May Discontinue Road

from the research of Jerry McDaniel

The Tennessean, June 28, 1933

LEXINGTON, Tenn., June 27 – (Spl.) – A meeting of a few of the N., C. & St. L. railroad officials and the business men of Lexington and Henderson county was held in the depot Monday afternoon to discuss the discontinuance of the Perryville Branch road, which was built in 1887 as a part of the Tennessee Midland railroad.  The railroad officials reported that the branch was being operated at a loss since the new concrete highway to Perryville has been finished.

For a long time the little old-fashioned train, with several freight cars and one coach for passengers and mail, made two trips a day to Perryville on the Tennessee river.

Pea Vine Map – 1936

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  1. That last paragraph brought mixed emotions. I instantly envisioned Petticoat Junction’s Hooterville and that made me smile. That was followed quickly by sadness and deep longing for days gone by. What a jewel you found!

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