Van Buren Flag



Color Symbolism

  • Red is for courage
  • White is for faith & purity
  • Blue is for vigilance & perseverence
  • Yellow is for honor and loyalty


Significance of the Stars on the Van Buren flag

  • 1st Star – Symbolizes the citizens of Van Buren County,  past, present and future.
  • 2nd Star –  The yellow star is in remembrance of Van Buren County casualties of war who paid the supreme sacrifice for the pres- ervation of our freedoms.
  • 3rd Star –  Represents the natural resources of Van Buren County which are clean air, pure water, timber, coal, fertile soil and wild life.
  • 4th Star –  Stands for the industry, factories, mills, mines and farms of Van Buren County.
  • 5th Star – Is indicative of Van Buren County’s prosperity.


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