply PastorDr. C.G. McKaraher, Pastor
Rev. A.C. Holt, Supply PastorHerbert Lewis, Supply Pastor
Dr. A.J. Croile, PastorMarion Web, Supply Pastor
Rev. John Ritter, Supply PastorLee Carrico, Pastor
Rev. J.E. Slator, Supply PastorDan Donelson, Supply Pastor
Rev. John Ritter, PastorRev. August H. Vanderboche, Guest Pastor
Rev. W.E. Harrison, PastorRev. David McCracken, Guest Pastor
Rev. A.H. Mutschler, PastorRev. Charles Allen, Pastor
Randy Davis, Supply PastorRev. John Yelton, Guest Pastor


 The cemetery in the Oakland Community is used by both the Cumberland Presbyterians and the Oakland US Presbyterians. The old section of the cemetery was donated by a Dr. Brabson and more recent plots were gifts of the late Dr. S.B. Morelock and Sherman Payne. 

Source: Squibb, Pearl Harris, A History of the Oakland Presbyterian Church, USA. Privately printed, 1976.

Posted 27 July 2008