Paducah Yard Engineer Given 50-Year Emblem

from the research of Jerry McDaniel

S. L. Herndon, whose service with the company dates back to July 1899, was recently awarded a 50-year emblem.  First employed in the Bridge Dept. with Ace Joslin as Foreman, he transferred to Engine Service in July, 1904, at Jackson and after serving for six years he moved to Paducah as engineer. In November of 1910 he was made Round House Foreman at Lexington where he served until the beginning of World War I, when he was put back on the road as engineer until the end of the war following which he went back to Lexington as Foreman.

In 1922 the Lexington Shop and Terminal was closed and brought to Bruceton and Mr. Herndon was made Foreman at that point. In 1928 he went back to Paducah and two years later when the position was abolished he returned to Bruceton again as Foreman. Paducah must have had a fascination for him for in 1947 he once more returned to that point, this time as Engineer, Switching Service.

Mr. Herndon was born near Parsons on July 29, 1880, and so, has worked practically all his railroad life within “yelling distance” of home. In 1903 he was married to the former Miss Mary Della Houston.  They have three sons and a daughter.

In thinking back over his long service Mr. Herndon stated, “I wish to express my deep and humble appreciation to all the officials during my railroad career for their support and cooperation, for if it had not been for them and their good advice, I could not have mad the record that I did.”

Mary Della Herndon

Lillye Younger featured Mary Della Herndon in an article published in the Jackson Sun.

Pea Vine Map – 1936

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