The following is a list of the officers of Bolivar Chapter No. 34 for the ensuing Masonic year:

  • William H. THOMPSON, M.E.H.P.
  • L.B. ADAMS, E.K.
  • D.J. WELLS, E.S.
  • B. MACON, C. of H.
  • W.O. GRAY, P.S.
  • W.C. DORION, M. of 3d. V.
  • J.C. FLEMING, M. of 2d. V.
  • James FENTRESS, M. of 1st. V.
  • R.S. HARDY, Secretary
  • J.H. BILLS, Treasurer
  • John T. GRAHAM, Sentinel

Source: Bolivar Bulletin, January 20, 1866, pg. 3.

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