Chesterfield Depot

from the research of Charles and Brenda Fiddler

Mary Evie Greer Anderson Cottrell at the old Railroad Depot at Chesterfield where for a period she maintained a rest home and infirmary for ladies.

Photo Mary Ann and David Walker

Chesterfield, Tennessee, 1906, Photographer on south side looking north-northeast. From left in photo: First house unknown, white house is Samuel Shannon home, house with columns is Luther Walker home, next is Lafayette Walker home, RR Depot (brown building right in center of photograph), next is Walker Bros. (P.W. & L.M.) Store, white house E. W. Walker home, second building from right is E.M. Evans home. Telegraph poles just across tracks are painted white part of way up. Note chimney standing just to left of RR Crossing Sign. Just behind RR Crossing Sign is present day location of Reed’s and Fisher’s Stores.

Photo Mary Ann and David Walker

Pea Vine Map – 1936

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