James Abraham (Abe) Hawn
b. May2, 1890; d. November 18, 1967

Son of: Isaac Barton Hawn and Minerva Potter


Ida Effie Hall
b. August 6, 1894; d. March 17, 1976

Daughter of:
Benjamin Franklin Hall and Julia Ann Evans

November 5, 1911


Elmer Ira Hawn

November 26, 1912

Lee Clyde Hawn

April 20, 1914

Edith Irene Hawn

March 26, 1916

Bula Marie Hawn

November 14, 1918

Ruby Rosie Hawn

September 7, 1920

Arthur Dewey Hawn

April 27, 1923

Lloyd Isaac Barton Hawn

September 27, 1926

Mary Artie Hawn

February 11, 1928

Dorothy Minerva Hawn

March 13, 1930

Abe Lincoln (Linc) Hawn

June 19, 1932

Mertie Ellen Hawn

November 8, 1934

Madge Evaughn Hawn

Sept. 5, 1937,

d:  March 1, 2003


Back row:  Ruby Hawn Jones, Ida Hall Hawn, Abe Hawn
Middle row: Mary Hawn Gooch, Mertie Hawn,
Madge Hawn, Linc Hawn
Front: Bill Jones Jr.


Ruby Hawn to W.O. Jones
June 28, 1941, Sunbright, TN

Mary Hawn to James Gooch
June 25, 1947, Rossville, GA

Mertie Hawn to Billy Perrin
Feb. 13, 1954, Rossville, GA

Lincoln Hawn to Kaye Dison
June 6, 1955

Madge Hawn to Joe Miller


Lee Clyde Hawn

October 14, 1915

Edith Irene Hawn

August 28, 1929

Elmer Ira Hawn

August 28, 1929

Lloyd Isaac Barton

August 29, 1929

Bula Marie Hawn

September 2, 1929

Arthur Dewey Hawn

September 5, 1929

Dorothy Minerva Hawn

May 4, 1932

Mary Artie Hawn Gooch

June 8, 1986

Ruby Rosie Hawn Jones

May 7, 1992

Mertie Ellen Hawn Perrin

 January 30, 1996

Lincoln Hawn

January 17, 1996

(The first seven children are buried at Clear Creek Cemetery)




There are several names that have been entered into the Bible on various pages.  The entries are
all in pencil, and thus would not scan well. This is an attempt to commit to writing those of the Hall
family whose names were signed. The names will be listed as they were found in the Bible – from
Genesis to Revelation.
Chancy Hall, Jennie Hall, John Frederick Hall, Ida,
G.(W) Hall Nov. 18, 1893,
Nancy Hall,
Mary Huggerdy,
G.(M) Hall,
George Hall, bless him,
W.O. Hall, George Hall,
Cory Hall, Nancy, Mary Jennie, Cory, John, Ben, Liza, Sam, George,
Maw, Nancy Hall, Jennie Hall, Cory Hall, Mary Hall, John,
Cora Hall, Cory Hall, Jin S., Manard H., J.H., Wilam, John W., Mary Hall,
Cory Hall, Ida Hall

Additional writings

Youth is the time to serve the Lord
When this you see, you can’t see me.  Hall
There are a few pages with the numbers 1-10 written out.
Over 20 pages were bookmarked with hair clippings.
There were 2 pressed flowers.
Also treasured in the Bible were 2 letters.
One dated May 16, 1911;  Lancing, Tenn.,  from Ida to Abe.
It included a clipping of her hair.
The other, August 8, 1911; Lancing, Tenn., from Abe to Ida.

Respectfully Submitted by: Stephanie Jill Jones-Lazuka
Daughter of
Ruby Rosie Hawn and Willie Otto Jones
~ ~ ~
“Family bible of George and Betsy Byrd-Hall”.
It was then handed down to their granddaughter, Ida; then to my Mom, Ruby Hawn-Jones; and then to myself.

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  1. gypsydominique

    My family are the Hawn’s that live in Potter’s Chapel in Lancing, TN. Is this the same family?