Birth Records 1908 to 1909

These 542 Henderson County births were transcribed from an old ledger in the Lexington Courthouse by Ms. Bobbie Pierce ( and kindly donated to this web site. The original records were sorted by school district (not civil district), but they have been sorted alphabetically county-wide for display here.

Child Surname 1st Name Birthdate Sex Race Father Surname Mother Surname School District
Adams Brady 1-10-09 F W L.F. Adams Mittie Adams 1
Adams Fannie 2-16-09 F W E.B. Adams Narcis Adams 1
Adcock J.H. 8-20-08 F W Jim Adcock Mattie Adcock 2
Anderson Charley 1-8-09 M W Rilla Anderson Florence A. 1
Anderson Flossie 11-7-08 F C Joe Anderson Hettie Anderson 1
Arnold Charlie 3-19-09 M C C.E. Arnold Tenn Arnold 5
Arnold Jessie 9-??-08 M W Robt Arnold Maggie Arnold 5
Arnold Ruby 7-??-08 F W Harrison Arnold Ada Arnold 5
Austin A.C. 5-11-09 F W S. Austin Bell Austin 5
Austin Berry_L. 5-30-09 M W A.E. Austin E.M. Austin 4
Autry E.W. 10-3-08 M W E.P. Autry Viola Autry 5
Autry J.N. 7-17-08 M W T.J. Autry Ellen Autry 5
Ayers Homer 9-1-08 F W Tom Ayers Martha_A. Ayers 1
Azbill James 10-23-08 M W Luther Azbill Ardell Azbill Lexington
Azbill Myrtle 10-20-09 F W Shade Azbill Mollie Azbill 1
Bagby No_Name 5-9-09 M W J.A. Bagby V.M. Bagby 4
Bailey Max 1-28-09 M W A.M. Bailey N.M. Bailey 2
Ball Mary_E. 11-17-08 F W Fleetwood Ball Flossie Ball Lexington
Barkans Nola 11-??-08 F W Simon Barkans Emma B 5
Barker Bulah 2-23-09 F W S.P. Barker Addie Barker 3
Barker Gertie 2-20-09 F W E.H. Barker M.A. Barker 3
Barrett Ishmael 5-12-09 F W _____ _____ Phoebe Barrett 3
Bartholomew Albert 11-25-08 M W G.G. Bartholomew Ella B 5
Bartholomew Earnest 12-??-08 M W Tom Bartholomew Tiuley B 5
Bartholomew Flancy 11-23-08 F W F. Bartholomew Ada Bartholomew 1
Bartholomew Willie 8-16-08 M W J.L. Bartholomew Dona B 5
Beacham Luther 2-20-09 M W Dee Beacham Nina B. 3
Beacham Nancy 11-7-08 F W John Beacham Ida Beacham 3
Beacham Young 6-2-09 F W Lee Beacham Maranda B. 3
Beal Willie 3-5-09 M C Jord Beal Ikley Mayo 3
Belew Mildred_I. 1-7-09 F W Joe Belew Ida Belew Lexington
Bell Allena 12-??-09 F W Bert Bell Billie Bell 1
Bell Allie 4-21-09 F C Frazier Bell Carrie Bell Lexington
Benson Thomas 10-2-08 M W W.J. Benson Tennie Benson 3
Benson Thomas 12-6-08 M W E.B. Benson Mallie Benson 3
Blankenship C.L. 8-1-08 M W L.D. Blankenship J.A. B. 3
Blankenship Della 5-10-09 F W C.F. Blankenship Laura B. 3
Blankenship Howell 11-??-08 M W W.W. Blankenship Sallie_A. B 5
Blankenship Joe_M. 3-??-09 M W Add Blankenship Rachel B 5
Blankenship Mae 6-??-09 F W J.W. Blankenship Jennie B 5
Blankenship No_Name 12-?-08 F W H. Blankenship Maude Blankenship 1
Blankenship No_Name 2-8-09 M W Phil Blankenship Mollie B 5
Blankenship Not_Named 6-??-09 F W M. Blankenship Bettie Blankenship 5
Blankenship Will_A. 2-10-09 M W Will Blankenship Mag? B 5
Bowlin Emma_M. 8-20-08 F W Will Bowlin Ida Bowlin Sardis
Bowling Ward 8-4-08 M W Oscar Bowling Maude B. 3
Bowman Lula 11-27-08 F W W.F. Bowman Hattie Bowman 1
Brackens No_Name 5-21-09 M W James Brackens Alor Brackens 5
Bradfield Dorethy 1-??-09 F W B.M. Bradfield Cansis B 5
Bradfield Gladys 6-11-09 F W John Bradfield Annie Bradfield 5
Bradfield Robey 10-22-08 M W Phillip Bradfield Nannie B 5
Bradford No_Name 3-5-09 F W G.F. Bradford Lillie Bradford 5
Brantley Eva 5-1-09 F W Tom Brantley Jane Brantley 2
Brantley Oelee 9-1-08 F W Jim Brantley Mary Brantley 2
Brigance John_C. 11-17-08 M W W.H. Brigance Pauline _____ Lexington
Britt Henry_G. 2-25-09 F W Sol Britt Clarka Britt 2
Britt Lessie 2-10-09 F W Ed Britt Cora Britt 1
Britt Otis 4-8-09 M W T.J. Britt Mary_A. Britt 2
Britt W.R. 2-??-09 M W W.C. Britt Tennie Britt Lexington
Brooks James_W. 3-5-09 M W R.C. Brooks M.M. Brooks 4
Brooks May 4-27-09 F C Lige Brooks Maude Brooks 2
Brown L.L. 2-??-09 F W Jesse Brown Ella Brown 5
Brown Lela 5-2-09 F W H. Brown Mat Brown 2
Bryan No_Name 4-17-09 M W Robt._O. Bryon Flossie_O Bryan 1
Burton _____ 7-1-08 F W J.C. Burton P.A._Roberts Burton 3
Cagle Floyd 4-2-09 M W Geo_W. Cagle Mary Cagle 1
Canon Nina 2-10-09 F W B.A. Canon Bettie Canon 1
Carlyle Clara 1-10-09 F W Onie Carlyle Cara Carlyle 3
Carrie _____ 7-??-09 M W John Cary _____ _____ 1
Carroll Rubie_E. 4-16-09 F W J.R. Carroll F.L. Carroll 4
Cary Ervin 6-3-09 M W Ervin Cary Josie Cary 1
Cary No_Name 11-??-08 M W Gran Cary Lovy Cary 5
Cary Not_Named 9-28-08 F W Sam Cary Susan Cary 5
Chalk Irene_L. 8-6-08 F W John Chalk Nannie Chalk 4
Chalk Rosa_Belle 5-16-09 F W William Chalk Bettie _____ 4
Connally Raymond_F. 12-11-08 M W J.T. Connally Nannie C. Lexington
Cook Tom 6-20-09 F W Bug Cook Laura Cook 1
Cox Exie 9-21-08 F W David Cox Alsie Cox Lexington
Cox Henry 6-17-09 M W D.F. Cox Augustine Cox 1
Cox No_Name 6-2-09 M W Y.H. Cox Ethel Cox 2
Cozart Carmaack 6-15-09 M W Sam Cozart Mellie Cozart 3
Creasy Flora 9-6-08 F W Vally Creasy Florence C. 3
Creasy Flora_E. 7-7-08 F W E.V. Creasy F.E. Creasy 4
Creasy Noah 1-7-09 M W J.A. Creasy Eliza Creasy 2
Crook Clyde 12-??-08 M W Tom Crook Anna Crook 2
Crosbill Essie 12-30-08 F W Joe Crosbill Ida Crosbill 1
Crosser Hazle 7-10-08 F W Arch Crosser Anna Crosser 4
Crow No_Name 3-25-09 M W Joe Crow Dicy Crow 2
Crow No_Name 6-20-09 M W Claude Crow Avca Crow 2
Davenport Isaac_W. 1-17-09 M W N.W. Davenport Ollie Davenport 4
Davis Carra_J. 7-30-08 F W C.C. Davis Lillian Davis Lexington
Davis Mollie 9-22-08 F W T.N. Davis Hattie Davis 1
Davis Nannie_B. 9-16-08 F W B.A. Davis M.E. Davis 4
Davis W.B. 2-2-09 M W Chas Davis Ebbie Davis 5
Daws No_Name 3-26-09 M W Ike Daws Mollie Daws 2
Deer A.C. 9-18-08 F W T.E. Deer S.L. Deer 3
Deer Joe 6-28-09 M W J.A. Deer Annie Deer 3
Deer Ralph 7-3-08 M W B.H. Deer Ada Deer 3
Delaney Homer 8-10-08 M W F.A. Delaney Emmer D. 3
Dennison Edward 3-9-09 M W W.P. Dennison Victoria D Lexington
Derryberry Beatrice 1-11-09 F W Neal Derryberry Della Derryberry 5
Derryberry No_Name 1-??-09 M W J.R. Derryberry Maggie D 5
Dickerson Thomas 7-28-08 M C Joe Dickerson Callie Dickerson 2
Diffee No_Name 10-??-08 M C Leander Diffee Ella Diffee 1
Dodd No_Name 11-??-08 M W O.B. Dodd Loney Dodd 5
Douglass No_Name 11-??-08 M W John Douglass Addie Gilliam 2
Douglass Ollie 6-20-09 F W M.H. Douglass Annie Douglass 1
Doyle Joe 1-15-09 M W J.S. Doyle Josie Doyle 2
Duck Anna_Mable 10-26-08 F W J.H. Duck Ida Duck 4
Duck Un-named 5-13-09 M W J.D. Duck F.E. Duck 4
Duke William 8-??-08 M W Tom Duke Addie Duke 5
Dunivan Flossie_N. 6-24-09 F W C.W. Dunivan J.C. Dunivan 4
Dunn Robt_Taylor 11-2-08 M W J.A. Dunn N.N. Dunn 4
Dyer Alleyton 6-15-09 F W Willis Dyer Dovie Dyer 3
Dyer Avice 3-13-09 F W J.C. Dyer Emma Dyer Sardis
Dyer Earl 1-24-09 M W G.B. Dyer M.M. Dyer 4
Dyer Howard_Taft 10-9-08 M W J.W. Dyer Martha_J. Dyer 4
Dyer James_W. 11-9-08 M W J.W. Dyer D.P. Dyer 4
Dyer Samuel_L. 9-15-08 M W H.J. Dyer R.M. Dyer 4
Eads Sisler 3-17-09 F W Willie Eads Arby Eads 5
Eads Sol 2-25-09 M W W.H. Eades Polly_A. Eades 5
Eads Tommie 5-14-09 F W John Eads Fannie Eads 5
Edgin Ohlen 5-15-09 M W C.H. Edgin L.P. Edgin 4
Edwards Charlie 5-24-09 M W L.F. Edwards Laura Edwards 1
Edwards Fayett 6-10-09 M W Fayett Edwards Lavader Edwards 1
Ellis Atta_Lee 10-6-08 F W W.G. Ellis O.M. Ellis 4
England Collin 4-6-09 M W Enoch England Elva England Sardis
Epison Ernest 2-??-09 M W Frank Epison M.J. Epison 5
Ethridge Lodie 9-10-09 M W B.M. Ethridge Lillie E. 3
Ethridge Lodie_A. 9-17-08 F W B.M. Ethridge L.G. Ethridge 4
Evans Clara 8-16-08 F W J.C. Evans Lucy Evans 1
Evans Lula 3-??-09 F W W.H. Evans Malinia Evans 1
Evans Maude 8-16-08 F W J.C. Evans Lucy Evans 1
Evans No_Name 4-??-09 M W Arthur Evans Lena Evans 5
Evans Walter_A. 5-26-09 M W J.H. Evans Laura Evans Lexington
Fesmire Dora 8-16-08 F W J.R. Fesmire Usha Fesmire 1
Fesmire J.L. 8-27-08 M W I.M. Fesmire Mellie Fesmire 1
Fesmire James 7-31-08 M W T.A. Fesmire Lessie Fesmire 1
Fesmire Joe 3-??-09 M W W.D. Fesmire Della Fesmire 1
Fesmire Pafford 3-14-09 M W F.W. Fesmire Etta Fesmire 1
Fesmire Pastelle 12-8-08 F W John Fesmire Lizzie Fesmire 1
Fiddler No_Name 11-13-08 F W Will Fiddler Minnie F 5
Finch Ruby 5-16-09 F W John Finch Julia Finch 1
Finley Ivy_J. 1-8-09 F W L.D. Finley I.A. Finley 4
Flake Geneva 2-14-09 F W C.L. Flake Lizzie Flake 1
Flake John 3-23-09 M C John Flake Ronie Flake 1
Flat Lola 2-12-09 F W Geo Flat Anna Flat 3
Flat Minnie 6-20-09 F W Nelson Flat Minnie Flat 3
Flowers L.A. 1-9-09 F W Will Flowers Ellen F 5
Foster Sarah_F. 9-21-08 F W S.E. Foster Pattie Foster Lexington
Foush Claude 5-10-09 M W Lee Foush Betty Foush 1
Fowler Bennie_E. 8-1-08 F W Jno_W. Fowler Ona Fowler Sardis
Fowler Lena 7-??-08 F W Tom Fowler Sallie Fowler 1
Franklin Perley 1-4-09 F W W.W. Franklin Ada Franklin 1
Frizzel S.F. 5-26-09 M W Jim Frizzel Ada Frizzel 4
Frizzell Noble 6-11-09 M W W.G. Frizzell D.A. Frizzell 5
Fuller Hattie 7-29-08 F W R.W. Fuller Maude Fuller 1
Gabbard Oby 6-24-09 M W Jesse Gabbard Julie Gab- 5
Galbrath Barham 2-1-09 M W N. Galbrath Mai G. 3
Galbrith No_Name 7-7-08 F W Newt Galbrith Mai Galbrith Sardis
Gant Eldon 2-2-09 M W H.L. Gant Rose Gant 1
Gardner No_Name 3-??-09 M W W.W. Gardner Alma Gardner 1
Garner Leo 4-22-09 M W Jno Garner Fannie Garner 2
Garvey No_Name 1-10-08 F W M.C. Garvey Mary Garvey Lexington
Gibson James 12-16-08 M W E.S. Gibson Myrtle Gibson 2
Gilliam James 3-16-09 M W M.M. Gilliam Fannie Gilliam 2
Girley Laura 6-16-09 M W Lu Girley Fannie Girley 3
Goff George_E. 1-17-09 M W G.W. Goff Ada Goff 4
Goff Young 5-15-09 M W Hessikiah Goff L.A. Goff 3
Gooch Charley 6-20-09 M C Alvin Gooch Mary Gooch 1
Green Mae 12-15-08 F W Wiley Green Lizzie Green 1
Greer No_Name 6-??-09 F C John Greer Appy Greer 1
Grimes Rufe 1-3-09 F W Bundy Grimes Fannie Grimes 2
Grimes Ruth 1-3-09 F W W.B. Grimes Phrona G. 3
Grimsley Eula 9-12-08 F W John Grimsley Emma G. 5
Grimsley No_Name 5-??-09 M W Bob Grimsley E.A. Grimsley 5
Grissom Harry_V. 1-21-09 M W V.F. Grissom Delia Grissom 4
Grissom Joseph_B.T. 11-??-08 M W B. Grissom Dora Grissom Lexington
Guinn Louis_F. 1-24-09 M W D.C. Guinn Callie Guinn Lexington
Gurley Elmer 10-24-08 F W W.H. Gurley N.I. Gurley 2
Gurley Estelle 1-28-09 F W Wash Gurley Callie Gurley 1
Hale Mary 6-??-09 F W John Hale Myrtle Hale 5
Hale Sarah 11-2-08 F W G. Hale Amanda Hale 1
Hall E._Sue 11-19-08 F W B.F. Hall Lora Hall 2
Hamilton Lacie 7-31-08 M W T.B. Hamilton Margaret Hamilton 1
Hamilton Walter 11-29-08 M W R.L. Hamilton Hattie Hamilton 1
Haney Fred 4-16-09 M W W.W. Haney M.M. Haney 4
Hanna Ottra 7-22-08 M W E.L. Hanna E.A. Hanna 4
Harbih L.M. 11-1-08 F W W.W. Harbih Laura H 5
Hardin Guy 2-26-09 M W F.S. Hardin N.L. Hardin 4
Harmon Flilis 9-??-08 F C Ben Harmon Ethel Harmon 2
Harmon J.B. 6-1-09 M C W.E. Harmon Mattie Hampton 3
Harrington M.D. 8-8-08 F W W.L. Harrington Osee H 5
Harris G.L. 7-5-08 M W Ad Harris Minnie Harris 5
Hart Flora 1-10-09 F W W.P. Hart Laura Hart 3
Hart Frank 6-8-09 M C Jas. Hart Luda Hart 1
Hart Georgia 12-13-08 F W Feak Hart Minnie Hart 3
Hart Jewel 1-3-09 F W Walter Hart Alsie Hart 2
Hart Jim 6-15-09 M C Jim Hart Lula Hart 1
Hart R.M. 2-28-08 F W Homer Hart Lemmie Hart 2
Hart Ramel 3-23-09 F W Homer Hart Fannie Hart 2
Hart Waller 1-11-09 M W Jas_S. Hart Lillie H. 3
Hatch Geo 3-4-09 F W Tom Hatch Levia Hatch 1
Hatchett J.R. 3-1-09 M W John Hatchett Oclie Hatchett 2
Hayes _____ 7-??-08 M W Taylor Hayes Mary Hays 5
Hayes Cecil 7-??-08 M W Jasper Hays Dora Hayes 5
Hayes Nannie 6-3-09 F W F.L. Hayes Millie Hayes 3
Hays Allie 3-1-09 F W Sam Hayes Josie Hays 3
Hays J.H. 12-24-08 M W J.J. Hayes Susie Hays 5
Hearn Roy 9-22-08 M W J.H. Hearn Fannie Hearn 1
Hedge No_Name 5-??-09 F W John Hedge Annie Hedge 5
Hedge No_Name 6-19-09 M W Willis Hedge Maude Hedge 5
Hefley Earl_S. 2-13-09 M W S.R. Hefley O.D. Hefley 4
Helmes Hubert 10-30-08 M W Geo_T. Helmes Lizzie Helmes 3
Helms Ben 1-6-09 M W W.F. Helms A.L. Helmes 4
Helms Robt_Lesse 9-25-08 F W J.R. Helms R.J. Helms 4
Henderson Minverva 9-??-08 F W Frank Henderson Nannie Potts 1
Henderson Victoria 7-3-08 F W J.H. Henderson Jane Henderson 1
Hendrix No_Name 9-28-09 M W Tom Hendrix E. Hendrix 5
Hester Eugene 1-13-09 M W E. Hester Lessie Hester 1
Hiliard Ollie 7-20-08 F C Jim Hillard May H. 1
Hill G.C. 2-28-09 M W W.O. Hill Fannie Hill 5
Hill Sallie 6-10-09 F W Arthur Hill Catie Hill 5
Hodgin Cleburn 8-5-08 M W G.W. Hodgin Mollie Hodgin 3
Hogue Poley 3-5-09 F W John Hogue Mine? McCollum 3
Holland Ruth_H. 11-9-08 F W Wm Holland Sarah_J. Holland Sardis
Holmes Gladys 11-15-08 F W M.M. Holmes R.D. Vandyke 3
Holmes Guy 12-5-08 M W Mack Holmes R.D. Holmes 3
Holmes Vetna 4-5-09 F W Elvis Holmes Florence Holmes 3
Hopper Lillian 8-8-08 F W G.D. Hopper Lena Hopper Sardis
Horn Frank 6-6-09 M W Ernest Horn Minnie Horn 1
Horn No_Name 5-??-09 F W Ernest Horn Mary Horn 5
Horton Charley 4-16-09 M W O.L. Horton O.M. Horton 3
Howard Cornelia_E. 1-29-09 F W C.H. Howard_Jr. Hazel_D. Howard Lexington
Howard Eulesh? 3-??-09 M W H.P. Howard Emma Howard 5
Howell E.B. 6-21-09 M W W.I. Howell S.V. Howell 5
Hughs No_Name 3-??-09 M W Luther Hughs _____ Hughs 1
Humphrey Harry_W. 5-15-09 M W P.W. Humphrey India H Lexington
Huntsman William 7-11-08 M W W.F. Huntsman Virginia Huntsman 1
Hutchinson No_Name 5-??-09 F C Jack Hutchinson Martha Estes 1
Jackson John_W. 6-30-08 M W Y.A. Jackson Mattie_F. Jackson 2
Jackson W.M. 12-15-09 F W Dock Jackson Martha J 5
James Misty 8-6-08 M W John James Nettie James 1
James Odie 3-18-09 F W L.T. James Mattie James 1
Johnson Carmack 7-6-08 M C Andy Johnson Sidelie Johnson 5
Johnson Cecil_Rea 6-14-09 F W L.A. Johnson N.L. Johnson 4
Johnson Detla 12-23-08 F W John Johnson Estice Johnson 5
Johnson Essie 8-1-08 F W W.P. Johnson Lizzie Johnson 1
Johnson G.A. 11-28-08 M W J.C. Johnson Joe Johnson 5
Johnson J.B. 10-??-09 M W C.J. Johnson Liss Johnson 5
Johnson Kennon? 5-??-09 M C John Johnson Ada Johnson 5
Johnson Mable 11-??-08 F W Side Johnson Ella Johnson 5
Johnson Newes? 10-??-08 F W W.O. Johnson Martha_A. Johnson 5
Johnson No_Name 4-7-09 M W Bill Johnson Maggie Johnson 5
Johnson Not_Named 3-13-09 F W Ora Johnson Edna Johnson 5
Johnson Rubel 11-??-08 M W Sid Johnson Ella Johnson 5
Johnson V.J. 11-??-08 F W Andy Johnson Sarah J 5
Johnson Willie 7-22-08 F W Shird Johnson E.B. Johnson 5
Jones Charlie_F. 6-24-09 M C Frank Jones Amanda Jones 2
Jones Ed 6-30-08 M C Dan Jones Dora Jones 2
Jones Jno_M. 4-??-09 F M John Jones Eula Jones 2
Jones Olice 7-23-08 M W J.L. Jones A.M. Jones 2
Jones Rosie_E. 6-21-09 F W A. Jones L.D. Jones 4
Jones Roy 7-19-08 M W M.L. Jones Ledell Jones 3
Jones Wiley 11-16-08 M C H.B. Meadows Ada Meadows 2
Jordon James_Lee 6-??-09 F W _____ _____ Medie Jordon 1
Jowers _____ 3-15-09 F W M.L. Jowers M.A. Jowers 3
Jowers No_Name 10-8-08 M W P.C. Jowers Levia Jowers 3
Jowers Oscar 5-22-09 M W Tom Jowers Sarah Jowers 1
Jowers T.E. 9-1-08 M W T.C. Jowers M.E. Jowers 3
Jowers Virgie 3-18-09 F W J.T. Jowers Mollie Jowers 3
Joyner Nancy 3-??-09 F C Will Joyner Lucy McHaney 1
Kelley No_Name 4-??-09 M W James Kelley Oder K. 3
Kennedy Curry_J. 6-26-09 M W H.J. Kennedy T.M. Kennedy 4
Kennedy James_E. 12-27-08 M W J.H. Kennedy Zella Kennedy 4
Kirby Mary 5-??-09 F C _____ _____ Lesse Kirby Lexington
Kolwyck John 6-5-09 M W James Kolwyck M.E. Kolwyck 5
Lancaster Perry_W. 2-24-09 M W W.H. Lancaster Priscilla L Lexington
Laster Amanda 5-28-09 F C Louis Laster Amanda Laster 1
Lawler Edmond 3-29-09 F W B.J. Lawler Daisy Lawler 1
Lawrence No_Name 2-??-09 F W James Lawrence Florence Lawrence 1
Lee C.F. 12-1-08 M W R.E. Lee Midna Lee 1
Lewis _____ 6-1-09 F W Eliga Lewis Ada Lewis 5
Lewis Escol 9-9-08 M W E.L. Lewis Mary_B. Lewis 1
Lewis James 1-29-09 M W M.C. Lewis Levie Lewis 1
Lewis N.F. 9-??-08 F W Pat Lewis L.E. Lewis 5
Lewis Sam 12-??-08 M W Pat Lewis Eva Lewis 5
Lewis V.O. 10-21-08 M W E.G. Lewis Lula Lewis 5
Lindsey Fray 3-21-09 M W Will Lindsey Lena Lindsey 1
Lindsey No_Name 5-??-09 M W Jack Lindsey Ada Lindsey 5
Lipe Guinn 10-8-08 M W D.J. Lipe Lella_M. Lipe Sardis
Little Aubert 10-17-08 M W W.S. Little Imogene Little Sardis
Little Dexter 5-19-09 F W H.F. Little Josie Little 2
Little Earl_J. 4-21-09 M W R.T. Little Ellen Little 2
Little Eva 10-11-08 F W M.T. Little Flora Little 3
Lockhart Otis 5-14-09 M W E.W. Lockhart M.A. Lockhart 4
Love Ophelia 10-19-08 F W D.P. Love B.A. Love 1
Lowery Bulah_E. 6-6-09 F W J.P. Lowery V.H. Lowery 4
Maness Hermerd_B. 1-21-09 M W B.F. Maness Bertha Maness 4
Maness Lena 2-21-09 F W Dick Maness Anna Maness 5
Maness Loise 12-18-09 M W A.L. Maness Sallie Maness 1
Maness No_Name 12-3-08 F W Geo Maness Cornlee? M 5
Maness Not_Named 7-1-08 M W P.H. Maness Addie Maness 4
Manley Walter 10-15-08 M W W.L. Manely Nannie Manley 1
Marrs Cluch 4-22-09 M W Geo Marrs Callie Marrs 1
Martin Bertie_A. 11-28-08 F W Jesse Martin A.A. Martin 4
Mathis Clyde_M. 9-18-08 M W W.W. Mathis Zula Mathis Lexington
Matlock Grace 7-26-08 F W G.C. Matlock Sue Matlock 1
May Noble 10-??-08 F C Charlie May Rosa May 1
Mayo Sallie 1-15-09 F W _____ _____ Ada Mayo 1
McBride Unnamed 11-10-08 F W A.J. McBride Mary McBride 3
McBride W.P. 2-5-09 M W J.F. McBride Martha McBride 3
McCollum Bill 2-23-09 M W A.H. McCollum Lavena Mc 3
McCollum Hilton 6-27-09 M W Ed McCollum Trimie McCollum 4
McCollum M.E. 11-21-08 M W Willis McCollum Hallie Mc 3
McDaniel Vaughn 11-28-08 F W Luther McDaniel Lucy McD Lexington
McHaney No_Name 6-26-09 M W G.L. McHaney Stella McHaney 1
McKee Jim 3-26-09 M W H.H. McKee Nancy McKee 1
McKewin Willie 9-26-08 M W W.M. McKewin Willie Mc Lexington
McKey No_Name 6-8-09 M C Askew McKey Levy Mayo 3
McPeake Alfie 1-14-09 M W B.L. McPeake Estelle McPeake 2
McPeake G.A. 10-11-08 M W J.H. McPeake Fanny Mc 5
Meals Chas. 2-28-09 M W A.J. Meals Lillie Meals 1
Medlin Myrtle 10-13-08 F W John Medlin Maude Medlin 4
Meek Bulah 7-9-08 F W John Meek Arbie Meek Sardis
Middleton Georgia 9-8-08 M W Lon Middleton Bertha Middleton 3
Middleton Jno_H. 6-23-09 M W Jasper Middleton Mallie M 3
Middleton Un-named 6-1-09 M W W.C. Middleton P.J. M 4
Middleton Viola 5-6-09 F W J. Middleton Anna Middleton 2
Middleton Viola 2-5-09 F W Jim Middleton Vinny Middleton 3
Miller Hazel 11-18-08 F W J.A. Miller Lalla Miller 1
Millner Bewel 8-??-09 F W Walter Millner Mary Millner 5
Minton Roy_Otis 2-28-09 M W E.L. Minton M.E. Minton 4
Mitchell Glemer 3-??-09 F W Ovel Mitchell Jeston M 5
Mitchell T.J. 7-16-08 M W S.L. Mitchell Julia M 5
Mitchell Troy_H. 8-16-08 M W S.L. Mitchell J.A. Mitchell 4
Moffitt Harrett 4-26-09 F C Levi Moffitt Ada Moffitt Lexington
Moody Ernest 11-??-08 M W Jesse Moody Ada Moody 5
Moody Roy 4-3-09 M W Joe Moody Lessie Moody 2
Mooney Gladys_Mae 9-5-08 F W Andrew Mooney Cynthia Mooney 4
Mooney Oval_L. 8-28-08 M W J.E. Mooney E.J. Mooney 4
Moore A.J. 10-27-08 F W Willie Moore Josie Moore 5
Moore Charlie 11-27-08 M W Will Moore Sudie Moore 1
Moore Davy 9-25-08 M W Jno_L. Moore Callie Moore 3
Moore Goldie 12-29-08 F W R.C. Moore Mollie Moore 2
Moore L.E. 11-3-08 F W L.B. Moore C.L. Moore 5
Moore Morris 11-5-08 M W Coke Moore Josie Moore Lexington
Moore No_Name 7-27-08 F W ___ ___ Ollie Moore 2
Moore Olen 8-15-08 M W Luther Moore Maggie Moore 2
Moore Roby 2-??-09 M W P.G. Moore Daisy Moore 5
Morgan No_Name 12-??-08 M W C.T. Morgan Wovel? Morgan 5
Morris No_Name 6-29-09 F W A.C. Morris E.M. Morris 4
Morris William 9-25-08 M W Calvin Morris Tenzie Morris 2
Mullins Loucile 9-3-08 F W I. Mullins Emma Mullins 2
Muse William_S. 8-4-08 M W J.D. Muse Sula Muse Lexington
Myracle Daton 6-8-09 M W B.L. Myracle Florence Myracle 1
Myracle Frank 2-8-09 M W Gran Myracle Norah Myracle 1
Myracle Oscar 5-28-09 M W B.L. Myracle Flossie _____ 1
Myracle Tom 9-25-08 M W Lee Myracle _____ _____ 1
Napier Tom 2-8-09 M W Ennis Napier Alice Napier 1
Neeley Mary_Ruth 6-2-09 F W L.N. Neeley Nannie Neeley 5
Neisler Luda_M. 3-11-09 F W D.M. Neisler Liva Neisler 2
Newman Samuel_Taft 4-15-09 M W Wm. Newman E. Newman Sardis
Obryant Shellie 3-18-09 M W Robt Obryant Flancy Obryant 1
Orr Nettie 9-21-08 F W F.M. Orr Mitchel Orr 1
Owens Josie 12-4-08 F W C.J. Owens J.H. Owens 2
Owens Leonard 2-16-09 M W Sidney Owens Denna Owens 5
Park Frank 3-28-09 M W Joe Park Nellie Park 1
Parker Nannie_Mae 1-17-09 F C Tom Parker Francis Parker Lexington
Parker No_Name 4-1-09 F W Geo. Parker Morris Parker 4
Patterson Ham 7-17-08 M W Ervin Patterson Avta Patterson 2
Pearce Mamie 6-17-09 F W John Pearce Susie Pearce 1
Penix Willie 1-21-09 M W Frank Penix Jennie Penix 1
Perkins Robt_H. 12-12-08 M W W.J. Perkins S.F. Perkins 4
Perry Willie 3-6-09 M W Robt. Perry Lula Perry 1
Peterson Frank 3-3-09 M W Geo Peterson Lue Peterson 1
Petty Eula 1-15-09 F W W.R. Petty M.A. Petty 3
Petty Eva 4-15-09 F W H.J. Petty Aggie Petty 3
Petty M.E. 10-21-08 F W R.T. Petty Dollie Petty 3
Phelps Jerry 2-1-09 M C P.H. Phelps Mollie Phelps 2
Phillips Anna 8-1-08 M W Logan Phillips Ruth Phillips 2
Phillips Jerry 7-12-09 M W Alf Phillips Etta Phillips 3
Pierce Jones 6-19-09 M W Clint Pierce Jessie _____ 3
Potete No_Name 6-1-08 M W H. Potete Lillie Potete 1
Powers No_Name 5-??-09 F W Fayett Powers Fannie Powers 5
Pratt Gertrude 7-??-08 F W Carlton Pratt Rachael Pratt 5
Prewitt Allen 11-14-08 F W L.J. Prewitt M.L. Prewitt 1
Purdy No_Name 7-??-09 F C _____ _____ Nancy Purdy 1
Raspberry Lillian 4-9-09 F C Riley Raspberry Levy Raspberry Lexington
Reddins Estel_E. 8-5-08 F W Chas Reddins Lou Reddins Sardis
Reed Jap 3-27-09 M W R.T. Reed M.T. Reed 2
Reid Mary_F. 6-17-09 F W J.R. Reid Ramelle Reid 2
Renover Sidney 3-12-09 F W John Renover C.T. Renover 5
Rhodes Alton 6-30-08 M W Jake Rhodes Mollie Rhodes 2
Rhodes Elton 6-30-08 M W Jake Rhodes Mollie Rhodes 2
Rhodes Jordan 9-10-09 F W R.W. Rhodes Agie Rhodes 1
Rice Rual_H. 12-20-08 M W C.W. Rice Zonie Rice 4
Rice Ruel_H. 12-11-08 M W Walter Rice Zona Rice Sardis
Roberts _____ 6-25-09 M W Carter Roberts Luda Roberts 3
Roberts L. 2-10-09 F W Levi Roberts Amanda Roberts 1
Roberts Loucile 2-4-09 F W A.J. Roberts Cora Roberts Lexington
Roberts Sarah 3-5-09 F W Joe Roberts Minnie Roberts 1
Robins Nina 3-??-09 F W Luther Robins Annie Robins 1
Robinson Vega 12-??-08 F W Will Robinson Mary Robinson 2
Roe Noah_Lee 8-27-08 M W W.H. Roe M.J. Roe 4
Rogers B.F. 10-3-08 M W H.E. Rogers Bessie Rogers 1
Rogers James 10-7-08 M W Murray Rogers Rella Rogers Lexington
Rogers No_Name 5-25-09 F W A.G. Rogers Stella Rogers Lexington
Rosson Mary 12-12-08 F W S.F. Rosson Licill Rosson Lexington
Roy Jesse_Opal 2-13-09 F W D.W. Roy Bulah Roy Lexington
Rush Frank 3-20-09 M W Albert Rush Dona Rush 1
Rushing Curtis 8-15-08 M W J.A. Rushing M.F. Rushing 4
Russell Amis 3-??-09 M W H.T. Russell Fannie Russell 1
Russell Marian 12-??-08 M W James Russell Lena Russell 1
Scates E.B. 10-??-08 M W F. Scates Luelu Scates 5
Scates J.C. 2-??-09 M W W.R. Scates Sallie Scates 5
Scates W.T. 6-29-09 M W W.E. Scates Dora Scates 3
Scott C.C. 3-27-09 M W W.T. Scott Emiline Scott 3
Scott Carlis_E. 9-24-08 F W J.R. Scott Tillon Scott 4
Scouch C.E. 7-22-09 M W Will Scouch Addie S. 5
Scroggins Nora_L. 1-21-09 F W J.F. Scroggins L.J. Scroggins 4
Seaton No_Name 12-11-08 F W Nanis Seaton Cora Seaton 2
Segerson Edward_W. 8-26-08 M W J.E. Segerson Nannie S. 3
Segerson Eula 6-15-09 F W J.F. Segerson Ellen Segerson 3
Segerson William 2-20-09 M W Rich Segerson Cora Segerson 3
Sego Leney 3-3-09 F W W.A. Sego Mollie Sego 3
Sellers Lessie 9-??-09 F W Lee Sellers Ollie Sellers 1
Sheppard Mae_R. 12-17-08 F W J.A. Sheppard Dean Sheppard 4
Shriver Dela_Gladys 2-12-09 F W J.C. Shriver Roxie Shriver 4
Simmons Charles 3-6-09 M W Geo Simmons Cora Simmons Sardis
Simmons Not_Named 3-6-09 M W Geo Simmons Cora Simmons Sardis
Singleton No_Name 4-19-09 M W C.C. Singleton Callie Singleton 3
Singleton Will 6-6-09 M W Allen Singleton Mattie Singleton 2
Sipes Fenner 6-1-09 M W Ant Sipes Fannie Sipes 1
Sipes No_Name 11-??-08 M W Clay Sipes Anna Sipes 1
Sisson Lou 7-10-08 F W J.E. Sisson M.A. Sisson 3
Sisson W.E. 7-4-08 F W T.M. Sisson Eva Sisson 3
Smith Arthur 1-18-09 M W R.L. Smith Lilla Smith 1
Smith Ira_D. 5-29-09 M W Dan Smith Martha Smith 4
Smith S.M. 12-7-08 M W J.W. Smith Alice Smith 5
Smith Silas 9-25-08 F W J.Y. Smith Bettie Smith 1
Smith Willie_J. 8-11-08 F W W.C. Smith Malissa Smith 4
Stanfill Alta_Ray 8-26-08 F W W.C. Stanfill M.L. Stanfill 4
Stanfill Annie 9-15-08 F W Albert Stanfill Sarah S. 3
Stanfill Cledis 8-15-08 M W J.R. Stanfill Maggie S. 3
Stanfill Edna_M. 12-4-08 F W J.N. Stanfill E. Stanfill Sardis
Stanfill Flossie 10-20-08 F W R.L. Stanfill Lizzie Stanfill 1
Stanfill Price 9-10-08 F W Bob Bobks? Dovie Stanfill 3
Stanfill Sela 8-6-08 F W Robt Stanfill Bertha Stanfill 4
Stephens Lyman 10-14-08 F W John Stephens Jane Stephens 5
Stewart Ross 9-14-08 M W Jim Stewart Larcey Stewart 1
Stewart Ruth 8-31-08 F W G.W. Stewart Lena Stewart Lexington
Story Ruth 10-1-08 F W F.P. Story J.C. Story 4
Stratton Ruby_W. 7-??-08 F W Will Stratton Lula Stratton 1
Summers Caroline_E. 1-16-09 F W W.B. Summers Arma_L. Summers Lexington
Swift J.D. 5-1-09 M C _____ _____ Ella Swift 1
Swift Rosa 10-1-08 F C Jack Hutchison Mary Swift 1
Swift Ruth 8-21-08 F W J.R. Swift Ida_R. Swift 4
Swift William 8-2-08 M C Henry Swift Anna Swift 1
Taylor Charlie 7-15-08 M W W.J. Taylor Fannie Taylor 1
Taylor Cornelia 10-8-08 F C Coleman Taylor Bettie Taylor Lexington
Taylor Dallis 11-28-08 F W Riddle Taylor Agnes Taylor 2
Taylor Emment 9-??-09 F W A.C. Taylor Belle Taylor 5
Taylor John_F. 6-25-09 M W Sol Taylor G.A. Taylor 4
Taylor Mandy 1-8-09 F C Henry Taylor Mollie Pen 3
Taylor Opal 5-29-09 F W J.B. Taylor M.J. Taylor 4
Taylor Willie 5-??-09 M W T.M. Taylor Ellen Taylor 4
Teague C.E. 2-??-09 F W Geo Teague Hattie Teague 5
Teague Earnest 12-8-08 M W Chas Teague Mamie Teague 5
Teague J.W. 4-11-09 F W Clark Teague Lizzie Teague 5
Teague No_Name 5-11-09 F W Robt Teague ____ Teague 5
Teague Omie 12-??-08 F W J.T. Teague Francis T 5
Thomas Jewel_Edna 2-19-09 F W James Thomas Dosey Thomas Lexington
Thompson Will 3-14-09 F W W.G. Thompson Ollie Thompson 1
Threadgill Coga_L. 3-7-09 F W J.W. Threadgill Ella Threadgill Lexington
Timberlake Excell 12-8-08 F C Ance Timberlake Hettie T. 2
Timberlake Lizzie 2-10-09 F C Sam Timberlake Laura T. 2
Todd Jim 9-??-08 M W Noy Todd Sallie Todd 5
Todd Mary_Lee 6-5-09 F W R.L. Todd Levia Todd 1
Tolley G.W. 4-17-09 M W G.T. Tolley Sentry Tolley 5
Tolley No_Name 4-??-09 M W Pank Tolley Julia Tulley 5
Townville Howard 12-16-08 M C Manuel Townville Clevie T Lexington
Tubbs S.B. 7-??-08 M W E.E. Tubbs Anna Tubbs 5
Tucker Artie_Lee 10-5-08 F W J.C. Tucker M.A. Tucker 4
Tucker Pearlie 8-18-08 F W P.D. Tucker M.E. Tucker 4
Tucker R.F. 6-27-09 M W J.F. Tucker Nancy_A. Tucker 4
Tucker Roy_Lee 8-8-08 M W J.H. Tucker D.L. Tucker 4
Turner Myrtle_V. 6-22-09 F W W.P. Turner M.E. Turner 4
Utley Julias 9-21-08 M W M.G. Utley Comelia Utley 1
Vandiver Oscar_T. 10-25-08 M W W.H. Vandiver Ida Vandiver 4
Vandyke Hubert 9-8-09 M W James Vandyke Laura V. 3
Vandyke No_Name 6-22-09 M W J.P. Vandyke Balza Vandyke 3
Vernon Vera_May 2-1-09 F W J.E. Vernon Roxie Vernon Sardis
Waddle Otis 11-13-08 M W Jessie Waddle Linnie Waddle 3
Wade Guy 10-23-08 M W Mark Wade Mattie W. 3
Wade Guy_E. 10-18-08 M W M.A. Wade E.L. Wade 4
Wadley No_Name 6-30-09 F W Charley Wadley Amie Wadley 2
Wadley Not_Named 6-23-09 F C Feak Wadley Rosa Wadley Lexington
Wadley Roda 4-24-09 F W Levi Wadley Bettie Wadley 2
Wadley Troy 5-3-09 M W Bill Wadley Bessie Wadley 2
Waldrip Ella 12-??-08 F W J.S. Waldrip Jane Waldrip 2
Walker Annie 3-3-09 F W B.W. Walker Vernie Walker 1
Walsh Lucy 9-13-08 F W John Walsh Fannie Walsh 1
Warren Jasper 10-21-08 M W H. Warren Bedie Warren 1
Watson Floy 4-19-09 M C W. Watson Mattie Watson Sardis
Waugh Faribee 4-??-09 F W Willie Waugh Dora Waugh 5
Weatherington Melton 3-10-09 M W W.H. Weatherington Martha W. 3
Weaver Curtis_T. 12-22-08 M W Asa Weaver M.J. Weaver Sardis
Weaver No_Name 4-12-09 M W Robt Weaver Josie Weaver Sardis
Webb Abbie 5-??-09 F W Abne? Webb Maude Webb 1
Webb James 2-18-09 M W Hubart Webb Lella Webb 1
Webb Walker_J. 5-4-09 M W Luther Webb Willie Webb 1
Westbrook Lizzie 3-8-09 F C Geo Westbrook Katie W Lexington
White Charley 2-13-09 M W Bob White Calie White Lexington
White Grace 1-20-09 F C L.W. White Maude White Lexington
White Guy 6-24-08 M W W.A. White Florence White 3
White Malcolm_B. 10-14-08 M W B.T. White F.V. White 4
White Paley 7-??-08 F W John White B.L. White 5
White Willie_J. 9-4-08 F W W.T. White Effie_M. White Lexington
Wilkerson No_Name 5-??-09 M W Jno Wilkerson Estelle W. 2
Wilkerson Not_Named 4-4-09 F W J.T. Wilkerson Estelle W. Lexington
Wilkins Lena 5-6-09 F W W.F. Wilkins Maggie Willkins 1
Williams Jessie 11-14-08 F C B. Williams Ida Williams 1
Williams Myrtle 12-31-08 F W B. Williams Sallie Williams 2
Williams No_Name ??-??-?? F W Charlie Williams _____ _____ 1
Williams No_Name 4-??-09 M C Harb Williams Callie Williams 1
Williams No_Name 4-??-09 M C Charley Williams Callie Williams 2
Williams Robt 10-15-08 M C Rheubin Williams Elmer Williams 1
Wilson Geo 10-15-08 M W W.L. Wilson Liney Wilson 1
Wilson Tom 12-23-08 M W T.E. Wilson Della Wilson 1
Wood E.G. 7-??-08 F W J.F. Wood Mollie Wood 5
Wood Ethel 3-15-09 F W J.H. Wood S.D._Maness Wood 3
Wood Floyd 2-12-09 M W C.A. Wood Ollie Wood 3
Wood Fulton 5-13-09 M W C.H. Wood S.A. Wood 3
Wood J.R. 11-20-08 M W W.R. Wood F.J._Maness Wood 3
Wood Melton 6-23-09 M W J.P. Wood W.T._Maness Wood 3
Woods _____ 7-12-08 F W W.J. Woods Dossey Woods 5
Woods Unnamed 6-8-09 M W J.A. Woods F.M. Woods 4
Woods William 12-??-08 M W G.L. Woods Hally Woods 2
Wright Roy 7-29-08 M W W.R. Wright N.A. Wright 2
Wylie Paul_E. 3-1-09 M W R.L. Wylie Mazzie Wylie 4
Young Willie 2-22-09 M W Olivar Young Cora Nowell 1

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