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  1. I’m looking for my husband’s family that lived in Bible Hill & Parsons. His grandfather was Thurlow Rains. He ran a bar/restaurant back in the 30’s and died from a bad batch of moonshine. He had no legs due to polio.
    We’re also looking for Silas Rains (1883-1956). Don’t know how he’s related but we found a picture of his tombstone.

    1. Robert, My husband is a descendant of David Bird through David’s son, Thomas Priddy Bird. If you will provide your e-mail address, we can share information.

      1. My Great Grand Father was James Thomas Bird, grandson of Thomas Priddy Bird, and son of Banister Priddy Bird. Thomas Priddy Bird is buried at New Hope Methodist Church. David Bird & his 1st wife Katherine (Priddy) Bird are also buried there. David Bird had a large homestead valued & $20,000 in 1859(when he died). He had donated the kand for the New Hope Church & Cemetery. Thomas Bird lived from 1815 until 1910. Six of David’s sons fought for the Confederacy as did Thomas Bird’s 2 oldest sons. 3 of Tom’s brother and his 2 sons were killed. His brother George Yell Bird lived in Gainsville, Tx. and was a very important person. You can google George Yell Bird to find out more about him.

  2. Thomas Crosby born 1 April 1776 in Virginia was last seen living in Henderson County per the 1850 Census, District # 1 with his married daughter Mary Anna Muns and her husband Timothy Muns at the age of 83 years old. Also another in the house hold is another daughter of Thomas, Susan Crosby. Although their last names are noted as Cosby their names are Crosby. I am looking for Thomas’ grave and he is believed to have passed in Henderson County.
    Any help would be great.

  3. I am looking for information about George Dallas Smith, born in 1814, married to Prudence Hobbs of Hardin County, Tennessee. The family lived in and around Scotts Hill and Decatur after the Civil War. They are my 2nd great grandparents. George died before the 1880 census, and Prudence moved back to Hardin County, eventually marrying her neighbor, Pink Nichols. George is buried in Hardin County, in Aenon Cemetery, but I have been unable to find Prudence’s burial site. If you have information about this family, please reply! Thanks!

  4. Eli Hamilton Barr joined the Confederacy in Dec 1861 and was under Captain J. A. Russell at Shiloh. Survived it to die on May 1, 1862 of complications of measles (pneumonia)in Carter County, KY. Most information on the 51st Consolidated Infantry Regiment, Company B, is general. I would like to track the unit to his death date, in an effort to find his place of burial. Any information or guidance appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  5. I am researching my great grandfather, Henry Thomas Britton, who married Palina Tennessee Moore. I do not have any information on his lineage, nor a death certficate, place of burial, etc. I have Palina’s information; she is the daughter of W L and Eliza Jane Moore. I am especially interested in seeing if he is connected to the other Britton’s in Henderson County, TN. I cannot locate him in the 1900 census and they lived in Hardin and McNairy counties in the early 1900’s.

    I am especially wondering if there is any connection to Thomas Britton who married Sarah Joyner?

    Any help would be appreciated.

  6. I’m looking for the first wife of Robert Lee Kee (Key) 1869-1938. He was a son of Green B. and Martha Kee. His first wife was Mary F. according to the 1900 census and they had been married 5 years then. He later remarried and lived and died in Oklahoma. I’m trying to find Mary’s maiden name, perhaps when she died and where she was buried. If anyone is related to the Green B. and Martha Rhodes Kee family please contact me. Thanks.

  7. i am looking for info on goffs of henderson co tn Lewis Goff 1819-1880 George W Goff 1865-1949 dyer co tn Arile C Goff 1914-1994 born near Sardis Tn died in dyer co tn

  8. I Need Help Finding out Any Details that can be Provided to Me. My Last Name is Williams & I Live in Dallas, Texas. Working on My Family Tree & going Backwards has led Me to The Town of Lexington, Tennessee in Henderson County, where I’ve been able to Trace through Various Sources, along with some Conjecture & Speculation on My Part, all the way back to My Great, Great, Great Grandpa & a Little Beyond Him. That being said, I hope that someone can help me with what I’m about to leave here.

    Starting out with the name of Nancy A. Phillips, it is Believed that She is The Mother of My Great, Great, Great, Great Grandfather who was Born in North Carolina at a time when North Carolina & Tennessee were more or less merged together as One Territory. His Name was for all intents & Purposes Mr. Williams & He was Married to a Woman who’s Name We Believe to have been Nancy Mitchell, who was also Born in North Carolina, in either 1801 or 1809 (I Believe 1809) & whether it was from Her Birth or something that happened to her eventually over time, Nancy Mitchell was or became Blind.

    Over a course of time, My 4-G Grandpa Williams & My 4-G Grandma, Blind Nancy, Travelled back & forth between North Carolina & what would become The Town of Lexington, Tennessee in Henderson County, because on June 4, 1828 in Henderson County, They had Their First Child, a Daughter, who was Named Elizabeth E. Williams.

    Eventually, We Believe, on February 11, 1847, Elizabeth E. Williams, Married Alford Andrew Rhodes in The Town of Carroll, Tennessee. Elizabeth E. Williams/Rhodes eventually Died at the age of 62 in Henderson County, on November 15, 1890 & was Buried in The Rhodes Cemetery in Henderson County, Tennessee, where Her Husband Alford was Buried, Beside Her, just 2 Years Later.

    The 2nd Child & The First Son of My 4-G Grandpa Williams & My 4-G Grandma, Blind Nancy, was My 3-G Grandpa T. Williams, who was Born in 1829, somewhere in North Carolina, obviously on One of Their back & forth Journey’s. Some Sources say that His First Name started with The Letter “F”, but I Believe that to be a Typo & His “Name” is T. Williams.

    Sometime, I know not when, My 3-G Grandpa T. Williams, Married My 3-G Grandma, who’s name I Believe to be Harriett & She was Born in Tennessee in 1834. I have No Clue as to when either of them Died or where, but I do know that They Lived in Henderson County, in The Town of Lexington, Tennessee, where They had Several Children, that I will be getting to shortly.

    The 3rd Child & The 2nd Son of My 4-G Grandpa Williams & My 4-G Grandma, Blind Nancy, was Named Francis Milton Williams, but Most Sources just List Him as being Milton or M & He was Born in 1846, somewhere in Tennessee. I have No idea when He Died, but apparently, on May 5, 1870, He Married a Woman by The Name of Louisa M. Harrison in The Town of Williamson, Tennessee & She was Born in Tennessee in 1852 & just like Her Husband Milton, I have No idea when She Died, but They did have Children.

    I won’t cover the Children of Alford Andrew Rhodes & Elizabeth E. Williams, because I’m pretty sure that Everybody in Henderson County, knows who The Rhodes Family is or was.

    As for My 3-G Grandpa T. Williams & My 3-G Grandma Harriett, Their First Child & 1st First Son, was My 2-G Grandpa, J. W. Williams, who was Born in either 1851 or 1854 (I Believe 1851) in Henderson County, Tennessee & who Died somewhere Between February 3, 1876 & July 7, 1880 in The Town of Cleburne, Texas, in Johnson County.

    Sometime, After 1859, My 2-G Grandpa J. W. Williams, either by Himself or with Other People, made His way to Texas & Settled in The Town of Cleburne, which was in Johnson County, Texas & On February 3, 1876, My 2-G Grandpa, J. W. Williams, Married My 2-G Grandma, Rosanna Meridean Wilson, somewhere in Johnson County, Texas.

    After The Birth of My 2-G Grandpa, J. W. Williams, My 3-G Grandparents T. & Harriett Williams, Had The Following Children:

    John T. Williams (Sometimes Referred to as J. T. W. Williams Depending on The Source) who was Born in 1853 in either Lexington or Lauderdale, Tennessee. He Died sometime After 1920.

    He Married a Woman by The Name of Bettie Baker, who was Born in 1857, I Believe in Lauderdale, Tennessee. She also Died After 1920.

    (John T. & Bettie Williams Had a Daughter, who They Named Celia Elizabeth Williams & She was Born in Tennessee in 1898, But Her Day of Departure is Unknown. On December 23, 1914, in Lincoln, Tennessee, Celia Elizabeth Williams, Married George A. Whitsett (12/24/1890 – 07/16/1971).)

    After John T. Williams in 1853, There was His Sister,
    N. J. Williams, (Possible First & Second Names of Nancy Jane, But No Proof), who was Born in Tennessee in November 1856 & She Married a Man Named Bennett Williams (No Relation as Far as I Can Tell), Who was Born in 1857 in Tennessee & who’s Parents were R. D. Williams & His Mother Sousanna (Maiden Name Unknown). They in Turn had Several Children as Follows:
    Anna M. Williams (1879 – ?)
    Eula Williams (1885 – ?)
    Hiram Williams (1892 – ?) who Married a Woman Named Nany (1887 – ?) & They Had a Son Named Chapman Williams (1910 – ?).
    Joseph Williams (1895 – ?)
    Lillian Williams (1896 – ?)

    And After N. J. Williams in 1856, There was Her Sister & The Last Child of My 3-G Grandpa & Grandma, M. L. Williams, (Possible First Name of Mattie, But No Definite Proof), who was Born in 1859 in Tennessee. On May 2, 1899, in Henderson County, Tennessee, M. L. Williams was Married to S. B. Caviness, who’s Possible First Name was Samuel & He Might have been Born in August of 1866. I have No Clue when either of Them Died.

    Going Back to My 4-G Grandparents 2nd Son Francis Milton Williams, He & His Wife Louisa Harrison, Had The Following Children:

    Neal Young (1873 – ?) A Black Man Working on The Farm.
    Leander L. Williams (1978 – ?) & He Married:
    Minnie C. (1885 – ?) & They Had 2 Children,
    Beula M. Williams (1902 – ?) & Willie M. Williams (1905 – ?)
    Nancy Williams (1879 – ?)
    Bert Williams (1887 – ?)

    From Here, That Covers The Whole Family as Far as Henderson County, Tennessee Goes, but to carry this a Little Farther, to give you sources of Information…..

    The Daughter of My 4-G Grandparents, Elizabeth E. Williams, Can be Found in The 1850 Census, Living with Alford Andrew Rhodes as His Wife.

    My 4-G Grandma, Blind Nancy Mitchell, can be Found Living with Her Son T. Williams & His Family in The 1860 Census.

    In The 1870 Census, Blind Nancy & Her Son Milton are Living in The Rhodes Family House with Her Daughter Elizabeth & Her Husband Alford.

    There are Other Censuses from Various Years with Several of The Children & Parents from Various Generations that can be Found Here & There.

    After you have read all of this, I want to apologize for taking up so much Bandwidth, but as you can see, I Lack a Lot of Names, Dates & Locations. And Surely, with Nancy Mitchell being Blind in The 1800’s, someone should have some record of that. I also not able to Find but a Few Burial Sites.

    Thank You for Any Help that you can provide to Me.

    1. Leander L. Williams was Born in 1878, Not 1978. And the second to last sentence is supposed to read that “I am not able to find but a few grave sites.”

  9. In 1902 Amanda McHaney Taylor wrote “A HISTORY OF THE MCHANEY AND HENRY FAMALIES OF HENDERSON COUNTY TENNESSEE”. In her writings, there is information about my ancestors William Cornelius Mchaney and Cornelius Mchaney. I would like to find this information. Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

  10. I am looking for any information on the Hale family from Lexington (Henderson) Tn. My 2 great grandfather was William Henry Hale B: May 8, 1847 D: May 6, 1918 (70) in Lexington and Burial was at Old Bethel Church Cemetery in Lexington he was married to
    Mary Jane Hale maiden name is unknown B: Octt 6 1848 D: Jan 12, 1918 Buried at Old Bethel Church Cemetary Lexington Tn.
    They had I know at least one son who is my great grandfather Gilford Mack Hale B: Aug 1, 1885 D: Feb 18,1937 in Madison County Tn. Buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Jackson Tn.
    He was married to
    Mary Amanda Hale maiden name unknown B: Sept 9,1882 D: Jan 25,1972 (89). Buried also at Hollywood Cemetery in Jackson Tn.
    They had I know a son Bennie Mack Hale B:Aug 17, 1906 D: July 7, 1990 (83) Knox County Tn. Buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Jackson Tn. He was married to
    Mary Sue Briley Hale B:Aug. 7, 1906 in Okmulgee Co. Oklahoma D: Nov. 17,2000 (94) in Knox County Tn. Buried at Hollywood Cemetery in Jackson Tn.

    Gilford & Mary Hale also had a daughter whom is my paternal grandmother
    Lora Hale Davis B: Nov 2, 1908 D: Nov 14, 1972 Buried in Hollywood Cemetery Jackson Tn. IMarried my grandfather Chester Oliver Davis from Jackson Tom. I never met him.
    Any info anyone could possibly share is much appreciated.
    I will check back often.

  11. I have been researching my family for more than a decade. I know that two sides of my family, Holland/Kennedy, both moved westward across Tennessee to Decatur/Henderson Counties. I am curious about one of my ancestors, David S. Kennedy, son of Hugh Johnson Kennedy, Sr./Jane (Jinnie) Delaney Kennedy. He was a twin to Isaac R. Kennedy. Does anyone have information regarding the “S” for his middle name?

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