Potters Chapel Cemetery – Location:  West of Lancing off Hwy 62, turn left at Williams Market onto Genesis Road. Travel app 2.4 miles, turn left & travel app. 1.4 miles. The cemetery & Church are on the right. There are app. 73 unmarked graves.

Potters Chapel Church



Dorothy & Mary Potter                                     Mary Edith Potter Griffith

b & d 1923                                                 Sept 18, 1930 – Dec. 16, 1993

Robert Perry Potter & Mary Cook —               Wife of Charles E. Griffith


Clarence M. Potter


May 13, 1925, March 23, 1978


Alfred M. Bishop                                        Rebecca J. Melton Bishop Husband of Rebecca J. Bishop                      b: 2-19-1863 – d: 9-28-14 b:  May 15, 1858-d: Mar. 20, 1917                                        d/o Henry Melton & Mary E. Howard


Alvin C. Bishop – 1919-1921 s/o Maynard Bishop & Ruth Hartley



Maynard C. Bishop – Apr. 6, 1899 – Dec. 27, 1975

Ernestine Hawn – Apr. 3, 1920 – d/o Wm. M. Hawn & Frances Mahalia Potter


Leoona Rebecca Potter                                      Gilbert Absolum Potter

Aug 12, 1874 – Nov 2, 1947                              Mar 18, 1872 – May 4, 1931

w/o Absolum Potter                                           h/o Leona Rebecca Hawn

Jacob Hawn & Sarah Sallie Green                    John Potter & Francis Hamby

———                                                      ————–


  Curtie Potter                                                    Bertie Potter Aug. 19, 1911, Aug 11, 1924                       Feb 11, 1903 – Apr 11, 1922 Gilbert Absolum Potter & Leona R. Potter

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ——-OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Solomon Monroe Potter, 1870-1939                 Samuel Cloud Potter  1910-1972 h/o (1) Ida Adkins, (2) Artela Tillie Howard          (Solomon M Potter, Artela Tillie                                                                   Howard) husband of Velma M Gilreath John R. Potter & Elizabeth Barnett


Artelia Howard Potter 1877-1961                           Annette Potter

w/o  Solomon Monroe Potter                     d/o Mildred Potter b-d 2-14-1962

(Samuel Howard, Susannah Langley)



Mother M A B                                                            Father  B L B


Elsie Ruth Potter                                              M.E. Hawn,  1874-1886



Julia Elizabeth Taylor  1864-1906                    Frankie F. Potter

Lawrence & Lonnie – 1906-1906                            1834-1905


Leaton M. Potter, US Army Korea – Dec. 27, 1923, Dec 27, 1993

son of  Benj. Harrison Potter & Annie Tilda Simpson

POTTERharrison    —   POTTERsolomon

Clifford Potter, 1925-1991                           Solomon S. Potter

Dec 20, 1920 – Mar 23, 1993

sons of  Benj. Harrison Potter & Annie Tilda Simpson


Photos courtesy of Deb Shippee


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Located West of Lancing, turn off Hwy 62 onto Hwy 298, Genesis Rd, at the Jct. travel app. 2.4 miles south, turn left, travel app. 1.4 miles passing the Potters Chapel Cemetery on the right, continuing on app. 1.2 miles, then turn left at Sam Williams, travel app. .1 mile bearing right to the cemetery. There are app. 13 u/m graves.



Addison Hawn                              Alexander Hawn, 9/15/1886 – 3/14/1960

2/21/1884, 9/24/1943TN                            PVT CO D 46 INF 9 DIV WWI                                                                             s/o Woodson & Lizzie Potter

Displaying Ivory J Potter, 1905-1991, Josie White Potter, 1907-1997.jpg

POTTER  –  Ivory J., Apr 25, 1905, Aug 2, 1991

Josie I., May 18, 1907, Dec 11, 1979


Benny Fritts Potter                                      Gusta Potter   1891 – 1907

8/9/1905, 12/20/1971

s/o Johnnie & Hattie – –

h/o Virgie Ella Tinch


Johnnie Potter  1913-1986                              John Potter, Sr.  – Francis

1826 – 1905        d 1929?


POTTERJOHNIEHATTIE  – – juniorhawnPotter:  Johnie 3/3/1864 – 4/7/1986              Junior Hawn, s/o Addison & Rosa

Hattie Fritts, 9/30/1884, 5/16/1948                            1928 – 1928

                                                                      He is not dead but sleepeth


Lester M. Potter                                           Lonnie Harvey Potter

PVT US ARMY WORLD WAR II                     11/12/1909 – 8/8/1961

2/1/1921 – 11/17/1987                                     s/o Johnnie & Hattie



N. W. Hawn                                POTTER:  Solomon Johnson

 5/8/1854 – 8/9/1935                       8/21/1868-10/20/1960, h/o Martha Eliza

Courtesy of Deb Shippee



March term 
Be it remembered that the County court began and held in the town of Wartburg in the County of Morgan and the state of Tennessee.

_____ MELHORN, LEWIS HENDRICK, AUGUSTUS HEADRICK, were examined by the court and upon their oath say that WILLIAM BANEKE, dec’d, did not leave any property of any kind or nothing of value of anything.  Therefore,
the court releases T. A. Senkerick the guardian of one of the minors from any libilities of the estate.JOHN KRIES,commissioner of the estate is released of any libilities.

Ordered by the court that P. O. HOLLOWAY be allowed to fence the road leading across the bridge at Rock Creek and facing his house.  The overseer of the said road be required to work the road crossing the creek below said bridge and heretofore viewed and reported.

SAMUEL H. STAPLES brought into open court the following paper, which was ordered to be copied.: State of Tennessee, S. H. STAPLES exparte upon motion M. F. ADKINS practicing lawyer of this court it is ordered by the court that the clerk of this court issue to the said S. H. STAPLES such is required in order to obtain a license to practice law viz: that he is  21 years of age, a citizen of Morgan County in said state of Tennessee and of good moral character integrity and soberity.

We the undersignedm viewed and located a 3rd class road begining at MENAN DAVIDSON running by DANIEL PITTMANS, then via EUGENE LYNCH and by JOSEPH DAVIDSONS, intersecting the old turnpike road at JNO ENOS old place.  Signed: MENAN DAVIDSON, RUFUS JONES, EUGENE LYNCH, JAMES DAVIDSON, JNO M. STAPLES.

F. FREYTAG, guardian of the minor heirs of GEORGE D. HOWARD has made settlement as follows: That he is charged with $241.54; that he has expanded $234.34 leaving in the hands of the guardian $7.

B. T. SUMMERS and S. J. McKETHAN adm. of C. CARPENTER, dec’d, this day made final settlement, which settlement was excepted (sic) by the court and ordered recorded.

By partition of sundry citizens of the 5th civil district it is ordered by the court that the voting place of said district is hereby  established at W. H. JONES instead of WILLIS MORRIS.

P. 1
Ordered by the court that EDWARD FREELS be paid by the trustee out of the contingent fund, levied for the year of 1873, the amount of $73.39 1/2, it being the full amount of an outstanding warrent issued in payment for the building of the county jail at Montgomery,

By partition of PHOBE M. BYRD it was ordered by the court that S. H. STAPLES be and he is hereby appointed guardian of SAMUEL H. BYRD, minor of SAMUEL BYRD, dec’d.

Ordered by the court that C. P. SAFFELL be required to give futher security as guardian of SAMUEL and BETTY SAFFELL at the next term of court,.

Ordered by the court that letters of guardianshilp be issued to J. S. FRITTS, public guardian for the benfit of AINCENT?? JOSEPH, JAMES and REBECCA minors of RANSON McCOY dec’d

AMELIA FORSTNER was appointed adm. of the estate of JOSEPH and EKIZA FORSTNER, dec’d. (Confusing, in the body it states “The estate of JOSEPH and AMELIA FORSTNER”) JOHN HALL Jr., and CHARLES H. DELIUS securities.

P. 5
It appears to the satisfaction of the court that JOSEPH and ELIZA FAWLWINKLE late of said county are dead, they died 1873 and 1874.  They  died instate and AMELIA FORSTNER has been appointed adm. of the estate.

P. 5 to 8
Dr. F. A. SIENHUECHT and Mrs. ROSEANNA KUHN produced in open court a paper writing purporting to be the last will and testment of DAVID KUHN and moved that the said will be admitted to probate and that letter of  testamentary? be issued to them.  S. H. STAPLES, PETER HENRY, and JNO KRIES subscribing witnesses to the will, say they were called by the said DAVID KUHN in witness to the paper now exhabited in court.  The
said DAVID KUHN, is now dead and they signed the instrument at the request of the said DAVID KUHN.

P.  8
On motion of MARTIN HALL it is ordered by the court that M.T. ADKINS be and is hereby appointed guardian of MATILDA, DAVID,  LETITIC, EMILY JANE and SAMUEL HALL minor children of GARRETT HALL dec’d.

On motion S. H. STAPLES Esq., M. T. ADKINS is appointed adm. of JNO STAPLES dec’d.

H. W. BUXTON, guardian of the minor heirs of ELISHA A. HAWN made settlement which was accepted by the court.  There is remaining in the hands of the adm. The sum of $39.66, and BUXTON renews his bond as adm.

June Term 1874
p. 10
WELCOME WEBB is appointed overseer of a 2nd class road begining at WM. J. SCOTTS and leading to the forks of the river above JAMES McCARTS.  The following hands are to work on the road: MARTIN GARRETT, LEWIS LANDRUM, ZACHARY HALL, BENJ. HALL, ANDREW CROMWELL, JAMES HAMBY, WM. H. McCART, RILEY SHANNON, ARCHIBALD McCOY, WM. WEBB, and RUFUS WEBB.

THOMAS DUNCAN is appointed overseer of a 2nd class road begining at the ford of BUCKS Ford near D. M. KELLYS and ending at the ford of Crooked Creek near DAVID STONECIPHERS.

M. STEPHENS adm. of S. C. HONNEYCUTT, dec’d, appeared in court and ask for 12 more month to settle the estate because of some litagaton in regards to the property of the said HONEYCUTT.   Granted.

P. 11
LEWIS POTTER is appointed overseer of a 2nd class road begining at the forks of the road between JNO GREENS and W. R. WILLIAMS and ending at the ford of Obeds River.  The following hands will work on the road: JAMES MELTON, JAMES POTTER, JENRY MELTON,  WM. MELTON, JNO POTTER, WAYNE

P. 11 & 12
The will of DAVID KUHN Sr., dec’d, dated 2-7-1874 is contested by DAVID KUHN Jr. ,_______MAEGLIN and wife, N. MAEGLIN, ordered by the court that the matter be sent to the Circuit Court of Morgan County.  They are the children of said KUHN, dec’d, COOKE and TELLMAN Solictors.

July Term 1874
P. 13
ENOCH R. DUNCAN appeared in court and suggested that he be released from the libilities of an appernic? male child, a minor heir of JAMES M. BRIENT, entered into at a former term of this court.  Granted

It is ordered by the court that the child be , heir of JAMES M. BRIENT, be delivered to RUSSELL SCOTT Sr., who is the grandfather of the said child.

NANCY JANE HODGE is approve guardian of the minor heirs of JAMES K. GREEN, dec’d, she gave bond  of $250, JOHN HOWARD and M. D. HODGE security,

It is ordered by the court that RUSSELL SCOTT Sr guardian of HENRY BRIENT, minor of JAMES BRIENT be recinded on failure to give bond.

P. 15
A. R. LEWALLEN guardian of W. C. PETERS, a minor of LEANDER J. PETERS, dec’d, made settlement which was accepted .  The settlement shows that the said LEWALLEN has drawn from the government $166 since his last settlement.  LEWALLEN, renewed his bond.

P. 16
M. T. ADKINS attended his resignation as Notory Public. 8-3-1874.

GEORGE TAYLOR is appointed overseer of the old road from the top of the hill on the west side of Clear Creek to the Cumberland County line.  The following hands are to work on the road: All the hands on JACOB HARMONS farm, JAMES TAYLOR farm JOHN F. LEE farm, LEWIS POTTER farm, F. SHUBERT

W. A. WILLIAMS appeared in open court and suggested the death of JOHN WILLIAMS, leaving no will or testament, and W. R. WILLIAMS is appointed adm. of the estate.

LUCY COOPER guardian of MARGARET and DAVID ASHBY, minors of JOSEPH ASHBY is released of futher libilities as guardian, having paid the full amount of the distribing?? shares.

September Term 1874
P. 19 to 25
HENRY CHILES JP of the 1st district, JOHN HALL elected County Court Clerk, JOHN WILLIAMS Sheriff of the County, WM. B. CRENSHEW Register of Deeds, JOHN D. KRIES, Tax Collector.  MARTIN HALL Constable of the 4th district.

P. 27
Ordered by the court that J. D. JOYNER be allowed $50 office fees for the year 1874.

J. S. FRITTS adm. of the estate of C. S. FRANCIS made settlement which was accepted and ordered recorded.

JOHN W. LAYMANCE, Corner of Morgan County, appeared in open court and tended his resignation which was accepted.

P. 28
The lands of EDWARD PRINCE, dec’d were sold to JOHN M. DAVIS for $55, but the said purchaser has not paid the amount to me at this time . 9-7-1874 S. H. STAPLES

JOHN L. SCOTT is allowed the sum of $100 for making out the tax list for the year of 1874.

P. 29
S. H. STAPLES, Clerk of the Circuit Court presented the following bill. State vs SUSAN HALL   $50

E. M. BLEDSOE is constable of the 7th district.

P. 30
W. B. LANGLEY is constable of the 2nd district.

LINDSY COOPER granted license to practice law.

October Term 1874
p. 33
WILLIAM LOVE is appointed overseer of a 3rd class road begining at Liberty Church by JOHN WILLIAMS farm up the mountian to LOVES farm, to R. O. TAYLORS farm running to the old road by E. FAIRCHILDS and to intersect the Knoxville road at JAMES M. JONES.

P. 34
ANDREW R. LEWALLEN appointed overseer of a 3rd class road begining at the ford of White Oak at CARPENTERS mill place to JAMES S. STONE.

SAMUEL LONG appointed overseer if the Huntsville Road from the forks of the road at the top of Clear Fork hill to the county line near ISAAC RISDENS.  All the hand on JOHN BREWSTERS farm and DELANY TOMPKINS to work on road.

LAYTON GOUNY appointed overseer of a 3rd class road begining at the Clear Fork at the BREWSTER ford to the county line at WALTER LEWALLENS. All the hand at ANDREW YOUNGS, JOHN YOUNGS,  N.H. GUFFEE,  C.C. SCHEN and THOMAS STONECIPHER place to work on the road.

W. D. FRANCIS appointed overseer of a 2nd class road begining ath the corner of G. W. KIETHS fence by way of JOHN W. LAYMANCE mill to intersect the county road at the GERDING LANE.

D. J. GILDY appointed overseer of a 3rd class road begining at the ford of the Emory River at Montgomery to the top of the TRIPPLETT hill, west to the TRIPPLETT gap.

P. 35
AMOS YORK appointed overseer of a 3rd class road begining at the Wartburg/ Jamestown road near Mount Vernon Church, along the dividing ridge between Clear Fork and White Oak to the county line near DEMPSEY

P. 36
JOHN W. LAYMANCE allowed $5 for holding the August election of 1874

S. H. STAPLES resigned as guardian of SAMUEL H. BYRD, minor of SAMUEL M. BYRD dec’d, .  The minor is place in charge of J.S. FRITT, Public Guardian of Morgan County.

December Term 1874
p. 37
MARTHA FRITTS formally MARTHA HONEYCUTT partitioned the court to be appointed guardian of the minor heirs of H. C. HONEYCUTT, dec’d, viz: VESTA ANN age 7, DAVID D. age 6, MARY age 5.   Granted.

P. 38
LYDA C. BAIL asked to be appointed as guradian of her own children, ELIZABETH and LINCOLN HENDERSON.  Granted.

WALTER CARROL an orphan of three years of age is apprenticed to ORVILLE EVERETT until 21 years of age in the occupation of farmer, he is to be given a common education in the common schools.

P. 40
SAMUEL F. SCOTT is granted the privilege of establishing a ferry across the river at or near Montgomery in Morgan County.  No other person is allowed to establish a ferry on said river, except for their own private
use.  Privilege to extend until 1-1-1876.  He shall keep open a safeway to and from the ferry for the use of footman and horseman and that he be allowed to charge the following: men on foot low water $0.05, men on
foot high water $0.10, got each passager, men on horseback, each man and horse $0.10, high water $0.20.

P. 41 He is not to carry person when the river is deemed, by him, to be dangerous.  He has until 1-1-1875 to establish a boat for the use of footman, and until 2-1-1875 to establish at boat for carrying horse.  He
is to have all the privileges granted other furyman(sic) by law.  He made a $200 bond.


Solomon & Mary Elizabeth Hickman Potter’s home
This photo was taken in the fall of 1913, shortly after Solomon’s death.
From left to right:  Marion Jones (Mary’s nephew), Mary Elizabeth Hickman Potter,  Rosa Hawn, Emma Dora Potter and Huse Hickman.


From left to right:  Bob and Becky (Becca) Potter Gorbett, Emma Dora Potter, Solomon Sedley Potter, Mary Elizabeth Hickman Potter, Benjamin Harrison Potter, MaryBelle Hawn, Martha Jane Potter Hawn and Jonathan Hawn.
This was taken at one of their homes in Morgan County.    Taken 2/15/1909


Solomon Sedley Potter
Mary Elizabeth Hickman Potter
Taken in 1905


Solomon & Mary Potter & Mary Belle & Clenise Hawn
This photo was taken in the early 1900’s.
Solomon & Mary are the grandparents of Mary Belle & Clenise (Pete) Hawn.

Luther Howard & Pete Hawn
Luther Howard is John Eli Howard’s son and Pete (Clenise) Hawn is the son of Jonathan and Martha Jane Potter Hawn
Jonathan Hawn
Emma Dora Potter and Benjamin Harrison Potter 
Photo was taken early 1900’s
Joseph M. (left) and John Eli Howard
Grandma & Grandpa Howard
Lawrence Jentry Howard (age 20
Mary Belle Hawn Howard (age 15)
This photo was taken in 1919 in Lancing, TN.
and  They were married March 30, 1919.
John Eli Howard 
Mary Jane Overstreet Howard
and family.
This was taken early 1900’s.
From left to right: Lawrence Jentry (far left), Lula (on
John’s lap), John, Verna, Luther (behind Verna), baby Ray, Mary Jane, and Lizzie (back right).Photos

Courtesy of Debbie Cummins

Hawns, Potters, Howards, Hambys

Children of Frank Potter
Pearl Smith
left to right:
Ray, b: 1919, Cosby, b: 1915, Curmet, b: 1916 and Ruby, b: 1912
(Note quilt in back & on floor)
This is a post card photo
1827, 1908
1832 – 1929
m:  1852c
Jill Lazuka)
Jill Lazuka)

Courtesy of Glenna Mae Murphy Morgan

Hawns, Potters, and Howards



holding Gracie and Herbert

JOHN I. POTTER — b: 1875 – d: 1946 ELIZA HOWARD–b 1882 – d 1922 m: 1901
JOHN I. POTTER, 1875 – 1946 He was a minister and would ride his horse and carry his Bible in his saddle bag.  He died in the pulpit at Frankfort Church. GILBERT POTTER 1872 – 1931
HEB POTTER – 1862 – 1952 &


See obit at bottom of page..

JONCE POTTER – 1868 – 1960 ELIZA HAWN – 1878 -1954

m:  1889

WILLIAM MELTON – 1860 – ARTY POTTER – 1864 – 1965 m: 1889

POTTER, HEBBERT–‘UNCLE EBB’ POTTER--Hebbert (Ebb) Potter age 103 passed away early Wednesday morning at the home of his son Major Potter of Oneida.  Mr. Potter was probably Scott County’s oldest citizen and had been in ill health for about seven years.  He was a splendid citizen, a member of the Baptist church and had many friends in the community.  Besides his wife, Mrs. Perelda Potter he is survived by:  three sons and four daughters.  Henry and Walter Potter of Morgan county, Major Potter of Oneida, Millie Potter and Sarah Hawn of Morgan county, Mrs. N. D. Gorman (German) of Cincinnati, O., Lela Potter of Oneida.  Several grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Funeral service was held at the Hazel Valley Baptist church Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. with the Rev. John Riley Byrd officiating.  Burial in Reed cemetery, with West in charge.  (Scott County News 12 Jun 1953)

POTTER, PARILDA H.–Parilda Hawn Potter, age 80, passed away  at the home of her son, Major Potter of Oneida, Tenn.; Wednesday, March 21, 1956 after an illness of one week.  She was a member of the Baptist church.  She is survived by 1 son, Major Potter of Oneida, Tenn.; 2 daughters, Lila Potter of Oneida, Tenn., Mrs. N. D. German of Cincinnati, Ohio; 5 grandchildren, and 5 Great Grand Children.  Funeral services were held Friday afternoon at 2 p.m. from the Hazel Valley Baptist Church, with the Rev. John Riley Byrd officiating.  Burial followed in the Hazel Valley Cemetery.  Arrangements by West Funeral Home.  (Scott County News 30 Mar 1956)


Courtesy of Glenna Mae Hawn Murphy Morgan


Children: Belle, Clifford, Clentis
d: 1961, Indiana
1852 – 1919
son of Nathaniel & Ica Chaney Hawn
~ ~
1853 – 1927
dau. of John Sr. & Frankie Hamby Potter
Parents of James & John–
Taken September 1918 at Deer Lodge, Tennessee

Courtesy of Glenna Mae Hawn Murphy Morgan



Submitted by Homer Potter


John I. and Roe Potter were brothers and the sons of James K. and Jane Barnett Potter
Their wives were sisters, and the daughters of Samuel and Susan Langley Howard
John I Potter married Eliza Endora Howard
Roe Potter married Artila (Tillie) Howard
1. John I. Potter
2. Virgil Potter, son of John I. and Eliza, b 6 Oct 1911, d 28 Nov. 1998, m Josie Potter
3. Eliza Howard Potter
4. Edna,dau of John I and Eliza
5. Alva Potter, son of John and Eliza, b 1 Jan 1915, d 9 Jul 1998, m Wilva Melton
6. Roe Potter
7. Cloud Potter, son or Roe, d Tillie, b 10 Aug 1910, d 30 Sep 1972, m Velma Gilreath
8. Tillie Howard Potter
9. Belle Potter, dau of Roe and Tillie, b 22 June 1916, d 10 Mar 1936, m Clyde Williams
10. James L. Potter, son of Roe & Tillie, b 18 Oct 1904, d 29 June 1932, m Lillie Isa Hawn
11. Becky Potter, dau of Roe & Tillie, b 10 Nov 1907, m Ronald Aytes
12 Bunie Potter, dau of Roe & Tillie, m Sam Piercy
13. Lillie Potter, Dau of Roe by 1st marriage, never married
14. Flora Hawn, dau of Woodson Hawn and Nancy Elizabeth Potter Hawn, b 1898, d 1987,
m Samuel Howard
15 Clara Potter, dau of John I. and Eliza, b 15 Oct 1907, m 1st Loren Hawn, 2nd Earl Hawn

Courtesy of Glenna Mae Hawn Murphy Morgan

 News Clips – 1919

The press will be thankful for items for this department, either by telephone, mail or in person.  Telephone No. 24.

Mr. T. WEIDEMAN expects to leave for Hot Springs, Ark., after the fair to take the baths there.

Edison MELTON has been discharged from the Army and has returned home.

Married:  Walter THORNTON and Dora BARDILL, Feb 28, 1919

Mail contractor, M. M. GOAD has his “Tin Lizzie” out of commission and Arlow RYON is carrying the mail.

Marriage Licenses issued

Week of March 7, 1919
Luther Wheeler to Fanny Belle Hickman
James Massengale to Corda Price
Fred Lehman to Lena McGuffey
Walter Thornton to Malinda Stringfield

Week of March 21, 1919
Fred Headrick to Emma Langley
John G. Fletcher and Ella Frogge were married March 8, 1919

Week of March 26
James Bunch to Nancy Daughtery
Lawrence Howard to Bell Hawn
Daniel Choates to Amanda Griffin

Week of April 18, 1919
John Lester to Bertha Holloway

Week of April 19, 1919
Edward H. Jackson to Edith Hudson
Charles Monday to Versie Reynolds
Hansford Brewer top Dora Armes
Samuel Armes to Bertha Shields

Week of May 23, 1919
James McKeethan to Mattie Grant
Arthur Barnett to Ocie Ooten
Tom Hardie Stringer to Albertie Willis

Week of May 31, 1919
John Phillips to Clara Griffith
Oliver K. Shannon to Ida May Davidson
J. M. Lambrith to Maxie Ried
Vannie Henry to Mandie Hawn

* * * WEDDING * * *
And it came to pass in the reign of Woodrow the First, that Oliver of the tribe of Shannon of the Village of Sunbright said unto his mother, ‘I pray thee allow me to go the village of Burrville and choose a wife among the
daughters of the tribe of Davidson.’   And his mother said, ‘My son, as thy heart desires and as thy soul longeth, go and choose a daughter of the tribe of Davidson, and may the Lord be with thee.’And it came to pass that Oliver rose up and came to the house of William of the tribe of Davidson, and said, ‘I pray thee let me take to myself
Ida, of you household to wife.  And William replied, ‘as thy soul longeth so be it unto thee.’  And it came to pass that they were married and lived happy ever after.  [Morgan County Press dated June 6, 1919]
Marriage Licenses  July 1919
Arthur Martin to Edith Jester
Hobart McCartt to Mary Ethel Hall
Luther Edmond to Laura Jestes
M. V. Jackson to Phenia N. Galloway

Week of July 12, 1919
Will C. Liles to Lizzie Hudson
Carl Blankenship to Eula Kesterson
Luther Hall to Amanda Melton
one listed as “don’t publish”

Week of July 25, 1919

Floyd Cole to Ruth Murry
Charles Barger to Rosa Owens
Week of August 1, 1919
Horation Shaver to Myrtle Owens

Week of August 8, 1919

William H. Shoemaker to Cynthia Dahuff, (Married Aug. 7, 1919)
Luther Barnes to Kate Johnson
Joseph Cooper to Mary L. Honeycutt
Arthur Sampsel to Mary Jackson

Week of August 15, 1919
Chas. E. Trew to Elsie Phillips

Week of August 22, 1919
Fred Ehme to Flora Carler

Emerich OOLAH who has been working in Cleveland, Ohio, died suddenly of the flu last week in that city. His wife and children left Saturday to attend the funeral.

Geo. OLSON, a first class private in the U. S. Army is home on a furlough from France, proudly wearing two gold chevrons, indicating 12 months of over seas service.

SITTING EGGS, from purebred S. C. Rhode Island Reds, $1.25 per sitting of 15.  N. Jacks, Lancing, Rt. 1.

Sheriff  SCOTT handed in several booze fighters, Friday.  Our sheriff is trying to do his duty.
Mr. HAMBY of Glen Mary, who is Deputy United States Marshal brought in an old copper tank  Friday, which had been used for making Wild Cat whiskey.. Mr Hamby has destroyed five stills in the past two weeks.  Most of these stills which he destroyed were located in Scott County.  From the signs there seems to be a splendid chance to destroy several stills in Morgan County.  We are hoping  that Mr. Hamby will locate in Morgan County.
Thorwald STRAND has purchased lots from Mrs. Fred PHILLIPS, on which he is building a fine residence.

Mack GUFFEY has moved over to the Geo. HOWARD farm.
It is reported that Sgt. Alvin C. York, the hero of the World War is to be married, June 7, 1919, at the picnic to be given in his honor at the Old Camp Ground.  Gov. A. H. Roberts will officiate.


Royal Flour  $1.40 per bag
Pink Beans 9 ½ ¢ per lb 
One lot mixed beans 7 ¢ per lb
Granulated Sugar 10½ ¢ per lb
Extra Evaporated Peaches 14 ¢ per lb. 
Best Burning Oil 15 ¢ per gal


Cordell Hull of Dayton, Ohio, was calling on Miss Charlotte Morton.

Most all the farmers are done planting corn here
Mrs. G. M. York and daughter, Edith were in Rockwood last week.

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dunkleburg of Rugby Road visited here Sunday.

Misses Mae Blair of Allardt and Rebecca Galloway  of Sunbright visited Mr. J. C. Hicks last week.


Mrs. S. N. Hutcherson and little daughter, Lena, of Oakdale were the guests of her Parents, Mr. & Mrs. James McCartt, Sunday.

Mrs. James England of this place was called to Lancing Friday morning by the very serious illness of her husband, who was clerking in the store for Mr. A. P. Brown.  They took him to Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Knoxville.
Work on the pike between Sunbright and Deer Lodge is moving along nicely.

Mr. Ruben Hurtt of Huffman Switch is moving into Mr. B. H. Humans house back of the Grist mill.

Jesse Davis is improving after a long sick spell of Typhoid fever.

The funeral of  Eli Mays  wife was preached at the same time of the Memorial Day services at Prospect.

W. A. Cooper made this office a call Saturday.

J. S. Smith celebrated is 77 anniversary last Sunday. Guests were Dr. & Mrs. Easley, Rev. T. V. Peters of Harriman, and Mr. & Mrs. Nitzschke.

Mr. & Mrs. H. V. Easley went to Athens, Tn., last Sunday to see their daughter Violet,  receive her high school diploma.

Ben Jacks of Cincinnati, spent a few days with home folks.

Mr. Claud Goldston and Henry Taylor of Oakdale and Arlo Ryon of Deer Lodge were calling on the Galloway sisters, Catherine, Lillie and Charlene on Sunday.

Mr. Hurshul Peters has returned from France “Looking Good”.

Miss Margaret Morgan and Geo. F. Galloway were the dinner guests of Mr. & Mrs. O. K. Shannon.



Born to Mr. & Mrs. Joe Freels on March 17th, a fine boy.

Mrs. Martha Lindsay died at her home, Tuesday night, March 15.  She leaves her husband and ten children to mourn her loss. Her remains were laid to rest in Mill Creek Cemetery.

Sept. 19, 1919
When the Knoxville mob broke down the jail doors it released one prisoner against his will.  He was due to serve eighteen days, and didn’t want to get in trouble by leaving, but the mob told him to get out or they would kill him.  He got out!
Shoe manufacturers say the price will not go higher but 1920 should see a decline.  A fine feat!!

More Marriage Licenses issued

Week of September 5, 1919

Felix Melton to Nellie Jestes
Bert Shoat to Nellie Hayden
Walter Best to Vada Adams
Week of September 12, 1919
Nathan Robbins to Myrtle Neeley
Joe Sexton to Lillie Smith
Chas. Poston to Sarah Wilson
Chas. Daniel to Julia Dunn

Week of September 20, 1919
Jopnes Davis to Flora Dyer
C. B. Hawn to Maggie M. Davis
Earl Freels to Nellie Langley
Wm. A. Coffman to Oma A. Watson

Week of October 3, 1919
Lee Walker to Marie Fletcher
Lee Morgan to Ida Taylor
Wesley Brannon to Charlene Barns

Week of October 10, 1919
Alex Smith to Mary Byrd
Carl Gunter to Amy Garrett
Floid T. Wheeler to Francis M. Bradley
Robt. Roddy to Grace Jack

Week of November 14, 1919
Willie R. McDaniel to Bessie Summer

Week of December 4, 1919
A very quiet and simple wedding took place on December 4th at the home of Mr. & Mrs. John Owen.
Miss Nina Owen and Mr. Oliver Galloway were united in marriage by Rev. John Peters.

Week of December 12, 1919
Miss Anna Heidle & Mr. Walter Bardill were married at the Lutheran Church. Attendants were Misses, Marie Heidle & Edith Bardill, Otto Schubert and Ed Heidle. Mr. Bardill has recently returned from oversear where he served in the 3rd division.

Walter J. Bardill to Anna H. Heidle
Rupert W. McCurley to Ollie F. Cecil
Miss Adkins and Munsom Heover got married last Sunday.
Week of December 13, 1919
Mr. Asmer Kenneth Johnson of Sunbright, and Miss Geneva Batson Crumley of Covington, Ky., were married December 13, 1919 at the home of the bride in Ky.
The Y. W. C. A. assisted 3,600 war brides in coming to the United States from Europe, and, as is known, only one of these brides went back. The war brides stuck! Their husbands, while on duty in France, offered them a home in America, whenever they got back, and we feel sure that most all of them will make good wives. It takes some grit and love to make a wife leave her own native land for a strange county she has never seen, and only knows through her visiting husband

Six German Helmets will be assigned to Morgan County to be distributed as premiums as follows:
One Helmet to the man selling the greatest number of Liberty Bonds.
One Helmet to the woman selling the greatest number of Liberty Bonds.
One Helmet to the man selling the largest number of dollars worth of Liberty Bonds.
One Helmet to the lady selling the largest number of dollars worth of Liberty Bonds.
One Helmet to the boy selling the greatest number of Liberty Bonds.
One Helmet to the girl selling the greatest nuimber of Liberty Bonds.
Should the same party sell both the greatest number of Bonds and the largest number of dollars worth, the second Helmet will be awared to the party selling the second greatest number.
* * * * * *


Jesse Brewster – Rainbow Division  
Phillip Hall  
Dot Bird  
Theodore Basler  
Lawrence Joyner  
Jack Ramsey  
Arthur Duncan  
Roy Morgan  
Sgt. Walter Kries – 82nd Div  
Ed. C. Peters  
Roy Morgan  
Lt. Lester Davis  
Pvt. Hydle Brown  
Jones Davis  
Walter Human  
Joe Mosier  
Kenneth Johnson  
Henry Dundeberry  
Corp Asmer K. Johnson  
Clyde Neil 
Heidel Brown  
Harrison McCann  
Will Cromwell  
Hill Byrd – Old Hickory Div.  
Carl Kreis – 30th Div.  
Joe Summer – 30th Div.  
Carson Brown – Old Hickory Div.  
James McKeethan – Engineering Corp.  
Casper Norman  
Ernest Erickson- Old Hickory Div.  
Vernon Parrott – 30th Div.  
Oscar Human  
Walter E. Human  
Wilburn Hall  
Mark Hambright  
Everet Jones  
Carl Trew  
Dudley Holloway  
Harvey Bullard  
Fred Bullard 

Issued the week ending Sept 13, 1919

Charley McKinney to Lena Jordan
Mart Balinger to Delphia Kesterson
A. S. Terrel to Edith Clark

Recorded in the Register’s office for the week ending Sept 13th, 1919.

R. A. Davis C. & M. to J. C. Alley 1 lot 10th district $65.
R. A. Davis C. & M. to J. C. Alley, lots in Oakdale, $500.
J. C. Alley and wife to Mr. I. N. Williams, lots in Oakdale, $500.
L. Risedan and J. W. Hall to Mrs. I. N., Williams, 2 lots, 10th district, $200.

The ‘Pie Supper” for the benefit of the Library on Saturday night was a most enjoyable occasion. $59.75 was received for the Library case and books.

The shipment of books expected for over a week has arrived at Mr. Holder’s.

Chapel Tuesday was had under the management of the 7th grade. Friday the 6th grade will have charge.

SEPT. 23, 24, 25, AND 26, 1919.


October 31, 1919   The first week after losing our chief compositor our paper was a failure; last week we got a left-handed paper; next week we expect to get a cross-eyed paper, and the next a one-legged paper and the next a one ‘hand’ paper.  If you are not already a subscriber, you had better subscribe and keep up with all these startling things.  Only $1.00 a year.  It is worth more than that.

 Lea & Sirean Neil of Banner Springs are the proud parents of a bouncing nine pound baby boy.  He is  the name sake for his grandparents, William Neil and Shade Beatty. (May 23, 1919)

Rev & Mrs. Gamble of Sunbright are receiving congratulations on the birth of a daughter. (July 1919)

John E. Williams of Wheat, Tn., has bought a new Ford Car and is enjoying himself riding.  (July 1919)

Peter Strand of Deer Lodge, left for more fertile fields in the carpenter line, over in “Old Virginia.”

Chas H. Cromwell, who moved to Allart some months ago, is now moving back to Burrville. (April 1919)

John Owen and family spent Saturday and Sunday at Banner Springs.  (April 1919)

Mr. & Mrs. Martin Galloway formerly of Oakdale, are moving back to Sunbright. (March 21, 1919)

Mr. & Mrs. Vernon Beaty of near Banner Springs, lost their darling little baby Thrusday morning. (Dec, 5, 1919)


Brasel & Sons have placed in my hands for collection, their mercantile accounts.  All persons owing said firm, please call and settle and save cost.   T. A. Morris, Attorney

I wish to announce to my friends and customers that I am now in the mercantile business again. A list of a few of the things I have to offer:

Men’s Khaki pants $1.25 – better grade $2.00
Dress Shirts  90 cents
Pure Lard 35 cents
Hams  42 cents 
Dry Salt Extract 35 cents


To the Republicans of Morgan County
I hereby announce myself a candidate for the office of Sheriff, subject to the Republican Primary to be held  December 20, 1919. If elected, I shall endeavor to discharge the office in a business like manner and to perform my duty according to law and be governed by the processes that are put in my hands to the best of my ability.
I was born and raised in Morgan County and have always supported the Republican Party.  I am a poor man and need the office, and having made the race two years ago and was defeated, I feel now that I am entitled to the office this time.
W. M. Holder