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Bachman Cemetery (McClellan Cemetery)

Located along Highway 81 between Kingsport and Fall Branch (Washington County) TN. It is about three quarters of a mile southwest of Sullivan Gardens, and in the northwest corner where the Mill Creek Road crosses Highway 81. The cemetery is clean and well-kept, with very few graves marked with unlettered stones and perhaps a few unmarked. All marked graves were copied, with the exception of one large stone lying on its face by Charles M. Bennett, November 15, 1960.  Notes by S. Kathryn Bowling McKown.

Transcribed and photographed in June 2002 by Donna Briggs and Gary Sawyer, members of the Cemetery Survey Team of Northeast Tennessee.

GPS coordinates: 36.472602844, -82.599044800, elevation 1,227

Sullivan Gardens quad

TNGenWeb Cemetery Database: 1293157

McClellan Cemetery

  • BACHMAN, Jonathan b. 8-6-1769 d. 7-3-1861
  • BACHMAN, Martha b. 8-9-1782 d. 7-3-1855 (H= Jonathan Bachman)
  • BACHMAN, Nathan W. b. 11-28-1803 d. 10-3-1887 (F= Jonathan Bachman M= Martha)
  • BACHMAN, Emeline T. b. 2-3-1824 d. 8-8-1883 (F= Sanford Bridwell M= Mary A. H= Nathan W. Bachman)
  • BAILEY, Dr. Rufus K. 1859 – 1938 (W= Virginia (Jennie) McClellan)
  • BAILEY, Virginia McClellan 1867 – 1959 (H= Dr. Rufus K. Bailey m. 5-1-1889)
  • BAILEY, Ella Myrtle b. 8-13-1907 d. 2-9-1908 (F= Rufus K. Bailey M= Virginia (Jennie) McClellan)
  • BAILEY, James C. b. 11-19-1901 d. 4-1-1908 (F= Rufus K. Bailey M= Virginia (Jennie) McClellan)
  • BAILEY, Ralph S. 8 Mar 1898 – 29 Dec 1964 Shared headstone w/W. Newton Bailey
  • BAILEY, W. Newton  20 Aug 1891 – 16 Jul 1966  Tennessee  PVT CO C 318 MG BN  World War I [Same stone as Ralph S. Bailey]
  • BOND, Frances L. b. 8-7-1865 d. 8-7-1908  Wife of E. L. Bond (Nee: Wilson H= Eldridge L. Bond)
  • McCLELLAN, Hannah Bachman b. 12-9-1824 d. 4-20-1900 H= Wm. McClellan
  • McCLELLAN, Samuel G. b. 2-17-1861 d. 6-17-1928 (F= William McClellan M= Hannah Bachman)
  • McCLELLAN, Martha Ann b. 12-12-1849 d. 2-25-1892
  • McCLELLAN, Infant son b. 6-16-1843 d. 6-26-1843 (F= William McClellan M= Hannah Bachman)
  • McCLELLAN, Cora Belle b. 3-2-1892 d. 4-9-1892 (F= William B. McClellan M= Lou Ellia Tipton)
  • McCLELLAN, William  14 Oct 1809 – 4 May 1892 (two stones)
  • SMITH, Rev. L. D. b. 2-28-1828 d. 4-27-1865 (two stones)

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