The following list of married couples was found in an old journal from St. Paul Lutheran Church, Wartburg, Tennessee. The marriages were performed by the Rev. J. G. Goehrinzer.


Carl Tauscher to Anna Gschwind on 7/11/1885

Robert Price to Maria Buehler on 2/17/1887

Johann Tauscher to Wilhemina Gschwind on 4/28/1887

J. M. Swels to Lina P. Heardrick on 9/22/1887

Frederick Louis Ruppe to Pauline Heydel on 10/27/1887

Carl Sienknecht to Dorothia Frey on 11/3/1887

Johann Apely to Minna Heidel on 3/7/1889

Johann Michael Ruppee to Emilie Melhorn on 6/5/1881

Ahijah Houston Snow to Elizabeth Sophia Zumstein on 12/22/1878

Leonhard Kreis to Maria Theresia Gschwind on 11/21/1878

Herman Melhorn to Anna Marie Heydel on 10/11/1877

George Meyer to Mary Baessler on 8/4/1896

Otto Unger to Hellene Teubner on 6/4/1895

Ole B. Erickson to Mary McPeters on 5/13/1895

Daniel Bonifaci to Elizabeth Heinrick on 12/14/1894

Johann Baessler to Wilhelmine J. Kamer on 8/16/1894

Johann Jacob Kreis to Amanda Mathies on 9/16/1894

Gustas Haelnch to Wilhelmine J. Kamer on 8/16/1894

Bruno Schubert to Louise Zumstein on 6/28/1894

Petee Henrick to Cynthia Freis on 6/17/1894

Wilhelm Wayand to Gnedenta J. Hoffman on 5/8/1893

Henrick  J. F. Placke to Florida Jaehing(?) on 5/12/1893

John Engert to Anna Unger on 1/3/1893

John Gustas Heidel to Anna Marie Unger on 4/19/1891

Emilian Baum to Anna Speich on 9/1/1892

John C. Joyner to Anna Engert on 2/27/1898

Robert Shoopman to Rosa Unger on 10/30/1898

Fritz Leopper to Nina Kamer on 12/15/1898

Gust Adolf Haase to Carolina Vespi on 7/23/1899

Alex Heidel to Wilhelmine Mehlhorn on 3/13/1900



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