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1870 Census, Sullivan County, Tennessee

Special thanks to Ed and Valerie Cox for transcribing the 1870 census, and to Candace Cross-Drew for indexing the census records.


Indexes of surnames:

  • Bristol Post Office, Districts 1-4
  • Blountville Post Office, 5th District
  • Blountville Post Office, 8th District
  • Mill Point Post Office, 6th District
  • Edgeworth Post Office, 7th District index
  • Piney Flats Post Office, 9th District
  • Arcadia Post Office, 10th District
  • Gotts Post Office, 11th & 14th Districts
  • Kingsport Post Office, 12th District
  • Pleasant Plains Post Office, 13th & 15th Districts
  • Union Depot Post Office, 16th District
  • Hilton Post Office, 18th District


9 Responses to “1870 Census, Sullivan County, Tennessee”

  1. Jill Rich says:

    Morning…thank you for transcribing the census. Could you make this correction? For District 13, household 47, head of house is Edward S. Easley. The Grills man’s name should be David. He was my great-grandfather.

  2. sharonsteelesmith says:

    The correction has been made. Thank you so very kindly for the information!

  3. Stanford Jenkins says:

    In the 16th district Union Depot family 94 Stanford S Jenkins is actually Stanford L Jenkins my great grandfather. I would love to know who his father was.
    Stanford T. Jenkins retired teacher

  4. I could not get BLOUNTVILLE DISTRICT 8 to come up
    or down load.

  5. Leah Nielsen says:

    In the 1870 Census, page 1 of the Pleasant Plains Post office under the section of whether deaf, dumb, blind, idiotic or insane, there are plus marks by John Smiley and 2 of his sons. The wife, Leah, has a dash. Do you know what these marks mean?
    Thanks very much.

    • Sharon Smith says:

      Well, we’re rather stumped as well! Apparently the census taker had his own code to keep from writing everything down. We figured that the marks mean that each person had at least one disability, but it’s impossible to guess which one. So…The 1880 census also has a place to check for certain disabilities (deaf and dumb, blind, insane, idiotic, or otherwise disabled) and there was actually another schedule for the people who were marked in one of these categories. John and his wife were not found in 1880, but their son Henry, who also had a + beside his name in 1870 was enumerated and he had no disabilities marked. Bottom line — we don’t know. By the way, the 1880 schedule for the disabled is called the DDD schedule. It’s very interesting and can have a lot of information or very little. – Donna Briggs

  6. Leah Nielsen says:

    Thanks so much for answering, Donna! Glad it’s not just me that can’t figure it out, although I wish someone could tell me! I read through the instructions for the census takers even, hoping for a clue, but nothing. ;-( So, once again, Tennessee family history stumps me!

    • Donna says:

      You’re welcome! I was certain that it was going to be an easy answer, but no…always a mystery to solve. Good luck on your research, Leah!

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