Bettie Jane Cook Gouge, wife of  William Henry Gouge of Coalfield,  Tenn. with her triplet sons in 1903.  Only one lived to adulthood, Hugh Jinks Gouge.


William Henry Gouge and wife Bettie Jane, with son -in-law, Ezra McGlothin, Bessie Gouge McGlothin,Ollie Gouge Sampsel, Saddie Gouge Dill Hall, James Oliver, Robert Elmer, Lewis Arnold, Hugh Jinks. Missing from picture,  two of the triplets, Viola Gouge Smith, Harvey Cleveland Gouge and William Henry Gouge Jr.


 This is the obituary of my great-grand mother Bettie Jane Cook Gouge. She lived and died in Coalfield, Tennessee and has many decendants in Morgan Co. whom I think will enjoy reading this. It was found packed away in her sister ( Julia Mann’s ) personal things after her sister died. Julia’s grand-daughter gave it to me.

      The funeral of Mrs.Bettie Jane Cook Gouge, who died at her home in Oliver Springs, Sunday, Feb. 7, 1932 at 5p.m. was held Wednesday morning at 10 o’clock at the Middle Creek Church, with Rev. Walls of that place and Rev.J.B. Tallant of Harriman, officiating.
Mrs. Gouge was born July 27, 1870 and was married to W.H. Gouge in 1888. To this union twelve children were born, 3 of whom await her coming in the Great Beyond.  Mrs.Gouge professed faith in Christ at the age of 13. She was a loving mother, a true wife and a kind friend. To know her was to love her. She is
survived by husband W.H. Gouge, six sons, Hugh, James, Elmer, and Lewis of Oliver Springs, Harvey of Kentucky;  3 daughters, Mrs.Saddie Dills of Jefferson City, Mrs. Viola Smith of California and Mrs. Bessie McGlothin of Knoxville;  3 brothers, L.O. Cook of Chattanooga, Grover Cook of Johnson City and Frank Cook of Harriman, and one sister, Mrs. Julia Mann also of Harriman: 22 grandchildren and one great grand-child. Interment was at the Oliver Springs cemetery.


Courtesy of Susan Gouge Daughtery



March term 
Be it remembered that the County court began and held in the town of Wartburg in the County of Morgan and the state of Tennessee.

_____ MELHORN, LEWIS HENDRICK, AUGUSTUS HEADRICK, were examined by the court and upon their oath say that WILLIAM BANEKE, dec’d, did not leave any property of any kind or nothing of value of anything.  Therefore,
the court releases T. A. Senkerick the guardian of one of the minors from any libilities of the estate.JOHN KRIES,commissioner of the estate is released of any libilities.

Ordered by the court that P. O. HOLLOWAY be allowed to fence the road leading across the bridge at Rock Creek and facing his house.  The overseer of the said road be required to work the road crossing the creek below said bridge and heretofore viewed and reported.

SAMUEL H. STAPLES brought into open court the following paper, which was ordered to be copied.: State of Tennessee, S. H. STAPLES exparte upon motion M. F. ADKINS practicing lawyer of this court it is ordered by the court that the clerk of this court issue to the said S. H. STAPLES such is required in order to obtain a license to practice law viz: that he is  21 years of age, a citizen of Morgan County in said state of Tennessee and of good moral character integrity and soberity.

We the undersignedm viewed and located a 3rd class road begining at MENAN DAVIDSON running by DANIEL PITTMANS, then via EUGENE LYNCH and by JOSEPH DAVIDSONS, intersecting the old turnpike road at JNO ENOS old place.  Signed: MENAN DAVIDSON, RUFUS JONES, EUGENE LYNCH, JAMES DAVIDSON, JNO M. STAPLES.

F. FREYTAG, guardian of the minor heirs of GEORGE D. HOWARD has made settlement as follows: That he is charged with $241.54; that he has expanded $234.34 leaving in the hands of the guardian $7.

B. T. SUMMERS and S. J. McKETHAN adm. of C. CARPENTER, dec’d, this day made final settlement, which settlement was excepted (sic) by the court and ordered recorded.

By partition of sundry citizens of the 5th civil district it is ordered by the court that the voting place of said district is hereby  established at W. H. JONES instead of WILLIS MORRIS.

P. 1
Ordered by the court that EDWARD FREELS be paid by the trustee out of the contingent fund, levied for the year of 1873, the amount of $73.39 1/2, it being the full amount of an outstanding warrent issued in payment for the building of the county jail at Montgomery,

By partition of PHOBE M. BYRD it was ordered by the court that S. H. STAPLES be and he is hereby appointed guardian of SAMUEL H. BYRD, minor of SAMUEL BYRD, dec’d.

Ordered by the court that C. P. SAFFELL be required to give futher security as guardian of SAMUEL and BETTY SAFFELL at the next term of court,.

Ordered by the court that letters of guardianshilp be issued to J. S. FRITTS, public guardian for the benfit of AINCENT?? JOSEPH, JAMES and REBECCA minors of RANSON McCOY dec’d

AMELIA FORSTNER was appointed adm. of the estate of JOSEPH and EKIZA FORSTNER, dec’d. (Confusing, in the body it states “The estate of JOSEPH and AMELIA FORSTNER”) JOHN HALL Jr., and CHARLES H. DELIUS securities.

P. 5
It appears to the satisfaction of the court that JOSEPH and ELIZA FAWLWINKLE late of said county are dead, they died 1873 and 1874.  They  died instate and AMELIA FORSTNER has been appointed adm. of the estate.

P. 5 to 8
Dr. F. A. SIENHUECHT and Mrs. ROSEANNA KUHN produced in open court a paper writing purporting to be the last will and testment of DAVID KUHN and moved that the said will be admitted to probate and that letter of  testamentary? be issued to them.  S. H. STAPLES, PETER HENRY, and JNO KRIES subscribing witnesses to the will, say they were called by the said DAVID KUHN in witness to the paper now exhabited in court.  The
said DAVID KUHN, is now dead and they signed the instrument at the request of the said DAVID KUHN.

P.  8
On motion of MARTIN HALL it is ordered by the court that M.T. ADKINS be and is hereby appointed guardian of MATILDA, DAVID,  LETITIC, EMILY JANE and SAMUEL HALL minor children of GARRETT HALL dec’d.

On motion S. H. STAPLES Esq., M. T. ADKINS is appointed adm. of JNO STAPLES dec’d.

H. W. BUXTON, guardian of the minor heirs of ELISHA A. HAWN made settlement which was accepted by the court.  There is remaining in the hands of the adm. The sum of $39.66, and BUXTON renews his bond as adm.

June Term 1874
p. 10
WELCOME WEBB is appointed overseer of a 2nd class road begining at WM. J. SCOTTS and leading to the forks of the river above JAMES McCARTS.  The following hands are to work on the road: MARTIN GARRETT, LEWIS LANDRUM, ZACHARY HALL, BENJ. HALL, ANDREW CROMWELL, JAMES HAMBY, WM. H. McCART, RILEY SHANNON, ARCHIBALD McCOY, WM. WEBB, and RUFUS WEBB.

THOMAS DUNCAN is appointed overseer of a 2nd class road begining at the ford of BUCKS Ford near D. M. KELLYS and ending at the ford of Crooked Creek near DAVID STONECIPHERS.

M. STEPHENS adm. of S. C. HONNEYCUTT, dec’d, appeared in court and ask for 12 more month to settle the estate because of some litagaton in regards to the property of the said HONEYCUTT.   Granted.

P. 11
LEWIS POTTER is appointed overseer of a 2nd class road begining at the forks of the road between JNO GREENS and W. R. WILLIAMS and ending at the ford of Obeds River.  The following hands will work on the road: JAMES MELTON, JAMES POTTER, JENRY MELTON,  WM. MELTON, JNO POTTER, WAYNE

P. 11 & 12
The will of DAVID KUHN Sr., dec’d, dated 2-7-1874 is contested by DAVID KUHN Jr. ,_______MAEGLIN and wife, N. MAEGLIN, ordered by the court that the matter be sent to the Circuit Court of Morgan County.  They are the children of said KUHN, dec’d, COOKE and TELLMAN Solictors.

July Term 1874
P. 13
ENOCH R. DUNCAN appeared in court and suggested that he be released from the libilities of an appernic? male child, a minor heir of JAMES M. BRIENT, entered into at a former term of this court.  Granted

It is ordered by the court that the child be , heir of JAMES M. BRIENT, be delivered to RUSSELL SCOTT Sr., who is the grandfather of the said child.

NANCY JANE HODGE is approve guardian of the minor heirs of JAMES K. GREEN, dec’d, she gave bond  of $250, JOHN HOWARD and M. D. HODGE security,

It is ordered by the court that RUSSELL SCOTT Sr guardian of HENRY BRIENT, minor of JAMES BRIENT be recinded on failure to give bond.

P. 15
A. R. LEWALLEN guardian of W. C. PETERS, a minor of LEANDER J. PETERS, dec’d, made settlement which was accepted .  The settlement shows that the said LEWALLEN has drawn from the government $166 since his last settlement.  LEWALLEN, renewed his bond.

P. 16
M. T. ADKINS attended his resignation as Notory Public. 8-3-1874.

GEORGE TAYLOR is appointed overseer of the old road from the top of the hill on the west side of Clear Creek to the Cumberland County line.  The following hands are to work on the road: All the hands on JACOB HARMONS farm, JAMES TAYLOR farm JOHN F. LEE farm, LEWIS POTTER farm, F. SHUBERT

W. A. WILLIAMS appeared in open court and suggested the death of JOHN WILLIAMS, leaving no will or testament, and W. R. WILLIAMS is appointed adm. of the estate.

LUCY COOPER guardian of MARGARET and DAVID ASHBY, minors of JOSEPH ASHBY is released of futher libilities as guardian, having paid the full amount of the distribing?? shares.

September Term 1874
P. 19 to 25
HENRY CHILES JP of the 1st district, JOHN HALL elected County Court Clerk, JOHN WILLIAMS Sheriff of the County, WM. B. CRENSHEW Register of Deeds, JOHN D. KRIES, Tax Collector.  MARTIN HALL Constable of the 4th district.

P. 27
Ordered by the court that J. D. JOYNER be allowed $50 office fees for the year 1874.

J. S. FRITTS adm. of the estate of C. S. FRANCIS made settlement which was accepted and ordered recorded.

JOHN W. LAYMANCE, Corner of Morgan County, appeared in open court and tended his resignation which was accepted.

P. 28
The lands of EDWARD PRINCE, dec’d were sold to JOHN M. DAVIS for $55, but the said purchaser has not paid the amount to me at this time . 9-7-1874 S. H. STAPLES

JOHN L. SCOTT is allowed the sum of $100 for making out the tax list for the year of 1874.

P. 29
S. H. STAPLES, Clerk of the Circuit Court presented the following bill. State vs SUSAN HALL   $50

E. M. BLEDSOE is constable of the 7th district.

P. 30
W. B. LANGLEY is constable of the 2nd district.

LINDSY COOPER granted license to practice law.

October Term 1874
p. 33
WILLIAM LOVE is appointed overseer of a 3rd class road begining at Liberty Church by JOHN WILLIAMS farm up the mountian to LOVES farm, to R. O. TAYLORS farm running to the old road by E. FAIRCHILDS and to intersect the Knoxville road at JAMES M. JONES.

P. 34
ANDREW R. LEWALLEN appointed overseer of a 3rd class road begining at the ford of White Oak at CARPENTERS mill place to JAMES S. STONE.

SAMUEL LONG appointed overseer if the Huntsville Road from the forks of the road at the top of Clear Fork hill to the county line near ISAAC RISDENS.  All the hand on JOHN BREWSTERS farm and DELANY TOMPKINS to work on road.

LAYTON GOUNY appointed overseer of a 3rd class road begining at the Clear Fork at the BREWSTER ford to the county line at WALTER LEWALLENS. All the hand at ANDREW YOUNGS, JOHN YOUNGS,  N.H. GUFFEE,  C.C. SCHEN and THOMAS STONECIPHER place to work on the road.

W. D. FRANCIS appointed overseer of a 2nd class road begining ath the corner of G. W. KIETHS fence by way of JOHN W. LAYMANCE mill to intersect the county road at the GERDING LANE.

D. J. GILDY appointed overseer of a 3rd class road begining at the ford of the Emory River at Montgomery to the top of the TRIPPLETT hill, west to the TRIPPLETT gap.

P. 35
AMOS YORK appointed overseer of a 3rd class road begining at the Wartburg/ Jamestown road near Mount Vernon Church, along the dividing ridge between Clear Fork and White Oak to the county line near DEMPSEY

P. 36
JOHN W. LAYMANCE allowed $5 for holding the August election of 1874

S. H. STAPLES resigned as guardian of SAMUEL H. BYRD, minor of SAMUEL M. BYRD dec’d, .  The minor is place in charge of J.S. FRITT, Public Guardian of Morgan County.

December Term 1874
p. 37
MARTHA FRITTS formally MARTHA HONEYCUTT partitioned the court to be appointed guardian of the minor heirs of H. C. HONEYCUTT, dec’d, viz: VESTA ANN age 7, DAVID D. age 6, MARY age 5.   Granted.

P. 38
LYDA C. BAIL asked to be appointed as guradian of her own children, ELIZABETH and LINCOLN HENDERSON.  Granted.

WALTER CARROL an orphan of three years of age is apprenticed to ORVILLE EVERETT until 21 years of age in the occupation of farmer, he is to be given a common education in the common schools.

P. 40
SAMUEL F. SCOTT is granted the privilege of establishing a ferry across the river at or near Montgomery in Morgan County.  No other person is allowed to establish a ferry on said river, except for their own private
use.  Privilege to extend until 1-1-1876.  He shall keep open a safeway to and from the ferry for the use of footman and horseman and that he be allowed to charge the following: men on foot low water $0.05, men on
foot high water $0.10, got each passager, men on horseback, each man and horse $0.10, high water $0.20.

P. 41 He is not to carry person when the river is deemed, by him, to be dangerous.  He has until 1-1-1875 to establish a boat for the use of footman, and until 2-1-1875 to establish at boat for carrying horse.  He
is to have all the privileges granted other furyman(sic) by law.  He made a $200 bond.

1861 –  EXCERPTS 

January Term 1861P. 371 It is ordered by the court that WILLIAM R. JACKSON be released of $119.22 insolrences? and double tax and county tax $19.46 and state tax $29.86 and that the clerk certify the same, it is ordered by the court that WILLIAM R. JACKSON be released of $10.50 county tax and $4.90 state tax on account of certificate of overseer of roads.

P. 374 On application of W. H. JONES it is ordered by the court that RUFUS JONES be released form working on public roads. On application of BARBARY HALL widow of DAVID HALL dec’d, the order that M. STEPHENS, WILLIAM CURD and M.D. F. BUTLER be appointed to lay off dower is recinded and it is futher ordered by the court that M. STEPHENS, WILLIAM CURD and AMOS TAYLOR be appointed to lay off a years support for the said widow HALL and that a copy of this order be issued.

It is ordered by the court that E. LAUNDERS?? Be allowed $36.50 for holding court and furnishing wood and that the clerk certify the same from April to January.

P. 375 The tax for the year of 1861
$0.25 per hundered dollar of land.
$0.85 each poll $15 Marchant license
$25 license for grocery
$50 circus and menagay shows
$5 other shows
$5 race tracks.

P. 376 Ordered by the court that THOMAS H. DAVIS chairman of the County Court be allowed $150 for his services for a year.

Feburary Term 1861

P. 378 Ordered by the court that C. S. FRANCIS adm. of the estate of JACOB KRESE be allowed until the next term of court to make an inventory of said estate.

March Term 1861

P. 378 BARBARY HALLS dower was 1/3 of lands owned by DAVID HALL dec’d. It contained 160 acres, the dwelling house, out houses and orchards. This is the report to the County Court at the March term 1861. Fees M.D.F. BUTLER $5.55, WILLIAM CURD $1 , M. STEPHENS $1.

April Term 1861

P. 381 Ordered by the court that a claim issued to JOSEPH ALLY for $3 his services as a juror which claim was issued and been misplaced served at the July term 1856.

It is ordered by the court I. STINECIPHER and J. M. MELTON be appointed (crossed out) be authorized to move the road so it runs on the line between said MELTON and STEPHENS ford and the heirs of ROBERT BUSH dec’d and that the overseer receive the same when put in as a good _____ as the old road..


Jurors in the case of the State vs. HENRY JOHNSTON, WM. GODDARD, J. B. SCHOOLER, SIMON HURST, WM. CURD, PRESTON McCART all were paid $3 each.

P. 382 R.O. TAYLOR tended his resignation as constable of the said county 2nd district which is recorded. AMOS TAYLOR Esq. Returns his report in the case of the State vs J. T. CROSS and HENRY W. NELSON, judgement 3rd November 1860 for fine $2 each.

J. STONECIPHER trustee of Morgan Co., TN tends his bond for school funds for the year 1861. Bond was $5000.

P. 383 Ordered by the court that the road from Wartburg to Whites Mill and the road from Wartburg to Widow Scotts be combined and be the same road and ROBERT HENDERSON be appointed overseer.

Ordered by the court that the registor be required to have register books M, F, and E bound.

Ordered by the court that E. LAVENDER be allowed $68.80 ______ service and summons for jurors for 1860.

It is ordered by the court that NANCY COLE, that was at a former term of this court was declared a pauper is reversed and JOHN ALEXANDER be allowed $11 for keeping her during her time as a pauper and that the same be certified.

L. D. HOWARD made bond($4000) as constable of the 7th district of morgan County, NEEDY PRINCE and G. B. CARDEN securities.

The book ends here and begins again in January 1874.



County Court Clerk Minutes Covering the year of 1856

Copied from the TN State Library and Archives Microfilm Roll #9 by Wilma Gibson


March term

p. 23

On motion of A. J. SUMMERS, one of the adm. of the estate of LEMUEL* SUMMERS dec’d B. T. STAPLES is appointed with L. B. SNOW and ERICUS HATFIELD as commissioners to lay off dower out the land belonging to the said estate to SUSAN SUMMERS and make a report to the next term of court

* this might be SAMUEL SUMMERS, it is difficult to read.

April term


G.W. KEITH Clerk of the County, appeared in open court and exhibited a settlement which

with PHILLIP WHITE adm. of the estate of RYLE PRICE dec’d, which was admitted and order to be spread upon the will book.

May term

p. 47-48

JULIAN F. SCOTT appeared in open court and acknowledge himself the father of a Bastard child of which MARY E. OWENS was delivered on the 20th day of February and entered into bond to relieve the county of paying expenses if the child should become a pauper. GARRETT HALL was his security.

JOHNATHAN McPETERS , executor of the estate of FIELDING GRIFFITH dec’d returned an inventory of the rents and _________ of property of said dec’d which was order to be spread upon the inventory books for the years of 1855.

July term

p. 53

JAMES B. JONES, corner of the said county came into open court with the proceeding held by the jury into the death of F. HEYDEMANN. “On our oath we do day that person or persons unknown to us on June 27, 1856 in the county afore said with force and arms and against the peace and dignity of the state did felonious, wilfully deliberately and with malice with a certain shooting weapon did kill and murder F. HEYDEMANN.



P. 54.

SUSANNAH ADKINS dower was laid off out of the lands of SAMUEL SUMMERS, her late husband. The land is located on the STAPLES MILL CREEK and includes grand # 24452 and entry 657 100 acres. 7 July 1956, signed LARKIN B. SNOW, ERICUS HATFIELD, B. T. STAPLES

P. 60

MRS. ANN HYDEMANN widow of FREDENAND HYDEMANN, applied for letter of adm. of the estate which was granted.


J. F. SCOTT, GARNETT HALL Jr. and JOHN WHITE are appointed by the court to lay off and apportion to ANNA HYDEMANN widow of FREDENAND HYDEMANN Sr. her years support out of the said estate.



1820 Manufactures Census Eastern District of Tennessee – Morgan Co.

FHL# 1024517
pp. 0429-0439

p. 0431
Harmon BANKS sugar making
James ELLIS sugar making
Robert McCART sugar making
Andrew SHANNON sugar making
David HALL sugar making
James ROACH sugar making
Letitia HALL sugar making
Garrett HALL Distillery

Robert McCORKLE sugar making
Josh COX Hatting business
William “?” sugar making
John DAVIDSON sugar making
Reuben WILLIAMS sugar making
Daniel STINECIPHER sugar making
Martin(?) SEXTON sugar making

Neal McCOY sugar making
Robet MAGEE Spirits of Turpentine
John ELLIS sugar making
Robert ELLIS sugar making
John HOWARD Hatting business
James BOWMAN sugar making



ARCHIE WEAVER (on right)
b-1/9/1896, 3/3/1963
Kubly Cemetery
Dennie Hickman (left)
Bob Scott’s old store on far left
b-9/10/1899, d 5/2/1972
Kubly Cemetery
w/o Archie Weaver
d/o John S. Hall
* *
b-3/19/1932, d 3/26/1992
Kubly Cemetery
s/o of Archie & Stella Alice Hall
~ ~ ~
Timberline Hall
(Taken about 1931-32)
Barney Lee Hall, Jr., – left
J. R. Davis, – right
* *
Kubly Cemetery
w/o Julian Toney
* *
Timothy Weaver, 12/10/1864, 2/23/1927
Martha Weaver, 4/6/1885, 1/22/1983
Julian Weaver–d, 6/24/1918 at 3 yrs, 7 months
Forstner Cemetery
b- October 14, 1934
d -May 27, 1977son of
George Isaac Hall & Carrie Gertrude

Brother of Timberline Hall, Jessie Brummett, Iva Hall and Cherrie Hall

Photo courtesy of Anita Hall

Candie Lee Hall Hardwick
d/o Timberline Hall and Betty Bass Hall
d 1-7-2005
Interment in Forstner Cemetery
submitted by Anita Hall


Courtsey of David Weaver


~ ~ ~ 
Since Oscar Bishop was probably born in this house,
I am going to guess it is/was in Frankfort Area
<<<                ALFRED BISHOP  son of
Rufus Bishop and Sarah Barnett
b) 5-15-1858 in TN   d) 3-20-1917
burried in Potters Chapel Cemetary, Morgan Co, TN
1860 census age 2
daughter of
Henry Melton and Mary Elizabeth Howard Melton
b) 2-19-1863 in Morgan Co TN
d) 9-28-1914 in TN
burried Potters Chapel Cemetary, Morgan Co. TN
1910 census age 47
Rebeccas dad: Henry Melton
b)10-18-1818 in Morgan Co d)7-21-1882
Married 7-22-1847 Morgan Co
burried – Clear Creek Cemetary Lancing TNRebeccas Mom: Mary Elizabeth Howard Melton
b)  9-22-1829 in Morgan Co.  d) 7-10-1903

Morgan Co, Clear Creek Cemetary, Lancing TN

b 9-6-1882, Lancing, TN
d 2-6-1957
b  5-10-1892, Lancing, TN
d 2-21-1986
Married in Deer Lodge, TN
September 18, 1910

  Ole, Eunice, Gladys, Jeanette, Marilyn & Chester Bishop
~ ~ ~
Parents: Ole Bishop
b- 10-14-1910 in Frankfort, Morgan Co., TN
d 12-24-1985 in Crossville, tN
Eunice Caldwell-Bishop
b  7-29-1912 in Lancing, TN
d April 1998? in Crossville, TN
m 11-10-1932 in Stearns, Ky
Both parents buried in Crossville City Cemetery
Children, left to right
Gladys, Jeanette, Marilyn, Chester Bishop

born 10-14-1825 in VA
died 6-6-1887
burried Taylor Plot Frankfort/Morgan Co
Married 3-27-1850 in Morgan County, TN
born 10-14-1819 in Morgan Co
died 3-11-1890
burried Taylor Plot Frankfort/Morgan Co.
Parents of
David Alexander Taylor


Could they be HAWNS??

Photos courtesy of Velera West-Pace
Velera Marie West-Pace
g-g-grandaughter of
Alfred and Rebecca Bishop
g-g-grandaughter of
D. A. Taylor and Sarah Hall-Taylor



b 4-4-1896
d 8-13-1974
b 10-7-1900
d- 7-31-1974

was the son of
Wiley Hall and Louise Adkins.
He was born: April 4, 1896.
Buried at Adams Hill Cemetery in Chestnut Ridge.
was the daughter of
George W. Smith and Huldah Green.
She was born:October 7, 1900.
Buried at Adams Hill cemetery in Chestnut Ridge.
They’re children are::
Nellie (Hall) Galloway (my mother) Married to Orville Galloway
Cecil Hall, married to Nellie Walker
Junior Hall, married to Myrtle Hall
Theodore Hall
Eunice Hall, married to Theodore Ooten
Mable Hall
Enith Hall, married to Oren Nichols
Ruth Hall, married to A.C. Simpson

Photo Courtesy of Pat Galloway Rymer – granddaughter


b March 11,1893, d  Feb 23, 1936
in Morgan Co.Burial in Kubly Cemetery, Lancing.
He was the son of Chloe Hall.
He worked as the forman for the railroad in Morgan Co. until his death. He was shot and killed in front of his children. It was the night before my grandfather,
Samuel Houston Hall’s  6th birthday.
Harry was killed in the ‘serenade killing’ of Morgan County on Feb 23, 1936.

MINNIE MAE THORNTON HALL b June 12,1898  d August 16,1958
Burial in Rockwood, TN
daughter of Bill & Clara Thornton
~ ~ ~ ~
She was 8 months pregnant with their 9th child when Harry was killed. After Harry’s death she raised the children by herself. Minnie was said to have been the postmaster at Annadel before Harry’s death.

The following articles concerning the death of Harry Lee Hall, appeared in the Morgan County News and also appears in the book:   Morgan County Newspaper Obituaries, Vol. II, 1935-1940.

HALL, Harry —Serenade Kissing Leads to Slaying–CLARK and Friend in Jail, tell Sheriff HALL Threatened to Kill Them–Harry HALL, of Annadel station, near here, a railroad man, was shot and instantly killed at his home late Saturday night by Reed CLARK, 22, who accused HALL of kissing his wife at a serenade.  “A serenade is all right, but hugging and kissing my wife is not,” CLARK told HALL immediately before firing a bullet into his head, Sheriff H. E. BYRGE said CLARK told him after his arrest.  According to the sheriff, HALL went along with a group to serenade CLARK Saturday night, but found the young bridegroom away from home and the wife alone.  When CLARK returned, Mrs. CLARK told him HALL forced his attentions upon her, the sheriff said he had learned.  CLARK, in company with Lloyd LONG, 21, a friend, then went to the HALL home and called him out to the front porch, the sheriff said.  The shooting, he said followed CLARK’S accusation that HALL had been kissing Mrs. CLARK.  The bullet, from a small caliber pistol, entered HALL’S mouth and emerged at the back of his head.  He died instantly.  Sheriff BYRGE said CLARK and LONG, both of whom are held in the Morgan County jail, stated HALL was threatening to kill them and had a pistol pointed at them when CLARK shot him.  HALL was married and the father of eight children.  [Morgan County News, 2-27-1936, Vol. 18, No. 42]
HALL, Harry–The many friends and relatives of Mr. Harry HALL were shocked to hear of his sudden death Sunday.  Several from here attended his funeral at Wartburg.  He was buried in the Lancing Cemetery.  [Morgan County News, 2-27-1936, Vol. 18, No. 42]
HALL, Harry –Mr. and Mrs. A. V. BYRD of Spring City were here Tuesday to attend the funeral of Mr. Harry HALL.  [Morgan County News, 2-2-1936, Vol. 18, No. 42]
HALL, HARRY –SLAYERS HELD WITHOUT BOND–Reed CLARK and Lloyd LONG, youthful slayers of Harry HALL last Sunday morning at Annadel after an argument in which CLARK alleged HALL had kissed his wife, a bride of only a few days, at a serenade.  One of the largest crowds ever to attend a preliminary hearing gathered in the Circuit Court room, Thursday afternoon to hear the testimony and get a glimpse of the slayer.  Esquires J. L. KAUFMAN and John R. DAVIS presided at the hearing.  [Morgan County News, 3-5-1936, Vol. 18, No. 43]
Card of Thanks–We wish to extend our thanks to our many friends for the kindness and sympathy shown us during the loss of our dear husband and father, and for the beautiful floral offerings.  We also wish to thank Rev. ROBB for his comforting words and for the Schuberts care.  [Signed]  Mrs. Minnie HALL and children.  [Morgan County News, 3-5-1936, Vol. 18, No. 43]
TWO GIVEN 10 YEARS FOR ‘KISS MURDER’—Reed CLARK, 23, and Lloyd LONG, 21, were found guilty of second degree murder in Criminal Court here Thursday for the murder of Harry HALL, prominent Morgan County railroad man.  HALL was shot and killed February 23 after a serenade at CLARK’S home at which it was alleged that HALL kissed CLARK’S wife, a bride of only two weeks.  Mrs. Harry HALL testified that her husband and several of the children came back from the serenade about 10 o’clock and that they retired shortly after 12 o’clock, that she was awakened by a voice calling her husband, begging him to come out.  The witness stated that some remark was made about a serenade and in two or three minutes she heard the gun fire.  Harry Lee HALL, Jr., crippled son of the victim, related how he slept near a window and was an eye witness to the murder of his father.  He stated that CLARK called his father out of the house saying “a serenade is alright but hugging and kissing my wife in not,” then said, “look here,” flashed a carbide light in his face and shot him.  Lindsay HOWARD, a neighbor of HALL, was at the serenade with his children and related that HALL was not drunk and that the serenade was not out of order.  The defense relied on the testimony of Reed CLARK, one of the defendants, and his companion, Lloyd LONG, who was held as an accessory to the murder.  CLARK stated that they had returned from a neighbor’s home where they had been listening to music until about 12 o’clock, that he had been informed, before he came home, about the serenade while he was away and that HALL had embraced his wife, Shirley CLARK, whispered to him after they had gone to bed, and told him that HALL had tried to become familiar with her and that he dressed, bade LONG, who was visiting with him at that time, to go to Annadel with him.  The defendant further stated that he called to HALL and was wanting to “reason the thing out with him.”  He stated that HALL came out with a pistol in his hand and after an exchange of words, leveled the pistol at him and that he shot HALL in self defense.  The other defendant corroborated the testimony of CLARK.  The Jury was out deliberating two hours and a half, after a charge from Judge Jesse L. ROGERS, who presided.  After the verdict was announced, council for the defense made a motion for a new trial, which was argued before Judge ROGERS, Tuesday morning and over ruled.  Representing the State were Attorney General Howard BAKER, Geo W. DAGLEY, J. M. DAVIS and R. A. DAVIS.  The defense attorneys were J. H. McCARTT and Charles DAVIS.  The trial consumed two days and attracted one of the largest crowds ever to attend court here.  [Morgan County News, 4-2-1936, Vol. 18, No. 52]

Courtesy of Melissa Chatman

Great-granddaughter of Harry Lee and Minnie Mae Thornton Hall

KELLY CEMETERY – behind the Kelly house, up the hill

  Sacred to the memory of 
Malindy Kelly 
   Who died in the true faith of 
   Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ 
    Died January 11, 1872 
Aged about 64 yrs

(daughter of James Martin & Malinda) 
born  February 6, 1828 
died  August 14, 1843