Books Published by Brenda Kirk Fiddler

Brenda Fiddler still has available for sale copies of all her books, including the 3-volume set of HENDERSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE NEIGHBORS with photos of the general area including Decatur County. She is currently working on a book composed of previously unpublished photographs combined with lots of stories from the Henderson/Decatur/Perry/Carroll/Chester County area. She has expressed a special interest in getting more photos and stories from Decatur County. If you have such material, please call Brenda at 731 968-7739 or e-mail Photos and text can be scanned by Charles and Brenda from their van sitting in your driveway. You never lose sight of your material and no one has to go inside your home.

Books Published by Brenda Kirk Fiddler

HENDERSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE NEIGHBORS (2012) $70.00 Postpaid: A 1488 page limited edition in three 8 1/2 x 11 inch hardbound volumes of 496 pages each. The set has a full name index and birth and death dates and other family connections have been added when practical. Related historical notes have been added in many instances. The majority of the photos are from Henderson County, but we have included several photos from surrounding counties. Family pictures (family groups, individuals and children) total 580 pages. School groups total 196 pages. Some pictures are rare finds and most are of earlier generations. We have included a section showing current churches, cemeteries and schools, and a section of present day Lexington/Henderson County Scenes.

HENDERSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE CONNECTIONS (2005) $60.00 Postpaid: This book includes 3300 vintage photographs selected from 12,000 submitted. The 800-page high quality 8 1/2 x 11 inch hardbound book on high gloss paper includes sections relating to Mills Darden, CCC Camps, Parks and Lakes, Politics, Schools and School Sports. The 63-page section on Military Service including pictures of Civil War soldiers and details about the units they served with. Also included are pictures of many who served in World War I, World War II and the Korean War. This special section ends with a listing of names of Henderson County soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice. Almost 300 pages are devoted to Families and Individuals. Many photographs have birth, death and marriage information including maiden names. Many photographs are old and rare. Some were made before the Civil War during the early days of photography and provide a rare glimpse of pioneer settlers. The book has a full name index. The focus of the book is Henderson County but the book does include several photographs of families from the surrounding counties. Many pictures are included of families who left the area. Pictures of families, farm operations, businesses, fraternal organizations, recreation and church activities in early years help connect us with our past.

CROSSING THE DARK RIVER, HENDERSON COUNTY, TN OBITUARIES 1827-1950 (1999) $36.00 Postpaid: This 8 1/2 x 11 inch hardbound book, published in 1999, contains over 3000 obituaries of Henderson Countians as published in local and area newspapers. The obituaries provide a wealth of family and local history and they are an invaluable source for genealogical research. The editors of earlier days tended to write obituaries with a great deal of candor; if an individual died from being hanged by the neck, that is precisely what the obituary stated. However, editors found “good” in even the outlaws and usually tried to send them straight on to Glory.

HENDERSON COUNTY, TENNESSEE; A PICTORIAL HISTORY (co-author) (1996) $45.00 Postpaid: This 8 ½ x 11 inch hardbound book published in 1996 contains over 1,000 photographs with 368 pages including a full name index. Many old family photographs and portraits include family data. Other chapters include City and Rural Scenes, Patriotism, Transportation, School Days, Sports, Churches and Children of Long Ago.

W. V. BARRY’S LEXINGTON PROGRESS, 1884-1946 (1995) $7.00 Postpaid: This hardbound book of 258 pages published in 1995 provides a glimpse of Henderson County history transcribed from microfilm of old newspapers. The majority of the book is taken from the work of W. V. Barry who established The Lexington Progress in 1884. The book contains an extensive reprint of a special edition of The Progress published November 25, 1910, which described the city, county and local officials at the time as well as a history of businesses in Lexington. A series of historical articles from 1933 record the recollections of W. T. Threadgill whose memory of Lexington reached back to the Civil War.

For more information call Brenda at 731 968-7739 or e-mail To order books, mail check to Brenda Fiddler, 414 Eastern Shores Dr., Lexington, TN 38451. If you have photos or stories for the next book, Brenda and Charles would like to talk with you.

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  1. From the descriptions, these books appear to hold a great wealth of information. But for us non-Tennessee residents who haven’t seen them, would Ms. Fiddler consider putting just the book indexes on this site – so one could determine if pertinent family information is in them before purchasing? Without knowing specifically “who” is in them, it’s hard to justify purchasing. Just a thought….

    1. The indexes for these books are quite long (about 50 pages) so it isn’t feasible to put them on line. I suggest contacting Brenda Fiddler if you have interest in a particular family.

    2. Is there a way to view indexes online, it is now 2018. And I also would like to know if my family kin exist in these books.
      Kind regards
      Angela Detzler

      Kin: Tate, Caraway, Reed, Howley, Burress, Marshall, Argo, Yates

  2. I have bought the first three of her books, and found the book of obituaries (Crossing the Dark River) helpful in adding information that I didn’t have. She has and is doing a great job in preserving the history of our heritage.

  3. How can I order Henderson County, Tennessee Neighbors? I heard it had some great information about Cedar Grove.

    1. To order books, mail check to Brenda Fiddler, 414 Eastern Shores Dr., Lexington, TN 38451.

  4. I would love to have a copy of the Pictorial History of Henderson Co. I would also like Crossing The Dark River.

    1. Bobbie, To order books, mail check to Brenda Fiddler, 414 Eastern Shores Dr., Lexington, TN 38451. Thanks.

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